Part 1 - A Shocking Imprint

Bella came down to the Reservation, after Edward had come back again, thinking she was going to say yes to him being back and to marriage, but how wrong he was in that matter, for she still felt so much pain from his leaving that she had no trust nor love for him anymore, besides she was hiding a secret from him, and that was that Quil Aterea or Quil Jr had imprinted on her just days earlier of his coming back to Forks. What a shock they all would get when they all met up at the treaty line for a meeting on the subject of the treaty.

So here most of them stood, only Sam and Jared with Paul knew about their imprint but not the rest of them, especially Jacob who still tried his hardest to get her to see him and be with him romantically but she was already that way with Quil, due to the imprint and how much they really love each other before the imprint had happened, as she hung out with him after both Embry and Jacob ditched them for what they then called the others a cult and stupid morons, but now they could see what was really going on, and Quil really loved being a wolf and that he also imprinted on Bella Swan, making her his mate for life and beyond. She too was happy to be his mate. That she would never lose him ever.

After most of them had come to the treaty line, Sam then said

"So you are all back in Forks, why so, as you have no businesses of being here ever again, or was that just a lie you told Isabella Swan when you broke her spirit and heart for good that night when you took her out in the woods to do so, Edward? Well to tell you the truth, she told me everything that had happened that very same night, when I found her freezing cold and semi-couniess after 6 hours in the woods where you left her standing?!"

Most were shocked to hear this and the details, as Jacob frowned at Sam, as he had tried to pry it out of Bella but she stood on her grounds on that and would change the subject abruptly so too. Paul and Jared being the ones that night had heard her story too, after Bella had given Sam the ok to tell them, afterall he seemed to trust them and for that she gave him the permission to tell them too after he had left for his own home that night. So they too stood there waiting for the leech's answer on that matter, but he said nothing but looked miserable for now. Sam just shook his head, as he then said

"The treaty will stay the same as before, but a small change is that Isabella and her late father's former house is off limits, as the new family who moved in after Isabella moved down to our reservation to live with myself and Emily, my mate and fiancee, and Charlie was sadly killed by a mad shooter in town. When that happened, Isabella chose to stay with us over with the Black's as she knew that Jacob over here has an obsession on her to be his, but she told many times over that she does NOT like him in that way and never will, plus the imprint matter also was on her mind on that matter. Not that it matters now, that it has happened to her. So Isabella, why dont you come out of the shadows and bring your mate and imprintee with you?"

At that most gasped, as Jacob was glaring at this point, while they all saw Isabella and who they didnt know who he was, was Quil Aterea the 5th. Jacob and Embry both gasped out "Quil, whats going on here?!" Quil didn't answer on their question instead he was busy to help Bella over, as they all now could see why he did so, as she had very noticable bump where her belly was and she was also smiling widely while she also looked very different from the one that the Cullens last saw her. She had now much longer hair, and it was also darker coloured and she was also standing taller than before. She also held hands with Quil, who just held hers in his, while gazing at her with so much love in his darker eyes.

He then put himself behind her and his arms around her, resting his hands on her belly, while she held onto the arms there too. Jacob glared at this, while Embry was more in shock than angered of this, and the rest of the boys just smiled softly at this sight before them. Edward looked on with jealous hatred and dismay, while the rest of his family was in shock of seeing this all.