Seyruun High Jinx –NEXT!

Chapter One

Back to School

"Big words just beat them in the head, so they duck and then the words go right over—swoosh!" –Lina

"I really like summer."

Zelgadiss flicked his eyes up to see if his best friend was being sarcastic or not. He wasn't. "Oh, really. Why's that?"

Xelloss didn't answer, but Zel could feel his grin. They passed a couple girls lounging on the grass as they made their way across campus to Zel's car. Oh, right. "I see," Zel sighed. "Half-dressed girls…"

Xelloss leaned into his ear and snickered, "Half-naked girls…"

To which Zelgadiss responded with a roll of his eyes, "Summer's nearly over. The first day of fall's around the corner."

Xelloss made a face, "And all those layers of clothes! Thanks for destroying my little dreamland."

"My pleasure." Zel gave him a smirk and unlocked the car.

"I bet it is too! Well, at least I have tonight to look forward to!"

Zelgadiss started the car, "That's right. The opera."

"And," Xelloss smiled gamely as he cranked up the air conditioning. "An evening and a night with Miss Filia. Don't forget that."

"And don't you forget what Val said."

"Snarled. He snarled at me, Zelgadiss. He promised to flay me alive if I so much as hinted I might want to…you know…do something." Xelloss smiled as Zelgadiss cringed. "Not that I would. I mean, it's Filia. Gods, how interested could I be in an Amazon like her? She'd just as soon mash me with that meat tenderizer of hers and toss me in with the garbage as invite me into her hotel room."

"Probably more."

Xelloss raised an eyebrow, "Yes. Probably more."

"Then it is the opera that you are looking forward to like I said."

"Yes. As you said." Xelloss watched the traffic flow as Zel wove in and out expertly cutting off a few seconds of their commute time. "Still… there is the possibility…"

"Go ahead." Zel snapped as he swung into the high school parking lot and zipped into his numbered space. "I have dibs on your room at the house."

"You have?"

"Yes. Val kills you and hides the body. I reveal nothing to the investigators and get your room to convert into a fitness room. It's a done deal, providing…" Zel gave his buddy a quick smile and climbed out of the car, grabbing his leaden backpack in the process.

"I piss off Val, huh?" Xelloss asked, tossing his half-empty book bag across one shoulder and waiting for Zel to come around to his side.

"Or Filia. I don't think it matters much to Val. He's very possessive as it turns out." Zel stopped. "Where are we going? Lunch?"

"Yes indeedy! We get here five minutes before the others so we can claim our old table. Ah, orders from Lina."

"Of course."

"Of course!" Xelloss swung open the side door to the school and held it open for Zel to pass through first. "Do you really think he'd do that? Flay me?"

"Yes. He'd begin with your scalp." Zel pounded on the locker he shared with Xelloss, triggering the lock to engage. "He described it to me in great detail while you were showering after our swim lesson the other night. Vividly. He's got a good imagination."

"You think it's just his imagination?"

Zelgadiss paused. "Now that you put it that way, I'm not so sure. He was very explicit about the treatment of certain body parts. Makes one think."

Xelloss slammed the locker door shut. "Thanks for the imagery. And right before lunch too."

"My pleasure."

"You are a sadistic man, Zelgadiss." Xelloss checked his pocket for his wallet. Oh, oh. "But a very generous one."

Zelgadiss looked askance at Xelloss. That was an odd thing for him to say, even for him. Oh, of course. "Appetite returning?"


"Forgot your money?"

"Yes…dammit Zelgadiss." Xelloss growled.

"That's Zel to you. Say it."


Zel grunted. "Huh. Looks like I'm in luck. Some tolerable food choices today…"


"That was more humble, but that's not what I wanted to hear."

Xelloss sighed. "Please…Zel."

Zelgadiss got into the grilled food line. "Fries too?"


Zelgadiss dumped his food onto one tray and Xelloss' on another and handed the lunchroom clerk a five dollar bill. "That includes two drinks. Thanks." He motioned Xelloss to come get his tray. "Now, that wasn't so hard to say, was it?"

"No, Zel-GA-dissss, you sssadistic little bassstard," Xelloss hissed.

"That's your sister you're dissing," Zel smirked.

Xelloss started. Zel had never joked about his shared bloodline before. The his-sister-Zel's-mother connection had always been a subject untouched upon in casual conversation—almost treated in holy reverence. Xelloss was pleased that Zel was accepting it at last. Of course…it hadn't even been a year since he'd found out…

Then he flashed his goofy grin and chuckled. "Here comes Lina and her great big, strong, protector Gourry!"

"Zip it," Zel warned his friend. Gourry was his friend also and although he knew that Gourry and Xelloss would never be close, he couldn't help but notice how strained their relationship was becoming.

"Oh how embarrassing," Xelloss murmured looking downward, then barked a laugh, "Oh, you mean my mouth, huh?"

Zel rolled his eyes and grumbled something under his breath. It was a great start to yet another gruelingly awful year of school, he could tell. At least it would be his last. "Hey…Lina…Gourry…" He rested his tray on the table silently and drew up a chair.

"That looks better than what I brought," Lina observed. "I'm gonna get that too. Hold my spot!"

"Sure!" all three boys answered in chorus.

Gourry shot a look at Xelloss then back down at his chair. It didn't look like it was going anywhere and that burger plate sure did look good. "I'll go too, then."

"Your spot's safe with us!" Xelloss chirped playfully.

Gourry may have mumbled, "Sure," as he left after Lina.

"There they are already!" It was Amelia with Chichiro, her friend from the Suzaku Seven, and both of Gourry's sisters, the twins Karie and Sharie—the three entering freshman this year. Amelia merrily continued to explain to the newbies, "We have our own special seating arrangement, but the places at the ends aren't taken if you'd like to join us."

Chichiro drew up a chair on the far side of Amelia by way of an answer. The two girls twittered over sitting at the same table as their—yuck--big brother.

"Tell you what," Xelloss said with a smile. "I'll change places and sit on Zelgadiss' other side. That way Amelia can sit beside him and you girls can tell me all about your summer."

Karie and Sharie were most pleased. Xelloss was sooo dreamy…

"Now, I thought one of you was 'Teri', or have I just missed a Gabriev offspring?" Xelloss smiled.

"Oh, that's her," said Karie with a giggle and jab at her sister. "We were born Karolynn and Sharolynn but there was, you know, this really awful girl we both hated in sixth grade named Sherrie and so she decided to go by her middle name, which was…"

"Let me guess," Xelloss smiled. "Terolynn?"

"Ewww! No, Terrie! Xelly! What kind of name would Sharolynn Terolynn be!" one or both of the twins squealed.

The noise caused Filia to start as she set her lunch sack down. "God-awful," she murmured in reply. "Where is everyone?"

Xelloss, still recovering from the 'Xelly' nickname, caught sight of Sylphiel on her way over and wriggled his fingers by way of saying 'over here'. "By everyone, you mean Vally-boy? He said this morning at breakfast that he'd be a bit late to lunch so hold that chair for him, 'kay? Those two are for Lina and Gourry. We're supposed to be guarding them as well. Her orders. You know, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. And here I thought all I had to so was sit and eat…"

The fact that now Xelloss was facing Val's empty chair and Filia--rather than Sylphiel, Lina, and Gourry-- seemed inconsequential to most everyone. But when Sylphiel glided up, she was confused a moment-- not knowing where to set her lunch bag, despite Xelloss' attempts to get her attention. Luckily, Lina and Gourry arrived on the scene to work out the new seating arrangements.

Gourry ended up between Sylphiel, who was stranded on the far end, and Lina. Lina sat next to Filia, with Val—when he made it-- closing off the other end. Across from Val's chair, now sat the Gabriev twins, followed by Xelloss, Zel, and Amelia across from Sylphiel. Chichiro ended the row with a cheerful smile. That meant that Xelloss was currently seated directly across from Filia, very dangerous. Zelgadiss couldn't wait for the fireworks to begin. And he had a pretty good seat to catch all the action.

"Are you ready to go when you get home?" Filia asked Xelloss directly.

"All packed."

"I told my father to just stop out front and you'd come out to the car."

"As long as he gives me time enough to hop in before taking off. I won't keep you waiting, I can assure you." Xelloss smiled, and then plunged into his meal without saying another word. He was very restrained. He listened politely to the younger girls' random dialogue highlighting their 'boring' summer. He should be so lucky.

How disappointing, Zel thought. Hardly a sparkler! Oh, here comes Val. That ought to set off something exciting.


"Mr. Agares?" Xelloss smiled in question.

"Yeah. The fuc… ah…" He halted mid-word, and scanned the faces of the young girls, Gourry's sisters, long enough to realize he should tone down his language. "The of-fice help hadn't gotten my messages converted into ac-tu-al-it-tee yet. Been con-vincin' them all week, but it took a face ta face meetin' before they got it done," Val smirked.

"He changed his name back to his original birth name," Zelgadiss explained to everyone looking confused. "He is now officially Val Agares."

Val shook his head and denied all requests for a speech. Was he a bit embarrassed at all the attention suddenly?

"Blood Drive on Monday to kick off the student council elections, so everybody eat a big breakfast!" Amelia reminded them. The periods are shortened just for this." To Zel and Xelloss she added, "It's before lunch so if you hurry you two can make it too!"

Zel muttered something indecipherable. Xelloss wriggled a finger to indicate that he'd heard, but continued eating.

"Are we havin' a band practice today?" Gourry asked.

"Xelloss isn't going to be here," Zel reminded him. "Nor will Filia and probably Val will be late."

Lina waved him off, "Sure. We have plenty to go over without him, besides. He brought me a new CD the other day. It has a song that would make a perfect duet for you and me."

She looked at Gourry, who was nearly choking on his roll he was so surprised. "It's from some anime called Kare Kano. Cute song. Plus we've got lots of other new things to get started on. Like my duet with Zel and that Lost Universe number and Val's burning heart song to go over, if he makes it. Xelloss can add in the drums another time. Anyway it will be quieter."

"Yep," Gourry nodded. He was speechless anyway. Xelloss brought Lina a song for him and Lina to do, not Xelloss and Lina? That sounded…unlikely, but well, maybe the guy wasn't trying nothin' anyway. He knew that Xelloss had been over to Lina's a few times to practice some dance thing of theirs, but he was also aware that Xelloss had been over to his house helping Joey learn the drum part to a song. Maybe Xelloss just wanted to become a better guy. So…why couldn't Gourry feel like he could trust him? He felt a bit guilty about that sometimes. "Sounds okay, Lina."

Xelloss opened his eyes slightly and met Gourry's turning from a surprised expression to a vacuous one in an instant.

"Everything okay at the big U?" Filia asked Xelloss.

"Big You? Oh, university!" Xelloss smiled. "Yes. Classes are rolling along as usual. Last night's lab was one to remember, wasn't it, Zelgadiss?"

Filia nearly crossed her eyes with exasperation, "Xelloss you dimwit! I meant with Eris! She is your teacher and I was wondering, you know, how that was working now that you and she broke up."

Leave it to Filia to be blunt. Even Zelgadiss had more sensitivity! Xelloss had his mouth full of fries, giving Zel a gap in the conversation stream to jump in. "Filia, things are tense but working now drop it," Zel said.

But Xelloss, sensing an opportunity, spoke up next, "I'm available again, if that's what you're hinting at…what with our weekend together coming up and all…"

Val growled, or at least Zel thought. No, snarled, more likely.

Filia tried to pound Xelloss over the head with her juice bottle, but Xelloss backed away from the table too quickly. She sat back down in a huff. "Be sure to hit him hard for me later, okay?" she said to Val.

Val leaned across the table and whispered to Xelloss in a totally non-threatening manner, "Don't give me a reason to."

Xelloss smiled bemusedly, "Who me? She started it!"

Sharie and Karie squealed. Sharie grabbed at Xelloss protectively, "Don't you touch him!"

Xelloss smiled weakly, "Ah…thanks, girls, but that's okay." As he pried off the hands he added, "Val and I are roommates, band corps, and step-brothers. Best of friends, right?" He giggled a bit and batted his eyes at Val.

"Ah, shit…" Val grumbled. "Cut that out." Xelloss would never let him forget the times he'd mentioned how attractive he was. The last time he was sick with a fever, for gods'sakes!

Filia slammed her hand on the table, causing Lina to jump out of her seat. "Gods, Filia! I'm trying to digest here! You'll have all night to fight with him!"

"Well, not all night, probably," Xelloss smiled and winked provocatively back at Filia, then dodged a wad of wax paper and sandwich crusts aimed at his face. "Okay, okay if you insist then I'll keep my options open, Miss Filia!"

"Xelloss! You y-you hunk of… of… of rotten garbage!" Filia shouted. She hurled the rest of her bio-degradable, fully recyclable lunch at his retreating form as he bounded away from their table and out into the hallway.

Zelgadiss sighed and wiped the bits of refuse off his sleeve and portion of the table where her food remnants accidentally flew. "I don't think you have a thing to worry about," he said to Val.

Val smirked and nodded, "Nah, they're like water and oil…"

"More like potassium and…" Zel began.

"Don't go all nerd here," Val interrupted.

Zel blushed and looked away. "Water and oil will do just fine."

Eventually Filia returned to her seat and Xelloss slipped in unnoticed in an empty seat beside Sylphiel.

"Oh, father was so glad you stopped by the shrine the other evening, Xelloss," Sylphiel smiled shyly and sipped at her diet soda.

"Yes? It's time I got back to my duties as a priest."

"Uh, huh, and I said I thought you'd be good with the little kids. Some of the other priestesses and me do that, you know, watch the little kiddies while their parents are in the shrine services. But to have a guy, ah…to them you'd be like a grown up man! They'd like that bunches!" Sylphiel giggled.

Xelloss raised a single eyebrow, hidden under his fringe of purple bangs. "I see. So that's why he gave me that assignment. He mentioned eeeeasing me back into the computer work later, if need be, but now I understand where he got that lame-- ah, that is, that rather odd idea."

"So you're gonna do it! That's great!" she cried out.

"I'm not sure, actually Sylphiel. We discussed it and we're both going to think about it. There are…extenuating circumstances."

"But I thought you said you loved children and wanted a family full of them?"

"Yes, well," Xelloss' smile faded. "My own children would be one thing. Being responsible for other people's kids is something else. Besides, haven't you been able to rope—ah, convince-- your boyfriend to lend you a hand?"

Sylphiel sighed. "He's gone."

Amelia echoed back in shock, "GONE!"

"Not died, gone home," Sylphiel giggled. "He had to go back to college in Japan. I won't see him again until his winter break!"

"Oh, how awful," Amelia commiserated with her friend over her loss. "I wish I could have said goodbye."

Sylphiel blushed and looked down at her hands, "Well, it was a bit sudden. We had a big fight and decided that he'd better leave a week earlier than planned."

"How big of a fight?" Lina asked with charitable curiosity.

"We b-broke off the engagement," she said sniffling some.

Amidst the sorrowful sounds of condolences from her girlfriends, came the silent communiqué from the guys. Gourry looked over at Zel, who in turn caught first Xelloss eyes, then Val's then came to rest on Gourry's.

"What did I say?" Gourry's asked. "Remember, Zel? At the band contest?"

"On the hunt again," Xelloss' confirmed. "She's got her father working for her this time."

"Beware," Zelgadiss' warned.

"Listen up!" Lina shouted as she bashed Gourry on the shoulder. "Amelia was telling us to meet her outside at the usual spot and her van will take us to practice after school. Got that?"

"Ow, Lina," Gourry complained. "We got that last class together…Japanese… anyway. Ya coulda just waited to tell me then."

"I thought you were gonna drop that class," Lina reminded him.

"I was, but I forgot. Might as well just stick it out now. You'll help me, right, Lina?"

Her face softened. "Yeah, sure. We'll all get you through it somehow. All right. There's the bell. Who's got Advanced World Literature with me? I look forward to this one class. It's my only one that hasn't gone all foul."

Xelloss blinked and looked at Zel, who was smiling….no, smirking. He knew something.

"Foul?" Xelloss asked, unafraid to make a fool of himself sometimes.

Lina grinned, "Yeah. In all the other classes, big words just beat them in the head, so they duck and then the words go right over—swoosh!"

Gourry looked blank.

"Duck. Quack, quack…foul? Very funny, Miss Lina!" Xelloss smiled bemusedly.

"Yeah, yeah. Well I'm not the comedian you are," Lina smiled back. "Zel? Filia? Xelloss? Let's go!"

"So, how does this look with this suit? Black on black too cliche?" Xelloss found Zelgadiss reading over his notes from Japanese and pressed further. "Or should I go with Lina's pirate stripes?"

Zel looked up into Xelloss' earnest face. "No. The black tie looks fine. I hear a car coming. Are you finished packing? You are staying a week, correct?"

Xelloss made a face at his teasing roommate. "I didn't pack that much. Just the one bag, see? A change for the morning and a different shirt, just in case."

"Just in case of what? You dribble food on it or decide to ..."

Xelloss interrupted Zel's snide remark. "To go dancing. Something less formal."

"Don't forget pajamas." Zelgadiss closed his notebook and stood to open the front door, moving Xelloss along all the while.

"What for? I'm not planning on parading around..."

This time Zel cut him off. "Suit yourself. Your chariot awaits." Zel smiled and opened the front door. Yes, the Ul Copt car pulled up at that moment. "Mustn't keep them waiting."

"Indeed not!" Xelloss laughed aloud He ran into his room and jammed a pair of black silk pants and his kimono top into his travel bag. "Say hi to Lina et al at the practice. Hope Val shows up."

"I hope the trial went well for him."

"He's just happy he's not the one on trial for a change!" Xelloss said with a laugh, lugging his bag out the door.

"Sure," Zel chuckled along. "Have a good time."

"Thanks!" Xelloss waved and skipped down the walk to the waiting car.

Zel let out his breath in a long sigh, tucked a carton under his arm, and followed him out, locking the door behind him. After school, Amelia and her van had taken Sylphiel, Lina, and Gourry back to the practice room at her house. Zel had driven Xelloss home to pack, while Filia had bussed back to the settlement and Val had driven to the courthouse to help the defense of Jillas and Gravos.

Zelgadiss climbed into his car and backed out the driveway. He would be late. Lina would be mad at him, but he had wanted to see his best friend off. Xelloss tended to be preoccupied and dilatory, often smiling his secret smile and dawdling away in an abstract dreamworld of his own. Zelgadiss wanted to make certain that he got home, showered, changed, and packed in the small amount of time allotted. Job done, he now wended his way up the winding road to the fine estate of the Mayor. To practice, or at least help Lina and Gourry with their new duet. Had Xelloss meant that song for himself and Lina, he wondered? He never asked his friend and Xelloss kept his intent a secret, as usual.

Would Xelloss ever truly change? Zel smiled and shook his head. No. As close as they were, Xelloss thrived on the melodramatic, the convoluted, and particularly the arcanum – both his and the secrets of others. He trusted no one completely, but Xelloss did respect, listen to, and abide by much of his, Zelgadiss', knowledgeable opinions. He also appreciated Zel's scheduling ability with more than perfunctory courtesy. Zel smiled a self-satisfied smile and turned off the engine. Yes. His planning and organizational skills were second to none.

"Ze-el!" Lina screamed. "You're late!"

"I had to make sure Xelloss got ready and off." Zel said simply as he entered the practice room.

"Oh, well...of course...naturally. Did you bring the..." Lina demurred and changed the subject

"Yes. I remembered the music you asked for and I brought cookies. Date bars I made and froze a few days ago. All right?" Zel smirked and shoved the carton into her hands.

"Forgiven. Now, see what you can do with Gourry's song, 'kay?" She smiled.

Gourry chuckled as Zel approached him, "Lucky you brought those cookies."

"Luck had nothing to do with it. Simply good planning on my part. That's what it takes," Zel returned Gourry's smile, then they both settled down to the assigned task.

Xelloss was more comfortable around adults than people his own age. This was because he had been raised isolated from other children for much of his life. When he had been in grade school, he fought with the other boys who teased or tried to intimidate him. He had been a loner, even more so than Zelgadiss, for Zel had had Lina. Taking up dancing set him apart from the other boys as well, and then being singled out as the particular favorite of the instructor had made him the most distinctly despised and envied kid in the dance studio. Little did they suspect how truly un-enviable his situation was. Oddly enough, Xelloss' path to normalcy began when he entered the mental hospital road to recovery.

"We won't have much time to find our rooms and unpack before we must search out a restaurant for dinner," Filia's father warned them all on the highway to Atlas City.

"Search? (Said like 'sir--erch')," Filia moaned. "Why aren't we going to our usual place again?"

"Because, dear," her mother answered sharply, annoyed with her daughter's moodiness lately. "Our favorite place closed a week ago. We just found out when your father tried to make reservations."

"We'll just have to do our best and drive around awhile to find another good place," Mr. Ul Copt sighed.

Xelloss' eyes opened. "Do you like French cuisine?"

"It's got to offer vegetarian."

Xelloss smiled languidly at Filia and drawled in French, "Naturellement." Leaning forward from the back seat slightly, he offered, "May I make a suggestion? I know a very good place. Yes? I can make the reservation from here on my cellphone."

Her parents were very pleased. Filia eyed him suspiciously. Why was he being so accommodating? "Better not be counting on impressing me!" she sniffed and gazed out the window at the passing scenery. She pointedly blotted out the sound of his muted voice on the phone and listened to the music her father had selected to play on the car's CD player.

He hopped out of the parked car and offered Filia his hand to get out. Wordlessly she accepted that help as well as his assistance with her bag. Rarely had she seen him as eager to schlep his own gear to gigs. What a show of good breeding he was putting on! They parted at the doors to their rooms with little over thirty minutes to rest up before having to eat.

His restaurant choice was excellent, of course. Xelloss smiled as they approached the faintly familiar façade remembering how he had been there with his mother the summer before. It seemed like ages now. The moment the trio stepped over the threshold and into the sumptuous richness of the dining room, Mr. Ul Copt knew that this was the kind of place where reservations had to be made weeks in advance and far exceeded his allotted budget for the evening's entertainment. He pulled Xelloss to the side, obviously a bit uncomfortable with what he was about to say.

Xelloss stopped him with a gesture, "It's okay, Mr. Ul Copt. It really is no big deal. I own the place. Enjoy yourselves at no expense. Really! Sir, I never could have gotten those tickets to the ballet and I wouldn't have wanted to come alone. Please, let me do this by way of my thanks to you, 'kay?"

"You own…?" But the man had the good sense not to make the poor kid elaborate. Obviously, this restaurant had been one of the syndicate holdings that Xelloss had inherited.

"It's legit…honest!" Xelloss added hastily, eyes open in supplication, no hidden meanings or duplicity intended.

"Dear?" Mrs. Ul Copt gracefully drew him back to her side. "They are ready to seat us. Is something wrong?"

The man smiled, "No dear. We were just discussing who'd be paying for all this upgrade in service." To her upraised eyebrow he added, "We'll let the lad handle dinner tonight."

And Xelloss did. He ordered all the food, in perfect fluent French, including a wine choice—from Kiki's family estate, of course. His manners were exemplary at the table. He was dressed to kill and could converse on any topic. He was the hit of the evening.

"I thought you couldn't drink alcohol," Filia pointed out as he took a taste from his glass.

"Try it. It is a non-alcoholic wine from a list Kiki e-mailed to me last week. Not bad, is it? How does it compare to the real thing, Mr. Ul Copt?" Xelloss asked with interest.

"Excellent! Dry and lighter than the usual Chardonnay we produce out at the settlement, but quite fine. I'd like to try a few of her families other wines some time."

Xelloss smiled. He called over a young waiter and whispered a few instructions. Later that evening, a mixed case of wine, an opener, and two glasses would be delivered to the Ul Copt's room at the hotel.

"So you've been here before, Xelloss?" Filia's mother asked as the first courses appeared.

"Yes, the last time was…more than a year ago, with my mother."

Filia's eyes shot up to catch his. "So this is some syndicate hangout you've brought me and my parents to?"

"Not anymore," he said eyes lowered to his plate.

The conversation lightened up although it was relatively sparse as more dishes arrived and clinched their attention. Filia sat back in wonder. This couldn't be that giggling geek that antagonized her endlessly, could it? Xelloss looked surprisingly sophisticated in a dark, nearly sinister way decked out in his finely cut suit—despite the odd hairstyle he favored. He carried himself with pride but not arrogance. Classy, she was tempted to say. He was describing the ballet troupe that they were about to watch perform. She didn't bother paying his conversation any attention, it was too uninteresting, but he certainly was not. This Xelloss was a far cry from the one in the cafeteria just a few hours earlier—and from the comparatively surly, unfinished guy she had planned to be eating with, Val. She struggled to picture Val sitting at the table across from her, unable to choose the correct fork or know how to slice into his truffle mousse.

She let out a sigh.

"Filling up dear? There's dessert too." her mother pointed out.

Her father checked his watch, "Whoops! We'd better skip that for now and head on out if we want to find a close parking space for the ballet!"

Xelloss may have looked a little disappointed at having to miss his favorite part of the meal, dessert, but he didn't show it. "We should just go then," he smiled, standing and offering Filia his arm. "Shall we?"

End Seyruun High Jinx –NEXT! Chapter One.