As the sparkles in his eyes faded and the world around him became clear, Trip Tucker blinked. Then blinked again. Finding this method not working, he turned to his two companions, who were equally startled.

"Where the HELL are we?" asked the southern Commander, looking around in confusion.

They were inside a spaceship, that much was true, but unlike any one that he had ever seen. Weapons lined the walls around him, bringing him to the conclusion that they were inside of an armoury, but unlike any armoury that he'd ever seen.

Hoshi and Malcolm were standing just in front of them, frozen.

"Where are we?" whispered Hoshi, her shoulders trembling lightly with trepidation.

Trip moved forwards and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "It'll be alright, Hosh." he said, smiling and looking down into her deep brown eyes. "Don't worry."

Malcolm was looking forwards, his eyes catching every detail, every object in the room. "We should try to get back to our own ship." he stated quietly, then moved to the centre of the room, when the transporter controls were.

Trip and Hoshi watched with nervous anticipation as the weapons officer poked and prodded furiously at the machine. After what seemed a life time, Malcolm looked up, face grim with defeat.

"I can't detect Enterprise within two light-years from here. Either she was... destroyed in that ion storm, or this is Enterprise."

Trip could feel Hoshi trembling under his arm. "Maybe we should explore our surroundings, see what we're dealing with." he said quickly.

With Malcolm in lead, the trio headed cautiously out of the transporter room, and into parts unknown.


"What do you mean you don't know what happened to them?" asked Jonathon Archer, irritation and anger creeping into his voice.

"I meant precisely what I said, Captain." replied T'Pol calmly. "One moment we had a lock on them, and in the next moment they were gone."

The captain of the Enterprise stomped over to the Vulcan's science station and looked right into his science officer's eyes. "How do you just lose three people?! Either you had a lock on them, or you didn't!"

"Uh, Captain?" called out a voice behind him. Archer swivelled around to find his young helmsman facing him.

"Yes, Travis?"

"It's quite possible that the ion storm has something to do with this. I know that we lost a lot of freighters and cargo in those storms. Strange things happen in them." stated the young ensign.

Archer sighed. He was over-reacting, again. Trip, Malcolm and Hoshi were probably all still fine on the shuttle, wondering what the hell was happening with the transporter.

"T'Pol," he asked, "Can you raise the shuttle again?"

The Vulcan turned back to her instruments, then answered a moment later. "Negative. The ion storms are interfering with communications."

"Damn!" the captain exclaimed. A moment later, he added: "Is there anything we CAN do for the pod?"

"No. At last reading, the pod was headed straight into the middle of the storm. We can do nothing without endangering more members of the crew."

He sighed again, sat down into his chair and placed his head into his hands. He prayed that his friends were still alive, and that he could still save them...

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