Recently, I participated in a fandom fundraiser for one of our own. When I had my Zoom call for Carey Anne, I asked the ladies on the call, what they'd like me to write. I was given a lot of choices, but the one that really captured my attention was a premise surrounding COVID-19 and a budding new relationship. This will be a slightly humorous take on the situation we've currently found ourselves in. With a Twilight twist ... of course.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan just started dating. In early March, they planned on going on a vacation together. Edward found a great deal to fly down to Brazil. Bella wasn't sure if she wanted to go with him since their relationship was so new.

Edward was quite persuasive.

Bella said yes.

They flew down to São Paulo to an all-inclusive couple's resort, for six days and seven nights of tropical beauty and the promise of so much more.

Three days after they arrived, all international travel was cancelled due to a fast-moving, highly contagious pandemic.

What will happen with Edward and Bella while they are on their Destination Date? Will they be stronger upon their return to the states, or will their love survive?

So, this short story is dedicated to Carey Anne and the ladies who were in on my Zoom call, Clo, Aileen, Emma, Consuelo, Alyscia, Trina, Brier Lynn and Krida. It will be a drabblish story, with shorter chapters. Shorter chapters mean quicker updates! :-)

This is also going to be a bit of a smut fest. Something lighter, but there will be some drama. Now, we're onto the story …

Destination Date

Chapter One

February 19th, 2020

"Ed, my main man, how are things going with the online dating thing?" asked Emmett. He was devouring his lunch, most of it dribbling onto his chin. "Any hotties?"

"Dude, I do not want to see your lunch as it's digesting," Edward snorted, tossing a napkin to his best friend and business partner. They owned several lucrative gyms, Twilight Fitness, in and around the Seattle area. Emmett was the body and Edward was the brains. Edward did have a ripped body, but nowhere near the caliber of Emmett, whose muscles had muscles. "How are you not six-hundred pounds?"

"I've got fucking great metabolism," he said, tossing his garbage into the trash. "You done with that?" He pointed to Edward's half-eaten sandwich.

"Have at it, Chunk," Edward grumbled, rolling his eyes. "In regard to the online dating thing, I've met this really sweet girl."

"Oh, give me details," Emmett grinned. "Is she hot like my Rosie?"

"Your Rosie is gorgeous," Edward chuckled. If you like bottle blondes with fake tits and no personality, unless you count bitchiness as a personality. "She's not my type, but she makes you happy."

"Damn right! Last night, she let me …" Emmett boomed.

"I do not want to hear about your sexual exploits, Em. Personal boundaries," Edward grimaced as he took a sip of his smoothie. "Anyway, Bella and I met up for coffee over this past weekend. She's seriously my dream girl. Petite, brown hair with hints of red and deep brown eyes. She's smart and snarky, but very kind."

"What does Bella do for a living?" Emmett asked.

"Book editor, freelance travel blogger and amateur photographer," Edward answered, pulling up Bella's website on his computer. "Over the Christmas holiday, she was in England to celebrate a traditional Christmas. She stayed with a local family and shared her experience."

"How does that work? She stays with strangers?" Emmett cringed. "That's a little fucked up."

"Bella has this dynamic personality, and she can make friends really easily. But, she has a lot of connections from her traveling. Friends of friends that know someone who can host her type of thing," Edward explained. "Anyway, we really hit it off. We met for coffee at eleven in the morning and we were kicked out when the coffee shop closed at eight. We'd talked the entire time."

"Just talked?" Emmett teased, wagging his brows like an evil villain.

"At the coffee shop, yes, we just talked. However, back at her apartment, things went a little further," Edward smirked.

"Eddie's dry streak has ended!" Emmett crowed, throwing up his fist. Edward looked at his friend wryly, arching a brow at his idiocy. "What? You're still cleaning your own pipes?"

"Why am I friends with you?"

"Because I make you laugh and push your buttons," Emmett grinned.

"You're a fucking moron," Edward snorted. "Besides, you know that I don't kiss and tell. What I do with my dates, is between me and my date. Not you."

"Okay, okay," Emmett surrendered, holding up his hands. He stood up and arched a brow "Just tell me if you kissed this dream girl? Tell me that before I make Mike Newton cry at his training session."

"Emmett, the goal of personal training is to encourage them to come back, not make them cry," Edward said.

"Mike is a pussy," Emmett retorted. "Did you kiss her?"

"You're so fucking nosy," Edward grumbled, rolling his eyes. Emmett gestured to his friend. "Fuck! Fine … we kissed. Go make Newton cry. I've got to order some shit, schedule our trainers and be the boss of the gym."

"Don't jerk off in the office. Spooge is a pain in the ass to clean up," Emmett teased.

"Partner or not … I'm going to fire your ass," Edward growled.

A/N: So, here's the first chapter. As I said in the beginning of the chapter, these will be shorter chapters. Shorter chapters equal faster updates.

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