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and about the comment on Toga. i'm not sure what i'm gonna do with her. i don't think the MC is just going to be walking around town looking for her and i think by this point she is probably on the streets after running away and is attacking people to survive. if i do decide to do something more with her it will be way later on and will be more of a 'redemption' than a 'save'.

anyway onto a longer chapter! chapter 7! *chapter has not been re read for errors, that will be fixed within 24 hours*

Here's my plan of attack, currently we have just finished training for the day and tomorrow it's going to tick over into the final month. While Yagi has gone to take the last of the trash away i'm resting on the steps, looking over a mostly cleared beach and contemplating about how i'm going to go about this. I need to get Yagi to agree to give me the quirk now because it takes a couple hours to digest, so we can begin training with it the next day. Though I wouldn't be able to know any of this.

BUT, and here's the kicker, he might still think my body will explode and I can't just tell him I'll be fine as, how the hell would I know that?

I could say that if he gives me OFA now that I won't use it till he thinks i'm ready, then just do some secret training on my own. Don't think I want to do that just in case something does go wrong, seems like a needless risk and more importantly could also hurt my relationship with Yagi if he found out.

What would put him at ease if something DID go horribly wrong?


Recovery Girl! She knows about One For All!

We could go to U.A after school hours or something and have Recovery Girl monitor me when I use OFA for the first time. Now, how to ask him that when he thinks I don't know about her knowing the secret and that he has ties to U.A as a whole?

Looks like I won't have time to think of an answer as I hear the familiar sound of Yagi's pickup, I'll just have to nudge him into thinking in that direction. A car door slam and the crunch of shoes getting closer signals his approach before he sits next to me, staring out onto the almost cleared beach.

"We're nearly done, time really does fly doesn't it Izuku? A whole nine months already." We both continue to look out to sea, watching the waves slowly move in and out of shore. I give an affirmative hum instead of replying. I see him nod out of the corner of my eye as I take a sip of water.

"The exam is one month away from tomorrow. You'll probably finish cleaning the beach in less time than that so I thought we would go over some useful moves you could learn before starting." I pass him the water bottle over, he takes a swig before continuing. "Knowing how to roll after a long fall, how to take a punch and how to deliver one with powered up strength, things like that."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I don't know much about fighting techniques, though if I get power at least as strong as yours it'll be more a case of knowing how to use less of it so I don't destroy a city block instead of knocking a mugger out, hahaha." Yagi chuckles a little as he gives me the bottle back.

"Very true my boy. Martial art disciplines matter little when you can shrug off being blasted with rifle fire or part the clouds with an amateur punch." I lie back on the top step. This seems like a good a chance as any.

"Speaking of only a month left and crazy power." Very subtle, me. "I've got a question I wanna run by you, why not pass on One For All now and I could then spend this last month getting used to using my new quirk before the exam?" Yagi looks down at me so I rise an eyebrow at him as he mulls over what was just said.

"I...am unsure. There are unknown dangers to this process and I've never done this before." He lets out a long sigh. "I trained for a full ten months under my master and I had no problems when I received One For All. I was a natural at using it but I'm am odd case, or so she told me. I have no idea how you'll handle it and as the nature of the quirk is a stockpile one I'm even more nervous."

Well he's not wrong. Manga Izuku destroyed both his legs and an arm the very first time he tried using it, though to be fair he was given some terrible advice and just didn't think what he was doing through. But the result was stiff the same, so I just need to alleviate his worries and present him a situation where nothing can go wrong but if it DID I'd be fine. No pressure.

"Are you allowed to explain how the passing on of the quirk works?" I already know though. "Because you still haven't told me yet."

"I haven't?"

I sit up and stare at him.


"You're a bit of an airhead aren't you?"

Yagi starts coughing up blood. "You shouldn't be so rude to your elders, young Izuku."

"sorry, Old Might." I laugh as Yagi clears his throat.

"Well it's pretty simple. One For All can only be given with the welders consent but it can be force-ably passed onto someone without that persons consent, so no need to worry about someone stealing it. How it's passed on is the next holder has to ingest some of the current holders DNA, Like blood, saliva or the most common way, a single hair." We both visibly shudder. "After that it's just a case of waiting for it to be digested then the quirk is passed on, OH and no need to worry about me not being able to do hero work afterwards my boy! I'll still have a flicker left in me to keep fighting for a few years if I use it sparingly." Which we both know you won't.

Time to give my pitch.

"Yeah, seems simple enough." I snap my finger. "Alright how's this. You give me the quirk today-" He opens his mouth "-Let me finish man." He closes it. "The quirk today, it'll take awhile to digest but I promise I won't use it, then tomorrow we either come back here or go somewhere else you might have in mind and I'll use One For All for the first time under your supervision. You could even dash me straight to the hospital if something goes wrong."

His face scrunches up. "I dunno..."

"Okay how about you bring a doctor to have on standby?" I feel like i'm leading the witness, maybe I should have gone into law.

"A doctor?" I nod.

"Yeah. I mean you must have a Doc on speed dial right? What with your health the way it is and they much know about your mini might and buff might forms. We just say that you want some help with a kid you found to control his quirk, Which isn't wrong."

"You're right, I do." He side eyes me. "You're kind of scary at times you know?" That's what happens when you know the future.

"I'll take that as a compliment." I smile at him. "So you do have a Doc, anyone I'd know? A famous healer perhaps?"

"Yes Miss Shuzenji, oh Recovery Girl, who is a pro hero and is currently working as U.A's school nurse." Pat on the back me!

"Of course I've heard of her! Oh! Do you think she would let us use one of U.A's training fields to test One For All? I'd hate to ruin the beach after we'd just cleared it after all." Lay it on thick!

"Hmm..." Yagi pulls out his phone. "Not a bad idea but I'd have to ask the principal Nezu , if we could borrow Recovery Girl and a field first. I'll just call him now."

We sit and keep quite, just listening to the dial tone as the seconds go by. After a couple moments the tone stops and I hear a muffled high-pitched voice say something on the other end.

"Yes it's me. Good evening sir, I hope you're well."


"No no, i'm alright. It's about young Midoriya."


"No everything's fine, he's here right now. We were just discussing about passing on One For All today."




"Okay. The idea is that I would pass it on today then tomorrow we'd meet back up and use it for the first time. I was wary still but Midoriya brought up the suggestion that a trusted Doctor could be on site in case anything went wrong."


"Correct sir."






"Thank you sir. Be seeing you soon. Bye."

Yagi breathes a sigh of relief as he pockets his phone again.

"He has given us permission to use U.A's facilities and to borrow Recovery Girl, but only after school hours."

I throw my hands into the air and let out a whoop of joy, making Yagi crack a smile.

"YES! I can't wait!" I stand up and run down the steps to pick up my bag and start putting away my things. I'm gonna get super powers! I'm so pumped!

"Yes yes, I'm also exited but please remember to be careful and not to do anything until tomorrow, understand?" Yagi says as he slows follows me down the stairs.

"Yeah, yeah I know. I don't even have it yet you know?" I roll my eyes, I'm not gonna pull a manga Izuku and break my body.

"That's right." Yagi buffs up into his All Might form and puts his fists to his hips. "But after nine months of grueling work it's finally time young Izuku!" I'm feeling giddy as I walk over to stand in front of him.

"You've worked so hard and come far. No longer are you the scrawny and skittish boy with a heroic spirit I met all those months ago, now! You're confident in yourself and your smarts and skills with a strong and fit body ready for my power!"

He plucks a single hair from his head.

"Now Izuku Midoriya! Eat this and become the ninth holder of One For All and become the hero you were mean't to be!" All Might hands me his single blonde stand of hair.


"Kind of ruins the moment huh, having to eat someones hair."

"Don't bring attention to it! You're making it worse!"

I look at the hair in my hand for a moment.

"Can I at least run down the road to the vending machines to get a fizzy drink or something to wash it down with? Just using water won't help." I point behind me as i hold out the hair towards him with my other hand.

All Might lets out a massive sigh while deflating back down. He takes the hair from my hand and shoos me away.

"Just be quick my boy."

Quickly jogging to the nearest machine, I buy a bottle of Coke and jog right back to were I was standing. I take back the hair and hold it in front of my face with trepidation.

"Well...Bottoms up." I place the hair in my mouth and quickly open the drink and chug half of it down before taking a breath.

"That was...something I guess." I shudder at the memory while Yagi shakes his head.

"It's something all holders of One For All have had to go though, apart from the first but that's a story for another time." He starts to head back up the steps.

"It's time to head home, we'll talk more about it tomorrow so for now just rest and don't try to use it. If something does go wrong or you feel funny, call me right away." I sling my bag over my shoulder and follow after him.

"I got it Yagi. I won't do anything foolish." He nods his head at the comment.

"And one other thing my boy. Don't worry about keeping One For All a secret from Recovery Girl and Nezu, they already know as they are two of my closest friends and colleagues. And before you ask only three other people know about it, one is Sir Nighteye who as you might already know was my once and only sidekick. A friend of my masters who is an old hero who trained me." He shakes at the memory.

"And the last person is a friend of mine in the police force. When you decide to tell someone about One For All in the future, make sure you really know the person and trust them with your life. I won't stick my nose into all of your business as it's now your power to do with what you see fit." He places a hand on my shoulder.

"But if you ever need advice, any at all I'm always here for you." I place that arms hand around his back and we start walking.

"I know you will Yagi. Thanks for everything man."

"It's no problem at all Izuku."

After returning home and telling mom that I would be home for most of the day tomorrow as Yagi was setting something up, I spent the rest of the day trying to relaxing, browsing the internet, listening to music, good old 80s rock and just nervously waiting to feel anything related to OFA.

Around six hours later as I was getting ready for bed I felt something. A kind of butterfly feeling in the center of my chest, roaring energy just waiting to be unleashed. I really, REALLY want to give my new quirk a try, even just the tip of my finger but I slowly calmed myself down as much as I could and climbed into bed.

I didn't get much sleep last night obviously, and then I spent the rest of the day restless with excitement and nerves waiting for Yagi to pick me up. Long after mom had left for work I hear the honk of a horn at around four pm. What does mom even do for work? I dash around the apartment collecting all my things before rushing out the door and down the stairs, taking them two steps at a time.

I run across the parking lot right to the pick up truck and throw the passenger door open, get in and slam it closed as fast as I can. I frantically fasten my seat-belt and turn to Yagi with a massive grin on my face.

"Today's the day!" Yagi chuckles as he starts the truck and pulls out onto the road.

"It truly is. I would ask if you're ready but I can already tell you are."

"Of course I am! After all my hard work i'm finally getting my own quirk and getting to go to U.A to test it out!"

"Oh I understand completely my boy, I was the same way when my master passed it onto me. Just please be careful and take it slow."

From then on it was a comfortable ride up the hill towards the massive lot that contains the U.A campus, I could see the main building towering over the horizon as we make our way there.

Instead of driving in right though the front gate Yagi drives around the side towards what looks like a private, employee only gate with a guard hut and everything. After flashing the guard a badge to scan, he gives a nod and the gate slides open.

As we pull into a small parking lot i turn to Yagi and ask him a question.

"How come you've got a pass? Because you're friends with the staff?" It gets kind of annoying having to ask questions to things I already know,has to be done though.

"Well...I guess there is no harm in telling you, just be sure not to tell anyone for awhile okay?" I nod. "I am taking a teaching position come new term. It was to help in my search for a successor but having met you that is no longer the reason. I can semi retire while helping the next generation, including you my boy."

He smiles bitter sweetly as he backs into a free parking space. It must be a tough position to be in, working non stop as the symbol of peace then having to quit, watch from the sidelines and in-trust everything you've spent your life working to build to a newbie.

"No need to worry about keeping both secrets while you're here young Izuku, the whole staff know of my weakened form. And as I won't just be teaching you but your whole year I won't show any favoritism. Though from what you've shown so far, i have no doubt you'll do great." Oh you've seen nothing yet Yagi. Wait until the days over.

We both unbuckle and Yagi starts to lead me towards the far back of the campus.

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