Alex Danvers discoverd that she was pregnant when she was just 16, this was the product of a one-night stand. That same night, when she found out, she told the father and as Alex assumed, he rejected her and the baby. Alex didn't know what to do, she was just a teenager, who hadn't even finished her studies yet, she didn't know how she was going to give this news to her parents and sister, who would obviously be furious with Alex, didn't know how they were going to react to such news.

The first person she told, it was her little sister, Kara, who was more than surprised when she told her, Alex was relived that she wasn't mad at her. Kara, of course told her she should tell the news to Eliza and Jeremiah, but she was scared, scared that her mother and father were disappointed of her. Her mother had always told she had to be the best in everything, school, work, her grades had to be the highest possible but that was never enough. She had never been good enough please her mother.

Alex decided to wait until the first 3 months of pregnancy to tell them, that way they couldn't force her to abort the little life she was carrying in her belly. Even if it wasn't planned, Alex was in love with her baby, even if she didn't really know her/him. Since the first day she find out about the pregnancy, a hole in her heart she didn't even knew she had was filled, it made her feel complete.

The day she told her parents, they were really mad, that night was full of screams, tears and sadness. And as Alex predicted, her parents told her she was going to get an abortion, wanted or not. But when she told them she couldn't, that she already had a 3 months pregnancy everything got worse, they told her they didn't get why she had kept this secret for this long. 4 months more passed and Alex was 7 months pregnant, she found out she was going to have a little baby girl, and she was more than happy, Kara was too, she was excited she was going to be an aunt. But as all good things have at its end, one night Alex's life collapsed, that night her parents told her they were going to put the baby in adoption, Alex cried, yell and fight because she really wanted to keep her baby but now it wasn't her desicion. She was underage after all, however Alex fell in a severe depression, she only ate enough to keep her baby alive, besides that she would barely sleep and just look at a white wall in her room with a lost look. The last two months passed, and after 7 hours of painful contractions, Alex was giving birth, Kara was by her side in all the process, Alex had admitted she didn't want her parents there with her. 12 hours more, strong and loud baby cries were heard in that hospital room and a beautiful girl with huge brown blue brown-ish and a reddish mop of hair was born, but the nurses or the doctors let Alex carry her daughter for a minute, they wouldn't let her see her because they took her out of the room. She scream and fought with teeths and nails to keep the baby the people didn't even let her name. But it was too late her baby was gone and she didn't even know if she was going to be able to ever see her again.

Time passed and Alex could not recover from her great pain and loss. She changed a lot, stopped talking to her parents, her grades dropped significantly and started fighting at her school and to sometimes drink alcohol, Eliza and Jeremiah were really worried about their daughter and got worse when Jeremiah left. Eliza didn't know what to do with her daughter actions, she was tired of her behavior so she took a desicion, she would contact Hank Henshaw and both of them made plann.

They were going to erase Alex and Kara's memories