Alex would admit, she was a bit puzzled by the place. It was one of the most contaminated and dangerous places in the city, and she could bet and say that there was really high chances to be robbed in that location. Honestly, Alex thought that this wasn't a good place for anyone to be, specially a 12 year old and even it was even worse with a 12 year old without any adult making sure everything was safe.

In the back of the restaurant, there were some other teenagers, others were adults drinking alcohol and smoking, by Maggie's job when they were together, she knew that in this place people come to do drugs, sell them or whatever; Alex knew, it wasn't good and not exactly save. So, she didn't get what kind of parents would let a maybe just turn 13 year old, in a place like this and all alone, while the kid looks like she's betting with adults who don't seem to be nice. And the kid, well... Lucy, she was a way too young for doing this type of stuff... It was dangerous and in her personal opinion, stupid, she could get hurt by just being with these people.

But Alex, wasn't here to be thinking about that. She was here to confront the kid or at least let the girl know that what she's doing is not okay and defend Ruby.

When Alex and Ruby got there, she told the youngest Arias to stay in the car; while she walked to the group ad people where the young teenager appear to be. But it looks that they didn't notice her or they were just ignoring her. So the Agent decided to clear her throat as loud as she could until the small group of people where paying attention to her. Then the youngest person in the batch stepped forward, Alex looked down and started talking to the girl.

"Are you... Lucille Alexis?" Alex asked, it was not intended to sound like a question but it did. "Depends of who is asking... " A young blue eyed girl said, looking up to meet Alex's eyes "Have you been bullying, the teen Ruby Arias?" Alex said or at least tried to say in her most authoritative voice possible, trying to intimidate Lucy, but for some unknown reasons she didn't want to or just couldn't. "Who now? Lady, I have picked and bullied everyone from kindergarten to freshman, can't really rember a name" the teen said with an annoyed tone. "Well, I'm an FBI agent, and let me tell you we take bullying seriously and-" Alex answered, but got interrupted when Lucy and the rest of the group started laughing and mocking Alex. "Look Agent, I couldn't careless of who you are or who do you work for... But the only thing your people really do care about is on eating your donuts, it looks like you must be close to this Rama girl" Lucy retorted defiantly.

Lucy believe every single word she just said, the government in her country suck and maybe she knows it better than a lot of people but that wasn't the subject, she was mad, who the hell this woman thought she was to come and start scolding her, the lady was nothing of her, not her sister, aunt or mom, well she didn't have any of those to be honest. But it didn't matter she was nothing of hers to just come out of nowhere and demand something to her, that was Mr Adams job and it's not like she paid much attention in whatever he complains about everytime.

-"In first place, it's Ruby and if you keep going I will have you arrested for, illegal actions and site invasion and obstruction of police procedure; Oh! And of course bullying and I have enough proves to arrest you" Alex attacked back, she wasn't going to let a recently turn 13 year old beat her.

Lucy mentally rolled her eyes, she was sick of this type of people. But wasn't going to give up that easily either.

"Look, Agent Freak, I dont care of anything you're saying. And I'm the one getting you arrested, let me remind you, you're interviewing a minor without an adult present or permission, so get the hell out of my way or I promise I will get you arrested for horrible reasons, so now go, I promise you won't regret it." The youngest girl said to the Agent, now completely annoyed by Alex, the so-called agent had ruined her complete night.

Alex would admit she felt slightly offended by the girl. Sam was right when she said that Lucille was rude, but at the same time she felt there was something else behind Lucy's brave face mask. Anyone behaves that way, just because they want to. But she was un the correct, it isn't allowed to interrogate an underage without an adults permission or presence. But either herself would give up that easily, she woumd at least try and scare the child. Alex wanted the kid to understand that behaving that way, could ruin her life because she would end up alone and in the future, thanks to God, she was still young to change her actions, honestly Alex thought and was almost sure that Lucy was younger than Ruby.

-"Do you think you are cool? Treating people this way and making them miserable. Look darling, I won't stop until justice is serve for everyone and if I find out you're messing with Ruby again. I'll search for you and believe you won't like it." Normally, the DEO agent wouldn't threaten a kid, but she was making an exception. This was an special case... Why? She still didn't know but Alex just knew this was different.

"Lord! Lady you make it sound like I had murdered someone, I already told you, I don't care of who you are or whatever, and you know what? You just ruined my night. I'm leaving." Lucy didn't wait for an answer when she took her backpack and left. Leaving Alex with words on her mouth.

After some minutes processing what had happened, Alex got back to the car where Ruby still was. Both of the girls, make a quick stop and they got Chinese food, and went to Alex apartment. They play some board games, watch a movie and talk a few ours. When Sam came and pick up the youngest Arias.

After Ruby was gone, Alex decided to clean up her apartment because it was messy, until she started feeling light headed and again she was has having another vision. Thankfully this time, it was getting clearer everytime, this was a new vision, this time she was crying in an hospital bed and a nurse was taking away a baby girl and she was crying, Kara trying to comfort her. Then she notice it had started after she had met Lucille, but she doubted it had to be something with it, maybe it was just a side effect?. The DEO agent wouldn't lie saying she wasn't confused by this visions, Alex didn't remember any of that actions and past. Maybe she would ask her mom or even Hank.