On a winding road down a path there were 5 fellows, odd ones, mismatched but talked with each other, conversing as great friends would. You could see they were made up of a variety of races, two half-elves, a dragonborn, a tiefling, and another elf. They seemed to be debating about something.

"Adaira, I've said a thousand times, we need to find civilization." The tiefling spoke, seemingly disgruntled with his fellow companions.

"Atrius, we should just settle in the woods, the beautiful nature..." the druidic half-elf gazed off into the distance.

"Look" Said the Dragonborn, Adal. "A sign, probably leading to a place where we can spend the night. And it's written in common, so it won't be another one of the beholder incidents."

The group seemed to collectively shudder at the memory.

"The burrow" Zendral read, another of the half-elves. You could see a longbow and a quiver hanging off of his back. "Weird name."

"Lets just go," Atrius sighed, "We might as well find what it is"

The others nodded in agreement. They meandered down the path for another five minutes, enjoying the lush scenery. As they crested another of the rolling green hills, they saw what appeared to be a stack of two houses, looking about to tip over. As they walked closer to the house, those of them attuned to magic felt a barrier of magic wash over them, which they could since was meant to determine friend from foe.

"Ah, wizards!" Exclaimed Elain, the only full-blooded elf on the journey. She was clad in slightly revealing clothes, and occasionally demonic-red sparks jumped off her body. She was a warlock with a devil patron, Glasya. "Always fun." The barrier did seem a bit weak though, a shame.

"Indeed," Said Adal, "I am yearning for a fight!"

Zendral rolled his eyes, "we just got out of one, can't you wait one minute for a battle?"

The dragonborn seemed to sulk before walking to the door of the house.

"No," Said Atrius, "Let me. I'm the bard in this group, and I am therefore the one to sweet-talk these poor fools into giving us room and board."

He knocked on the door thrice.

"Who is it?" a nervous voice sounded from inside the house.

"Some adventurers, looking for a place to stay the night, so could you perhaps open the door to see if we could make an arrangement?"

The door swung open and they could see a plump woman with bright-red hair looking at them. She looked right at Atrius, seeing his red skin tone and eyes burning with muschevius burning embers, and promptly swung the door shut.

"What the..."

"Here, let me try. You know some planes don't have tieflings, Atrius." Adaira, pushing him aside, knocked on the door. This time when it opened it wasn't immediately closed, but the woman's eyes seemed to be drawn to her ears, which were pointed.

"Greetings," Adaira said in a kind tone, "My name is Adaira Wintersword and these are my companions. We were wondering if we could stay the night after our long journey and perhaps gather some information on this plane."

The woman seemed to become more welcoming after she realized they were strangers in need of a good meal. Her kindness seemed to take over and she ushered them inside, eyes widening at the size of the dragonborn, with his glittering gold scales.

"Please, take a seat," she said, her tone still a bit nervous.

She bustled into the kitchen area as the group became comfortable around a dining table. The food floated in and set itself upon the table, a scrumptious meal. The adventurers dug in, and when they were done with the meal, the woman, happy to see they enjoyed her cooking, asked an important question. "Who are you?"

"We are adventurers my lady," Adal boomed out, "We travel the realms, defeat evil beings, rescue maidens, explore dungeons, and kill dragons! Who are you?"

"My name is Molly Weasly," she said, "And I think there is someone you should meet."

Alright. Just a one shot to see an introduction of dnd characters to the HP world. I based these characters off of the campaign me and my friends just finished. Thank you for reading, and remember I own nothing of this except the plot and one of the OC's, the others belong to my friends. Thank you for reading. (If anyone wants to pick this up, feel free, and send me the link so I can enjoy it :) yay.)