Hello everyone! Welcome to another wild and crazy ride!

I've been working on this one since February, got really into it in March, and then got really sick in March and April and had to put it on hold awhile. I've been writing in it since then, and now I'm finally at a point where I can post. Yay!

It's a Drabble with short chapters and will be posted daily. Thanks to Fran for fixing all my mistakes and my prereaders for enabling me and allowing me to post this a week earlier than I had planned.



"He's out there. I know it's him!"

My whispered words come out fierce in the dark, and the man standing next to me, the one I swore to myself I would never need, pulls me down to the dingy carpet that feels harsh against my knees. He presses a sturdy hand against my mouth, silencing us both as he listens to the sounds coming from outside. He's become the confidence I didn't know I needed, the safety I never again wanted to rely on.

I stare at him in the darkness of the room, watch as his eyes flit back and forth through the tiny space between the window and the curtain, and I know he hears it, too.

Silence. A rustle. An uneasiness.

It settles into my bones, a chill so cold I want to hide beneath the crumpled sheets on the bed behind us. I pray the heat we had just made in the bed still lingers.

Another sound outside the window echoes through the stillness of the room, and I worry the frantic beating of my heart will give me away.

We hear it outside again. Tentative steps. Contemplative. Calculating.

It's the sound that tells me it's him. It's the sound that tells me he's found me.

Except he doesn't find me dead like I wanted him to a year ago when I left him.

I'm very much alive, and the hand currently squeezing my own reminds me of that fact. Thanks to him, I've spent the last year living a life I hadn't thought I was worthy of.

It doesn't matter now.

I'm no longer missing.

I'm found.

And now, I'm as good as dead.

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