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Law Crazy

By: LittoGrrlStephie


Chapter One: Finding a New Job at M.R.S.


Kaoru Kamiya had graduated the top of her class from Harvard in the states. She was a prodigy. All through her academic career, she had she never gotten anything less than a 95 on her work.

After graduation, Kaoru had come back to Japan to look for a job. It wasn't as if she wasn't wanted in the states, but in truth, she missed her home country.

For two years she had been working for a company called Takeda Incorporated, but quit after a few technical problems with her boss. A quarrel and one quitting letter later, she finally was out of the crazy place. She never did like Takeda Kanryu. So when the company went down without her, Kaoru laughed. She always knew they'd never make it without her, especially when they had her doing most of the work.

So here she was, 24, and looking for a new job.

While coming back to Tokyo, she met up with her college friends, Misao and Megumi Takani, whom were cousins on their fathers' side.

There was however, one upside to working for Kanryu, which was all the money she was paid to work for him, which was the reason why she had managed to afford living in a luxurious apartment with her two friends.


"Where can you find a descent job around here? It seems like all of the good jobs are taken or the employers are just jerks," said Misao as she looked through the newspaper for a job; she too had decided to quit her previous job and look for a better paying one.

The three friends were seated around the kitchen table at breakfast, looking for through their newspapers.

"Look here: M.R.S. Corporations (Mitsurugi Ryuu Sen Corporations) is hiring. Seems like the owner wants to win a case against Takeda Incorporated. Didn't you use to work there Kaoru?" asked Megumi as she read the front cover of her paper.

"Yes, but that was a while back. M.R.S. is lucky that I quit or they wouldn't have lasted this far in their case against Kanryu. You two want to try it out? It really wouldn't hurt if we try you know," said Kaoru as she drank her coffee.

"I guess. We can always be secretaries; they're looking for those too," stated Misao.

"Yeah but we master in law enforcement. Who wants a secretary?" asked Kaoru.

"Aoshi Shinomori, he's one of Kenshin Himura's best men. He's such a hotty," said Misao as she clasped her hands together as if she were in a whole other world.

"The other is Kenshin Himura himself. Amazing how he's only 28 and already handling a whole business," said Megumi as she skimmed the newspaper.

"I'll stick to the attorney business. Shall we make an appointment?" Asked Kaoru as she grabbed the phone and then the newspaper.

"Yes," said the other two excitedly.


"Mr. Himura, what do we do about the case? If we don't win it then Kanryu will take nearly a quarter of our income this year," said Soujiro as he walked over to Kenshin with a folder in hand.

"Why in the world did we even sign that contract? There has to be a way out of it," said Kenshin as he grabbed the folder and led the way towards the conference room.

"We've tried, but we can't find a way to get around it. It's like who ever drafted it knew exactly what he or she was doing," said Soujiro as his boss skimmed it over with his amber eyes.

"Find me a new attorney now," said Kenshin as he slapped the folder on the desk once they entered the meeting room, which had glass walls that the occupants to overlook the city of Tokyo, Japan.

"At least we don't have to worry about Takeda getting anymore money from us; it seems that the lawyer that made that contract has left. I believe that is the reason why he is pushing for the money so quickly. It seems that his company is failing," said Saitoh.

"I want that lawyer as my attorney then," said Kenshin as he sat down at the head of the table.

"She hasn't applied for anything yet, as we know, so getting her to work for us might be easier said than done. If she decides to get a job with some of the other companies that we're close to then that can easily arranged," said Soujiro.

"Sir, the folder on the lawyer you wanted is here," said Yahiko, the assistant worker, as he gave the file on Takeda's previous attorney to Kenshin.

"Kaoru Kamiya" whispered Kenshin as he scanned the portfolio.

"The case is tomorrow at noon," reminded Soujiro when he was handed the folder.

"She's good," said Sanosuke after he had gotten a chance to look at her folder as well.

"How do we know that she will be loyal? Or even good for that matter? She is from the states after all," said Saitoh.

"Who cares? As long as we win right?" stated Sanosuke.

"Get her if it's the last thing you do," ordered Kenshin as Soujiro bowed and left to do his job.

"Finding one person in Tokyo is not an easy task," said Sanosuke.

"I don't care; we have to win that case. My uncle won't like it if we lose," said Kenshin, his head pulsing at the mere thought of what his uncle might do if they really were to lose their case.

Then a teenager in a suit came in with a phone.

"What is it Tsubame?" asked Sano.

"Mr. Himura, it's for you. From Mr. Seijuurou," said Tsubame, handing him the phone.

Kenshin took the phone and replied as calmly and politely as he could.

"Kenshin, you baka, what have you gotten yourself into this time? I cannot afford to lose that much money! You may be the present owner of the corporation, but I am still your uncle and the old owner of it. Why did I even retire and let an idiot like you take over? You had better win, or just wait until I get back to Tokyo," threatened a dark voice on the other line.

"I will win, just stay in Germany on your vacation uncle," grounded out Kenshin.

"How can I relax when I know that my company that I've worked so hard is about to fail? I will hopefully be there before the case and face the court. What was it about?" demanded Hiko.

"Kanryu and I signed a deal where we would give him a quarter of our income of one year, if we ever did anything wrong. It was a check and balance thing. Though if we can find a way to say that he did, then we'll get more money. He's saying that we had a deal with drug lords on opium," said Kenshin in a disgusted voice.

"There has to be a loophole, find one," yelled Hiko.

"We can't find one, the whole contract doesn't show any," protested Kenshin.

"I'll see it myself when I arrive," said Hiko angrily and hung up.

Kenshin sighed in frustration and handed the phone back to Tsubame.

"Soujiro better do his job," said Kenshin, as he rubbed his temples in frustration.


"I have been in this line of business for two years and was the top graduate of my class," said Kaoru as she was interviewed by a short plump woman by the name of Nakamura.

"Well your resume says it all. This is professionally done. It seems that you do well and are quite dedicated to your work. Well... there is a spot open, but another girl, by the name of Tomoe Yukishiro is also applying for it. I'll need to ask the boss, wait here," said Nakamura as she took the resume and left her waiting in the waiting room.

Kaoru sighed as she thought about how her other friends were doing. They had wanted to apply for jobs as secretaries and because she wanted to remain in her profession as a lawyer, they had been separated upon entering the building.

Looking down at her navy blue skirt suit, Kaoru felt herself thinking back about the other woman who would be competing with her for the job.

"Tomoe?" asked Kaoru, struggling to remember why the name sounded so familiar.

"Someone say my name?" asked a girl wearing a white dress, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders.

"Oh, you must be Tomoe. I'm Kaoru," greeted Kaoru as she extended her hand.

The woman only stared at her hand and then looked away in a huff.

"Snob," muttered Kaoru under her breath as she took back her hand.

There was a long silence before Tomoe broke it after having looked over her file on Nakamura's desk.

"So you graduated from Harvard. Big deal. They won't hire you, so you might as well go home. Everyone knows that people from the states are all lower class and aren't very bright. They are behind most of the countries in education. I graduated from the top college in all of Japan," gloated Tomoe as she flipped her hair with a hand.

Kaoru clenched her fists, she did her best to remain calm and not punch the other woman.

"Well at least I can get the work done. Just you watch, I can excel you in any subject and come out with flying colors. I don't think that you can even write a document without breaking a nail," spat Kaoru angrily as she glared at her.

"I'll get this job. I happen to know Himura. I was his old girlfriend," boasted Tomoe.

"It depends on your work not connections. Wait, you're the Tomoe that hurt Himura with that blade? I can't believe you would even dare come show your face to him. He'll most likely get rid of you and your pathetic boyfriend," snapped Kaoru; she had now just remembered reading about it a year ago in her old office on a lunch break.

Tomoe was fuming, but still blushed at that statement. Kaoru only smirked.

"Follow me ladies," said Nakamura as she came back with their resumes.

They glared at each other and quickly followed.

"The CEOs are currently working on a case and whoever can help out, or even solve it, though I doubt that, will get the position. Don't bother the men, unless you have a statement. Mr. Himura will not tolerate any giggling. If Mr. Seijuurou comes, be as polite as you can," warned Nakamura as she led them to the meeting down the halls.

Nervous, Kaoru began to fiddle with her hands; a habit she had yet to get herself out of.

Looking over at Tomoe, Kaoru say that she was in the same state, maybe facing Kenshin again was getting at her.

When they entered, the Harvard graduate noticed that most of the men in the room were all glaring bloody murder at Tomoe, who wore a straight face. It was after all business, not past issues.

Kaoru couldn't help but feel really out of place.

A cough from a man sitting by a the multi-billionaire Himura Kenshin caused the men to stop their glaring..

"Hello ladies. I am Hiko Seijuurou. You two ladies have quite the resumes, so this case will determine if you are worthy of the open position. Please look over these two documents and the contracts and tell us if there is a way out," said Hiko, passing them the papers so they could both see it.

Kaoru took one look at it and smiled. It was a contract that she herself had drafted. She knew that there were no loopholes and bit her lower lip.

Taking one look at the top corner of the paper that Kanryu had pressed charges on them and practically jumped with glee. She knew a way out.

"I don't see a way out. Whoever did this was way too good," protested Tomoe, she couldn't see a single way out of the mess.

Kaoru only snickered at her frustration.

"Do you know a way Missy?" asked Sanosuke as he raised a brow in her direction.

"Of course. It's all about past and present tense. The contract has no flaws," said Kaoru calmly as she smiled at their confused faces.

"I thought you had a way out," said Sanosuke annoyed.

"That contract doesn't, but the document that Kanryu press charges with does. Those two dates are what will get you out of this situation," said Kaoru professionally.

"Explain," said Hiko intrigued as he leaned closer to her.

"In paragraph eight, it states that 'One-fourth of the money of the company shall be given to the other, as a check and balance, should the other do something against the law.' But Kanryu pressed charges that you bargained with drug lords, before the contract was made. This means that the contract has no effect, since you did all of that before you signed it. So unless you do that again, I'm not saying you do, then this contract has no hold over you. Therefore the flaw in this situation resides within the dates," said Kaoru proudly.

The others looked at her surprised while Hiko chuckled at the simplicity of their solution.

Himura Kenshin now had his full attention on the intelligent raven-haired beauty.

"You don't have to go to court. All you have to do is show them the papers and explain it to them. Kanryu can't do anything about it. So no one loses. Unless..." began Kaoru, but trailed.

"You mean there's a way we can get a forth of his money?" asked Sanosuke in delight.

Kaoru only smiled mischievously; they could take half of his money if she wanted to help them.

"How did you know that contract so well?" asked Aoshi suspiciously. He had been sitting in his seat silently throughout her explanation.

"Well you don't spend 48 hours writing something and then not remember it," said Kaoru flatly.

The men all stared at her in shock.

"I use to work for Kanryu," said Kaoru with a shrug. "He was a lazy opium addict and left me to do all of his contracts and win all of his cases while he swam in his profits. I left after a few issues started to arise and when I did, it all went downhill for him from there," added Kaoru.

Suddenly the door to the office was swung open and in walked Seta Soujiro.

"Mr. Himura, Kaoru Kamiya is in the building..." trailed off Soujiro as he walked in and saw her.

"You're Kaoru Kamiya? I've heard a lot about you," said Hiko, grinning at her.

Kaoru blushed a bit and Tomoe started glowering.

"You're hired. Kenshin, didn't you need a secretary? Forget that, you need a personal assistant. I'm not about to trust you to make decisions on your own again," said Hiko before he looked over at Kaoru. "Would it be all right if you also become a personal assistant for my idiot of a nephew? I would feel much more relaxed, knowing that he has a professional helping him out. I trust your words and your judgment," said Hiko.

Kenshin opened his mouth to protest angrily, but shut it tight when he saw his uncle's glare. Then again, he could do with someone to talk to when there was nothing to do.

"Though how can we trust a person who use to work with one of our rival companies?" asked Saitoh, eyeing Kaoru suspiciously.

"I reassure you I am not a spy for that perverted creep that use to be my boss. I will remain loyal to the M.R.S. for as long as I work here," said Kaoru seriously.

"You see, how can angels like that lie? You start tomorrow in the morning and you will be given schedules of meetings and events then . Nakamura, will you show these two ladies out and tell Miss Kamiya what she needs to know," said Hiko.

Nakamura bowed before showing the girls the way out. Though when Kaoru walked out, she locked gazes with Kenshin. She gave him a shy smile before walking out of the room.

Kenshin smirked, she would prove to be very interesting to work with.