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~This story is about how Mulan and Shang aren't together and don't think that they deserve each other, at least Shang doesn't. He falls in love with this other girl even though deep down in side he is truly in love with Mulan. Mulan wants to change his mind but has obstacles on the way as well.

Chapter 1: Stating Ones Love

It was after dinner the night that Shang came to Mulan's home to return her helmet. Mulan would never forget the look on his face how innocent and nervous he looked when he came to her. The night was warm and there was a slight breeze that filled the night sky. Mulan and Shang were in the garden walking alone the path of her gardens. The moon was out reflecting light off the pond. They walked in silence nervous and scared of what to say next. Mulan sat on the bench that was underneath the blossom tree; Shang followed her and sat down next to her.

Shang sighed; "It's a beautiful night isn't it?" He looked at the moon and how it's light was reflected off everything, then glanced at Mulan for her answer.

Mulan was nervous as well; she had never been this close to him at least not like this. She liked it. "Yeah it is." She then too glanced at the moon then at Shang and studied his strong, serious, yet gentle face and how the moonlight made him look like a god. She sighed. How she wished to be with him forever, and to be held in those strong arms of his and to even feel his warm kisses. Shang turned around to look at her noticing that she had been staring at him. She quickly turned away to look at something else.

Shang chuckled; she did that often when she was in camp. Ever since he saw her as a girl there was something about her that made him feel like a spark lighted up but he didn't know what. She looked so innocent and beautiful all in one. He did admit she was pretty and the moonlight was making her hair shiny and her eyes look like that they were diamonds. He knew the law and now that she was well respected as the hero of China, he knew that boundaries were made between both guy and girl it was the China's law and system. But just to be with her would make him happy. She was a beautiful heroin that would have many offers of marriage and he knew that it wouldn't work between them because of so many and there would be a rare chance to be with her.

He sighed disappointingly, the Emperor told him to go to the Fa's obviously saying that he should get to know Mulan and maybe even get married to her. Would she even want to except his offer, would the family? Would she love him? "So....um.....You happy to be home?" He asked.

"Yes of course it's just that I'll probably have to go back to the matchmakers soon, but I don't want to, especially since she didn't like my last visit." Shang raised an eye bow up, "again" he thought.

"What do you mean by again? You saw her once?" He asked.

Mulan sighed why did she have to say that? Now he probably thinks that I'm dumb and can't even handle the stupid matchmaker. "Well before I joined the army I had gone to see the Matchmaker and things started to turn ugly and before you knew it she threw me out saying that I brought no honor to my family......" She paused and waited. "You probably think I'm pathetic or something because of that don't you?" Mulan lowered her head. Shang knew she wasn't pathetic, she was a hero and he matter of factly didn't like the matchmaker as well. He smiled and took her face with his hand and lifted it to meet his.

"No, I don't. You just saved all of China, the Emperor.....And me. I think you are a very honorable person, Mulan." He paused. "Don't let any one tell you that you're not ok." Mulan smiled in thanks, she felt so weak, her heart was beating faster. The touch of his hands on her chin, the words that he spoke made her feel like she was in the most beautiful dream that she never wanted to escape. She could feel her body getting close to his, as he was doing the same. Shang moved his hand from her chin to her cheek. Mulan blushed a bit as he then brought his lips to hers. The warm touch of his lips on hers made her feel warm all over. But then Shang stopped abruptly and backed up a bit.

Mulan was held in confusion, "Why did he stop?" She thought. "Shang? Are you ok, why......?"

He stopped her words to replace his, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have?" He got up and began to walk, he felt embarrassed that he had told himself that he couldn't have her and yet his heart gave into her. Mulan stepped in front of him looking at him demanding why he was being like this all of a sudden.

"What do you mean, I thought that's why you came here, not just to return my helmet?"

He knew what she meant, "Mulan it's the law and the law says that I shouldn't have done that to you."


"Yes you are a........."

"Woman, I know I thought you were different Shang? I thought you forgot all about that and cared about what was inside?" She snapped at him. She folded her arms across her chest in anger and hurt.

"I know, and I do respect you for who you are. What I was going to say was that I am a Captain and you are a hero and what I have done should not have happened." He said in a bit of fierce tone then continued to walk. It hurt deep inside but he was always taught that honor was the most important thing, but he wasn't like his father. Shang was more soft had more of a heart then him. But it was like after his father's death something changed Shang, almost like a bit of him wanted to be just like his father and impress him. And yet he cared for her but knew of the boundaries.

Mulan watched as he continued to walk slowly the garden. Mulan was hurt those words where were they coming from and they came so suddenly. "Shang...." She cried out. But he continued to walk. Mulan began to run and when she reached him she stood in front of him and put her arms on his arms to try to keep him still. Shang looked at her, and watched as the wind took her hair in its light breeze and made it flow around her and away from her face. He watched as a tear rolled down her soft and gentle cheek then drop to the ground. He felt weak and disgusted with him self but he lost hope with the relationship that they might have been able to have and wanted just to continue his life as Captain and forget all that had happened and be friends with her.

"I'm sorry, can we just please put this behind us and be friends?" Shang asked. Mulan looked back at him hurt as if those words that he had just said were almost the last thing that she wanted to hear. Of course she wanted to be friends with him but it was the fact that she felt something more for him and she thought he did too.

"Friends? Yes but I thought that you felt more then that, that there could be an us or something?"

"Mulan, I can't do that to you. You deserve someone better not me. I would like it if we could just be friends, ok?"

"Yeah but......" She felt like crying.

"I'm sorry I have to get going I'll talk to you later ok." With that he bowed down and left. Mulan stood there wondering about what had just happened those few minuets that they were together. 'Everything was going fine but then after the kiss it was like he was holding something back and that he could tell me something? But why we're friends he can tell me any thing? Doesn't he feel anything between us?' She thought.

The night had been rough for the both of them, Shang too, didn't know what really what was happening. He did have feelings for her but the law was the law and he also didn't want to disappoint his father who watched up in the heavens. There were so many thoughts that came to him and he was filled with confusion and hurt all in one. He decided that he would go home and get some sleep and try to worry about it in the morning.


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