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Chapter 11: Blossoming Soul Mates

Tao and Shang ran over to the barn and got their horses, and quickly jumped on their horses backs and kicked their horse's sides and galloped at full speed down the city block on the dirt road. "So.why exactly are you doing this?" Asked Shang as they continued to gallop through the crowds of people.

"Well I figured that you both have a thing for one another and all you needed was a little help I guess, and I knew that she was in love with you and only you so..this is the thing that was right, me getting married to her would not help her." Explained Tao.

"Thanks." Shang smiled at Tao in thanks and Tao smiled back and nodded his head.

"Friends?" Tao held out his hand to Shang and Shang took it quickly then placed them back on the reins and maneuvered around the two women that were in the middle of the street. He got back over to Tao and shook his head as if to say that galloping through a crowd like that they were in was crazy.

"Friends.." Shang answered. "So..how exactly are we going to do this?" he asked.

"Well I was thinking and I decided that I would probably go in first and see her and kind of talk to her and Ill start talking about all the kind of shit that she has gone through and ill lead her outside and there you will be and yea.you know what to do from there."

Shang just laughed to himself, Tao was not afraid to do or say anything he could tell why him and Mulan were friends. "Ya!" Shang yelled out making his white stallion move into a quicker gallop. Tao did the same and they got onto the lonely path where they could talk about the plan some more and even get there quicker since it was a quicker route to getting there.

As they entered the doorway, they both went to the door and waited.Fa Zhou opened the door and was a little surprised that Shang was there. He was about to ask why he was there when they both hushed him and whispered to him that they had a little plan but everyone had to be quiet. Fa Zhou understood and went into the kitchen where his wife and mother were.

"Alright I'm going to go get her and talk to her you go under the blossom tree and ill bring her out there to you." Ordered Tao. Shang nodded and tip toed out of the house and out at the back of the yard.

Tao cleared his throat and knocked on her door. Hearing no answer he began to open the door slowly. "Mulan?"

"Yea.I'm here.." Tao found her on her bed looking outside the bedroom window, watching the night sky.

"How are you?" he asked calmly.

"I'm ok.I guess." she answered. Tao pulled her face to look at his.

"I want you to be happy, so I have a little surprise for you." Tao paused. "And I have decided to cancel our wedding, because you don't love me not in that way." Mulan began to shake her head.

"No..I mean you..."

Tao hushed her placing his finger on her lips. "Mulan, you know that I'm right.and I'm ok with that.I mean my feelings for you wont change but since I care about you I want you to be happy so I canceled them." Explained Tao.

"I'm sorry." Tao nodded as if to say that it was nothing to worry about. Even though Mulan felt bad for putting him through so much that he didn't need, that no one needed.

"Come with me...I have a surprise.." He held out his hand, Mulan took it and followed him to her back yard. She was wondering what the surprise was, and why he even brought her to her back yard. He suddenly pointed over to the Magnolia tree. Mulan saw nothing.but she walked over to it slowly looking back at Tao giving him a look as if to say 'why?' As she continued to walk she then could see a figure she was about to jump up and go running over to Tao when she noticed that the figure was Shang. Mulan stopped dead in her tracks and watched as he moved towards her. She looked back at Tao who was in the back smiling and nodding his head for her to go.

"Hi.." Said Shang.


"I came here to tell you that I'm sorry for what happened. I yelled at you and I didn't mean the things that I said and I'm sorry."

Mulan nodded. "It's ok..your happy now that's what matters.doesn't it?" she asked.

"Well the thing is that.well..lets just say I had a little help to look at things more clearly and the thing is that I was wrong. The feelings that I have for you I still have and I want to be with you..." Mulan began to smile. "I don't know what happened to me in the beginning but the truth was when I saw you in that dress that one day something was telling me oh.my.god...she's gorgeous. And I don't know why I stayed with my wife but the truth is that I don't want to be with her I wanted you.and I still do."

Mulan smiled and almost in tears of happiness. Mulan ran into his arms and hugged him close. Shang wrapped his arms around Mulan and kept her close. Shang brought her face up to his and looked at her straight in the eyes admiring the beauty and the shine. He leaned in and placed his lips on her savoring the kiss that they both were longing for in a while. Once they parted they both were smiling at one another and began to giggle with joy. "Mulan, will you be my wife and be with me for as long as we both live?" Shang asked.

"Yes!" She jumped into his arms and kissed him all over.

Tao watched from the distance as he saw his two friends were in the start of their new relationship with one another. Tao smiled and began to walk away knowing that he did something right. But as he got to thinking he knew that Shang's wife would now be single. He smiled and chuckled he had another plan off the top of his head. And he had a feeling, a good feeling about it too.

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