Hi, this is my first Soujirou poem thing! ^.^ I think he's cool. And
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Under That Smile
Hurt and pain don't heal with time
You just learn to accept them and move on
There's a light at the end of the tunnel if you look
Keep your eyes open, don't let it become dark
I smile to show that I know this is true
Though it's hard to keep up, I know
Sometimes the light is dim and hard to see
But if I smile hard enough, I can see me
Smiling is a way to show people you're happy
Even if you're not, it can fool somebody
A false smile never quite reaches the eyes
All it is, is a pack of lies
What is under a smile, you ask?
You'll have to find that out yourself
Under that smile could be many things
A flood of emotion, or maybe emptiness rings
Some people just can't seem to smile
They've got too much emotion hidden inside
Their impenetrable walls of protection would shatter
And leave them vulnerable and broken
Under that smile could be infinite love
For someone or something they wouldn't show
But sometimes a smile is hard to keep up
When your life is broken, and everything sucks
A smile can brighten someone's gloomy day
And send the sun to drive away their rain
A smile can stop an argument between friends
Or save a marriage, I guess it depends
That's why I smile, to help others you see
Everyone has their own troublesome seas
The waves crash over the edge of the boat
And send them hurtling into the roaring waves
It's hard to smile from the heart
When there's nothing that's gone right in your life
All you've done is hurt and deceive
How can a smile be true then, I don't see
If life was as easy as fairy tale books
Then I'd be living a happy fairy-tale life
I'd have my castle and all of my dreams
Riding with me and my beautiful wife
But dreams aren't reality
And so that will never come to pass
So I can do is smile for everyone
As happily as I can, and laugh
For some people a smile is real
And for others it's simply a cover
Look inside of their eyes
If the truth you wish to uncover
Under my smile is my pain and sorrows
For all I have done since my birth
I ruined my future, my present, and my past
And scattered the sea with false mirth
But there's love everlasting for the friendships I cherish
And I will till the day I leave this earth
Keep the good things close to your heart, but don't hide the bad
Time will help the memories fade fast
Under that smile can be love or pain
From the one you care for, that special woman or man
Pull them close to your heart and hold on to them tight
And keep a true smile until you breathe your last breath

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