You are so beautiful…to me

"So anyway, Charles," Mystique continued as she, Professor X and Magneto sat around a small table in a little café and sipped tea and ate scones.  "I don't know about your X-Men, but the Brotherhood certainly is incompetent and don't work well together."

"Well, the X-Men work well with each other, but not with anyone else." Professor X replied.

"My Acolytes just don't mesh at all." Magneto sighed.  "They just want to do their own thing all the time and never work together."

The three of them gave a heavy sigh and then took a sip of their tea.

"I need a way to teach them how to work together with anyone, anytime, anyplace." Professor X said.

"I hear you." Said Mystique.

"I've got an idea!" said Magneto suddenly, slamming his fist into his palm.


The X-Men, The Brotherhood and the Acolytes were all in a big ominous field.  They didn't know why they had all been called there but they were certainly feeling uncomfortable with the presence of the assorted other groups.

"Are we supposed to fight them?" Scott whispered to Jean.

"Professor X didn't say anything about fighting." Jean whispered back.

"He didn't say anything about anything." Said Kurt since he has a tendency of just barging in on conversations.

At that moment, Professor X, Magneto and Mystique came over the hill with a giant bowl.  "I suppose you're all wondering why you're here." Said Professor X.

"YEAH!!!" they all yelled.

"Well, the three of us have decided to conduct a teamwork building activity that will be based on a race." Said Professor X.

"All right!" said Lance.  "We are so going to win, right Pietro?"

"We've practically won!" Pietro said.  "Just tell me where the finish line is and this is all over!"

"No!" said Mystique.  "TEAMWORK!!"

"You must reach every checkpoint with your ENTIRE team." Said Magneto.

"And no teleporting your team to the checkpoint." Said Professor X, looking at Kurt.

"Aww…" said Kurt sadly.

"When do we start?" asked Kitty.  "I'm ready to kick their butts!"

"Well…that's the catch." Said Professor X.  "You may have been thinking that the teams would be the X-Men versus the Brotherhood versus the Acolytes.  But we figured that you must be able to utilize any person or any power at any given time."

"So we're going to randomly pick the teams out of this bowl." Said Magneto, holding up the bowl since he was carrying it.

"No thank you." Said Remy.  "I'd rather not."

"There is no choice in the matter." Said Magneto.  "You either do it or you're off the Acolytes."

"Let's begin." Said Mystique.  "There will be three groups of four people and will be assigned a color in which they always must wear so you can tell the teams apart.  The Blue Team will be…"

Then Magneto pulled four pieces of paper out of the bowl and handed them to Mystique.

"Evan, Lance, Kitty and Kurt." Mystique read.

"All right, my X-Men, work together with Lance and accept him as part of the team." Said Professor X.

"That is so unfair!" whined Lance.  "I gotta be with all the X-Men?  Well…at least with you, Kitty."

"Lance, you like…totally…argh!  I can't like, even say anything!" Kitty ranted.

"Blue team?" Kurt said.  "Can't I be on the green team or some other team that isn't blue?"

"Do I have to do this?" Evan asked.  "Are you going to kick me out of the X-Men if I don't do this?"

"…Yes." Said Professor X.

"Oh." Said Evan.

"The Green Team will be…" Mystique started as Magneto held her four more pieces of paper.  "Jean, Pietro, Remy and Rogue."

"I'm with who?" Pietro said, dumbfounded.  "And who?  And who?"

"All right!" Jean cheered.  "This is going to be fun!  We'll learn to get along and work together!"

"You are WAY too enthusiastic about this." Said Rogue.

"Lighten up, chéri." Said Remy.  And Rogue became momentarily infatuated.

"And finally, the Red Team…" started Mystique.  "Consists of Scott, St. John, Todd and Wanda."

"Aw man!" whined St. John.  "Now they all know my name is St. John!"

"Looks like you and me are on a team!" said Todd, leaning up next to Wanda.

"Don't remind me." Said Wanda, walking away.  "It's bad enough have to do this in the first place."

"Professor!" said Scott.  "I'm a little uncomfortable with my team!  They are all extremely unstable and evil!"

"That's the focus of this race, Scott." Said Professor X.  "Teach them what you know!  Maybe you can help them.  This is all about learning about each other."

"Yeah but…look at my group…" Scott continued to whine.

"All right, we're done!" said Magneto.

"Wait!" said Fred.  "What about me and these other two guys here?"

"Yeah, what about us?" asked Victor.  "Roar."

"Are we being on a team?" questioned Piotr.

"Um…no." said Mystique.  "We need you to stay behind and protect us!"

"Protect you from who?" demanded Fred.  "You three are the only enemies to each other!"

"Don't question us!" said Mystique angrily.

"All right, teams." Said Professor X as he wheeled up to where the big mass of complaining people were.  He handed out envelopes to the teams.  "Here's the directions to the first check point."

"But Professor!" Kitty yelled.  "This first check point is, like, in Spain!"

"Yes." Said Professor X.  "There are three parts of each challenge.  First is getting there.  Second is finding the checkpoint and third is the actual challenge that the person stationed at the checkpoint will give you.  If you need us, we'll be at that institute."

"This is such a good idea." Said Magneto as the three of them walked towards the institute.  Of course, Professor X WHEELED there.  And then Fred, Victor and Piotr followed them too.