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Chapter 58


Today on the House of Potter-Greengrass: Epilogue


March 10, 2010

London, England

Harry walked into the beehive that was the magical Ministry of Magic of the British Isles. He was sure the same activity was all over Europe, as the wizarding world had been absolutely crazy.

There had been a massive exposure of their world to the Muggle world four days ago and it had everyone panicking. Harry frowned. He had been warning of this for years. Now that it happened, everyone was finally believing him.

He walked into the first open grate to the elevators. "Ninth floor," he said to the woman standing next to the buttons.

"Lord Potter-Greengrass, are you here for the emergency session? The Muggle Prime Minister is requesting an audience with the Minister and Wizengamot," a frazzled looking younger man with an arm full of papers said.

"I'm sure there is nothing to really worry about. I welcome meeting the Prime Minister and finding out what he would like," Harry said in a calm tone. Panicking would only make things worse, and he was not going to panic about this. He could tell those that had accepted the No-Maj world, or were from there, as they were calmer, though worried.

"But a Muggle in the ministry?" the man said.

"And what is wrong with a No-Maj?" Harry questioned. "We have adopted a lot of their technologies the last ten years and I didn't think there was any prejudice against them now?"

The young man sputtered. "No… Lord Potter-Greengrass… no prejudice. It's just, a non-magical… here?"

"Like I said, we will welcome anyone that knows about us here. I am sure there will be much to discuss over the events of the last few days," Harry said.

"Yes, Lord Potter-Greengrass," the man said.

Harry sighed when the man got out on level four. Many of the people got out here. It was the main floor of the Muggle Liaison offices and most of the other magical embassies or departments for relations.

He was left with the middle-aged woman that had pressed the floor for him and an older man that looked close to retirement.

"You aren't worried about this? I mean Muggles saw people flying brooms, a carriage pulled by flying horses and dozens of other things. My husband showed me footage on the Muggle news last night. Can you believe they got that on video?" she said. By the way she talked Harry had a feeling she was a purely Wizard raised witch that had been introduced to No-Maj technology.

Harry gave her a reassuring smile. "I am not saying that this isn't worrying, but I had a feeling this would happen years ago. We are in a good position. The No-Maj Minister and his cabinet has known about us for years. There has been some talk between our Ministry and the No-Maj Ministry of what to do if something like this happens. I'm sure this will all work out."

She worried her lip before the elevator stopped at the seventh floor. The two workers got out and a few others walked in. A red-haired man nodded as he walked in. "Lord Potter-Greengrass."

"Lord Prewitt. How are the kids?" Harry asked conversationally. Over the years he had worked with Percy on many things in the Wizengamot and the Department of Magical Cooperation. He was sure the man was destined for the Ministers position in the next few years.

"Robert is doing well. He's in his third year at Hogwarts now and Persimmon starts in the fall. They get big fast," Percy said.

Harry chuckled. "They do. Daphne and I send off Felix in the fall as well. Perhaps Persimmon and him will be in the same house," Harry suggested.

"Perhaps, though she prefers to get lost in her books. Robert is ambitious," Percy said. "I was surprised he was a Slytherin."

"Well, I don't really care what Felix, or my others are, just as long as they do well," Harry said. The elevator stopped. "Well, this is my stop."

"You will be at the Wizengamot session this afternoon?" Percy asked.

"I think Daphne will be sitting in for me today. I have some other important business to attend too," Harry told him.

"It would probably calm others to see you there as well," Percy pressed.

"I will see what I can do, but there is something more pressing," Harry insisted.

"Very well, have a good day, Lord Potter-Greengrass."

"You as well, Lord Prewitt."

Harry walked past three people in grey robes that made them rather indistinct with the hoods up. They were walking rather quickly for Unspeakables as they moved towards the lifts. He could tell they were talking but couldn't make out what they were saying. It was some type of local muffling charm that Harry found interesting. He didn't have time to really stop them to find out though.

As he approached the black door in the black tiled corridor he rose his hand. The Peverell ring let him through all the wards that would have kept him out and he pushed the door open. Harry was surprised to find an Unspeakable standing in the entry way.

Harry didn't say a word as the room spun. When it stopped, the figure said, "Lord Potter-Greengrass, if you would, Unspeakable Croaker and the other department heads would see you today."

Harry nodded. He had come looking for Croaker. He hadn't expected to meet the management of the Department of Mysteries. He followed the Unspeakable when they opened a door to their left. They walked through a room full of time pieces, through a door in the back to a corridor and finally through a door that opened into a large conference room. Croaker was the only one that had his hood off. "Lord Potter-Greengrass, please take a seat," Croaker said indicating the empty chair at the end of the table.

Five other Unspeakables were sat at the table. The one that had shown him in quietly shut the door as he left the room.

"I would prefer to know who I am talking with," Harry told the room.

"It is not common for us to show ourselves," one of the cloaked figures said.

"I know why I was summoned. You have some answers and questions. I have some answers and questions. If we are going to talk, I want to talk face to face," Harry told them.

Before there was another protest Croaker rose a hand. "Lord Potter-Greengrass has earned that respect. Lower your hoods."

Two didn't hesitate. One was a woman he recognized but didn't know her name. He had seen her in the Chief Warlocks offices before. The other was a man with a shaved head and large sun tattoo on the top of it. The others were a little hesitant, but eventually lowered their hoods. His brow raised to see Professor Flitwick.

"It is good to see you again, Professor," Harry said.

"Yes, Harry. It has been a few years," Professor Flitwick replied. Harry had always suspected the Unspeakables had a long reach, he just didn't realize how far.

"Now, I'm sure I know what you want to know. All I can say is that there was some type of disturbance here in London that impacted the Ministry wards and seals. It allowed some of the general Muggle distraction and notice-me-not wards to flicker or fade momentarily across Britain," Croaker said.

"Yes, as I was giving my update, we have been able to trace it back to a Muggle lab at a university. Some type of new research into dark matter. It looked like being in proximity to it caused the Ministry wards to blip," a woman next to Flitwick said.

Harry looked to her. She was a blonde who looked to be somewhere over fifty with sharp blue eyes and a narrow face. "Dark Matter? And what blip?"

"That is what we are talking about today. It would appear that every ward linked to the Ministry was affected. It essentially cancelled part or whole sections for up to three minutes, as I am sure you have seen on the Muggle news. From what I can tell, it was like the wards were instantly drained of all their power," the elderly man next to her said.

"You are talking about something that shouldn't be possible," the man with the shaved head said. "Arithmantically the wards here, and many that are linked to the Ministry, are powered by three ley lines and the combined might of the Wizengamot. There were no reports of anyone suffering from magical exhaustion or reports of anyone feeling a drain on their magic to drain the wards like that. There is also no change in the magical potential of the ley lines."

"I am telling you that the wards were momentarily drained before they suddenly refilled," the elderly man said.

"I still say that is impossible and there must be another explanation," the man with the sun tattoo argued.

"Either way, it is linked to an experiment as a Muggle university. What ever happened destroyed the Muggle instruments and they are unable to detect anything. I think we have planted in them that the experiment was a resounding failure. It is troubling whatever they are researching could do this," the blonde woman said.

Professor Flitwick was following the conversation as Croaker looked at him. Harry found it interesting, and a bit disturbing, but knew what Croaker wanted to know.

"I checked the wards around Hogsmeade, Mosedale, Wiltshire Dale, Ottery St Catchpole and Godric's Hollow. None of the crystals were affected and the other sites are still safe," Harry said.

"So, your methods and hypothesis were correct?" Croaker questioned.

All the others turned to Harry. He could see they were unsure what was going on.

"The magic that powers the wards the guild uses are not constructed in the same way as here or by the goblins. As far as I can tell everything is still undetected. There wasn't even a 'blip' in the wards or protections. Do the Unspeakables finally want to talk about replacing the wards here? I know it's been a matter of pride, but I don't see that pride doing you any good if the No-Maj Minister insists on greater protections," Harry said to the man.

Croaker didn't show any emotion.

"Are you saying that the Mosedale Guild didn't see any effect from this? We found effects within three hundred miles," the blonde woman said.

"We saw no effects," Harry told her.

"How is that so? The leylines here are connected to the ones in Mosedale and Ottery St Catchpole," the elderly man stated.

"I don't use leylines," Harry said. It wasn't any real secret of the guild. Anyone that knew warding could tell there was no draw on the leylines where the guild worked.

"I told you that we needed to understand this better. Since when do Unspeakables allow any guild to hold such secrets?" the elderly man demanded.

"Since the Mosedale Guild filed the proper paperwork and hold cards that none of you know. Master Flitwick, you have been quiet about all this so far. What is your opinion?" Croaker said, shutting down any dissent.

Professor Flitwick was looking at Harry. The man was starting to look his age. He had retired from Hogwarts a few years ago and had apparently taken up as an Unspeakable. "I remember Lord Potter-Greengrass warning the Wizengamot that this was a possibility. No magic is infallible and no magic withstands time. Everything changes, while other things never do. I think we are on the verge of the next magical change in our society and this is the opening act that my former student has been preparing for for many years."

Harry inclined his head.

"I studied the charm work around the Department over the last few days. There is no change in its state. Nothing was affected by this blip. It only seemed to be the wards. Something unusual. I can only make an educated guess that this Muggle experiment interfered with the links to what powers them, as any individually powered spell, or those items that use the direct magic of a wizard, like a broom, worked as normal," Professor Flitwick said.

Harry found that even more intriguing. "So, you were saying things reliant on ambient or indirect magic were affected?"

"A succinct way of putting it," Flitwick agreed.

The man with a sun tattoo on his head closed his eyes. "This could be disastrous if this happens again. There is no way to ward against something like that."

"I wouldn't say that," Harry said cryptically.

Croaker sighed. "What is your price?"

Harry looked back to his long-time nemesis and now partner at times. "Avalon," Harry said.

Most around the table stiffened. "How could you know about that?"

Harry shrugged. "I know many things. There is something inside Avalon I want. Once I have it, I'll leave the rest for you. It might make a good enclave though," Harry suggested.

Croaker's eyes narrowed. As they did, the age lines of the older man became more apparent. "And what do you desire?"

"Something for me to know," Harry said cryptically. He had wanted into Avalon for years now but had never been able to convince Croaker with what he wanted in return. Now that his guild could provide wards that no one else could, and they were needed, the hand had finally turned in his favour.

"It is rumoured the High Fae once ruled Avalon. What could they have had that is so coveted?" Flitwick questioned.


September 1, 2010

London, England

"Come on, mum. Where going to be late," Felix said impatiently as he stood by the fireplace. His trunk at his feet, his satchel at his side and Jareth in his cage looking agitated as Felix kept pacing around. The long-ear owl had its feathers puffed out, the feathers on its head (which gave its name the long-ear owl) fully up and squawking at the young boy.

"What is all this racket?" Daphne asked their eldest as she came into the receiving room.

"Come on. Juliette and Aunt Hermione said they would be there by ten. It's almost nine-forty-five," Felix told her.

Harry laughed as he carried Lily. The five-year-old girl had her head on his shoulder as she looked a little sleepy. "I got this. Go finish getting ready and have Prim come down," Harry told her.

"Good, or I may just throw him on the train and not pick him up in June," she said.

Felix waited for his mum to walk away. "Mum wouldn't do that? Would she?" he asked apprehensively.

"Not sure. Better not to find out," his father said. Felix looked at him dubiously.

"Mum and dad are going to get rid of you? Can I have Felix's room?" Prim asked when she finally joined them.

"No one is getting anyone else's room," their mum said.

Felix rolled his eyes as Prim stuck her tongue out. "Are we ready yet?"

"Yes, we are ready," his father said as Lily held his hand.

"Why can't I go this year?" Prim asked as his father threw a dash of green powder into the fire.

"You are only eight. When you turn eleven you can go to Hogwarts, or wherever else you want," his mum said.

"Hogwarts is the best," their father said quickly before saying, "King's Cross Station."

Lily held his hand tight as they both stepped in.

"You go next," his mum told him.

He held on tight to the cage. "Thank Merlin."

When he stepped out, his owl was a little ruffled from the trip and nipped at the hand that was holding her cage. "Ouch," he said. "What was that for?"

His father chuckled. "Owls don't care for apparition or the Floo. Move out of the way."

Prim daintily stepped out of the fireplace and hopped to their father's side. "Daddy, can we get ice cream?"

"How about after we see your brother off?" he replied.

"Hey, I like ice cream," Felix complained.

"You have pocket money to get stuff off the trolley," he was told.

His mother came out and they took a cart from the area next to the three fireplaces. More people were coming through. His father took his trunk out of his pocket and enlarged it on the trolley. "Why can't I take it shrunken?"

"It builds character to haul it around the train," his father said.

"Harry, do you really?" his mum said.

His father just gave her a cheeky grin. His mum shook her head. "Felix, once you can shrink and unshrink it on your own, you can carry it that way."

"But that is a third-year spell," Felix complained.

"And I was doing NEWT level work by fifth year," his dad said back. "Uncle Sirius was doing NEWT level transfiguration fourth year."

Felix made a face. He wasn't afraid of working but that sounded like a lot.

"Your father is trying to say that you do your best and if you want to study ahead, no one is going to stop you," his mother said.

"Can we go?" Lily asked.

"There is still twenty-five minutes before the train leaves. Let's go find some people," his father told his sisters. They each took one of his hands. Felix rolled his eyes. He wasn't a child like that anymore. His mother fell in besides him. He started to look around.

"Do you see Juliette?" Felix asked.

"I'm sure she is around here somewhere," she said. "There is Uncle Blaise."

Felix looked around to see the tall man standing by the entry way to the Muggle world. They shifted that way before Juliette came barrelling through the barrier. She had a huge smile on her face. "That is wicked," she said with some enthusiasm.

Uncle Blaise chuckled. "Did you lose your mum and brother?"

A second later Aunt Hermione came through at a little bit of run while holding Jacob's hand. "Can we do that again?" the five-year-old boy asked enthusiastically.

"How about on the way out?" Aunt Hermione said.

"I want to do that," Felix said.

"How about when you get back? You should get on the train," his mum said.

Juliette saw him then. "Felix!" she exclaimed, leaving her cart to run over and hug him. Felix felt his face redden a little. Juliette was his best friend, but did she have to hug him every time they saw each other? "Mum wanted to show us how she had to enter the platform. It's wicked. You can't even see a line of magic or anything. It's a complete illusion. Felt a little chilly passing through it. I would love to know how they enchanted it so completely. The moment we got close, all the No-Maj's looked the other way, as though being a witch activated some aversion charms."

"It does, sweetie," Aunt Hermione said. "Tell Felix all about it on the train. Hello, Felix."

"Hey, Aunt Hermione," he said quickly before turning his attention back to Juliette.

"I can't wait to go," Jacob said to Lily.

"Daddy said we can get ice cream when the train leaves," his red-headed sister replied.

Felix tried to ignore them as Jacob started to beg Aunt Hermione to go.

Juliette had gotten her cart. Her grey kneazel was looking out of its cage at the chaos around them. "Can you believe we are finally going?" she said as her eyes took in the scarlet steam engine and coaches.

"I wanted to be here an hour ago," Felix told her.

"I did too, but I was told the train wouldn't even be here yet," she replied.

"You squirts finally made it," a taller boy with black hair said as he pushed his cart next to them.

"Oh, hey Quinn," Felix said to his cousin.

"Hello, Quinn," Juliette said. "Where should we sit?"

"Firsties get the back of the train. It's a rule," Quinn said with a cheeky grin.

"Ah, you found them," Uncle Sirius said.

"It was hard not to once I saw Uncle Harry," Quinn said. "Hey, Uncle Harry. Everyone else."

"Quinn, show your manners," Aunt Erica scolded.

Felix had a challenging time not to laugh.

"Hello, Aunt Hermione and Aunt Daphne. Blaise," he said with the same grin Uncle Sirius used most of the time.

"Trouble," Uncle Blaise said back.

"He better not. He's still in trouble for that prank the end of last year," Aunt Erica said.

Quinn shrugged. "Alright, I need to go find the girls. Love you," he said to his mum. He gave her a hug, his father a handshake and then went towards the middle of the train.

Felix turned to his father. "Do Firsties really have to get to the back of the train?"

"No, but that often happens. Say hi to all your aunts and uncles and then go find a compartment and come back out for a moment," his father told him.

"Come on," Juliette ordered. She could be bossy at times, but not as bad as her mother.

"Coming," he said with a laugh as she grabbed his hand to drag him along.

They entered the train two cars up from the end. He pulled both their trunks as Juliette took their animals. It was filling fast, but they were able to find a compartment that no one had claimed yet. When they got their trunks up on a shelf, a boy he didn't recognize poked his head in. "Ah, hi. Is this compartment full?" he asked.

"Nope, just the two of us, so far," Juliette said.

"Brilliant," the light hair boy said. "I was afraid we wouldn't make it. We got stuck in traffic."

"You're a First Gen, then?" Felix asked.

"Felix, don't be rude," Juliette chastised him.

The boy looked at them confused. "First Gen?"

"I'm not being rude. First one in your family to have magic," Felix answered.

"Ah, my dad doesn't have any magic, but my mum is a Squib," he said.

"I hate that term," Juliette commented.

"Who cares?" Felix said. "I'm Felix Potter-Greengrass. This is Juliette Thatcher-Granger."

"Nice to meet you both," the boy said shaking his hand and then Juliette's when she reached hers out. Felix knew she expected a kiss on the back of her hand but took it in stride. "Roger Pendleton."

"Great to meet you, Roger. Listen, we just need to go say goodbye to our family and we'll be right back," Juliette said back to him.

"Of course. I'll just read while I'll wait. Mind if anyone else joins us?" he asked.

"Not at all. Just save seats," Felix replied with a smile.

After a few minutes of hugs and pats on the back, Juliette and him were going back into their compartment. Two others had joined them. A rather short girl with thick glasses and curly hair was looking at Thimble, Juliette's kneazel, who was enjoying the scratches the girl was giving her neck. Across from them was a pudgy boy with sandy coloured hair and dark eyes.

"Be careful, she bites people she doesn't like," Juliette said as she went to sit on the other side of the cage.

"Oh, she is a beautiful kneazel. I want one. Maybe at Yule," the girl said.

"I picked up a few other stragglers," Roger said with a smile.

"Hi, Felix Potter-Greengrass," he said to the boy.

"Hi," the boy said a little dejected looking. "Benjamin Dursley."

"Do you like Ben or Benjamin?" he asked as he sat on the bench.

"Ben. Is it alright I'm here? I don't know anything about magic and my da wasn't incredibly happy I was coming," the boy said.

"Doesn't matter to us. Roger is a First Gen too. I don't know you," he said to the girl.

"Miley Avery. I know who you are, Felix Potter-Greengrass and Juliette Thatcher-Granger," the girl said with a smile.

Felix looked at her a little funny. "I'm sorry I don't know you."

"Well, I know of you. My father was in school the same time as your parents. He wanted me to make friends with you. I just want friends," she said with a smile.

"Well, if you want to be friends, it doesn't matter to me," Felix said.

The train whistle sounded, and they all gave a start when the train jerked. They all looked out the window to waive 'bye' before they turned back to the group in the compartment.

"So, do you know what house you will be in?" Juliette asked.

"What are houses?" Ben asked.

"Oh, Hogwarts has four houses. Slytherin. Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff. Gryffindor," Juliette said before going into a brief explanation about them. When she finished, she said, "I'm going to be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw."

Felix snorted. "You are not a Slytherin."

"Dad said I'm just as ambitious as mum," Juliette replied hotly.

"Both my mum and dad were Slytherin. I think I would prefer Hufflepuff," Miley said.

"I think I'll be a Ravenclaw. I've read all about Hogwarts and the houses. I like to read," Roger said.

"I'll be lucky to get into a house," Ben said.

"You'll be fine. What do you like to do?"

"Play football. I like to garden with my gran and mum. I'm not really good at school," Ben said.

"No problem. We can help you. I bet you'll be a Hufflepuff," Felix resolutely said.

"And what about you?" Roger asked Felix.

"Slytherin. My mum was a Slytherin," he said.

"And your dad was a Gryffindor. You sure you won't be a Gryffindor?" Juliette suggested.

Felix shrugged. "If I am, I am. All I know is that I'm going to be the top of the class, make prefect and Head Boy, just like dad."

Miley grinned. "You sure he should be a Gryffindor?"

"It wasn't me that decided to take our brooms and fly at night," Juliette said.

"It was a full moon, and you didn't complain," Felix shot back.

"Not until we got home. We were grounded for two weeks," Juliette whinged.

Roger laughed. "You can really fly brooms? Wicked!"

Ben turned three shades of grey. "Fly? Brooms? Da would not like that."

"It is wicked. I just wish we could bring brooms as first years," Felix said.

The rest of the ride was fun. As they approached Hogwarts, Ben settled and started to laugh with them. Roger and Juliette spent a while talking about Hogwarts and its history while Miley was obviously infatuated with creatures and animals.

When they finally pulled into Hogsmeade station, he pulled his cloak around himself. It was a cool, drizzly night. Made worse when they were led to the boats. He was afraid they wouldn't get an unobstructed view of Hogwarts until they came around the bend. Even in the misty night, the castle on top of the bluffs was lit up like a Yule tree. It was spectacular, and spooky with the fog around them and the bottom of the castle. Juliette moved a little closer to him and he let her take his hand.

He didn't feel nervous until they were being led into the hall. He whispered to Juliette, "Uncle Sirius wasn't serious about the troll wrestling, right?"

Juliette rolled her eyes. "I don't believe that."

Almost a hundred students lined up before the head table and a dumpy woman in yellow robes stepped up to a stool with a hat on it. "Abel, Christine," she called out. A frightened looking girl with a plait down her back stepped up to the stool. The hat was dropped on her head and a moment later it called out, "Ravenclaw!"

The Ravenclaw table started to clap.

Juliette looked as relieved as he was. He was going to have to get Uncle Sirius back for that. Millie went up next and skipped to the Ravenclaw table.

After a half-dozen other students, the pudgy boy next to him was called up. "Dursley, Benjamin."

The Headmistress seemed to do a double take as Felix gently pushed Ben towards the stool. He was beyond nervous and almost stumbled off the stool when he went to sit on it. The hat fell on his head and quickly shouted, "Hufflepuff!"

They gave him an encouraging smile and Felix promised himself he would see how the boy was doing tomorrow.

Just before his name was called, "Pendleton, Roger," went up. The hat sat on the boy's head for a few minutes before calling out, "Ravenclaw." Juliette and him clapped for their new friend, like they had the others.

When it came his turn, he let out a long breath after, "Potter-Greengrass, Felix," was called out.

Sitting on the stool, the hat plopped onto his head. Ah, Felix Potter-Greengrass. The son of Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass. How interesting. Their names have come up many times over the years.

Ah, sure. I want to do better than both of them, Felix said into his head.

The hat chuckled. Ambition was a large part of both your parents. I see that in you. Not a bad mind, though you would rather use it to get ahead than to just learn. How brave are you, young Felix?

As brave as I need to be, but I want to be Head boy and get better grades than my mum, Felix responded.

Yes. Yes. I see that. That is something you can do anywhere. But what is this? You have been secretly sneaking into your father's study. Oh my, what interesting things you have learned. What a drive and thirst you have. I think you will go far in, "Slytherin!"

Felix's face split into a huge grin. He was going to be the top of the class. Juliette gave him a broad smile as he passed her by. The Slytherin table was clapping politely. They were not as loud as Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

He waited for Juliette. He figured she would go to Ravenclaw. In the end, it didn't matter. His parents had made friends in all the houses. He was ready to do the same.

When Juliette went up, he watched expectantly. He was fairly sure she would be a Claw, but he hoped she would join him. She turned out to be the longest hat stall of the night, taking almost six minutes before the hat called out, "Slytherin!"

Felix actually cheered as she hopped off the chair and then walked over like a proper little lady. When she sat, she smiled at him, "It wanted to place me in Gryffindor," she huffed.

He laughed. "Your mother would have loved that."

"Probably, but I wanted to be with you," she told him.

For some reason that caused a pleasant warm sensation in him. He elbowed her. "It was your idea to go flying that night, you know."

She smirked. "You could have said no."

"No, I couldn't. You dared me," he said.

Her smirk didn't fade. "Quinn is looking at us," she said.

They looked over to the Gryffindor table. Their cousin was giving them a cheeky grin. Felix had a bad feeling about this. "He has something planned."

"Mum taught me how to check for charms and potions on our plates and in our food," she said.

"Yeah, my mum did the same. Who're the redheads with him," he asked looking at twin girls that had flaming red hair and freckles on their faces.

Juliette cringed. "The Weasley twins," she said.

"Oh, bloody hell," Felix replied. The Weasley twins, Zoe and Rachel, were the daughters of Lord Weasley, and nieces to the owners of the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes. "He's friends with them?"

"Apparently," she said.

"What are you two talking about?" a boy asked from across the table.

"Be careful with anything you touch or eat tonight," Felix warned her.

He looked apprehensive. "Why?"

"I know that look our cousin is giving us," Felix said. "Felix Potter-Greengrass, by the way."

"Eric Guertin," the boy responded.

"Now, if I could all have your attention," the Headmistress called out as she stood up. The hall quieted as the last of the students to be sorted sat.

"I would like to welcome you all to another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I expect this to be a good year and…" she said, then suddenly stopped as there was a commotion down the table. Felix turned to see people being engulfed by coloured plumes of smoke. Some started to scream while others scrambled to get away. Felix went to move and realized he was stuck to the seat.

"Oh, I am going to get them," Juliette said with some menace as they were engulfed in the smoke. A moment later, as the smoke cleared, screams and laughter could be heard. He looked to Juliette, who looked absolutely livid. He tried not to laugh to see her hair had turned even frizzier than normal and was now silver.

She held a finger up to him. "Don't you dare," she said in a cool voice.

He held up his hands in surrender. "I won't," he said.

"Your hair is green, by the way," she told him.

He just shrugged, figuring it would fade in time. It took a few minutes to settle everyone down before the meal started. Quinn and the Weasley twins had huge grins on their faces until the Headmistress came over and escorted them to a side door by the Head Table.

"I'm still going to get them back," Juliette said.

"Count me in," Felix replied.


October 14, 2000

Manchester, England

Harry looked up at the tall apartment building. It was in a shadier part of town and the way the children sitting on the stone curb were looking at him, Harry felt he needed to keep an eye on his belongings. He walked past the teens and into the lobby.

There was an office, a stairwell, an elevator and the standard PO boxes for each apartment. Looking at them, he could see 'DURSLEY' on box four-twelve. That matched the information he had gotten when he looked this up. He hadn't thought about the Dursleys in years. That was until he got a letter from Felix last month.

At first, Harry hadn't believed it, having to share two letters with his son before he finally understood that Felix hadn't misspelled the last name. After some prodding, he had finally confirmed that the boy's father was Dudley. No wonder Felix was concerned at how Benjamin acted about his father.

Harry rode the elevator up to the fourth floor. It was quiet in the hallway. It only took a few minutes to find apartment four-twelve. It was a non-descript metal door, like all the others. He let out a long breath before knocking on the door.

He waited a few minutes before the sound of several chains and a dead bolt unlocking came through the door. It opened a few inches with a chain still attached. A man of about thirty looked out at him. He looked Harry up and down. Harry was in a nice pair of trousers, a polo and long coat. It all said he was wealthy, but not showing off. The man was looking at him as though this was the oddest sight he had ever seen.

"What do you want?" the man curtly asked.

"Dudley Dursley?" Harry questioned.

The man's dark eyes narrowed. "You're not a debt collector, are you?"

"No. Nothing like that. I'm actually here to talk with you about your son," Harry said.

Dudley's face darkened. "What did the little freak do now?"

"Nothing bad. Do you mind if I come in? It may not be best to talk about this in the hallway," Harry said.

Dudley looked extremely dubious. "You one of them?"

"Do you really want to talk about this out here?" Harry pressed.

He saw the war on Dudley's face. After a moment, the door closed, and the last chain slid out. "Quickly," Dudley demanded when the door opened again. Harry moved in. Dudley shut the door. "Don't do any of your magic here. It's bad enough my son is one of you now."

"You still hate magic after all these years?" Harry asked. He was able to get his first real look at the man. He was large, though not as tall as Harry. Where Vernon had been fat, Dudley looked more muscular. It probably had something to do with the factory work Harry knew him to do.

The man's eyes narrowed again. "Do I know you?"

"I would think so. I slept under your stairs for a decade," Harry said.

Dudley's face turned an ashen white. "You?" he finally said.

Harry indicated the table he could see in a kitchen just off the hallway. "Want to sit?"

"What the bloody hell are you doing here and why the hell do you know my freak of a son?" Dudley demanded. He puffed out his chest and his face started to redden as his temper took over his momentary shock. Dudley took a menacing step forward.

Harry pulled his wand and Dudley took a step back. "I am not under the same restrictions I was when I was a boy, and I really don't want to cause a fuss. Let's have a sit and talk about Benjamin. It appears my son and him are becoming friends."

Dudley's red face started to look as ruddy as Vernon's did after Harry did something particularly bad. "YOU! You are the one that ruined our lives! Now you're after Ben?" Dudley spat at Harry. "It's all your fault he is the way he is. You and your slut of a mother."

Harry cricked his head to the side and waved his wand to clean the spit off his long coat. "I had wanted to do this the civilized way."

Dudley's eyes widened when Harry used his wand. "You can't do magic here!"

"Oh, grow up, Dudley. We are both thirty years old. Do you really think that the Reasonable Restrictions of Underaged Magic apply to me? Or the Statues of Secrecy? You've known who and what I am since we were young. Now. I will give you one last chance. Take a seat and let's talk," Harry said. This time there was a definite edge to his voice. It was the same tone he used in the Wizengamot when he was getting annoyed. It was a tone that made people listen. Dudley reacted and his face turned a little more of a normal colour.

"This doesn't change that you ruined my life and my parents," Dudley said after a moment. Harry stepped out of the way as Dudley pushed passed him to enter the kitchen. Harry came in and sat at a chair as Dudley went into his fridge. He came out with an oiler can of beer. "I'm not offering you any."

"I learned long ago never to expect anything from my relatives," Harry told him.

Dudley snorted. "So, you going to apologize or pay for what you did to us?"

Harry sighed. "All I did was give a deposition about the abuse that you, Vernon and Petunia did to me. It was all your parents' fault, Dudley. I really don't want to talk about it."

"Well, I do. My mum spent four years in prison. When she came out, she wasn't the same," Dudley said. "I had to grow up with Aunt Marge. Do you know what her bulldogs were like?"

Harry didn't feel any remorse. "Yeah. I have a fairly good idea and had the scars to prove it," Harry replied, still remembering that day that Ripper had bit him and then he had to spend hours in a tree as Marge had left the dog in the back yard. He had gotten no dinner and thrown into his cupboard for not having dinner ready that night.

Dudley opened his beer and took a big swig. After a moment, he grunted. "Yeah, I suppose you do."

"I heard she died," Harry said. He only knew that after looking up Dudley.

"Yeah. A few years back. Heart attack, if you can believe that," Dudley replied.

Yeah, Harry could. "Now, Ben."

"Mum is still skittish and only enjoys the garden now. I don't know what happened to her in the prison, but she just isn't there. Ben has been the only one she really gets along with now," Dudley said.

"That's great," Harry said, finding it hard to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. He had left this all behind years ago, but he was finding it hard to care about anyone but his cousin's son.

"My wife works at the assisted living home that my mum is at. She talks about you at times," Dudley said.

"I'm sure nothing good," Harry said.

Dudley frowned. "Actually, she has said she is sorry for what she did a few times. There was something about how the magic protected us. Of course, her talking about magic is why she spent three years in the mental ward after she got out of prison."

Harry blinked. "She said she was sorry?"

Dudley put his beer down and leaned over, his elbows on his knees and looking at the floor. "Listen. I know that all this started with your mum. Whatever she did, it screwed with us. Mum was visited from a witch from St Brutus's, or something like that, to get her out of the mental ward. She said there had been magics on us. Magics that made us hate you. I don't know if I believe it, but whatever it was, you are the reason everything is so screwed up."

Harry blinked. All those years ago, Aunt Amelia had never said anything like that. She had only told him the blood wards had been broken. After a moment, he said, "Dumbledore," as though it was a curse.

"Is that some curse for you freaks?" Dudley asked, looking up at Harry.

"It should be. No, he was the man that sent me to you, set up the wards and probably did whatever else happened to you," Harry explained. "Bloody hell! Even dead almost twenty years he's still fucking with my life."

"Yeah, well, not just yours. Mum doesn't know about Ben. I don't know what it would do to her if she found out. She said she's sorry about what she did to you, but it was all because of you," Dudley said rather bitterly.

"Listen, Dudley, I didn't know. If I had, then maybe things would have gone differently. At the time I was only thirteen and had lived twelve miserable years with you and your parents. What you did to me wasn't right, no matter what. I need to know if you are going to treat your son the same way," Harry insisted.

Dudley snorted. "The freak? I'm not my dad. I wouldn't hurt my boy."

"You would call him a freak though?" Harry asked. "That can be just as hurtful."

"He has magic. My wife is the only reason he is going to that school. I've never told her about you and what we went through. I don't plan too either. I want you to leave Ben alone," Dudley said.

Harry shook his head. "I can't do that. My son and goddaughter are becoming his friends. The boy is terrified of you, from what Felix says. Either you change your opinion, or I will make sure Ben is safe," Harry told him.

Dudley's expression soured. "Dad is right about you. You are just going to throw your magic around to get what you want."

Harry pinched his nose. "I'm not going to use magic on you, you moron. I will protect Ben though. By the way, where is Vernon?"

"Prison," Dudley said.

Harry blinked. "Still?"

Dudley gave a mirthless chuckle. "No. He went back for nearly killing three people in a drunken bar fight about two years back. He goes on parole again next year. I meant it when I said you ruined everything."

Harry sighed. He hadn't been able to find out what had happened to Vernon.

"Mum and dad divorced. I've been stuck in no end jobs because of my grades. I had to be withdrawn from Smelting's when mum and dad were arrested. Aunt Marge was not fun to grow up with. Megan and Ben were the only things that were going my way until Ben did his first accidental magic when he was eight. I knew right away what it was after seeing you do it when growing up. My wife and I are separated now because of the way I treated Ben. I hate magic," Dudley said. When he said 'magic', it sounded like a swear.

"Sometimes life if what you make of it," Harry said. He felt a little bit of sympathy, but not much. "I know you and your wife are separated, but I think Ben still looks up to you, Dudley. My son says he is frightened of you because of his magic. I'm telling you now, either wise up and start treating him like your son again or I'll find a way to cut you out of his life. I won't let you or your parents screw up another kid."

Dudley sat up. Harry could see the anger building in him again. After a moment, Dudley picked up the beer can and took a few large swigs. "That's it? Huh? You screw up my life and all you have is to threaten me?"

"I didn't screw up your life, Dudley. It was a man named Dumbledore that put me at your house. It sounds like he did other stuff to you too. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but what you all did to me was unforgivable. If you want, I'll pay for Ben's schooling if you just leave him alone," Harry said, his voice extremely hard this time.

Dudley blinked a time or two. "What do you mean you'll pay for his schooling? You look well off, but not that well off."

"I have money. Some of it was from my parents. Some from what I have earned. I can pay for Ben's schooling. All I ask if that you either leave him alone or become his father again," Harry answered.

Dudley snorted. "Figures that you would make it out this way."

"If things had worked out differently, I would have been willing to share," Harry said. "What will it be? I am going to talk with Megan after this to arrange for them to see Felix over the hols and for him to know that he is related," Harry told him.

Dudley blew out a big breath after a moment. "You're a bloody dick, you know that?"

"Not the first time I've been told that," Harry said back.

"Fuck you, Harry," Dudley replied.

Harry shrugged.

After a moment, Dudley said, "I don't want to see Ben. If you work out something with Megan, I'll leave them alone."

"So, you are just going to cut yourself out of his life?" Harry questioned.

"I don't know. Right now, I just hate everything magic. I hate you. I hate my son is a freak. I hate that my mum is considered a nutter and that my father has such a temper that he keeps getting into trouble with the law. I really hate you," Dudley said back.

"Fair enough. If you ever change your mind, you won't ever call your son a freak again and you will treat him like your son," Harry said, standing up. As he did, he looked around the apartment. It was rather sparsely furnished. There were a few pictures of him, an attractive woman with brunette hair, a boy that Harry assumed to be Ben and some of Petunia. Harry reached into his jacket and pulled out a long wallet. "I know it's not much, but if this helps, it's yours."

Harry put a few hundred pounds onto the table. Dudley looked ready to reject it until he reached out to grab it. "You can't buy me."

"Not trying too. Just trying to help. Maybe you can get Ben a birthday present. I know his birthday is in November. If you ever want to send it, get it to Megan," Harry told him.

"Yeah, maybe," Dudley said.

Harry nodded then showed himself out of the apartment as Dudley finished his beer.


July 19, 2015

Mosedale, England

Harry had come home early today after being out most of the night to lay down new ward stones on the newest wizarding settlement not far out of Stockholm, Sweden. Establishing the wards were as much skill of him and his rune weavers as it was the meticulous planning from Hermione's and Tracey's team to understand the most opportune time to establish the wards.

His appreciation for two of his best friends had only grown over the years. Without them, the ward guild wouldn't be quite as successful as it was. As he thought about that, he thought about his employees and other guild members. Eight master rune weavers, four master arithmancers, two master astronomers, then the dozens of apprentices, guards, researchers, accountants, solicitors… the list went on. He didn't forget the nine janitors or three maintenance workers either.

He yawned as he walked by Felix's room towards his own. As he did, he felt something a little off.

Stopping, he let his tired senses reach out. Years of patient tutoring by Myrddin had taught him how to do this. He scrunched his eyes to feel the silencing and distraction spells on the door. "Unusual," Harry muttered to himself.

Why would Felix be hiding something from them?

He traced his steps back to his son's door. His wand came out and he ran it up and down the door. The spells were expertly cast for a sixteen-year-old. He frowned. The magic didn't quite feel like his son's. Felix was a natural caster, much like Harry, and his spells tended to be more powerful than intricate. There was someone he spent much time with that did have a mastery far beyond her age to cast spells like this. It was a girl that had started to date his son last summer, much to the delight of Daphne and Hermione.

Frowning now, Harry ran his wand down the length of the door again. The spells unwound themselves, only leaving the normal magic of the castle. Immediately he heard sounds that shouldn't be coming out of a room of a sixteen-year-old.

He sighed. They were both sixteen. It wasn't like Daphne and him weren't being active at that age. He wasn't sure how Hermione or Blaise would feel to know what Felix and Juliette were up to.

"Merlin, Felix! What else can you do with parseltongue?" he heard his goddaughter say.

"Yep, don't need to know," Harry said. He swiped his wand up the door and established his own charms. He would wait for them to come out before confronting them. It would be one thing if they were under a courtship or betrothal, but they weren't… yet. With Felix being the primary heir, and Juliette secondary, of their houses could cause issues if Juliette became pregnant.

Continuing to his room, he tried not to chuckle, remembering the way Daphne had acted when she found out what his parseltongue could do. He hadn't known himself, but the reward he got afterwards still had him smiling almost eighteen years later.

After taking off his work clothes, he flopped back on the bed. At almost thirty-five he was starting to feel these long days. Twenty-three hours to establish the wards. That was a long time, and since one of them needed to remain the main focus point, Harry had led this one as the three other ward weavers with him did their thing, then rested while the next one took over.

He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew was a slightly squeaky voice said, "The Great Harry."

Harry groaned, then wiped his face. "Yes, Dobby?"

"Mistress Daphne would like to know if you want to eat dinner or sleep?" Dobby asked him.

Harry yawned. "I'm getting up," he told his loyal friend.

He just stayed where he was for a few minutes before Dobby asked, "Would the Great Harry like his dinner up here?"

"No, Dobby. I'm getting up," Harry griped before forcing himself to sit up.

He blinked the sleep out of his eyes before he saw Dobby holding a change of clothes for him. That was when he realized he hadn't changed out of the underclothes from his uniform. "Thanks, Dobby. Tell Daphne I'll be down for dinner."

"Yes, the Great Harry. Should Dobby draw a bath?" Dobby asked.

"Not right now. I'll take a shower in a little bit," Harry assured the elf.

When he made it to the dining room, he rose an eyebrow to see only Felix and Juliette sitting with his wife.

"Hey, dad. I didn't know you got back," Felix said.

"So, I noticed," Harry said, giving his son a knowing look. Felix looked confused for a second, but Juliette was every bit her parents' daughter and paled some, which was only evident by her dark skin losing some of the flushness that had been in her cheeks.

"Did you have a successful trip?" Daphne asked. Her curious look wasn't missed by Felix, and he suddenly reddened.

"Quite successful. We were able to get everything done in one night," Harry said, unable to stifle the yawn his body wanted. "Did you get rid of my other children while I was gone?" Harry asked his wife.

"They were annoying me, so my parents were very happy to take them," Daphne said with a smirk.

Harry had been looking forward to seeing Primrose, his thirteen-year-old daughter going on eighteen, and Lily, their eleven-year-old girl that would be starting Hogwarts this year.

"I also thought it would be best if we had a conversation with our son and goddaughter," Daphne said.

Neither teen was eating as they looked at them.

Harry nodded. "I was going to be more discrete about it, but if you want."

Daphne looked to Felix. "How long have you and Juliette been sleeping with each other?"

Felix started to splutter. Juliette turned three shades of scarlet. "Mum, we aren't sleeping with each other."

"Aunt Daphne, I swear," Juliette said.

Harry raised a brow. "Well, from what I heard Juliette now understands some of the uses of parseltongue."

"DAD!" Felix screamed.

"Oh, bloody hell," Juliette said as she sank down into her chair. Her hands went to her face to hide.

Daphne looked to have a slight smirk before she smoothed her face into a stern look. "You two have specifically asked not to have a courtship or betrothal. We have respected that, but if this is how you are going to act then your parents and us are going to sit down and come out with an agreement this weekend."

"But Aunt Daphne! Why do we have to do that? I don't want to get married once we get out of Hogwarts," Juliette whinged.

"But you would risk becoming pregnant and risking both the lines of your parents and your godparents?" Daphne asked the girl.

"I am not going to get Juliette pregnant," Felix said hotly.

"You may not mean too, but sometimes magic and nature decides differently," Daphne said.

"And what is so wrong with a courtship or betrothal?" Harry asked. "You don't have to get married right out of school."

"But you and mum did," Felix said.

"And my parents were married before they graduated. Mum had to postpone some of what she wanted to do because of me," Juliette said.

"That is something I can tell you that she does not regret," Harry told his goddaughter. "You do understand the importance of why we are so concerned?"

Felix sighed. "Because of the Wizengamot bindings. A claimed house member is better than one that is a bastard." It sounded like the boy had heard that many times.

"For the Wizengamot seals, that doesn't matter," Harry replied. "For the voting seats and head of house, that is very important. I never wanted to care about that stuff at one time, but it is important, Felix."

"Can't we just be kids?" Juliette asked.

"Yes. And you can be kids that our at least courting," Daphne told them.

"And if I say no?" Felix said a little defiantly.

"Then I am sure your aunt will be fascinated to know what parselmouth can do to her daughter," Harry threatened.

They both paled even more than before.

"You wouldn't, Uncle Harry. I'm your favourite goddaughter," Juliette said in a small voice.

Daphne gave the girl a glare. "If you two want to be that intimate, then you will start officially courting. And if Uncle Harry doesn't say anything, I will."

They both knew that Daphne wouldn't hesitate.

Felix shoulders slumped. "Fine."

Juliette reached over to take his hand. "We can suffer this together."

Harry had to stifle a laugh as they both acted like their lives were over. Daphne looked amused as she went back to her meal. "Now, eat up. Mipsy is very proud of what she made tonight."

Harry started to eat as the two teens looked like they were facing the gallows.

It was later when Harry was leaving the library that he ran into Felix as he was walking towards the stairs from the receiving hall. Both father and son stopped. Harry with an old leather book in his hands, open and with a finger on a complicated rune diagram. Felix just stood stock still. He still looked defiant. He was so much like Daphne at times he wasn't surprised his eldest had landed in Slytherin.

"I thought you were in bed already?" Harry asked.

"I just saw Jules back home," Felix said.

Harry nodded, feeling as though his son wanted to say something else.

It took a moment for the boy to screw up his courage. "Are you and mum really going to make us enter a courtship?"

"It's not a bad thing," Harry replied. "You will not be locked into it, but as long as you and Jules," he said with a slight hint of laughter on his voice since he knew how much Juliette hated her name shortened, "are being active while dating, you will be in a courtship. I get why you don't want to do this, but it's important, Felix."

His son rolled his eyes. "Yeah. I've heard that for years."

"And do you really understand why?" Harry asked. Felix was getting old enough to start being let into the deeper family secrets and magics.

"Because of the Wizengamot," Felix replied.

"That is an oversimplified answer that is given to keep most from questioning the true reason. Come up to my study," Harry told him. It was close to ten, but this was something he felt was important.

Felix looked at him a little apprehensively. Harry had always kept them out of his true study in the keep. What he knew now he would have done the same with his younger self too, but he had no clue the true secrets of their family twenty-years ago.

Felix fell in step with them as they walked down the hall and into the keep. Harry ran a hand over the tapestry that had been so important to him and still was. "Felix, there is a family secret, one that very few know. It is a secret that could rock our world if it got out."

Felix snorted. "You sound like Uncle Sirius when he is trying to be all serious."

Harry smirked. "Well, he is Sirius."

Felix groaned.

"Just listen," Harry told him as he led Felix up the stairs. He had met Sahassa and the two younger basilisks last year. Rissa and Essress were still young, but almost six feet long now. He had never realized how slow basilisk grew compared to other snakes.

"So, what is this big secret? You and mum always seem to have secrets," Felix commented.

Harry indicated the seat across from him as he put his journal on the table and went to the bookcase behind his desk. Harry took out the first journal of Eros Peverell. "You know we are descended from the Peverells?" Harry started.

"Yes," Felix said a little shortly. Harry was always patient with his kids, but he was starting to feel a little niffed at Felix's attitude.

"Do you know who the Peverells descend from?" Harry asked as he opened the journal and leafed through to a family tree that was about halfway in.

"No," Felix said and crossed his arms.

Harry put the book on the desk and slid it towards his son. "Take a look," Harry said.

Felix looked balefully at the book before he leaned forward. "What am I looking for?"

"Just look," Harry told him.

Felix took a moment to really get into it. When he did, Harry could tell as Felix reached out to trace the last few lines towards the bottom of the page. Harry grinned when Felix's eyes widened. "No bloody way!"

Harry chuckled. "Well, that is from my side of the family," Harry said.

Felix looked up. "Myrddin Aurelias? As in Merlin?"

"Yep. And do you know who the Greengrasses descend from?" Harry asked.

His face screwed up. "Tell me that mum isn't some great-great-great granddaughter as well."

Harry screwed up his face this time. "No. Why would you think that? Never mind. The Greengrasses were the last of the line of Le Fey."

Felix mouth dropped open. It moved a few times before he said, "Morgan Le Fey?"

"Yep. So, you have the blood of two of the founders of Camelot in you," Harry said.

"But Camelot is just a myth," Felix said. At the look on his father's face, the boy said, "It is just a myth, right?"

"I can take you there tomorrow. It's about time you start learning about your true heritage," Harry told him.

Felix blinked a few times. "Bloody hell, dad. And mum knows all this?"

"Mum and Uncle Neville helped me open up Camelot again," Harry said.

Felix looked confused. "Uncle Nev?"

"Well, the Longbottoms go back to Arthur Pendragon." Felix sat back in the chair heavily. Harry finally sat in his. "Felix, I am trusting you with this information. I don't know if Juliette knows about it yet or not. I will have to ask Aunt Hermione and Uncle Blaise. If she doesn't, you can't say anything. Do you understand?"

"Aunt Hermione and Uncle Blaise know this?" Felix questioned.

"They are known to be the best historians in Europe," Harry told him. It was something Blaise had slowly gotten into and was now one of the premier historians, even teaching at Hogwarts now.

"Bloody hell," Felix said. He leaned forward again to look at the journal. "Can I read this?"

"If you can translate it, go for it. It does not leave the house and you do not show anyone but your mother, your grandmother or myself. Do you understand?" Harry asked in a rather serious voice.

Felix flipped to the start of the book. He had been learning Latin and the older rune languages, having said he already wanted to join the guild. Harry was interested to see how far his son had come. When Felix opened the front cover, he stopped. His finger was soon running over the runes on the inside of the cover. "I don't understand half of this."

"You don't understand the runes?" Harry questioned.

Felix shook his head. "I don't understand the chains. They are all wrong, aren't they?"

Harry chuckled. "To the way I teach them now, yes, but that is still a pretty standard construction. Actions. Power. Protections. I like to power each one separately and then link them."

Felix was getting totally engrossed in the rune sets. "Is this a blood trace?"

Harry looked to where Felix was pointing. "Yep. Binds it to the Peverell line. Your cousins could read these too, but neither Dani nor Terry wanted to join the guild, so I never taught them this."

"And what if Prim and Lily don't want to join the guild?" Felix asked, looking up. His son's green eyes were so much his own.

"They are my children. Each of you will be given this secret and the opportunity to learn all these secrets, and the ones your mother has. We have already taught you much, but this is our true legacy," Harry said, indicating the shelves of books around him.

Felix looked around. For once tonight he didn't look defiant. "All this?"

"Well, no, but this is the information that I keep here and that you are now allowed to look at. You tell no one what you learn besides who I already said you could," Harry reiterated.

"Okay," Felix said in a solemn agreement.

They both looked into each other's green eyes for a long moment. When he was satisfied that Felix understood, Harry sat back into his seat. "So, I do have a question."

Felix looked at him curiously. "You give me this and you have a question? I have a thousand."

"You can ask all you want, but first I want to know," Harry said.

"Know what?" his sixteen-year-old son asked.

"How did you figure out you could do that to Juliette?"

Felix wonder turned to horror, then a very red face. After a moment, he mumbled something.

"What was that?" Harry asked, leaning forward.

Felix looked even more embarrassed. "I heard you and mum. You forget to put up silencing charms sometimes."

Now it was Harry's turn for his face to redden.


April 3, 2021

Mosedale, England

Harry sat at the table looking at the happy couple in the centre of the table before them. They were surrounded by their friends. Ben sat next to Felix. The cousins had become inseparable over the years, enough that Felix had asked Ben to be his best man. Next to him was the newest Heiress Potter-Greengrass.

Juliette was radiant today in a lacy white dress that contrasted nicely with her dark skin. Her normally wild and frizzy hair had been tamed enough to sit in a bun and on her head was the tiara that Ander had commissioned for Daphne. It looked just as fitting on his new daughter as it had on his wife.

Thinking about that, Harry took Daphne's hand and brought it to his mouth to kiss the back of her hand. It had been almost twenty-two years now. Twenty-two years of happiness… well, they had had their arguments, but they had always worked it out and he found her just as beautiful now as he had then.

Daphne gave him a smile. "What was that for?"

"Just you being you," he said back.

"Are you still sweet on her after all this time?" Hermione asked from next to him.

"I always will be," Harry said, earning him a small peck from Daphne.

"You keep laying it on thick like that, Lord Potter-Greengrass, and you will be getting extra lucky tonight," she said with a saucy wink.

He grinned at her.

"Oh, yuck, can you wait until later?" their youngest said with a look on her face. Harry laughed at his redheaded girl. Lily had grown into a young woman at sixteen that was as stunning as her mother and the woman her namesake had come from.

"When you meet someone, I hope your husband is as sweet as your father after twenty-one years," Daphne said to their daughter before giving him a peck.

On the other side of Lily, Prim snickered. "We've seen them do worse," she teased her sister. Their nineteen-year-old daughter was sitting next to a tall young man with an earring. Harry would love to recruit him, but the goblins had snagged the brilliant rune student before he could. Prim had decided to follow and was now an apprentice to the Curse Breakers. He felt a little sad, but also immensely proud of her.

"Please, don't remind me. It was bad enough having Felix and Jules around the last few years," Lily said.

Someone started to tap on their glass. Soon the whole hall was doing the same and Felix and Juliette shared a kiss. From a stage at the far end of Potter Green's Hall a woman announced, "With dinner done, I would like to invite the bride and groom to the floor and everyone else to see their first dance."

Harry stood up and extended a hand to Daphne. She took it. She was in a very flattering dark green dress that was elegant and clung to her curves in all the right ways. Over the years she had aged much like her mother, putting on enough weight to fill out her frame, but still maintaining a figure that almost any man would want. He was simply happy he had been lucky enough to snag her.

Both Felix and Juliette were beaming as they made their way to the dance floor. Everyone, all one-hundred and sixty-two guests, crowded around the dance floor. Their kids didn't want a huge wedding, but they had friends, allies and family that had to be here. Down in the town he knew a larger celebration was going on. Much like when Daphne and him had been married, Felix wanted to be married before the fountain. Juliette agreed and half the wizarding world came out to see two of the most powerful houses in their world joining.

The fact that the House of Potter-Greengrass held the most political sway and was looked upon as near royalty had not missed him over the years. Potter-Greengrass, Thatcher-Granger, Bones, Longbottom, Greengrass and Davis still made the core of the Alliance. Whenever the six of them agreed upon anything, it was as good as a done deal.

He just didn't like to push his power unless needed.

Looking around, most of the most powerful houses were present. Dani was standing near them with her husband and two young daughters. She was the Lady Glamorgan. Prim had not expressed any desire to work in the Wizengamot, so Dani had kept the title for now. She had become a small power of her own, but never really opposed Harry. She just had her own ambitions that mainly involved working with the First-Gens and No-Maj. Just recently she had ascended to the Head of the Muggle Liaison office, which was now one of the most important departments in the Ministry after the way the wizarding world had been slowly leaking out over the last decade.

Her sister, Terri, was next to her. She had grown into a beautiful young woman that still seemed a little spacey at times. He knew it was her mage sight. Next to her was her rock. A shorter woman in a stunning red dress with curly hair. It had shocked her family when Terri said she was a lesbian, but everyone shortly accepted it.

Now, Terri wanted nothing to do with being Heiress Peverell, so Lily had taken that up. Lily had started to come to all the Wizengamot meets with him or Daphne. She picked up on all the politics faster than Felix and was going to be as adept as Daphne or Dani when she got older.

Elsewhere around the semi-circle was Neville and Tracey with their brood. All three boys had the blonde hair of their parents. Zacharias, the eldest at fifteen, was going to be a big, muscular man like his father. Timothy, the middle child, was only starting to go through puberty, but at twelve he looked like he would be big as well. Arron was the youngest and smallest. At ten, it was looking like he would be more like his mother, shorter and leaner.

Susan had her arm wrapped around Deans. She had been the last of their close friends to get married but had had her first girl just before the Longbottoms. Rosaline was a looker like her mother. She was also sixteen like Lily. Susan gave him a smile when she caught him looking at her. He smiled back. Auntie was standing next to them.

Anders and Iliana came up just behind them. "Are they about to start?" Iliana asked.

"Just about," Daphne said.

He peaked over his shoulder. His parents-in-law were starting to look older. Getting close to seventy now, Anders' hair was starting to show hints of grey. Iliana still looked wonderful for her age. Daphne's brother, Philip, was now twenty-three, married to a stunning blonde witch from Norway and was happy to be holding the next Scion Greengrass. Their son, Isak, was almost two and in going into the 'terrible' stage, though by this time of the day the little boy was laying his head against Philips shoulder and looking ready to fall asleep.

Felix and Juliette wanted everyone to be here, so they invited all their family.

Lastly, Harry met Hermione's eyes. They looked watery to watch her daughter and his son take their first dance together. She caught him staring at him. When she did, Hermione gave him a big smile.

In the last twenty-some-odd years, she had been as instrumental in the success of everything they had built as the others of his close friends. She really was family, regardless of whether or not Felix and Juliette were together. His goddaughter had always been as much his daughter as anyone could be.

The years had been kind to Hermione. Their son stood at her side. At sixteen, he had the physique of Blaise, the brown hair of his mother and the dark eyes that showed his father's colour, but his mother's intelligence. He was the only one nipping at Lily's heals in Hogwarts, and he was secretly suspicious that his youngest and Hermione's youngest had something going on, but neither had said anything. If Oberon, Obie for short, was anything like Juliette, he was figuring he was trying to avoid the courtship rituals. The boy would find out, though, as the Scion of Thatcher-Granger, he wouldn't be able to avoid it for much longer without pressure. The pressure would never come from them, but it would come, if it wasn't already. Seeing the way Obie was looking towards his redheaded daughter, Harry felt his suspicions confirmed.

Blaise was the only one of them that had really gone to seed. He had put on a pouch belly from turning to the history books and writing them. Even with that, he was a respected professor at Hogwarts, replacing Tracey's mother when she retired a decade ago. The man, one of his best friends, was watching his daughter.

Harry turned back to watch his children. Juliette was still beaming as Felix deftly moved her around the floor. He could still see the young boy who complained about having to learn to dance and smiled to see him all grown up now.

Daphne wrapped her arms around his. "Were we that oblivious on our wedding night?"

Harry laughed. "Only after we did our rounds."

"Didn't you let everyone know about Felix the night of your wedding?" Prim asked.

Daphne winked at their daughter. "It slipped out. All I wanted was another dance with my husband before we left the party."

"Do you always have to bring that up?" Lily complained from his other side.

When the dance ended, the leader of the band asked, "If Lady Potter-Greengrass would come up to dance with her son?"

Daphne gave them a big smile as she left his side. Juliette went over to her parents, giving them both a big hug as Felix stepped into take Daphne in a waltz. Lily moved a little closer to him. "Will you dance with me once tonight, dad?" she asked softly.

Harry moved to put her hand into the crook of his arm. Out of their three kids, she had always enjoyed the dance lessons with him. He suspected it was because it was one of the few times he shared only with her. It was something he treasured, and something it seemed his youngest did as well. "Always, Lils."

Lily clung to his arm as Felix bowed over Daphne's hand and kissed it. Lily stayed on his arm when they were joined by her brother and mother. It wasn't until Juliette had danced with Blaise, and everyone else was called out to the floor that she finally let go of his arm, and that was only so that he could hold her to dance with her. Looking at his almost grown daughter had him realizing it was going to be hard to let her go once she graduated and found someone.

It was a while later that he finally found his wife in his arms. She sighed and leaned into him. It had been a long day, and months for this wedding to come together, so he was happy for her to move in and lean her head against his shoulder as they swayed to the slow song. The party was starting to break up.

"Have I told you I love you yet today?" Harry said, kissing the side of her head.

"You could mention it more," she replied back tiredly.

Harry chuckled. "Well, I love you."

"I love you too," she said back.

They quietly moved together. A few gave them pleasant smiles and looks but let him have this time with his wife. "I'm going to miss him," Daphne said.

Harry looked over her head to see her looking towards the newlyweds. They were moving around, saying their goodbyes. They would be staying in the castle tonight, then they were off for a No-Maj cruise around New Zealand tomorrow.

Harry smiled. "You do know that they decided to live here? Right?"

"I know, but it won't be the same. He's not our little boy anymore," she sighed.

Harry kissed her head again. "He hasn't been for a while."

"Just let me have my delusions for the night," she told him.

"As you wish, Lady Potter-Greengrass," he said.

"My lord is too kind," she said with a great amount of cheekiness.

He chuckled and danced with Daphne until Felix came over to say goodnight to them.


The End

Thank you to all that have taken this journey with me and enjoyed it. It has been a long time to finish, and I hope you will join me on my next adventure…


31 July 2023