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The cool mountain air flowed through the trees and bushes of the wooded area, the dense green foliage rustled by the gentle breath of Mother Nature. All round, birds chirped in the air as squirrels chattered in the trees as the soothing sound of a babbling brook sounded in the distance on what could only be described as a picturesque spring afternoon in Beautiful Jasper Park, Canada.

Unfortunately, the peace and tranquility of was broken by a loud THUNK!

Followed by an even louder yell.



All the birds in some nearby trees scattered, their flight response kicked into overdrive at the loud, Irish-accented voice. The owner of which being a tall, nearly six-foot-seven ginger-furred wolf, the fiery bristles matching the long mane, tied back in a pony-tail, atop his head, a mane adorned with a traditional Celtic braid, the long adornment tucked behind his right ear as it dangled in front of his bare shoulder, which was exposed, thanks to the black tank-top he wore, which would give many on-lookers the perfect opportunity to take in his muscular arms, the right cover from the shoulder to his wrist in a tapestry of Celtic runes and symbols.

But, what would really catch a passerby's attention was the wolf's eyes, a stunning mismatch of ice-blue on the left and golden-yellow on the right...

And both were staring daggers down at the topless grey-furred wolf before him, said wolf, who was a good four inches shorter than Mason with a lean but fit build, offering a cheeky grin, his ice-blue eyes twinkling with mischief as he yank an axe out of a tree-stump being used to chop fire wood for the evening fire...

A stump where the irritated Celt's tail would have been bobbed seconds earlier, had he not seen the down-swing.

"Relax Mason," Humphrey said as he swung the axe back, resting it on his bare shoulder, sending his friend another cheeky, yet easy-going smile.

"Well how can he relax when you're swing that thing like Jack Torrence."

Turning to the source of the new feminine voice that offered the horror movie reference, both males smiled warmly at their beautiful wives, The Humphrey's golden-furred Kate and Mason's white-furred Lilly, both girls clad in skimpy two-piece bikinis, towels slung over their shoulders as water dripped from their fur, a clear sign that they had been swimming.

As the two women approached their men, Humphrey gave a laugh at his wife's joke before taking hold of the axe in both hands, swinging it back in a menacing way, sporting a crazed smile, complete with wild eyes.


This succeeded in getting giggles from the girls, as well as a smile and eye-roll from Mason, only for his eyes to fall on his snowy angel.

Mason loved his wife dearly. They had been married for four years, but it still felt like that had met only yesterday. From the very moment he saw her, Mason was captivated by Lilly's soft, snow-colored fur, made even more beautiful by her captivating violet eyes. Although, at the time, Lilly had always kept her left eye covered by a long lock of hair. But it wasn't until they started dating that Mason helped Lilly to build her confidence by wearing her hair back, allowing Lilly to become less shy. And after they married, Lilly gained the confidence to do something she never thought a possibility.

To feel more connected with her husband, Lilly got a tattoo in the form of sleeves running up her arms, each showing a majestic weave of Celtic symbols, interwoven with vines

But with all these traits combined with her body, Mason felt he had found the perfect girl.

Compared to Lilly, Mason was a giant, standing taller than his girl who was just two inches shorter than her five-foot-six sister. And while Kate had a trim, athletic build, Lilly was a bit more curvy, though with a flat, tight stomach that showed some evidence of self-care. But what really caught Mason's attention was that the younger sister was a bit more...endowed.

While Mason loved and respected his wife, he couldn't help but find him himself attracted to the fact that Lilly possessed a pair of lovely d-cup breasts, which put more strain on her bikini than Kate's smaller c-cups did. Though Humphrey always openly admitted that they still felt good around his member, which always succeeded in making Kate blush.

"So how was the lake?"

Mason was pulled from his thoughts by Humphrey's question, the grey wolf having placed the axe down on the ground, walking over to his wife and pulling her into a tight embrace, the fur on his chest and stomach becoming damp from Kate's still drenched fur, though clearly not bothered as he leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Very relaxing," Kate said as she pulled away from the kiss.

"Yeah," Lilly added in as Mason came along side her, pulling her into his side as she continued to speak. "A little cold at first, but once you get moving, it feels real nice."

Mason chuckled at Lilly's statement before placing a tender kiss on top of her head, making Lilly giggle in return.

"Well," he finally said in his deep Irish brogue, "the wood's all chopped, so why don't you two get changed while Humphrey and I start the fire?"

"Good idea sweetie," Lilly said as she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, pulling herself from his said as she made her way toward one of the two tents set up in the clearing. But, before she did, Lilly discretely moved her hand to grope Mason's crotch, forcing the male to stifle a moan that had formed in his throat as his eyes went wide in surprise. And once Lily began to make her way toward their tent, Mason's eyes became glued to her round, supple butt, the firm mounds bouncing with each step she took.

And before she ducked into the tent, Lilly looked back at Mason, giving a seductive wink before entering the mobile sleeping space.

Unable to hold himself back, Mason began walking toward the tent, leaving Humphrey and Kate behind, the other couple sporting knowing smiles at what was going on in the other pairs' heads.

"Guess I'm putting the fire together," Humphrey said as he watched Mason disappear into the tent, only for his attention to fall on his wife as she turned to make her way to their tent, a sultry smile on his lips as a naughty idea came to his mind.

"But first..."

Kate didn't have time to react. Basically, all she could do was let out a shriek as she felt Humphrey's strong hands yank down her bikini, exposing her round, firm tits, both topped with erect, pierced nipples, both pieces of studded jewelry quickly being tugged on by Humphrey, who smiled at the loud moan that Kate let out. And the moan grew even louder when she felt Humphrey's covered bulge rub between her ass-cheeks.

"Humphrey," Kate moaned as she reached an arm back, wrapping it around the back Humphrey's neck as he began to lick and nibble at her exposed neck.

"What if someone sees?"

What Humphrey said next made Kate shutter.

"Let 'em."

Meanwhile, as Mason entered his and Lilly's tent, he was met with a very arousing site.

There, void of her bikini, was Lilly, her exposed d-cups pressed against the nylon tent flooring, her heavy love pillows squishing out as if they were being pressed against glass, all while her ass was in the air, legs spread as three of her fingers were burred deep within her gushing pussy, the digits becoming soaked from the decadent nectar dripping down her legs. Looking behind her, Lilly met Mason's gaze, running her tongue over lips as she continued to pump her fingers in and out of her cunt.

With the initial surprise of seeing his wife tease him so ruthlessly washing away, Mason's look of shock quickly turned to one of lust as he reached for the zipper of his pants. And the moment she saw Mason's cock become exposed, Lilly shuddered at the sight of it. Hell, the two had been married for four years, but Lilly still could not get over the fact that Mason was sporting a foot-long, three-inch-thick dick, knot and all, one which she was certain was going to split her in half the first time they had sex.

"Did ya pack any lube?" Mason asked, pulling Lilly from her reminiscing, turning her head to see that mason was lining his cock up with her exposed tail-hole.

"Sorry babe," Lilly said with a sly smile, a smile returned by Mason.

"Well darn," he said with a laugh, "Guess I'll have to improvise."

With that, Mason brought his right hand to his, only to spit into the open palm before taking a hold of his erect member, soft groans escaping his throat as he lathered the thick phallus with his saliva.

And once he was satisfied, the real fun began.

Placing his left hand on his wife's tantalizing ass, Mason took a hold of his saliva-covered, rock-hard dick, making said male groan in pleasure. Once he had done so, Mason pressed the tip into Lilly's puckered tail-hole, the feeling of the tapered tip making her shudder as she prepared to experience the feeling of her stud-of-a-husband stretch her backdoor wide open. In a matter of seconds, Mason was moaning as he pressed forward, his cock breaking through Lilly's backdoor as he sank inch-by-inch of his cock into her, the smaller female shuddering as her tight star was stretching to accommodate the girthy member, making Lilly moan in the process. Lilly even smiled dumbly as she pressed her free hand against her stomach, euphoria spreading through her body as she felt a large, tubular bulge form.

And once she felt her tight ring hit Mason's knot, she was in heaven.

At this point, Mason, who was so turned on at the feeling of his wife's asshole encompassing his rod, couldn't control himself any longer. Grabbing onto Lilly's slim hips, Mason unleashed all his lust as he began roughly slamming Lilly's ass, her cheeks jiggling as they made contact with Mason's hips. The feeling alone sent an already overstimulated Lilly over the edge as she upped her self-fingering, releasing a torrent of her juices, soaking Mason's pants and the nylon tent with it's wetness as she screamed a muffled shriek into her hand, the other one's fingers still buried in her pussy.

Mason, deciding to up the ante, brought a hand up before bringing it down hard on Lilly's ass, the stinging impact making Lilly as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Mason, upon hearing the reaction he got out of Lilly, used his other hand to take a firm hold of the base of her tail, proceeding to spank her until a red hand print could been seen through her fur. At this point, Mason let an evil smile spread across his muzzle as he continued to rut his beautiful, busty wife in his power.

But after a few hard thrusts, Lilly turned her head so that her gaze met Mason's.

Overcome with lust, Mason lunged forward, which allowed him to put more power behind his thrusts.

In an instant, the duo's tongues were battling for dominance, moaning into each other's mouths as Mason was now attempting to squeeze his knot into the tantalizingly tight star. Feeling the orb of flesh press against her hole, Lilly found herself thrown into another orgasm, making her shriek once again.

The sound of his wife's pleasure, along with the tight contractions of her anal tunnels, proved too Mason.

"SHIT!" he shouted, "I'M GONNA CUM!"

Digging his claws into Lilly's hips, Mason began to roughly thrust his knot against Lilly's sphincter, desperate to knot her before he came. And before he and Lilly knew it, the latter's ring of flesh finally gave way to former's assaulting knot, the bulbous gland locking them in place as Lilly felt Mason start to unload strand after strand of white hot cum into her bowels, painting her walls white as another orgasm overcame her, her entire frame shaking as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Running her hand down her stomach to her pussy, Lilly shuddered once again when she felt the long bulge, causing another mini-orgasm to overtake her.

For several minutes, the spent couple rested, allowing their breathing to come back to normal as they bathed in the afterglow of their session. And after a few more minutes, Mason felt his knot shrink enough to pull out of Lilly with a pop, allowing their mixed juices to flow from her now gaping asshole. The overall feeling caused Lilly to moan as she weakly brought her fingers to her lips, licking them free of her own sweet juices.

"Jesus babe," Mason laughed as he watched Lilly, "you trying to get me riled up?"

Pausing in her licking, Lilly looked back at Mason with a half-lidded gaze, made even sexier by the fact that her lock of hair covered her right eye, a sly smirk on her lips.

"So what if I am?"

Mason shuddered at the sultry tone, but knew that they needed to get themselves descent.

"Well," he reluctantly started, grabbing Lilly a violet tank top and a pair of shorts and panties to wear, "if we stay in here, then the fire isn't getting built...and I'm pretty sure Humphrey decided to screw your sister rather than get the fire going."

Realizing Mason was right, Lilly let out a small huff of disappointment as she brought herself to her knees, another low moan escaping her lips as more of their combined fluids seeped from her ass. Though, she did make sure to clean herself before getting dressed. And needless to say, Mason was right about Kate and Humphrey. And even more right that the fire did not get started until later than anticipated.

But, the quartet of wolves still managed to salvage the evening with a dinner of wild-caught bass Mason and Humphrey had caught earlier in the afternoon, keeping fresh in a cooler. And to top it off, their was plenty of booze to spare. By the time the moon and stars were out, the four wolves were having a good time. Laughing, telling fun stories and the like while stead on the ground around the fire.

Then Lilly suggested a fun game they could play.

"How about we play Truth or Dare?"

"I'm Game," Humphrey said with a smile.

"Me too," Kate chimed in as she nestled herself into her husbands side.

"Ah what the hell," Mason added, making the design unanimous.

"So how do we do this?" Humphrey asked, curious as to how the asking of Truth or Dare was going to go.

"How about we go counter-clockwise," Mason suggested, "and we'll start with the youngest, which would be you Lils."

"Okay," Lilly said with enthusiasm, only for a thoughtful look to come over her face.

Now, it could have been the booze affecting her thinking but Lilly thought of a way to make the game more fun

"Um...maybe we can make this more fun by getting rid of all filters."

The others looked at each other in confusion, wondering what Lilly meant.

"What do you mean Lils?" Kate inquired, pulling herself from Humphrey.

"Well," Lilly began hesitantly, "what I mean is...we can include sexual things."

The others eyes widened at this suggestion, all even more surprised that it had come from the more innocent Lilly. At first, Mason wanted to say no, but the combination of booze in his system, and his instinctual inability to say said word to his wife, seemed to take a more of an affect on him than he realized.

In the end, the booze won the day for all of them.

"Ah what the hell," Humphrey said as he nuzzled Kate, who giggled at the gesture, nuzzling herself deeper into his side, a clear sign that she was game.

"Alright," Mason added in, sending his wife a playful wink, "I guess I'm in, soooo...start us off Hon."

"Okay Kate...Truth or Dare?"


Looking to her sister, Lilly decided to start the game of with a bang.

"OK, so I know you and Humphrey were doing it earlier, so...How often do you two have sex."

"Not wasting time, I see," Humphrey joked as all attention turned to his wife, whose golden fur did little to hide her blush. Though she figured that, since she agreed to this...

"About three times a day."

Mason's eyes widened at this revelation.

"Jesus man, how have you not knocked her up yet?!"

"Ever hear of birth control?" Humphrey laughed back, only for attention to be pulled back to Kate as she trace a finger down his arm.

"Truth or Dare?" she whispered huskily, making Humphrey shiver, though at the same time making him think he might get some more action with his wife that night.

"Dare," he replied just as huskily.

"Challenge Mason to a 'Shirt-off.' I want to see whose muscles are bigger."

"Oh," Humphrey playing groaned as he rose to his feet, a signal for Mason to do the same, "you wound me my dear."

Joking aside, Mason and Humphrey made quick work of their shirts, leading to a chorus of cat-calls and wolf-whistles from their wives as they flexed their muscles in the impromptu "Mister Universe Competition." In the end, while Humphrey's lean frame had a good muscle mass, he still lost to Mason's slightly larger, but toned frame. Opting to keep their shirts off, Humphrey and Mason resumed their positions besides their girls.

"Okay, my main man," Humphrey said to Mason with a quirked eyebrow, "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare," Mason answered playfully. At that moment, Humphrey decided that he and Mason could get their own entertainment.

"Help me shark the girls."

Before Kate and Lily had time to react, both males quickly moved behind them, both girls letting out a startled shriek as the boys lifted their shirts over their heads, exposing Lily's d-cups and Kate's c-cups to the air, their pierced nipple becoming erect from the sensation. Mason and Humphrey even upped the ante pulling on the studded jewelry, making both females gasp in pleasure at the feeling.

But then, Mason signaled Humphrey to stop, leaving both girls wanting some form of relief.

"Lils," Mason began, knowing full well what she would choose.

"Truth or Dare?"


A sly smirk spread on Mason's muzzle at his wife's desperation.

"I dare you to challenge Kate to see who can make themselves cum first."

To both males surprise, Lilly and Kate wasted no time in moving their hands toward their pants, hooking their thumbs in the hem of both their shorts and panties.

Slowly, hesitantly, Lilly lowered her pants and violet panties down to her knees, the same as Kate with her red panties, exposing both of their soaked pussies to the air, said exposure making some fluid trickle form their openings and onto the logs they were sitting on. After a few minutes of just sitting and staring at the cursed organ, Lilly and Kate, after discarding the last articles of clothing, leaving both fully in the nude, slid their right hands between their legs, letting out a lite gasp as they rubbed their fingers against their sensitive clits, before moving onto their quivering folds.

Meanwhile, as they watched the sexy sight unfold, Mason and Humphrey, so turned on by the sight, found themselves undoing their pants, reaching into the restricting fabric and underpants to grab their hardening cocks. And to Kate and Lilly's surprise, the two males were sporting the same sized hardware; foot-long with a three inch girl, tennis ball-size knots, and balls that were just as large.

But when the two males started stroking their hard shafts, the girls figured they better give them a show.

After a few minutes of just rubbing their nether-lips, the girls grew more bold. With a low moan, Lilly inserted her index finger into her pussy, slowly thrusting the digit in and out of the gushing slit. Kate, however, found one finger would not be enough. So, she upped her game by adding the middle finger, but even then that was not enough. Before long, Kate was moaning loudly, three fingers being squeezed in her pussy as her other hand was switching between messaging both tits, pinching and pulling the pierced, erect nipples.

"Oh Yes," Lilly moaned, four fingers now buried in her pussy at the sight of what Kate was doing, the snow-colored wolf ffrantically fish-hooked her pussy, juices forming a small puddle on log. Kate, upon noticing this, took her self-stimulation one step further. With some effort, Kate shoved her whole fist into her pussy, the hot sight making the males jerk off faster at the sight. But, little did Kate know, she gave her sister what she needed to win.

Lilly, upon seeing her sister fisting herself, found herself pushed over the edge by the sexy sight, letting out a loud scream as she spread her legs wide, removing her fingers from her pussy before vigorously rubbing her clit as a stream of sweet nectar sprayed from her slit, actually managing to hit Kate in the face. This proved too much for Kate as she removed her fist from her pussy, rubbing her own clit as her own juices sprayed forward, getting some revenge by landing a direct hit on Lilly's face.

"Yes," Lilly moaned after two minutes, her mind coming back down to Earth following her orgasmic high. Looking at her drenched fingers, Lilly brought them to her mouth and took an experimental lick. Kate mimicked the motion. Finding that they liked the taste, Lilly and Kate proceeded to lick their fingers clean of the clear substance.

Then their eyes might.

Springing towards each other, Lilly and Kate found themselves in a heated make out session, their tongues battling for dominance as their breasts pressed against each other, alternating between kissing and licking their own cum off of each other, the show being enjoyed greatly by the two males nearby, who were still gleefully jacking off.

But then, Lilly said something that made them all freeze.

"Kate...I Dare You to Fuck Me."

"What?" Kate and the guys all asked incredulously, thinking that perhaps she did not hear her usually innocent fiance correctly. She soon received another great shock as Lilly pulled her head forward, a fiery determination present in her eyes as she pressed her forehead to Kate's, whose eyes at this point had grow wide as dinner plates.

"You heard me," she growled, which for some reason, turned Kate on. But each statement that came out of Lilly's mouth next actually succeeded in making her opening drip with anticipation.

"Lick me, finger me, scissor me...I DON'T CARE!"

Now this really surprised Kate, who did not know that such language was in Lilly's vocabulary. However, she was once again pulled from her shock as Lilly continued to speak through clenched teeth.

"You are going to make me cum until I can't see straight...GOT IT!"

Kate stared slack jawed at her sister, surprised that this innocent woman had such an extensive understanding of love making. But soon, the shock faded away as Kate's expression quickly changed to one of evil pleasure, which actually caused Lilly's expression to fall and her eyes to widen at what she had just done. She had just ensured that she was in for one hell of a ride. But, before Kate got started, she took a moment to admire her sister's body, surprised at the luscious curves she possessed and the busty tits she had on her chest.

"Damn Lilly," Kate growled as she suddenly reached forward, kneading the two inviting pair of breasts, which proved to be quite a handful, "if I had known this is what you were hiding, I would have hit you up sooner."

Upon hearing this, Lilly, who had been biting on her finger to keep her moans under control, blushed so hard that it actually showed through her fur.

This only egged Kate on further.

"Now," she continued as she stood to her feet, leaving her sister on her back, "let's see how good that naughty tongue of yours is."

As she said this, Kate stood up, giving Lilly a view of her big sister's moist opening. However, Lilly would soon get a closer view as Kate moved so that she was standing directly over her over's head. Upon seeing this, Lilly licked her lips in anticipation of what was to come.

"Kate," she whined, "plea-MPPPHH!"

Lilly was suddenly silenced as Kate sat down on her chest, muffling the former's voice with her dripping sex, the feeling of her breasts on Kate's firm rear causing the latter to moan. Soon, her moaning grew louder as she felt the tongue of her baby sister gently lick her opening from the bottom to the top, each time ending with a little flick of her clitoris, which caused Kate to moan loudly at Lilly's actions, all while their husbands masturbated tot the show, their cocks glistening from the pre smeared over them.

"Oh yes," Kate moaned as she smiled devilishly down at her partner, her hand sneaking it's way down Lilly's flat stomach to her opening, the latter being completely unaware as she is still lapping up Kate's juices as they trickle out of her forbidden fruit, the sweet taste making her hungry for more. However, Lilly quickly freezes in her actions, her body seizing up as she feels Kate suddenly pinch her sensitive clitoris. Smiling at Lilly's reaction, Kate slowly begins to rub her fingers together, twisting the sensitive nub and causing Lilly grab onto her partner's thighs, screaming into her ever moistening slit.

"You like that don't you," Kate teased, "you little SLUT!"

Upon being called a slut by her sister, Lilly's eyes snapped wide open before they took on a determined expression, which did not go unnoticed by Kate. Strengthening her grip on Kate's thighs, Lilly looked up to the older girl, whose gaze took on a look of concern of what the wolf between her legs had planned. And needless to say, she was certainly caught by surprise when Lilly quickly thrust her tongue into her dripping folds, causing Kate's eyes to go wide as she moaned loudly from the action, her reaction causing Lilly to smile as she licked her sister's inner walls.

"Whose the slut now?" Lilly said after briefly pulling away from Kate, only to dive right back in as she went all out on her sister, who at this point had recovered just enough to realize what her partner was up to. Not wanting to be outmatched in the ways of pleasure, Kate decided to up the ante of her actions by quickly plunging three of her fingers into Lilly's opening, causing the wolf eating her out to squeal into her opening, but remain undeterred in scooping every bit of juice from constituting caverns, her own dripping around Kate's digits, down her legs and onto the ground.

Realizing her actions had little affect on Lilly, Kate decided to up the ante again as she inserted her last finger into Lilly, this time curling them up and pulling them forward, effectively hooking them in Lilly's cavern. This action succeeded in eliciting a loud, but muffled scream of pleasure from Lilly, who quickly reached down to grab Kate's wrist, trying in vain to stop the doe from vigorously hooking and pulling on her opening, her palm rubbing the sensitive clit in the process.

Upon seeing this reaction from Lilly, Kate smiled wickedly as she leaned forward, her digits pulling on Lilly's inner walls.

"So," she said in low voice, sultry voice, "whose the slut NOW?"

Lilly, who up until that point had been furiously thrusting her tongue out to get more of Kate's sweet juices, froze in her actions as she soon found her self staring up at the dominant wolf. Seeing that said wolf had removed her digits from her partner's now dripping slit, Lilly whined as she saw Kate bring them to her mouth, her tongue sensually licking the sweet nectar off of them as if taunting her about how she was being deprived on delectable juice now dripping on her upper chest.

"Me," she whispered without thinking, causing Kate's earns to perk up, her smile never once fading.

"What was that?" she teased, pulling her digits away from her mouth, "I couldn't quite hear you."

Letting out a lite whimper, her hormones flaring like mad, Lilly looked up to KKate with pleading eyes.

"I am the slut now," Lilly admitted casting her gaze to the side, almost as if she were ashamed to look Kate in the eyes. Noticing this, Kate's dominant demeanor vanished, her facial expressions softening as her sly smile turned to one of love. Kate then moved herself so that she was no longer straddling Lilly's chest, but now laying on her side right beside her. Reaching over to turn Lilly's face toward her, Kate captured her partner's lips in hers in a gentle kiss, causing the still very horny female beside her to moan in pleasure. But, in doing so, Kate was able to taste her own juices on Lilly's lips.

"I see why you were so desperate, Sis," she teased as she pulled away from the kiss, "I'm fucking delicious."

Lilly blushed madly at her sister's vulgar language, but couldn't dwell on it for too long as she found that Kate had re-positioned herself that she was now laying on top of her, Lilly's bust pressing against her stomach as she did so, and vice-versa, the two females now face to face with each others glistening slits. Realizing what was going on rather quickly, a now giddy Lilly wasted no time in resuming her oral assault on her sister's opening, plunging her tongue deep inside her forbidden cavern.

"Oh," Kate moaned out, "I don't think so."

In an instant, Lilly was screaming into Kate's slit as said wolf plunged her own tongue into Lilly's opening. And if Lilly noticed one thing, it was that the expertise with which Kate moved her tongue in her tight cavern conveyed that the golden-furred wolf had had experience with this act.

"FUCK KATE!" Lilly screamed before resuming her feast, their audience jerking their cocks faster and faster at the arousing sight. This outburst only egged Kate on more as she decided to heighten Lilly's pleasure even more by removing her tongue, only to replace it with four digits that began to vigorously resume their earlier practice of hooking and pulling on Lilly's walls, all while Kate sucked and nibbled on Lilly's sensitive clitoris. And Lilly, try as she might, could not keep up with Kate's obvious sexual experience. Despite her best efforts, she knew that she would never be able to keep up with her sister at this point, especially when the four fingers gave way to Kate's fist. Before long, Lilly began to feel a great pressure build in her core, a clear sign that her orgasm was imminent.

No, she thought to herself, I don't think so.

Despite her sexually weakened state, Lilly managed to muster enough strength to push Kate off of her, resulting in the older sibling rolling on her back.

"What the hell LillEEEEEEEEEEE!" Kate's question soon turned into a loud shriek of pleasure as any confusion and irritation she had at that moment quickly vanished as Lilly quickly straddled one of Kate's legs, raising the other up and over her shoulder, effectively scissoring her partner as she crashed her slit into Kate's, wasting no time in vigorously rubbing the two openings together. As this happened, the two girls became mesmerized by the others chest, their breasts bouncing in rhythm with each thrust, which resulted in a wet, smacking sound as their juices leaked out of their slits.

Before long, the two girls were enveloped with pure ecstasy, their moans and screams filling the area, not caring if anyone besides there horny husbands could hear them. At one point, Kate grew bold a she lunged her head forward, latching her lips around one of Lilly's breasts, her tongue violently assaulting the erect nipple at the end as her hand savagely groped the other. This resulted in lilly letting out another loud moan of pleasure as she sped up the tempo of her thrusts, the pressure in her core building once again until it was finally ready to reach it's peak.

"Kate," she whined, "I'm gonna cum."

Upon hearing this, Kate, who had felt her own release coming as well, pulled herself away from Lilly's chest.

"Me too," she panted out as she cupped Lilly's face. Before long, the peak had been reached as both girls let out a shout of extreme pleasure.



With that, the girls released their built up storage of sweet nectar. Pulling each other into a deep kiss, the sisters tongues lashed about as they moaned and screamed into each others mouths as they released all over each other's crotches, effectively soaking them, as well as the floor and their lower stomachs in their sweet juices. This proved two much for the two males watching as they thrust up into their hands, firing ropes of cum into the air, the pearly-white fluid landing with surprisingly expert aim in the fire, which sizzle some from the discharge. For thirty seconds their orgasms lasted, until finally they died down, along with their moans and screams. Pulling away from the kiss, a strand of saliva connecting their lips, Kate and Lilly, in their post-orgasmic bliss, stared lovingly at each other before closing their eyes and bringing their foreheads together.

"I Love Kate," Lilly whispered as tears of ecstasy and love fell from her eyes.

"I Love You Too, Lilly," Kate responded, a tear of her own falling, "so, so much."

"That hot the same time," Humphrey panted out, his hand still lathed around his throbbing cock, same as mason, who just stared lovingly at the tender moment his wife and sister-in-law were having.

Pulling their heads apart, the two sisters turned their attention tot the two most important men in their lives.

Realizing it was her turn in the game, Kate sent Humphrey a lustful smile.

"Humphrey," Kate panted, "I dare you to have Mason fuck Lilly doggy-style while you take me missionary."

The others wasted no time in getting into position, Humphrey and Mason quickly shedding the rest of their clothing before moving to their respective wives.

Upon reaching his snowy angel, who was already on her hands and knees, Mason wasted no time unleashing all his lust as he quickly impaled Lilly's pussy with his cock, her cheeks jiggling as Mason's hips made contact with them. The feeling alone sent a crossed-eyed Lilly over the edge as she released a torrent of her juices onto the bed, drenching the fabric with it's wetness as her mouth hung open in a silent scream. This seemed to egg Mason on as his thrusts became more rough as he tried to squeeze his knot into the tantalizingly tight cunt. Feeling the orb of flesh press against her hole, Lilly found herself thrown into another orgasm, making her shriek once again.

The sound of Lilly's orgasm, along with the tight contractions of her love canals, sent Mason over the edge.

"SHIT!" he shouted, "I'M GONNA CUM!"

Digging his claws into Lilly's hips, Mason began to roughly thrust his knot against Lilly's pussy, desperate to knot her before he came. And before he and Lilly knew it, the latter's swollen lips finally gave way to Mason's assaulting knot, the gland locking them in place as Lilly felt her strapping husband start to unload strand after strand of white hot cum into her womb, painting her walls white as yet another orgasm overcame her, her entire frame shaking as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Looking down to where the two wolves sexes were connected, Lilly shuddered once again when she saw a long bulge pressing against her stomach, the protrusion expanding out at the base into two orbs. With eyes rolling back, a shaking Lilly felt another mini-orgasm to overtake her.

And while Mason and Lilly were having there fun, Humphrey forced Kate onto her back into missionary. Kate, after taking a moment to recover, quickly wrapped her legs around Humphrey's waist, her arms wrapping around his neck. In an instant Kate was screaming her lungs out, her tits bouncing erratically as Humphrey pummeled her pussy. And it didn't take long before, with one final push, that the fat gland was once again forced into Kate with a pop.

"FUCK YES!" Kate cried as she felt the thick knot enter her. Looking down to were she and Humphrey were connected, her eyes twinkled at the sight of the huge bulge created by the god-like cock. This was too much for Kate as she unleashed another wave of her juices with a loud shriek, a vast majority of the liquid pleasure trapped by Humphrey's knot. As for Humphrey, the natural tightness of Kate's cavern amplified by her orgasm proved too much for him. With a final thrust, rope after rope of thick, potent cum erupted from Humphrey's cock, flooding Kate's womb with his seed, the warm feeling sending Kate into another orgasm as she buried her face into his chest, another moan escaping her throat as she felt her stomach swell a little bit, thanks to the juices trapped within her.

For the next few minutes the couples sat there until the males could pull out.

And when they did, Humphrey made sure his turn was extra kinky.

"Mason, I dare you to wife swap...starting with titty fucking."

Both girls quickly understood what Humphrey meant as the two males got to their feet, helping the girls to sit on their knees as they did so. And when Humphrey and Mason grabbed hold of their slick cocks cocks and pressed them against their new partner's tits, both girls wrapped the huge dongs with their busty mammaries. Kate and Lilly quickly wasted no time in moving them up and down the endowed cock's of the respective cocks of the others husband.

"Oh yeah," Humphrey moaned as he rested his hand on Lilly's head, "with girls like those, titfucking must be amazing, Mason."

"Kate's girls aren't to bad either, Humph," Mason replied.

Blushing hard at her brother-in-law's compliment, Kate upped the ante of her actions by leaning down and capturing the tip of the cock in her mouth, the feeling causing Mason to suddenly lose all control as he began thrusting hard into Kate's tits and mouth, the latter moaning loudly as he did so. For five minutes this went on until Mason felt a familiar pressure in his loins.

"Shit, her it comes," he groaned before quickly pulling away from Kate, who, upon seeing Mason start to vigorously jack off, opened her mouth at the clear indication of what was about to happen. And when it did, she was far from disappointed. The first shot of cum was right on target, flying into Kate's waiting mouth, the girl moaning at the salty taste. But then, Kate received another surprise, for when the second shot fired, Mason grabbed a hold her head and shoved his cock all the way down Kate's throat, the tight passage bulging out as shot after shot of seed was fired down her gullet.

Meanwhile, as Mason was giving Kate a good throat-fuck, Humphrey was giving his all on Lilly.

"That's it Lils," Humphrey moaned as he felt Lilly's throat and mouth encase more of his throbbing member as she started to bob her head up and down, gently pressing down on her head to help her along. And when he felt her lips finally kiss his knot, Humphrey couldn't contain himself any longer. In an instant, Lilly was gagging and slobbering all over the huge piece of meat in her mouth as Humphrey forced her head down with each bob. Lilly soon found tears running down her cheeks at the voracity in which Humphrey was claiming her mouth, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as he did so. Lilly became so overcome with pleasure that she removed her one hand from Humphrey's balls to finger her hungry slit, her moans sending vibrations through Humphrey's cock as she eagerly shoved three of her fingers into her folds.

At that moment, Humphrey was so turned on, he lost all control.

Before Lilly could even react, Humphrey quickly took a step forward, causing a surprised Lilly, her throat still stuffed, to have to throw her arms behind her to keep herself from falling on her back. However, that was the least of her worries, for as soon as she had regained her balance, Humphrey, after grabbing onto Lilly's head with both hands, began to rapidly thrust his member deep into her mouth and throat, the sudden onslaught causing Lilly to moan and gag on the male's member as he ruthlessly face-fucked her. Humphrey, on the other hand was on cloud nine, his loud panting and groaning a clear indication he was enjoying being the dominant partner.

"Yeah," he moaned, grabbing a hand full of Lilly's hair, "swallow that thick cock, bitch."

At this point, Lilly was so turned on that she was hooking her three fingers in her pussy, her eyes watering from the rough onslaught on her throat, which was bulging out with each thrust of Humphrey's massive cock. But, after a few minutes, a familiar pressure began to fill Humphrey's loins.

"Lilly!" He practically screamed as he looked down at the woman, her eyes having rolled into the back of her head from the pleasure. After a few more hard thrusts, Humphrey finally managed to hilt his member all the way to the knot in Lilly's throat, using both of his strong hands to hold her lips against his knot as the feeling on his warm sperm spurting from his throbbing member sending said female into a state of euphoria as she audibly gulped down the tasty treat.

Back with Kate and Mason, the real fun was about to begin.

Kate felt Mason carefully turn her around, only to feel him lift her up by her thighs, the shorter woman being lifted a foot of the ground before she felt her back rest against Mason's broad chest, her pussy resting on his engorged knot, making both moan in pleasure. Gently, Mason snaked his arms around Kate's midriff, embracing her slightly swollen stomach. Kate moaned softly at the feeling, her eyes closing in pleasure, only for them to flutter open as she felt Mason use one of his arms to lift her up slightly, while his free lined his now slick cock up with her pussy, both moaning once again as the tapered tip penetrated the dripping folds.

Knowing what was coming next, Kate reached her right hand back to tenderly cup Mason's cheek. Turning her head, Kate leaned in to capture Mason in a passionate kiss, there tongues meeting in a soft, sensual dance. As this happened, Kate reached between her legs to grasp Mason's cock, which slowly started to sink into the hot passage, making the female shudder as her tight cavern stretched to accommodate the intruding dick.

"So tight," Mason groaned, the tightness of Kate's cavern feeling like heaven to him, even more so when he felt her pussy lips make contact with his knot. Kate found herself having to take few moments to recover, especially upon noticing the long tubular bulge of Mason's cock pressing against her stomach. After a few minutes, Kate nodded to Mason. Relaxing his grip on the female in his grasp, Mason began lifting and lowering Kate by her thighs, while said female leaned back against his chest, draping an arm around his neck as she did so for added stability as she felt her insides cave in slightly from the vacuum effect Mason's cock had on her.

Soon, Mason built a steady rhythm while he fucked Kate, the latter moaning loudly as her tight cunt was being molded by the God-like cock inside of her. Eventually, Kate began screaming loudly as Mason started to pick up tempo, forcefully thrusting his hips upwards, which added to the ever growing pleasure that was coursing through Kate's body, especially the thrilling sensation of the bulge in her abdomen as he it disappeared and reappeared with each thrust. Soon, Kate felt a very familiar pressure stirring within her core, a clear sign that her orgasm was imminent. Mason himself even begin to feel a second stirring in his loins as he felt Kate's tight cavern contract around his member.

"Goddamn," Mason swore as he picked up speed, "such a tight cunt...I'm not gonna last much longer."

Kate, upon hearing Mason say this, reached down to massage her clit, Mason's dirty talk turning her on greatly. Taking note of this, Mason altered there position a bit. Kate soon let out a loud moan as she felt Mason hook his elbows under her knees, only for her eyes to go wide as she felt Mason bring both of his hands up to clasp them behind her head. And before she knew it, Kate was screaming in ecstasy as Mason pounded her pussy in a Full-Nelson, his loud grunts joining Kate's cries as her eyes rolled into the back of her head,

And before long, the two reached their limits.

"Mason," Kate whined as euphoric tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks, "I'm gonna cum...fuck me faster...knot me!"

Hearing Kate say this sent Mason over the edge. Tightening his grip on Kate, Mason began putting all the power he had into his thrusts. Kate, upon feeling the raw power being put into Mason's thrusts, could only let her eyes roll into the back of her head, her mouth open in a silent moan as she was literally being fucked stupid by Mason, her tits bouncing erratically as Mason pummeled her pussy, desperate to knot her. And it didn't take long before, with one final push, that the fat gland was forced into Kate with a pop.

"FUCK YES!" Kate finally managed to cry out as she felt the thick knot enter her. Looking down to were she and Mason were connected, her eyes widened to see the definitive outline of the tubular bulge of Mason's fat cock, now joined by two large, round protrusions at the base, courtesy of his massive knot. This was too much for Kate as she unleashed a wave of her juices with a loud shriek, a vast majority of the liquid pleasure trapped by Mason's knot. As for Mason, the natural tightness of Kate's cavern amplified by her orgasm proved too much for him. With a final thrust, rope after rope of thick, potent cum erupted from Mason's cock, flooding Kate's womb with his seed, the warm feeling sending Kate into another orgasm as she felt her stomach swell a little bit more, thanks to the juices trapped within her.

"Fuck Humphrey," Mason laughed as he took in the dumb expression on Kate's face, "your girl always cum this hard, or am I doing her a favor?"

"I was going to ask the same," Humphrey said from his and Lilly's position.

In the time that Mason and Kate were having there little romp, Humphrey was showing Lilly a good time as well.

When Humphrey's initial orgasm had ended, he pulled his cock from Lilly's mouth, a soft moan escaping her throat as it relaxed from the onslaught. He the lowered himself to his knees before gently pushed Lilly, causing the female to land on her back. Lilly was even surprised when she felt Humphrey grab her ankles, resting them on his shoulders before lining up his dick with her pussy. Lilly, ever excited for what was about happen, reached her hand down to grab Humphrey's thick rod, positioning the head so it was lined up with her pussy. Slowly, Humphrey began to sink his throbbing cock into Lilly's clenching cunt, her tight cavern stretching quite a bit to accommodate the intruding shaft.

"So big," she whined as she felt Humphrey sink his member further into her the latter struggling to keep his moans under control as the tight vaginal muscles uncased his cock, which at this point was making Lilly's stomach bulge out in the manner she had grown accustomed to, the girl tracing her fingers along the tubular protrusion, a soft moan escaping her lips as she did.

"So tight," Humphrey groaned, the tightness of Lilly's cavern feeling like heaven to him, even more so when he felt her pussy lips make contact with his knot. Lilly found herself having to take a few moments to recover, especially upon noticing that the bulge created by Humphrey's cock stopped about half-way up her stomach. After a few minutes, Lilly nodded to Humphrey, who had been whispering words of comfort and holding her tightly. Relaxing his grip on the female in his grasp, Humphrey leaned forward, moving his hands so they were now resting on either side of Lilly's head, while said female noticed that Humphrey's change in posture caused her knees to lay against her shoulders, draping her legs below the knees over his shoulders.

Slowly at first, Humphrey began to thrust his cock in and out of Lilly, the bulge in her stomach shrinking and growing with each motion. Gradually, Lilly's light moans turned into euphoric screams as could feel the ever-changing pressure from Humphrey's dick. Soon, Humphrey built a steady rhythm while he fucked Lilly, the latter moaning loudly as she wrapped her arms around her the underside of her thighs, holding her legs closer to her chest, which made it feel like Humphrey was striking even deeper into her pussy.

Eventually, Humphrey's thrust picked up in speed and power until he was all but attempting to plow Lilly into the ground, which added to the ever growing pleasure that was coursing through Lilly's body, especially the thrilling sensation of the bulge in her abdomen as he it no seemed to bury itself deeper each thrust, the feeling causing Lilly's eyes to roll into the back of her head as she unconsciously began to drool. Soon, Lilly felt a very familiar pressure stirring within her core, a clear sign that her orgasm was imminent. Humphrey himself even begin to feel a another stirring in his loins as he felt Lilly's tight cavern contract around his member.

"Lilly, I'm gonna cum," he said in between grunts.

"Do it...I DARE you to cum inside of me," replied Lilly with an uncharacteristically low growl as she reached a hand down and began to violently rub her clit , desperate to bring about her orgasm faster. Humphrey, unable to resist the kinky dare, let out a feral growl in return before rutting Lilly to the point that her face morphed into that of a fucked-stupid bitch. And within two minutes, Lilly got what she wanted. Shooting his head forward, Humphrey shoved his tongue into Lilly's mouth, battling hers with fierce intensity as he thrusted his knot against her pussy. And with one final thrust, Humphrey pushed his knot past the last bit of resistance, causing the head of his member to penetrate her womb, causing Lilly to scream into his mouth as she released her sweet fluid all over Tony's member.

Humphrey, upon feeling Lilly's tight walls clamp around his shaft, pressed his body down hard against her, pinning her legs against her shoulders as her tits pressed against his chest. With eyes clenched shut, Humphrey began to empty his semen deep within Lilly's womb, string after string of white, hot cum pouring into her. Feeling the warm fluid flow into her body, making her stomach swell just a bit more, Lilly let out a low moan as she came down from her orgasmic high, only to let out another series of moans as Humphrey gave a few more thrusts, her tight cavern squeezing Humphrey's member for a little longer. After a few minutes, the spent male pulled out of Lilly's opening, allowing a small amount of their combined juices to seep out.

But then, Humphrey received a surprise when Lilly, with surprising vigor, turned the tables on him by rolling him onto his back. Lilly then altered her position by turning away from Humphrey, straddling is stomach, their combined juices drenching the fur on his stomach. Lilly's attention then turned to her husband and sister, the two having finished their romp with mason laying a disoriented Kate by the fire.

Making eye contact with his wife, Mason got a devilish idea as he reached his turn.

"I dare you ride Humphrey while I fuck your face."

Reaching between her legs, Lilly, with devilish smile of her own, grasped Humphrey's cum-covered cock, making sure Mason had a full view of what his wife was doing. Lining the tip up with her dripping pussy, Lilly let out a soft gasp as she feels the tapered tip slide between her lips once again, the feeling also making Humphrey hiss as he soon felt his sensitive member become encased by the smooth, slippery walls of Lilly's incredibly tight snatch once again.

Lifting herself up until only the tip was inside, Lilly quickly slammed her hips down, the combined forces of cum and power of her thrust causing Humphrey's knot to pop into her, effectively spearing her pussy with Humphrey's cock. The sight alone left little hesitance in Mason as he quickly made his way over to his wife, who at this point was sitting on her calves, hands on the ground in front of her, almost making her look like a rabbit. Upon reaching his wife, Mason stood in front of her, grabbing a hold of her head with both hands before pressing the tip of his cock against her lips

"Open wide, love," Mason cooed, smiling as Lilly happily obliged. And once her mouth was open, Mason wasted no time in slamming every inch of his cock into her mouth, her throat bulging out from the rough onslaught, her moans and gagging sending vibrations through his shaft as Mason began to ruthlessly face-fuck his wife, even knotting her mouth with each thrust.

One thing was for sure, Lilly knew she was going to be sore all over come morning.

But as her throat was being speared by her husband, Lilly quickly remembered the cock buried in her pussy.

Slowly at first, Lilly began to raise and lower herself on Humphrey's member, their combined juices allowing his knot to slip in and out of her with ease until all Lilly could feel was pure, lustful pleasure. Soon, Lilly built a steady rhythm while she rode Humphrey, the latter moaning loudly as he watched Lilly work her magic, her ass jiggling with each downward thrusts, the act made even more arousing by the fact that Lilly was also deepthroating Mason, her eyes once again rolling into the back of her head as she was being spit-roasted.

Humphrey was so turned on that he began thrusting his hips up to meet Lily's downward thrusts, his knot continuing to be stimulated as it entered and exited Lilly's tight cunt. At this point, Humphrey could decided to get more hands on. Lifting up both of his hand, Humphrey brought them down hard on Lilly's ass with a loud smack. The action alone made Lilly scream around Mason's cock, making the Irish-wolf up the power in his thrusting.

"UNG HURK URG!" Lilly sounded with every thrust, her throat repeatedly bulging out from the invasive organ. And if she was being honest with herself, this dominant side of Mason was always a turn on for her. Before she knew what she was doing, Lilly had squeezed three fingers in her slit with Humphrey's cock, hooking and pulling at her walls just as she had down earlier. But now, she let her screams of pleasure flow freely, the vibrations sending Mason to new heights as he plowed away. At one point, he even reached down and began to massage Lilly's plump breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples in the process, making her scream louder around his cock.

All while Humphrey continued to smack her ass.

And Humphrey did so until he left a red hand print of Lilly's ass that could be seen through her fur. And eventually, Lilly's downward thrusts ceased, but only because Humphrey had grabbed onto her waist, holding her in place just as she had brought herself up once again. And in a matter of seconds, Lilly's eyes rolled into the back of her head, her screaming throat contracting around Mason's cock as Humphrey forcefully began thrusting his hips upwards, which added to the ever growing pleasure that was coursing through Lilly's body as her brother-in-law knot-fucked her.

And and both men took pride in knowing that they had succeeded in "Fucking Lilly Stupid."

But soon, Lilly was able to pull herself out of her stupor as she felt a very familiar pressure stirring within her core, a clear sign that her orgasm was imminent. Humphrey and Mason even begin to feel the stirring in their own loins return as they felt Lilly's tight cavern and throat contract around their members.

"Lilly, I'm close," Mason said in between grunts as his knot locked him in place in Lilly's mouth and throat.

"Me too," Humphrey groaned as he began putting m,ore power in his thrusts

Lilly, desperate to feel the two men fill her cum, pulled her fingers from her overstuffed cunt and began to violently rub her clit, desperate to bring about her orgasm faster.

And within two minutes, she got what she wanted.

With one final scream around Mason's cock, Lilly, bringing her hips down hard on Humphrey's, his knot stretching her pussy and forcing it's way into her once more with a pop, also causing the head of his cock to penetrate her womb. And in a matter of seconds, Lilly released her sweet fluid all over Garth's member.

Humphrey, upon feeling Lilly's tight walls clamp around his shaft, clenched his eyes shut as he began to fire rope after rope of thick, hot cum deep within her womb, coating her walls with a thick layer of the potent spunk. Feeling the warm fluid flow into her body, Lilly let out a low moan as she came down from her orgasmic high. But her eyes stayed rolled back as Mason ruthlessly humped her face, until, with a final thrust, he began unloading his potent seed down her throat, the combined warmth of both males jizz radiating through her body.

After a few seconds of post orgasmic bliss, Humphrey and Mason pulled their respective cocks out of Lilly, cum spilling from her abused openings as she panted for breath, her hand finding it's way to her notably distended stomach. But then, Lilly noticed movement in the corner of her vision.

Kate was starting to come around.

This caused another devilish smile to form on Lilly's lips as she got off of Humphrey, allowing Mason to help his friend to his feet. And as she watched the two catch their breath, she prepared another dare for the two males.

"I dare you both to pile-drive me and fill me up."

At first annoyed by the lack of rest they were getting between sessions, Humphrey and Mason realized that they were two of the luckiest men the world to be fucking two gorgeous women.

And only a fool would pass that up for rest.

Putting their fatigue aside, both men walked over to Kate, leaving Lilly behind as the snow-furred girl started to drift in and out of consciousness from the pure bliss she was feeling, rubbing her distended stomach as if she was pregnant, which she was secretly hoping she was.

Meanwhile, Kate was just regaining her scenes from the vicious pounding Mason had given her, his seed seeping out of her drenched cunt. But, before Kate had a chance to fully recover, she felt a hand each grab her ankles, pulling her lower half up until only her upper-back and head were resting on the ground. But then, Kate felt the all-too familiar feeling of a cock pressing against both of her used and abused holes. And it was only when she felt the two phallus slam into her holes that's eyes snapped open at the realization that Humphrey and Mason were pile-driving her, her husband taking her pussy while her brother-in-law fucked her ass.

Looking down, or rather up at the two males, or as her current view was Humphrey's ass and balls, Kate could the double intrusion making her stomach bulge even more than when it had with a single hole stuffed, thanks to the combined efforts of Humphrey and Mason, their humongous dongs sending Kate to new heights as they stretched her openings.

"Me...want...big dongs in tight cunny cun," Kate moaned out unintelligibly, her eyes crossing as she felt the bulge pressing harder against her stomach with each thrust, unintelligible sounds escaped her throat, her tongue lulled out and drooling as she was being fucked stupid. Lilly actually chuckled a bit when she saw the two males give each other a fist-bump, taking great pride in the fact that they had broken the strong-willed woman in their power.

But after a good few minutes of fucking Kate into a stupor, both males felt the all-too familiar pressure in their loins. But, rather than stuff Kate to the brim with cum, they felt that she had had her fair share. Turning his attention to Lilly, Mason, without teasing in his thrusts on Kate, silent beckoned her over with a single finger. Lilly, catching on to what Mason was getting at, crawled over to the trio of horny wolves. And once Lilly had reached them, Mason and Humphrey quickly withdrew from Kate, leading Lilly to catch her sister as she fell over, only to help her to her euphoric sister to her knees as the two turned to face their husbands.

Standing over their beautiful wives, Mason and Humphrey had a firm hold on their shafts, vigorously stroking them as they prepared to coat the two women with their seemingly abundant supply of cum. But, as they did so, they found themselves looking to each other, their eyes meeting for a brief moment. Now, in the end, they had put it down to the heat of the moment, but when their eyes, glazed with lust, met, everything just seemed to happen at once.

But, being two straight men happily married to the gorgeous woman at their mercy, and who certainly had no problem with other males doing what they were about to do, they felt the need to say at the same time a mantra that was pretty well known.

"No Homo."

With that, Humphrey and Mason found themselves in a heated kiss, their tongues battling for dominance as they moaned into each other mouths, their hands still working on their cocks as they made out, finding the experience strange, but not terrible. Meanwhile, Kate and Lilly watched the display from below, their openings dripping at the sight.

"Mmmm," Kate hummed, her half-lidded, fucked-stupid gaze locked on her husband kissing another male, "So likey."

"That's it baby," Lilly said as she saw the two males pace on their dicks quicken, their impromptu session apparently adding to their excitement. And it must have been the case, because in a matter of seconds, the two males pulled apart from each other, letting out loud moans as they fired ropes of thick, hot, gooey cum onto their wives, shots landing on their facings, in their hair, in their mouths, or on their tits, both females moaning at the taste and feeling.

"Lots of good cummies," Kate mumbled one final time before keeling over, her soft snores a clear indication that she had passed out from bliss. Humphrey, having recovered from the euphoria of having not only another one of several orgasms, but also the knowledge that he had made out with Mason, chuckled as he watched Kate sleep with that fucked-stupid smile on her face.

Speaking of Mason...

Humphrey turned to see Mason help Lilly get a still half-conscious Kate to her feet, only for the larger male to meet Humphrey's gaze, the grey-furred wolf giving a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"So, when we, you know, does that mean we're...?"

Mason, catching on to what Humphrey was implying, gave a playful laugh.

"Oh fuck no," he said, earning a giggle from Lilly, "it just means we kissed...heat of the moment...that's all, nothing major."

Humphrey, upon hearing this, let out a sigh of relief before walking to the others, carefully gathering Kate into his arms before carrying her bridal-style to their tent. But before he did, Humphrey decided to send a playful quip toward Mason.

"Too bad," he said, "cause you're a great kisser."

Mason let out a hearty laugh.

"Hey, don't go gay on me Humph!"

"Please," Humphrey said as he resumed his walking, "I could get a much better catch than you."

"Fuck you Pal!"

"Is that an offer?!" Humphrey playfully joked back as he ducked into his and Kate's tent before zipping it closed.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph," Mason said with a chuckle, before turning toward his loving wife, covered in a combination of his and Humphrey's spunk. Leaning in, Mason pulled his wife into a gentle kiss, actually not caring that his fur was becoming sticky with the cum on his wife. Hell, they could always wash off in the lake in the morning.

Pulling away from the kiss, the two wolves smiled lovingly at each other before turning to return to their tent, but not before gathering up the stray clothes so they would get stolen or taken by wild animals. With that, the two retreated to their own tent, falling into a blissful sleep soon after...

The four wolves unaware of the two horny Park Rangers Claws and Scar, who had seen and been fucking to the whole thing.

Thanks for reading everyone. Also, just a note, due to a heavy schedule and many projects on the plate, I will not be taking anymore requests until further notice.

So until we meet again...

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