Chapter 1: I'm in Twilight?!

Author's Note:

This is my second story, and I know my grammar is not the greatest, but I hope you guys can give it a chance like some of yall did to my first story.

Like I put on the summary, there will be no Emily. Leah and Sam only dated for few months back in high school. They did not continue their relationship when Sam first phased, so Sam phased alone.

When Jacob phased, he turn his title as Alpha over to Sam. Jacob is just Beta and has no desire to become Alpha, so Sam is Alpha. This Sam is a little more animalistic due to being stuck as a wolf for weeks. He is very territorial and possessive, and it got amplified when he was given the complete Alpha role by Jacob. However, it doesn't mean I will make this story borderline abusive. No, I don't tolerate abuse. Sam is no longer a temp Alpha, but the real deal Alpha.

Jacob will not imprint Renesmee.

I am aging up the pack too. Sam, Jared and Paul are all 21. Embry is 19. Jacob and Quil are 18. Seth is 17. I will be making Claire age up as well. Claire is not a child, but a teenager in high school.


"Laurent, you don't have to do this!" someone said. It sounded like it was a voice of a young girl, but I was confused. I opened my eyes, trying to focus on who said that. I noticed that I was on the damp, cold ground of some..meadow? I looked around and it appeared that I was in the woods too? How did I get here?

I am so confused.

A black man with dreads was standing in front of me and I guess his Laurent? He said, "Shh. I am just going to have a little snack before helping you, Bella."

Bella? Laurent? Why those names sound so oddly familiar?

Bella? cried, "Take me instead, leave the poor girl alone."

Laurent tsked before saying, "Such a sweetheart you are, Bella. If you insist, I can take you out of your behalf of Victoria. What she has planned for you is much more worse. But, before I get to you.."

Suddenly, he turned to me, and he stomped me easily without putting an effort in the leg. I screamed in pain. I heard the loud snap as my break broke into two like a twig. Who the fuck is this dude? How the fuck was he able to break my leg like a twig? No matter how strong you are, that is unnatural. It is non-human..

I was whimpering and moaning in pain. I noticed then I was wearing black shorts and a white tank top. I was covered in dirt and leaves with my head hurting. Was I dragged around like a rag doll before I woke up here? Because I was wearing shorts, I could visibly see my broken leg in an odd angle. It quickly turned black and blue from the injury. With tears falling down from my eyes, I started sobbing. I said panting, "please, let me go. I..I'll pretend this never happened."

Laurent chuckled lightly and simply ignored me. His gaze was fixed on Bella. He lifted his hand about to hit Bella with Bella muttering, "I love you, Edward" when he froze. He started walking backward, almost tripping over me when he said, "I can't believe it."

Both Bella and I looked over to see what he was referring to, and we heard rustling from the trees. An image of something black was coming out of the trees. a wolf. Not just any wolf, but a massive wolf in a size of a huge hummer. The wolf was staring intently at Laurent with teeth barred. wolf's back was arched highly with it's hair standing up in intimidation. He snarled with a loud high-pitched snarl. It echoed loudly across the forest and I instinctively covered my ears. Then, two more of wolves came out behind the black wolf. There was a gray wolf on the left and a reddish-brown wolf on the right. The reddish-brown wolf was so close to Bella that if she reaches out her hand, she could've touched the wolf.

The black wolf growled lowly, and it made the reddish-brown wolf to focus on Laurent. The black wolf eyes looked down on me and that is when something changed. I saw the wolf's expression changed. It wasn't as furious and enraged. It looked confused? I don't know how I knew. I am no dog..or wolf whisperer but I somehow knew.

I was confused too because the moment I made eye contact with the wolf, I had a vision. I saw a tall Native American man giving me a kiss on the lips. He said, "I can't wait to share our life together with our growing family" as he put his hands around my slightly swollen tummy. I heard laughter of two children in the distance, saying, "would our baby sister like to surf with us, mom?"

When the black wolf noticed my broken leg, he snarled so loudly that Bella fell to the ground and covered her ears in fright. He barred his teeth and had foam forming at his mouth. He looked absolutely livid and vicious. The grey wolf was snapping his jaw at Laurent.

Fuck. Am I going to get eaten by this wolf now? But, why is this so familiar?


No way.

Why am I in Twilight?

I was so shocked in my realization that I didn't notice when Laurent ran in a inhumanely speed away from the wolves.


That pretty much shows that he is that very same villain black vampire in the Twilight series. No one can run like that. I covered my head as the wolves jumped over me, chasing after Laurent. I was crying and hyperventilating. I was so confused, lost, and in absolute pain from my broken leg. I don't know what was going on, why I am here, and how did this happen.

I saw Bella clumsily crawling away until she got up and ran away half-crying and half-giggling in hysteria.

Damn Bella. You just gonna leave me like that?

I groaned in frustration and pounded my fist on the ground. I sighed. Well, it seemed like it is just going to be me. I started thinking. Should I wait here until one of the guys come around? Should I start crying out for help? I wasn't so sure. Gosh. I wish I had a cellphone to call for help. I tried to crawl away, but I was immediately stopped by the piercing pain from my leg. I guess I have to wait for someone to come and help me.

I started crying helplessly for a good while when I heard rustling behind me. I froze. A tall native American came in front of me. He only had shorts on, and I somehow found him so attractive. He was about 6 ft and 7 inches tall. He had bulging, toned muscles with no fat to his body. He was only wearing shorts, and he had black short hair. When I went to look at him in the eyes, I couldn't help but notice that his eyes glowed slightly gold before he squinted his eyes tightly before opening them again. It was brown.

I couldn't help but feel drawn to him. I didn't know what just happened, so I simply stared at him. He crouched down to me, and he spoke with a deep timber, " Hello..My name is Sam..I am a leader of the border patrol at Quileute Reservation. I heard you crying from the distance, so I came to help. There is a clinic down in our reservation, I can take you to fix your leg."

I said, "Okay..thank you."

He nodded and he asked, "What's your name?"

When I opened my mouth to tell him my name, I was immediately shown of someone's memories in my mind. What? Whose memories are these? I screamed and clutched my head in pain when Sam kneeled down to me before I passed out in his arms.

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I am still working on my first story, and I will be finishing that story, so I won't update to this story as much. Maybe depending on the demand for this story, but for now, I will update to this story maybe once every 1.5 weeks?

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