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No shoes, No shirt, No problems
Blues what blues..hey i forgot 'em
The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand
with no bottom
and no shoes, no shirt, and no problems
No problems

~Kenny Chesney, No Shoes, No Shirt(No Problems), No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Album

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Simply Enchanting

Chapter 2

Buffalo, Wyoming

Champion Navarre Ranch

This certainly wasn't what Serena had expected.

She admitted the drive over the ranch had been an enjoyment, the view and scenery new to her and also a pleasure to see. The plains here stretched far and wide, the green pastures as bright as gems, the sky an endless blue with clear clouds drifting gently across. She had seen only one small town after leaving the airport, and it had been quite small. After that they had entered Navarre land, according to the bus driver, and had since been riding smoothly through it.

The bus driver had droned on in a voice much used to his spiel about how old the Navarre family was, how they had descended from the Apache Indians, how the family itself had thrived even through harsh winters and the invasion of the French.

Serena hadn't listened with much interest, until he had gone into a love story on how one of the French Nobles had come to the new land and fallen intensely in love with a small, Apache woman, and how she had been denied to him by her father, the chief of the Apache's. So with his heart leading him, the French man had kidnapped her and brought her here to this land, despite obstacles of race and the sneering of his own fellow men, and made her his wife. He had forsaken his own country and family to remain with her, and had raised a family in this place.

Serena was enchanted by the story, although she knew it was very well just a story made to entertain the tourists. But she hadn't been able to help the rapid beating her heart had jumped too, or the vague thought that she herself was part French, descending from her mother's side.

She had been amazed at the beauty of the ranch itself when it had finally come into view, and had gazed with admiration at the huge cabin where she was certain several of the guests remained, several other smaller cabins littered around it for more privacy. Amy had told her she had rented out one of the cabins instead of the main house, telling Serena she would definitely prefer privacy then having to stay at the main house.

In the far distance she could see another huge home, a mansion was what it appeared like. The bus driver had informed them that the home belonged to the owner of the ranch, Darien Champion Navarre, and he most usually never came down to mingle with the guests, as he was a busy man. Although his family had converted their home into a guest ranch, it still remained a ranch itself, with cattle to tend to and horses that were bred and raised here. Darien spent most of his time overseeing what was his, and hardly had time to visit with the guests.

Serena hadn't much cared what the owner did, but had overheard a couple of young blonde's giggling over him and saying that he was young, a thirty three year old millionaire bachelor, and the most good looking man any of them had ever seen. It seemed the little blonde's had come not for vacation, but for husband hunting, as they also discussed the other man, Greg Hunter, who lived nearby and was also a millionaire bachelor.

Feeling a bit sorry for these men, Serena stood with her cases held in her hand on the huge front porch of the main house, listening as the manager of the place gave instructions when breakfast, lunch, and dinner were served and where, and the various entertainments they had. He went further to explain that this night they would be having a small gathering in the hall next to the main house, where music and dancing would be, and lessons on how to line dance. Several of the tourists murmured together at this, and Serena wondered if she should also attend or just remain in her rooms for the night.

She had realized she had overdressed for this place as well as she gazed about her and noted how the other tourists wore simple jeans and T-shirts. She had donned a black skirt and a cream colored silk blouse, wearing small black heels with it. Amy hadn't bothered to tell her to tone it down either, she thought with some anger. Her friend had merely smiled and assured her what she wore was fine and would do for the place.

After the manager escorted them inside, she checked in at the desk and took the key to her cabin, a small brochure handed to her, and directions on which one was hers. It was a two bedroom cabin that she and Amy would be sharing when her friend arrived the following week.

Tossing her long, silvery hair over her shoulder, she turned away from the desk and picked up her cases, walking outside to where the sun was already beating as sharply as needles. The heat was growing and it was only eleven in the morning.

She descended the steps carefully, mindful of her heels, and didn't notice the truck that had turned into the lane of the ranch, but came to a screeching halt at the sight of her. She didn't notice the dark man that stopped to gawk and stare at her as if he had never seen a female before, and didn't notice when he leapt out to approach her.

She could see her cabin was the furthest one from the main house, and that she had somewhat of a walk ahead of her. Annoyed already with her surroundings and wishing for smooth pavement and not uneven ground, she cursed vehemently beneath her breath when her foot twisted beneath her as she stepped on a rather large rock.

"Need help?" she turned to see a tall, dark man standing behind her, his thumbs tucked into the front pockets of his jeans, his well built upper torso clothed in a button up shirt that was slightly agape at the chest, the sleeves rolled up to reveal tanned, muscled arms. His hair was a jet black, his eyes just as dark, and she noted the small scar just above his left eye. Intrigued and flattered by the frank male appreciation in his eyes, she turned slightly to face him.

"Help would be wonderful." He came forward then and took all of her cases easily, and she had to admit she was glad he had come along when he had. "Thank you so much, I didn't think my cabin would be so far from the main house."

His dark gaze slid over her, lingering on the magnificent legs enhanced by the small skirt and little heels. "I'm surprised no one offered to take your things for you. The hands usually jump at a chance to help such a beautiful lady."

"Well thank you, but I had hoped to be able to assert my own self dependence this time." She laughed and shook her head. "Not in these heels, I'm afraid."

"Yeah, not in those heels." Jesus, the woman knew how to walk. "I'm Greg Hunter."

He watched her eyes widen slightly, and those foggy blue eyes latch onto him with curiosity before she laughed softly again. "Serenity Rothschild and it seems I beat them to it."

He cocked his head, intrigued with the amusement in her eyes. "You've lost me darling."

"A few blonde's seem to be hoping to catch your eye and the owner of this ranch also. I just find it amusing that I somehow beat them to it."

"Yeah, you sure did. I don't think I've seen a more beautiful woman then you." He spoke in all honesty, although in the back of his mind he saw a small, dark woman who haunted his days and nights with the memory of her. "You hoping to beat the blonde's to a few other things as well?"

Why, he's hitting on me, Serena thought, and wondered how to react. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she turned her head and gave him a slow smile. "We'll just have to see about that."

They approached the door to her cabin, and she almost cried with relief. She prided herself on not limping in front of Greg, but it was costing her dearly. These heels and any others she'd brought would be stuffed beneath her things at the first opportunity.

"Thank you so much for your help." She turned to him at the porch steps, not realizing she was wringing her hands together nervously. The only man she had put up with in the past two years had been Jackson. She had never once cheated on him. "I hope to be seeing you around while I visit."

He followed her up the porch steps and decided to leave her cases there for her. By the nervous look she was giving him and her flustered movements, he didn't think she'd be too keen if he asked to come in. "Oh you'll definitely be seeing me darling." A thought occurred to him, and he angled his head at her. "Are you going to the dance in the hall tonight?"

Her eyes flew to his, and he marveled at the misty blue color. "I wasn't sure if I should, but..."

He took her hand carefully, rubbed one thumb across her knuckles, intrigued with the skin that was as smooth as milk beneath his hand. "I'd like to see you there."

She kept her gaze level with his and finally nodded. "All right. I'll be seeing you there Greg."

His grin was as quick as lightening, and hit her like a sizzling bolt just as hard. "That's just dandy darling. See you tonight." Giving her one last wink, he turned and strode down the porch steps and back up the road.

She wondered if she had just made the correct choice, but told herself that she needed to know if perhaps she truly did love Jackson and wasn't merely used to him as Amy had said. She was deeply terrified her friend might be right.

The cabin's cool shade welcomed her and left the heat of Buffalo outside. Pleased with the spacious lining quarters she would be occupying for the next few weeks, she began to unpack.

With the peaceful routine giving her time to think, her mind drifted toward Jackson and she began to wonder if he was all right. It had been three weeks since she had seen him and two since she had spoken to him. She had deliberately cut herself off from any contact with him because just hearing his voice had been weakening her resolve. And his own pleas had been melting her own heart in the process.

She changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top with tennis shoes. Much more relaxed in her new attire, she decided she would go out to begin her exploration of this ranch Amy had recommended so highly.

Tying her streaming silvery hair back into a pony tail, she took the keys to the cabin with her and departed out.

* * * * * *

Greg swept through the main house and didn't find Darien, and asking one of the hands that was working outside, was informed he was in the east of the stables overseeing the breeding of a mare with one of his champions.

He strode through the steadily building heat of the day, around to the east of the house and found a group of men near the entrance to the stables, Darien's champion already being taken away, the mare meanwhile cooled off by his manager. Darien wore a button up shirt that was sticking to the muscles of his back and shoulders, the sleeves rolled up to his powerful forearms. He took a bandana from his back pocket and wiped at the sweat trickling down his dark brow, turning in time to see his friend striding toward him.

He raised a brow, recognizing the look on Greg's face. "What's up?" his muscles screamed for rest after the arduous task of breeding his powerfully strong champion with the mare, but he still had a full day's work ahead of him.

"I think I'm in love." Greg could still feel the sensation of drowning Serenity had left in him. "You have the most beautiful woman I've ever seen staying here, on your ranch."

"Well that's always a good thing to know." Darien strode away from the stables and back toward his home. "We did just get another load of tourists in, didn't we?"

"No Darien, you don't understand. This woman is beyond gorgeous, she's stunning. I can't even imagine what she would be doing out here, but she-"

"A city girl, is she?" Darien smirked at this. "She won't last a day."

"Oh I'll make sure she lasts at least for a few weeks."

Darien stopped as they mounted the porche steps of his home, turning sharply back to Greg. "No, you won't. Haven't we discussed this already Greg?"

"Oh no, you can't deny this woman to me. I don't care about your rules, but she-"

Darien muttered a vile curse beneath his breath and turned to slam into his home, the cool of the house a welcome after the blazing heat outside. "You never did seem to care much for rules."

"It was a trait we both shared, if I remember correctly." Greg's tone was mildly calm, but the hint of steel beneath hinted at the temper straining for release. "Look, I do try to stay away from your tourists-"

"Like hell you do."

He ignored the comment. "But this woman is just....fucking perfect! Darien, just wait until you get a look at her, you'll understand my reasoning."

"Perhaps I will, but it doesn't change a thing. I want you to control your hormones around my guests." He was washing the sweat and grime from his face at the kitchen sink, hoping his housekeeper and cook, Sarah, didn't happen in to see and scold him as she most usually did.

"I haven't found a reason to control them since they kicked in at fifteen." Greg's grin was cocky, growing only wider even when Darien turned to give him a steady stare. "I have to go now, but I'll be back later tonight for the dance in the hall. I sweet talked her into going."

Darien remained tactfully silent, even when Greg laughed and left him alone in the kitchen, the screen door slamming shut behind him.

He knew it was beyond his control to order Greg away from the guests, but several broken hearts in the past, left by the both of them, had resulted in it. He found it was a much better tactic then having fun with these women, then pushing them away and ordering them to go home.

He took a towel from the counter and wiped his face, quickly going into the laundry room and leaving it there. He left the house, taking up his Stetson and placing it over his dark head, cutting the heat neatly in half. He would go to the stables and saddle himself a horse, he mused as he made his way back. He needed to make a quick sweep of the south, where a small portion of his cattle grazed, before returning to go over paperwork and make calls from his office.

The stables were calm and quiet, the wranglers all outside with assembled groups of the guests. He was saddling his own stallion when he caught the drifting scent of a soft, fragrant perfume.

Only a woman could smell so alluring, was his first thought before he turned and saw her. She was wandering through the stables, dressed in snug jeans and a tank top, her long, silvery hair pulled back in a pony tail that streamed like cool water down her back. He could make out her stunning features in the dim lights, her vibrant, sultry blue eyes topped by slashing dark brows. Her cheekbones rode high over smoothly fresh flesh, her lips unpainted and lush enough to draw his gaze.

He knew immediately this was the woman Greg had spoken of. He had to credit his friend, because she was utterly stunning, even in such simple clothes and with no makeup. He leaned against his stallion comfortably, not even bothering to hide his stare as she drew closer to him.

When she finally did notice him she halted, her eyes fixing on him, her sultry gaze curious and just a little surprised. Because he hadn't bothered to acknowledge her, he watched as she locked her hands together in a nervous gesture, her slim form remaining still.

"Hello." Serena hadn't known they made cowboys this....well, sexy. The man standing before her was powerfully built, dark in the shadows of the stables, those opaque eyes remaining steadily on her face. His features were razor sharp, like a lethal dagger, his towering form leaning lazily against the stallion that stood patiently waiting. He reminded her vaguely of a panther, a powerful, dark panther who could remain still for long periods of time, but strike with calm and deadly precision. Although he looked relaxed, Serena suspected he could move with amazing speed should need be.

He didn't answer, instead taking his time to admire her. The voice was smoothly sexy, pitched low, but with the faint sophistication that was acquired through years of foreign boarding schools. He could almost smell the city on her, Los Angeles most likely, he mused.

She grew annoyed at his stare, and wondered if all cowboys were also this rude. "What? Do I have something on my face?" She couldn't help the faint irritation that had slid into her tone.

The tone amused him greatly, and because he could see annoyance dominating her stunning features, he replied in a vaguely bored one himself. "No ma'am." He purposely made his accent heavier then it was, and continued to stare.

She blew out a sharp breath, raising one slim brow. "Shouldn't you be outside with the other....well, cowboys or something? They're all seeing to the other guests."

Careful to keep the amusement from his face, he slid his tongue along his teeth and considered her. "Cowboys, ma'am?"

The clear confusion on his face had her back straightening, and coming to the quick conclusion that perhaps the animal at his side had more brains. "The other men, your fellow co-workers?" She gestured toward the entrance to the stables. "Their probably waiting for you."

He nodded once, and flashed her a quick grin. "Yes'm."

The force of that change in his features slammed into her, and she was left for just a moment to fumble for words. How could any man have such power in just one simple move? She had to make sure she kept her wits about her with this one. "Don't you know more then just two or three words?" She realized she was being a bit of a snob, but couldn't seem to help it. The idiot man acted as if he had no idea what she spoke of.

"Yes ma'am, I most surely do." It was highly amusing to watch her grow more and more annoyed, and also more into the belief that he was an idiot with brawn and no brains.

She could swear he was receiving immense pleasure at the annoyance he was causing her, and deliberately calmed herself. She wouldn't allow a simple minded cowboy, stable hand at that, to ruin her first day here. "Why don't you-"

"Would you like a ride ma'am?" He cut neatly into what she'd been about to say, turning back to finish saddling his stallion. "I was just headed' south now, but I wouldn't mind the company."

Stunned into silence for a moment, she had to remind herself he was offering out of pure politeness. He was a worker there, after all. "Well....wouldn't I be getting in the way?"

She would distract him, of that he was sure, but he wanted some time alone with her, away from the ranch and the guests. "No ma'am. It's my duty to see the guests enjoy themselves." Without waiting for her consent, he strode to another stall and began to saddle a mare for her.

She watched him, eyes narrowing. Why did she get the impression he wasn't such an idiot, that he was indeed pushing her into this? "I don't think-"

"We won't be gone long." He was enjoying himself, more then he thought he would have. He could see she was beginning to wonder if he was as stupid as he seemed to be. "You'll enjoy yourself ma'am."

Letting out a small sigh, she lifted her hands in defeat. "Your right. I would rather take a ride away from all the guests also."

"Yes'm." He led the docile mare, Helen, out of her stall and into the stables. He had chosen a mare that was calm and cool, one who wouldn't frighten her. "Here we are now. I'll help you mount ma'am." He stepped back and waited for her to approach.

Serena lifted one brow and decided not to comment on that. The idiot thought she had never ridden a horse before, when she had in fact been raised on them, entering contests most of her life and winning several prizes.

Moving forward, she brushed past him and put her foot into the stirrup, gripping and lifting herself easily into the saddle in mere seconds. Once she sat atop the mare, she looked down at him, smiling slightly when she saw the stunned expression in his eyes.

She took the reigns up in her hand, clucking to the horse and beginning to leave the stables. "Come on then cowboy, get a move on." She had to struggle not to laugh as she left him behind.

She had staggered him with the sure and easy manner she had mounted and taken up the reigns, not once looking to him for help. She sat Helen well, well enough to tell him she had been raised with horses, and taught well how to handle them.

So the woman had some surprises, he mused with a grin. He was a man who enjoyed such surprises, and he somehow knew it wasn't the last shock she would give him.

He mounted his own stallion quickly, spurring the horse ahead to where she waited patiently outside.

"Follow me ma'am." He jerked his head south, and directed his stallion into an easy trot with her keeping pace beside him.

"Please don't call me ma'am, you make me feel old." Serena couldn't help admiring the sharp features, the bronzed skin and burning blue eyes that contrasted so well with the thick, black hair. Or the powerful shoulders that filled the button up shirt very nicely. "My name is Serenity Rothschild."

Darien had to take a moment, grateful the shadow of the Stetson partially concealed his eyes. He had kept tabs on Amy over the years, and had learned from his sources that she had met and become extremely close friends with a Serenity Rothschild. But he had never imagined he would actually be meeting the woman. Or that she would be so stunning.

So this was her, he thought with some admiration. He recalled that the investigators he had hired had been men, and had commented on this close friend, Serenity's, staggeringly beautiful features. At the time he had skimmed over that, annoyed that these PI's who were supposed to be professional should linger on something that hadn't been of importance.

But seeing and knowing her in the flesh made him understand the infatuation these men had attained due to their job.

He made sure to keep his expression carefully blank, and instead allowed a slow, cocky grin to come. "They call me Champ." It wasn't entirely a lie. Most of his men called him by that nickname, a nickname his grandfather had affectionately given him as a boy.

He could see by her quick frown that she had never imagined that would be his name. "Champ?"

"Hhhmmm." He studied her intently, deciding to keep the pretense for the time being. Perhaps if she didn't know who he truly was she would speak to him of Amy and how her life had been for the past seven years.

And deep down he wondered if she would be interested in him as just an ordinary man, and not the millionaire he was.

"Well....that's an interesting name." Serena struggled to stop the laughter that wanted to bubble out, not wanting to offend him. What an odd name his parents had given him.

Darien could have sworn he heard muffled laughter, but when he cocked his head to look at her, her expression was smooth. "So your from the big city then." It came as a statement, not a question.

She wanted to kick the horse into a good, hard gallop, but restrained herself. "Yes, I am. I was raised in Los Angeles." She was surveying the land around them, admiring the rolling hills and glistening pastures.

So he had been right. Amused, he slid his gaze over her slim form, silently admiring. "I could tell."

"Could you?" She asked it absently, more intrigued with the land spreading endlessly around them. "It's so beautiful here."

He couldn't help when his heart swelled with pride. "That it is. There's no place like Champion Navarre land."

Serena was forced to agree. She had been to Europe several times, had seen the cathedral of Notre Dame, had walked the streets of Paris, had relaxed on the beach's of Greece, but had never come across a land as beautiful as this one.

"How are you finding Helen?" Darien cut into her thoughts, drawing her sultry gaze back to his.

"Who? Oh, this beautiful lady." She bent and patted her neck. "She's very calm. Did you name her?"

"Nope, the boss did." Darien could see his cattle grazing in the distance, and began scanning the land and fencing. "You like it?"

"Well yes, it suits her I suppose. And what is this handsome devil's name?" She couldn't help but admire the dark stallion he rode, the glistening muscles, the clearly arrogant dark eyes that even now eyed Helen.

"Paris." The stallion was vibrating beneath him, impatient for a good, hard gallop, but Darien easily held him back. Not today old boy, he thought silently with some regret.

Serena blinked once. "Excuse me?"

He turned back to her, partially distracted by his check up on the cattle. "His name's Paris. Interesting, isn't it? Helen and Paris."

Serena's laughter was low and smooth. "Yes, it is. Two of history's greatest lovers, torn apart by war and death."

"I take it your a romantic woman then." He could easily see why it was she and Amy had become such close friends over the years. The romantic hearts they shared had clearly connected them.

Serena stared at him blankly a moment. "What?"

He swallowed the chuckle. "I take it not too many people tell you that."

Serena couldn't deny she was disturbed by his quick description of her. She didn't believe she had a romantic heart....then again. he was merely a stable hand. An extremely sexy one, but a stable hand all the same. "Your right. Not too many people could make that assumption so quickly."

Amused, he slid his tongue along his teeth. "It wasn't an assumption."

She was growing irritated with him and trying to hide it. The pleasure of the ride was slowly seeping out of her. "Do you think we could head back now?"

"Yes ma'am." He followed her movement, rearing Paris around and urging him to keep pace with her and Helen. "How long will you be staying in Buffalo?"

"A few weeks, I imagine. The peace and quiet here is what drew me. I have-," she paused for a moment, considering her words carefully, "I have several matters which I must make a decision on soon."

He studied her carefully, noting the shadows that had slid into her eyes, and wondered what it was she spoke of. "Well, this is the perfect place for that."

"Yes, I know. I'm grateful to my friend for suggesting this."

He had been relaxing, allowing the tension of the day to ease from him, but the moment she spoke he stiffened, his mind working with possibilities. "Your friend suggested you take this vacation?"

She nodded, brushing at her silvery hair absently. "Yes, she thought a retreat might help me and told me she knew of one which came with very high recommendations. Before I knew it I was agreeing to a vacation in the country." Serena laughed quietly, shaking her head. "Amy came be very persuasive."

He felt his heart constrict, could feel his muscles tightening with a surge of longing and a flood of memories that came with the one mention of that name. Before he could gain control of his emotions, they had moved over a hill, with the ranch spread out below them.

She glanced at him quickly, and driven by a need for a wild gallop before they returned, she spoke quickly, "I'll race you back!" and kicked Helen into a hard gallop.

It took him a moment to realize she had left him behind, eating the dust she and Helen and kicked up. Unable to contain the grin that came, he spurred Paris forward to follow.

Serena could hear he and Paris thundering down the hill behind them, and glancing over her shoulder, saw the pair of dark, powerful makes quickly gaining on them. Laughing with sheer delight, she urged Helen faster.

She was an excellent rider, he couldn't deny that. She handled Helen well, much better then he would have known, even knowing she had grown among horses. But Paris was a champion stallion, and the pair of them had quickly gained on them within seconds.

Together they raced side by side until they had to come to a halt before the stables, the area now clear of the stable hands and any tourists. Exhilarated by the ride, Serena swung off of Helen, her cheeks flushed with excitement, her laughter spilling forth helplessly.

"That was wonderful!" She watched Darien swing off of Paris, his grin as sizzling as a bolt of lightening. "I didn't realize I had missed riding that much!"

She looked stunning, with the brilliance of the sun shining at her back, her streaming silvery hair blowing in the gentle breeze, her cheeks flushed with color and her eyes bright with excitement. Darien couldn't contain what he felt. It could be called basic, pure and primal desire, man for woman. But the roaring lust he felt coursing through him was mind consuming, could be fatal and obsessive, something that could quickly turn into a deadly addiction.

He approached her without a word, his gaze having grown dark with desire as the tidal wave of passion crashed through him. He watched her eyes slightly widen, watched her take a single step back, before his hands snaked forward and captured her, hauling her into contact with his lithe, powerful frame.

He watched her mouth open to protest, her eyes now clouding with anger, and silenced any protests with the hard possession of his mouth. She was warm beneath the onslaught of his desire, her hair soft as he removed the tie from her hair, the long, silvery mass cascading down her back as he filled his hands with it. Groaning against her mouth, her pressed her into closer contact with him.

Serena couldn't think beyond the sensations swamping her, couldn't focus on the many reasons why she should push him away. His mouth was hard on hers, demanding her surrender, his hands clutching her closer to him. She lost herself fast in the passion he ignited in her, mindlessly running her hands up his taut back, over the broad shoulders firm with muscle. He was tight, his arms rippling with power, quivering with a need to possess her completely. She recognized the hunger and longing in him, only because it was mirrored within herself.

But just as quickly as he had caused her mind to go smoothly blank with desire, the memory of Jackson came back to her full force. Horrified with herself, she shoved back from him, only to be caught and held securely.

"What is it?" Darien refused to release her. Her body was soft beneath his hands, curved delicately, and he luxuriated in the feel of her pressed intimately to him.

She had to take a moment, to clear her mind of the red haze he had created. "Let me go." She spoke carefully, making sure she didn't stumble over her words and embarrass herself.

He felt her stiffen when he ran his hands up her back. "Why?" He wondered what could have caused this. One moment she had been responding wonderfully to him, and just as suddenly had been shoving him and demanding her release.

Her eyes flew to his, her jaw clenching at the lazy smile on that glorious face. "What do you think is wrong? I don't want this!" With one powerful shove she was released, taking two safe steps back from him. "Don't you dare touch me again!"

He caught her arm when she attempted to move past him, his smile turning from lazy to arrogant. "That's a mighty big lie there. Was I the only one who felt your hands all over me?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing, causing her fury to mount rapidly because she knew the single statement was true. "You filthy, ill mannered cowboy! I'm going to speak with your superior about this!" Yanking her arm from his grasp she stalked away from him, turning back to shout at him, "Better yet, I'll go to the owner himself!" With that said, she tossed her long, silvery hair over her shoulder and disappeared around the corner of the shed.

Darien lifted his hand and rubbed at his heart, feeling the impact she had left as if a bolt of lightening had struck him clean, leaving him weak and disoriented, but with the determination to have her again. "What a woman."

* * * * * *

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