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The cast has just finished watching arc 3, Subaru just defeated sloth and save Emilia from the hidden bomb. I wanted to make this because I can totally see Subaru in Emilya just a little. Subaru can be a scary cat sometimes but he hasn't experienced true suffering in a young age like shirou in the fuyuki fire. Suffering is the seed of strength I think pain and despair make Shirou and Subaru strong in their own way.

Chapter 1

As the screen started playing a sound of fire and screams of people can be heard through the screen.

"What is that sound Why are people screaming?" Asked the worried half-elf watching the black scream with worried eyes.

The screen finally starting to reveal a viewing of a city on fire.

Everyone's eyes widened in terror as they seeing a city in flames

"What's this!?" Asked Crusch in equally worried and scare voice

"Dear dragon... what could have done this?" Reinhard asked in fear, the sheer level fire apocalypse he is witnessing. What evil could have Cost such destruction.

"I-I think that's Japan... Its where both me and Subaru come from…" Al stuttered out.

He recognized some of the architecture of burning buildings "what the hell happened when I was away?" Al thought

This caught Priscilla attention.

"It's the home where you and Subaru-kun are from?! But why is it like this?" Rem asking why is the home word of her hero in such a state.

"Subaru..." Emilia exclaimed, her hand clenching Subaru's as her eyes have a look of shock of what she is seeing.

"Sooooo this is Wheeeree you cooommme from Subaru-kuuuunn how interesting" thought Roswaal sitting and relaxing in his sit eagerly waiting the origin story of the boy.

The view shows a buildings and houses on fire. The human remains of burned victims of the disaster man women and even children.

Some of the cast looked away in horror, tears filling their eyes watching the remains of burned people. Some did not look away already use to seeing such carnage but still didn't like it.

Rem and Ram looking upon the burned human remains of the people, reminding them of the day they lost everything their village burned to the ground. there people massacre by the witch cult, Leaving nothing remaining but dust and bones.

Frederica held Petra in her arms, covering the young maids' eyes and ears. She didn't want her to see such chaos.

The camera slowly pulled up to show a familiar young boy with black with a gray jacket and black jeans walking among the fire and corpse of the dead.

Chaos erupted all over the theater as everyone recognized the figure appearance of the young boy.





"Subaru?!" Emilia exclaimed, her hand clenching the sleeping Subaru's. As she was shocked and terrified of of what she was is seeing, her knight was suffering even before coming to their world.

"What is he doing in that middle of all that chaos?!" Exclaimed Crusch in a worried tone.

"Natsuki-san has experience tragedy even before coming to our world" Said Otto afraid off what he is seeing.

"I don't want... To die." said the young Natsuki Subaru while losing his strength to keep walking. Having dead look in his eyes. Eyes that lost all hope, little by little his losing the will to keep walking forward.

Beatrice shivered of what she was seeing her young contractor suffering. A hell no child should go through alone and scare with out no one to help. "Why didn't you tell Betty in fact" Beatrice whispering laying on the lap of her contractor. Hoping that he will wake up soon.

Wilhelm clenched his fists, body trembling as he knew he couldn't save the boy. That help him finally put and end to the beast that took his wife. "Subaru-dono you must keep moving forward don't give up lad." William muttered hoping the child Subaru hasn't loss the will to live. He has seen eyes like that before, eyes off man who lost all hope in life.

"Subaru-kun…" Rem uttered.

"Why is fate so cruel to my hero?" Rem asked with fear filling her eyes watching her hero struggling to stay alive.

"Come on Cap'n! Garf yelled, angry feeling useless for not being able to save his captain and brother, from the inferno.

"Don't give up Natuski-san." Otto cried out, not wanting to see the man who saved him going through such horrors.

"Please save my baby!!" Echoed a desperate female voice.

A frightened female holding a baby not realizing that it's dead. Begging the walking Subaru to save her and the already dead child.

All knights in the theater clenched their fists, knowing that they can't help the poor people in the viewing. Some member of the Emilia camp. Where sad that the young Subaru, it's capable to help anyone in his state

Subaru ignore the victims cry for help. And keeps on walking hoping to reach a safe haven in all the destruction, that lays before him.

Dread spread throughout the crowd.

"Subaru I am so sorry you have you go through all that." Emilia voice She clutched Subaru's hand tighter she knew that her knight can be stupid foolish. But still brave boy who would risk his own life to save others. But no matter how determined Subaru was, he stood no chance in helping anyone in his current situation. And it saddens Emilia deeply that she can't do anything to help him.

Felt watched on in shock, her hands clenching hard "I thought i had a poor start in life. But, you big bro how can you still keep smiling after all you been through? Felt thought

Frederica held Petra giving her a hearth warming hug to ease the pain she was feeling. Petra not taking her eyes off the screen seeing the beginning of her hero story. And it was just a tragedy the small girl began to cry.

"Why did Subaru have to suffer?... What did he do to deserve all this pain?!" Deep dread could be heard in the little maid voice, questioning the unfrainess of why her Subaru. The person who not only brought happiness not just to her, but to the many people in her village.

Frederica frowned just kept holding Petra tight and patting her head. Wishing she had an answer to the sad little maid questions. Sandy she didn't have one, so she just continued to hold her tightly.

Felix felt immense pity for the boy Natuski Subaru. Who came to their world with no power no strength. Yet he was a normal boy who achieved great things, defeating one the great beast who plagued the world for years. Killing one of the sin Archbishop, But now he is just seeing a child. who is just trying to survive, he staring regretting hating him for his arrogance and worthlessness. But seeing he is no different than any normal boy, he staring to deaply regret disrespecting him.

Priscilla fan covering her face to conceal her concerned gaze. voice lacedwith pity "they're beyond saving its understandable to keep walking, and not look back." muffled voice went unheard.

"His eyes... they look so dead." Anastasia said, with a frown as she inspected the boy with her eyes. looking at helpless struggling boy who kept passing people, who are begging him for help.

"The only thing that is keeping him alive is his will to live" Crusch looking at the young boy on the screen with concern.

Subaru saw hell. It was all around him. It was filling the air, drowning the screams of the people all around him, With each step, took he was loosing the strength to keep going. It was like he was being slowly cooked and a noxious, ashy smoke circulated through his lungs.

The great spirit hugged her contractor and closed her eyes. Feeling her contractor warmth and hearing his heart was all the prove that she needed. That he is alive and she will never let him suffer.

Reinhard himself deeply frustrated wishing for nothing more but to save the boy. That will one day be his friend, Reinhard was powerful. But he wasn't a god, so all he could do is to sit and watch.

He walked and walked, until his feet just couldn't endure it anymore collapsed, burying his back against the ground he could feel his legs being trapped and burning. He didn't have the will to scream in pain or cry. He had nothing Only his will to live.

"Subaru-dono you must not give up.. Get up boy you can still live!!" Wilhelm sobbed and growled in frustration.

Petra just continue to hugged Frederica and held her tight. The demi woman just patted the sad girl's back with a look of sympathy.

"Come on kid! there's no way in hell, that your dying in a place like that!!! Ricardo shouted and the twins looked at the boy Subaru with pity and sadness.

Rem closed her eyes with anguish and prayed to any God that exist out their, to save her hero. From the hell that he is in.

"Please don't give up" Anastasia whispered to herself Her scarf twitched gently and soothingly.

As the crowd was panicking and shouting for the child Subaru to stand up, a lone smiling clown watched with emotionless colored eyes.

He was going to die here and, realizing this, raised he hand up to the hole in the sky. It was strangely transfixing and his action had no real meaning or motivation behind it. He just felt like doing it. Soon, however, his arm grew tired and her eyes drooped ever so slightly.

"I guess this is far as I go... Ohh well at least i tried... I am so tired i want to sleep now." he thought absent mindedly.

"NOOOO!!! Subaru get up you can't give up now!" Emilia shouted in fear and sadness along with many of the worried viewers.

"OI! OI! Com' on Cap'n!!" Garfield shouted with his face twisting into a one of pure agony as he sobbed at the sight.

"He's completely helpless, Damn it!" Otto shouted and punched his seat as he watching his friend with a worried face.

Subaru…" Julius clenched his fists in anger at the state the boy was in. He was completely helpless.

"Fate can be too cruel..." Anastasia said with a disturbed look at the sight of the poor boy's state.

Ram hugged her little crying sister and held her tight she watch the screen with pity in her eyes. "I guess you also sufferd and had everything taken from you to Barusu... " Ram remember how she and her sister lost everything in their childhood, their people their home gone. Rem continue to hold her hands together praying to anyone to save her hero. They were barely able to handle this scene themselves they understood how much pain he was going through.

Priscilla just stared at the boy on the screen with pity. She scowled behind her fan.

What could be taken as a last act of failed defiance, he raised his arm, started to fall. Before it could settle back to the ground however, he felt a blistered, raw hand take hold of him own.

Everyone's eyes widened

His eyes were too lazy to move, but he could see the sight before him all the same. A man was crying, not with tears of sorrow, but with tears of joy.

The cast eyes where field with shock and joy. Knowing that the boy who has gone through heaven and hell for them will live.

The cast sighed in relief and everyone cheered.

"Someone has come to save him!" Crusch shouted as she smiled wide with joy.

"Oh, thank the spirits he's going to fine." Ricardo cheered along with the twins.

Who is that man? Reinhard uttered with with a shocked and joyful expression

"Who cares! his going to save big bro that's all that matters" Felt said with tears in her eyes.

Subaru-sama going to be ok! Petra voice field with happiness.

Frederica ruffled Petra's hair, with a smile a happy Petra always makes her smile.

"Thank God," he whispered over and over to himself. "I found someone". Subaru Savior in the screen Muttered

"His going to be alright..." Al said tiredly but with a smile inside of his helmet.

"Whoever you are, thank you so much for saving my knight." Emilia spoke tiredly and smiled in relief and happiness. Hugging her Subaru as tightly same goes for Rem as well.

Rem shed tears of happiness thanking whatever God out there, that answer her prayers.

"The world would be a terrible place with out you in it Subaru-dono, so please keep fighting my boy." wilhelm commented while watching the screen with something akin to a proud smile.

A single thought entered Natuski Subaru mind in the viewing before the area was engulfed in light.

"I want to be able to smile like that…. Subaru thought." Subaru finally ran out of energy and passed out, and the screen went dark.

The mood Everyone that cared about the boy suddenly sank, at the boy last though before he passed out .

The cast thought about the boy's last thoughts, mixture with sorrow and understanding. Experiencing something terrible like that, at an early age scar the mind. Who knows when will the boy find happiness again.

"It might take a while for Subaru to cope with his losses, he has experience something no child, his age should have gone through." Reinhard spoke saddened by what his friend has experience.

The cast nodded saddened by this fact, some understood what Subaru was going through, the oni twin's had a similar past. Emilia Rem and Beatrice, they all just hug the boy closely. Hoping their love for him can heal his broken wounds of the past.

"How did you live before coming here, Subaru…?" Whispered Crusch in a equally worried and sad voice as she now wondered if Subaru Natsuki ever knew anything else but pain. She knew what a tragic past looked like. She knew the world can be brutal. She didn't like the idea of him suffering in such a young age.

Then suddenly the screen light up again showing what looks like a chees board. different chees pieces each With a different class of warrior. And in the middle of the board there's another chees piece in the shape of a Grail.

"What's this I suppose?" Beatrice said looking on the screen with curiously.

"Mmmmmm~ seeeems to be a cheeees set, I wondeeer in hoowww is this related tooo our deaaar knight~." Rosswaal Muttered eyes glimmering with curiosity. In why is a chees set related to the boy story.

The Holy Grail Wars voice echoed.

Holy Grail war? that doesn't sound good don't ya guys think?" Ricardo voiced out to the others, the twins nodded their heads.

"A WAR! my Subaru is going to be in a war?." Emilia asked in a panick and stood up from her sit. Not liking the thought of her Subaru being a part of a war.

Crusch saw Emillia was panicking so she stepped in. "Hold on! Emilia-sama please calm yourself, this could not even be related to Subaru-sama. We won't know until we listen to all of the facts." Crusch voice

Emilia just slowly nodded and sit back in her sit. But still carry a worried look on her face. She held Subaru hand tight, never letting go, never.

Rem was the same, worrying of what sorts of trials awaited her hero.

"Grail war? sounds like a board game to me. " Al Voiced .

"The hell is a board game?." Garfiel ask turning his head to Otto. clearly confused with a dumb look on his face.

Otto only shrugged, confused as well

Beatrice huffed with a superior tone making some of the cast eyes twitched. "Board games a table top game that involves counters or pieces. Move or place on the pre-marked. The surfes board, according to a set of or rules, some games are based on pure strategy. but many contain an element of chance. The game usually have a gold the players aimed to achieve in fact.

"Subaru-sama always had cool weirds games prepared for all of us back at the village to play." Petra recalling some of the strange games Subaru had gotten her and her friends so invested in.

"I want to play to! we should totally ask boss bro about this games." Mimi ask her brother her voice full of excitement.

Her brother nodded and has a look of curiously

"Hmpf! I doubt that, there's is something more to this." Priscilla voice

Al wanted her mistress to elaborate, but the voice in the screen continue playing.

Seven Magi locked for centuries in an epic struggle... for a Holy Grail that can grant its owner any wish and absolute power.

Many people in the room widened their eyes in shock and awe as they hear the words wish and absolute power.

"A grail that Grants the wielder any wish and absolute power? how interesting" Priscilla wondered she already a goodness and everything in the word bent's to her will. But the though of a power that can grant any wish got her attention.

"It can grant any wish!" Anastasia voice imagining what would she wish for if she posses such a thing…" She was drooling at the possibilities.

Roswaal's eyes gleamed as his smile seemed to widen. "Annnnnyyy Thing I wishhhh for... mmmmmm~." Rosswaal whispered he already knows what he will wish for if he possesses this grail. To be reunited with his teacher was his number one goal for centuries.

Emilia simply sat in her seat, eyes wide as she blankly looked at the screen. What wish would she ask for? Emilia only wanted one thing. To free her people from their frozen prison, she was the cost of it, so it was her duty to make it right. It's one of the reasons she join the Royal selection. To be queen and use the dragon blood to free her people. But another thought came into her mind, if this holy Grail can truly grant anything she Imagine. Something she lost during her childhood the two people. She treasure most Guise, and mother Fortuna to reunited in their loving arms again. And her Subaru, how she wish she can take his suffering away, and replace all his despair with love. To never know suffering only peace and happiness. Some of the female's in the theater had also a similar wish for Subaru.

Saying everyone were shocked, would be an understatement… The theater were all lost in their own thoughts. Thinking what kind of wish would They will make if they possess such a holy relic. But got snap out of their thoughts, when they all heard a yell. From a certain blonde girl with crimson coloured eyes.

"Wait a minute!! Did he say magi like magicians? Doesn't that mean big bro word has magic?" Felt shouted shock at the realization and points at the screen. Beatrice eyes wide at the revelation.

"Nya! That's true nya". Felix exclaimed

Everyone eyes widen turned their head to the spirit, awaiting her response.

"He did in fact, and he did not lie to Betty in fact." Her contractor wouldn't lie to her, other than his return by death. But he did not have control over that, it was the witch doing. But she is confused, how is her contractor involved in this grail war?

"I can testifie for my bro to that, our world doesn't have magic of any kind." Al explain

Priscilla turns her head towards her servant" "Aldebaran tell me about this Holy Grail? everyone turned their heads towards him also curious to know.

The cast all waited for the answer in eagerness. Even Beatrice Subaru never told her about the holy grail.

Al didn't seem pleased to be in the spot light, regardless he answere his mistress question " Well not much actually, only the basics if I remember my lessons from history class correctly. The holy grail is a chalice made of gold, legend said that is contains the blood of a holy man. Name Jesus Christ and the chalice has miraculous powers that provide eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance, but I never heard anything about it granting wishes." Al explains

people's eyes widened and amazed to that statement, A chalice that can grant eternal youth immortaly is not something easily uptaind in their world. Even with magic. Some have come close to it, Rosswall transfers his soul to his descendants but he can still grow old and die. Not even the great witch of greed came close to true immortality.

Priscilla was deeply interested by it. So was Anastasia, being the greedy girl that she is. Rosswall was in deep thought.

"The blood of a holy man, so it's something similar to our Devine dragon blood." Asked Reinhart, voice is field with interested to learn the similarities between they're worlds.

"Yeah something like that Al rubbed the back of his helmet "only Jesus claims to be the son of the God. one who created everything in the universe." Al answered

"What nonsense" Al heard his mistress whisper

The cast were astonished and awe at that statement.

"Tales of Jesus are over thousand years old. Its a big religion all across my World, but some people in my world just think it's all bullshit, some says Jesus was just a man who had a way with words". Al explains

The loli spirit was fuming and pouting in anger there was still so many stories her contractor has yet to be told. When her Subaru wakes up she will make him tell her all the amazing stories from his word. She will not let him sleep as Punishment for not being awake.

Emilia was equally cutely pouting as she wished Subaru would tell her stories about his World as well, not just to his spirit "Why do you only tell stories about your world to Beatrice? you're my knight aren't you? Subaru you dunderhead..." She said as she pinched his cheek hard.

"I still don't get what any of this has to do with Natsuki-san." Otto asked

"Hoooooow about we just waaaait?" Roswaal pitched in, causing those to look in confusion at the smiling clown. "It will aaaaaaal be Revealeeeed eventually" Despite the creepy manner they were spoken, the audience considered it, before giving in and moving on with the viewing.

In their battles, the Magi enlist the help of astral spirits called Servants.

"Hmm…. so the magicians in this grail war, use spirits to do their fighting for them". Anastasia said with interest slitghly piqued as she understood as she held her scarf.

"That means that all the magicians who are participating in this Grail war. Are spirit art users". Julius spoke tapped his chin narrowed his eyes with focus wanted to learn more of the rules of the holy grail.

This statement caught the attention of the cast, specialty the half-elf candidate and a certain clown.

"~So order to participate in the war magician needs spirits mmmm~." Roswaal whispered his eyes glued to the screen what he is hearing truly caught his intention.

Emilia She was deep in her thoughts right now. Wondering what it would be like if she was in the Grail war. She was a spirit art user and have Puck a great spirit for a partner. But she remembered that in the previous viewings about what would happen upon her death, her Father the one she trusted the most above all others. Destroys the world ever since Emilia discovered this she has lost all faith in her father.

"Ohhhh! We're not spirit user! Mimi muttered disappointed.

"Sister you do know that this is not a game right?" Deadpan Tivey said

"Hmph! I don't see how any of this have any relevance to Betty contractor I suppose. Subaru has no other spirit but Betty in fact." Beatrice fuming and pouting at the screen, not liking what she is hearing.

Some of the cast found her jealous pouting quit adorable, Roswaal giggled in his hand.

Meanwhile, the Holy Grail awaits the emergence of a victor. A single human Magi it deems most worthy of its stewardship. The Servants are spirits of legendary heroes from history to whom the Grail has given flesh.

"WHAT!! The spirit's who are gonna fight, are legendary heroes from Cap'n world" Garfiel shouted with his eyes shining with interest. Garfield always loved reading hero stories as a child. Now his going to see what heroes are like, from his Cap'n world.

Everyone in the theatre most specially the knights were looking at screen, with nothing short of an awestruck expression. And with star's in their eyes, they were all extremely curious of what kind of heroes existed in Subaru world.

"Hmph! Your all pathetic! I suppose". smugly spirit held her head high, making some groups in the theater. glare with pure frustration at how much Beatrice knows about Subaru world and legends more than theme.

"Great spirit-sama what kind heroes stories have you heard from Subaru?" Reinhard asked in eagerness to learn about the heroes in Subaru's world

"Hmph! Truly pathetic infact! Subaru has been telling Betty all of his world's greatest legends and fictional myth, the Greek divine hero Heracles, Epic of Gilgamesh, Jason and the Argonauts and many more i suppose." A very smug Beatrice smirking and humming to herself. and received glares from a few girls and candidates.

Emilia, Garfield and Otto… even some of the knights like Reinhard felt jealous probably for the very first time in his life.

He wanted to know more!

You think we should get Cap'n to tell us a few of those hero stories, when he wakes up?."Garfield asked Otto in excitement

"Stories from another world? Man! I soo wanna hear about how heroes in big bro world are like, Rein make a note of this."Felt asked her knight

"As you wish my lady." Said Reinhard who just kept watching the screen. With a childish grin on his face.

"That does sound exciting." Otto muttered to which Garfiel nodded his head with an excited smirk.

A certain loli spirit was hearing their conversation "Subaru was her contractor not theirs. If he was going to tell them his world stories, he should do it with Betty present in fact." Though Beatrice

Priscilla simply raised a single brow for a moment but then carried on fanning herself with disinterest, she couldn't care less about heroes from another world. The only thing that cought her attention is the Grail war, a good form of entertainment, fitting for a goodness such as her. That goes the same for a certain duchess, merchant princess and the sponsor of the Emilia Camp.

Roswaal's grin widened and his eyes shined with excitement. The inhabitants of the other world said that it has no magic, but this viewing is saying something else. As he watched what may be the power that grants whatever one heart desires.

"So only one winner can take the Grail, but the victor must be worthy of it's power." Anastasia mumbled a serious tone as she analyzed the screen.

"One emergence as the victor... Are you going to participate in this Grail war? Natsuki Subaru." The green-haired duchess whisper concerne can be heard in her voice.

They exist on an astral plane and accompany the Magi. But when necessary can be summoned as material beings and made to battle each other. Such is the Grail's miraculous power. And he who can obtain it... shall be master of the universe.

The last statement shocked many in the audience.

"Master of the universe..?" Wilhelm Repeated in a low voice, eyes narrowed to the screen.

"Sounds a little to good to be true." Muttered, Anastasia looking on, curious at what's to come.

Anastasia Camp members all nodded to that.

"But still how does this speech apply to Subaru-sama?" Crusch asked "The main focus on these viewings seems to be about him, so he might be the key to all of this…"

"A key to what? Just how is my knight involved in this Grail war? And why is this even related to you Subaru…?" Whispered Emilia so many unanswer questions, as she held the hand of her knight in hers, eyes filled with worry. Same with Beatrice and Rem and the rest of the Emilia Camp.

"we won't know until we seeeeee." Roswaal stated relaxing on his seat and waiting to what's to come.

They will all see how this is related to their Subaru.



"Fate stay... Night?" Crusch Confusingly read.

"Unlimited blade... works?" Emilia finishing the title that is being shown on the screen with a confuse look as well.

"Fate stay night? What is that even mean?" Felt questioned, confused

"I think i like Re zero better." Tivey said, his sister nodded to that.

"Perhaps it has something to do with swords, since the title did say blade works." Thought the old butler out loud.

"Blade works?" The sword saint repeated his grandfather word's hoping to understand the meaning of the title of the screen. He has a soft spot for swords, he is called the sword saint for a reason. But still doesn't understand how this title is relevant to his friend, I guess he will find out soon enough.

The screen was now showing a storehouse full of boxes.

"Mmm~ what's this? looks like a storehouse." Anastasia said with interest, analysing the screen for anything valuable.

The camera changed, to suddenly show Natsuki Subaru all grow up as a teenager, he is sleeping on the floor with many repairing tools surrounding him, and many machines parts.

The merchant princess observed the boy surroundings on the screen wondering what purpose do the tools around him serve. She fluffed her scarf "Natsuki-kun seems to have some talent when it comes to craftsmanship doesn't he."

"Didn't know you were an engineer bro." Al silently commented.

Emilia smiled at the sight of Subaru sleeping face, she always loved to see him at peace. Watching him sound asleep makes her forgot all the terrible things that happened to her little knight. At the begining of the viewing. She plays with Subaru hair with her hands. While blushing at how cute her knight look in the screen.

Rem and Beatrice smiled just the same, loving this sight calming them both down a bit.

"He must've have spent all night working on those machines I suppose" Beatrice commented.

"You must have been working hard." Rem whisper softly to her hero ear, also playing with his hair with a happy smile on her face.

the door of the storehouse open. Revealing a purple haired young woman wearing a school uniformshe approach the sleeping boy.

"Who is she?" Petra sked in her confusion


"Senpai? What's a senpai?" Mimi turn to the group to get an answer. But so far, all of them have confused faces, meaning none of them know the answer.

"Betty has never heard of that word in fact. " Beatrice commented the loli pouted. She still has so much to learn from her Subaru.

Al sighed tiredly, because everyone was now looking at him for answers.

"It's someone older than you, someone you look up to, mentor, senior an older person. "Al answer.

audience awe and all nodded in Understanding.

"Heh, why would anyone see Barasu as a mentor?" Ram commented with an annoyed tone.

"Senpai are you awake?"

Subaru's eyes twitched rubbing his eyes with his hands and yawning before getting up, to opening his to see.

"Oh... Good morning Sakura. He cleared his throat, standing up,

"Is she your friend Subaru?" The half-elf" asking her sleeping Subaru hoping he wake up.

When Subaru opened it he immediately met a kind face of a gentle girl nodding her head to him.

"Thank you, and you to senpai." Sakura gave Subaru a kind smile.

"They seem to be acquainted, i wonder how they know each other?" Ask Crusch curious to know who this girl is, and who is she to Subaru.

"Maybe she is her maid, and that's how maids dress up where the kid is from." Ricardo give his option.

Rem pouting at that comment "The only one who can be my hero's caretaker, is Rem." Rem silently comment but her twin heard the comment.

"Tsk! Disgusting Barusu." Spat Ram as she watched the scene. "Always knew you were this kind of man go die."

"No she is not a maid, what she is wearing is a school uniform. So my guess is They are friends, who just go to the same school together." Al give his opinion to defend his bro from any misunderstandings.

audience awe and all nodded again in Understanding.

"Sorry Sakura i ought to be helping with the morning chores." Subaru getting up with a thoughtful smile on his face.

"Don't worry about that, senpai. You were up late last night weren't you?" Sakura

"Dummy that's no excuse." Subaru answered tiredly.

"Subaru-kun is so thoughtful." Rem commented with a warm smile on her face.

"It seems Barusu it's not much off a slacker in his world I suppose. How come he never use this will power while working at the mansion." Ram muttered frigidly while inspecting the boy with her cold expression. She remember all the times she caught him napping while on duty and knock him down many times for slacking off.

"But Nee-sama Subaru is also tired from his day-to-day chores, so it's okay if he takes a small nap, break every now and then." Rem said

"So you peeking on his sleeping face, when that trash was taking his nap break at work. Has nothing to do with you defending him just now Rem?" Ram asked with her eyes narrowed at her sister, she was no fool she knows what her little sister does when that good for nothing slacks off at his chores.

Rem blushed and looked down in shame.

Some giggled at this, some where just creeped out. Beatrice and Emilia even Petra glared at Rem.

"Man how does Cap'n's do it!" Garfiel curse his captain luck with the ladies.

"I wish I knew garf, I wish I knew... " Otto responded, just as jealous about his brother incredible luck with women.

"Senpai let me handle the morning chores if you leave the storehouse this messy. You'll get scolded by miss Fujumura." Sakura voiced she love doing chores and helping her senpai.

"Good point, you really don't mind?" Subaru ask

"Not at all I'll be waiting for you senpai." Sakura repy left the storehouse to do the chores.

"Falling asleep before finishing, shows I lack focus." Subaru said he checked some of this repair tools, raising his hand to touch one of the tools. When he touch it, his hands begin to glow blue lines from and it. Spread through the tool that he was touching. Giving it a blue glow as well and it disappeared into shining sparklers.




"E-Eh! Eeeeehhhh!!!! Otto shouted in shock, at what was just displayed in the screen.

"Did big bro just... "Stuttered Felt

"Use magic!!!!!." Mimi and Tivey shouted at the same time in shock, the twins jaw-dropping.

"Cap'n's got magic!" Garfiel shouted with star's in his eyes.

A choked sound could be heard from Al "Ho-how is this possible?!" Stuttered What was being shown in the screen is impossible for him to believe.

Priscilla looked servant while covering her face with her fan."Now what were you saying about your World having no magic at all? Priscilla growled demanding to know an Answer.

This comment cause the cast to look at him in alarm

"Princess I swear to god, there's is no magic in my world. Truest me if they're was magic in my world. Things would have been a whole lot different." Al clarified

"H-his telling the truth." Crusch mused Reinhart nodded for his confirmation as well. The cast where surprised by this.

"Don't swear to your God Aldebaran, swear to me, your goddess. Priscilla demanded.

"Yes princess." Al responded

"But Beatrice-chan, didn't Subaru told you, that his world didn't have magic?" The confuse Half-elf ask, the just as confuse loli spirit.

"This doesn't make any sense!" A small blonde drill-haired girl shouted confusion as she held on to the boy's arm tightly. An expression of confusion. How dare you hide things from Betty?! She whispers but that comment got the attention of a creepy clown.

"Whaaaatttt doesn't make senseeee my deaaarr Beatrice-chan~? Rosswall ask curious for her thoughts. While his face is still glued to the screen with a hollow smirk, stretching to his cheeks.

"Nothing that concerns you I suppose!" Beatrice shouted, she wasn't in a good mood she just keeps looking at the screen, not even bothering giving him her attention.

Rosswall got the hint but still smile nonetheless. He is excited to know what magic lies in this other world. How is it, that her teacher never share this knowledge with him or Beatrice. Could it be that she never discovered this world. Rosswall was tapping his Chin thinking about it. He was going to learn whatever he can from this viewing, after all he was the apprentice of the witch of greed and one of Lugnica top magicians. But he wasn't the only one who was interested about other worldly magic. Many of the magic users and the candidates, in theater where interested as well.

Rem and Ram where amazed, they knew that Subaru World was bigger than theirs. And was full of wonders, by the way the great spirit describe it. But now they learn that it evan has magic they where beyond surprise.

I think all will be revealed to us." Crusch sounded out, her voice still calm but his expression grim at the revelation.

The half-elf nodded "Okay, let us see this through!" Emilia encouraged.

The whole cast nodded and went back to the viewing.

"This just keeps getting better and better. " Ricardo commented the little twins where excited jumping up and down.

"Indeed." Anastasia mused with her greedy eyes lock on the screen rubbing her scarf.

Unknown to the cast, their actions are being watched by the mystery man on what looks like a big screen.

While the man was sitting on a couch, a massive grin stretched across his face and his eyes crinkled into slits.

To be continued...

Author Note

Wow that was fun, this my very first fiction work that I ever made. Fell free to judge on my writing work, I already know that I suck, but please go easy on me please. (_) So originally I wasn't planning on doing this. Or even making this, I feel in love with this work ever since I watched. Re:Zero Watching Him Die Again and Again by Reactionist. God that master piece made me cry, at the emotions the cast was feeling about watching their dear Subaru died many times. It was heart breaking it literally made cry and I don't cry easy in just any fiction work. After I was finished, I found out that Reactionist wasn't the only Arthor doing Re zero reaction fiction. But what I found wasn't your neet useless Subaru, but instead different version of him playing different roles. He played doom guy from doom eternal, he was on modern warfare as a brutal soldier working for the CIA, he was a space engineer in dead space. And the reaction I read from the cast it was priceless. All this amazing work where out of this world, I wanted somebody to make a Re zero reaction fiction on fate night. My first favorite anime second to Re zero. I wanted the cast to reaction to Fate night, Subaru will be playing Shirou emiya. They both have kind hearts and will do whatever it takes to save everyone at the cost of their well being. I message all the top dogs who made re zero reaction fics and give them this idea. But I had a feeling that they won't have the time to make it, giving this virus shit. And they will probably be busy with their own busy life's so I decided to take matters into my own hands. And make the fiction work myself. One of the big reason of wanted to make this is because I wanted the cast of re zero to react to the great legends of our world. Alexandra the great, king Arthur of Camelot how will Reinhart and his fellow knights react to the king of knights, king of hero's Gilgamesh I wonder how Priscilla will react to him give me your thoughts please. The demigod Hercules I bet Garfield will think the he can take him. How will Emilia will react to Medea by the way is she even an elf I mean she got the ears so maybe right? Plus she is also a witch. Another reason is because I wanted the cast to react to fate night is other worldly magic that isn't their own. Fate night magic that will get a kick out of the cast don't you think? Anyway please give me your thoughts about this and I will see you all in the next chapter peace.

Shoutout to this great fiction artist