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Chapter 3

Some of the cast in the theater, are still gazing upon the hero on the screen. Some are still captivated by his appearance. Other are extremely curious, about what background and legend this hero holds.

When Rin saw him, she spoke. "Well? who are you suppose to be?"

"Wow the little lady doesn't waste any time." Rickard voice out.

"Straight to the point I like that. It's better to known your assets quickly since by summoning her heroic spirit. She is now officially a part of this war." Anastasia thought out loud. When ever she has new recruits, joining her mercenary group. She always keeps note, in what ever special talents. Or unique magical abilities they possess, to see how can they better serve her organization.

Crush and Priscilla agreed with the merchant Queen. Since they were experts when it comes to war fair.

"That's the first thing you said to me?Seems that I've been drawn by quite unusually little master." The servant in red gives an exaggerated shrugJust to make sure, you're my servant right? Rin asked."And are you my master? When I was summoned you weren't present." He was frowning as he seemed to seize her up with his silver eyes for a moment.

"You aren't a baby bird." Rin said dryly"Really? Don't joke around and tell me you're like a newborn chick who can only determine your Master when you open your eyes." She snarled.

"Well... This is an interesting start." Julias sweatdrop at the conversation. Not at all what he was expecting, for a first meeting between a master, and a heroin spirit. Most of the Knights in theater had the same thought.

The other cast laugh, at the interaction between Rin and her servant.

"Their only just met, and already having a playful banter huhuhu~" Anastasia giggling at the interaction between. The mage, and spirit.

"I like her, she sassy." Felt commented on Rin's bold attitude.

The unknown Servant frowns.I am simply asking if you really are my servant, and no one else. Master-servant relationship should be Cleary laid outout, right off the bat. She explained"Is that so?" The servant replied in a voice that made Rin feel as though he was making fun of him.

The servant smirked and crossed his arms beneath his chest" Your right... But, where's the proof that you are my Master?""Here. This is proof that I'm your Master, right?""Hm?"Rin showed him the Command Spell on the back of her right hand.

"Huh. that mark on her hand, is what makes her a master?" The confuse Petra question.

"How's a tattoo, prove that your a master?" Mini asked, while scratching her head in confusion.

The cast were confused by this as well. How come a tattoo establish someone as a master, they all though? Others where examining the marks.

"Maybe, there's something special about those tattoos." Emilia though out loud.

"Yes but what?" The Duchess Crusch questioned. She narrow her eyes at the tattoos. Seeing anything special about the mark on her hand.

"Maybe it's a symbol of their pack or something?" Al guests.

Suddenly, all eyes turn to the Vollachian Knight. Their eyes were telling him, to elaborate.

Al sight, he really needs to learn to keep big mouth shut. Like his Princess always said.

"I just spit balling here, but when she was summoning this guy. Her tattoo hand was glowing. Also the guy on the phone, mention something about a command seal. I have a feeling that mark has something to do with that topic." Al explained his wild guess, to the cast.

Everyone looked at Al intriguin by his theory.

Some of the dast found themselves accepting this explanation. And went back to the viewing.

The Servant sighed in an exaggerated way which made Rin's temper go high.

His face clouds with discontent." Let me rephrase the question." The Servant said,

"Are you deserving to be my master? What qualifies you to be my master?"

Wha... what do you mean?" Rin asked in confusion

"I mean you're a Master if you have a Command Spell? A Command Spell is only a tool that governs the Servant. Geez, you act like a Master just because of that? What I wanted to see was, are you worthy of me to pledge my loyalty to you?" He replied with a sneer

"Ah... un So, what? Are you saying I'm not fit to be a Master then?" Rin muttered

"I course silly child, do not think, that just because you summoned a spirit. That you can just earned his loyalty, I suppose." Beatrice was not like other lesser spirit. Who are simply drowned to a strong infinity, for a great spirit like her. One must earn her loyalty, like her Subaru did.

"I agree with the great spirit-sama." Julius as a knight, he understood the meaning of pledging his allegiance to someone.

"So I guess Al theory was right." Otto voice out.

"What you mean Otto-bro?" Garfiel question his bro.

"I mean Al said that the mark on miss Rin hand. Had something to do with our command spell topic, we discuss a while back."

"Yeah what about?"

"Well this hero just confirmed his theory. He said that tattoo on ms Rin's hand, is a tool to governs the Servant." Otto concluded.

"So that mark she has on her hand. Has the power to control a heroic spirit." Anastasia eyes were filled with interest. Finding the information to be quite useful. It was the same with some of the other candidates.

For Roswaal command spells was something new to him. His inner greed, to discover the unknown was taking over. He is starting to feel like a child again. It's the same curiosity he felt when he was mastering magic, with his teacher back in sanctuary. He felt a little sorrow, remembering those Times.

He was snap out of his thoughts. When he felt and gentle hand on his, Comfort him.

"Are you alright, Roswaal-sama?" Ram asked in concern for her master.

Roswell simply use his fake smile at her concern questions. "everythinggg is alright myyyy dear Ram~. Pleassse continueee to take note of thissss~."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeesss please Ram.. Continue."

Ram wasn't sure what to do. But nonetheless she obey her master command.

Some of the cast had different opinions. Regarding the command spells, but a little spirit in the theater. Found the idea of this command seals, to very distasteful.

"I'm not happy, but I'll accept it. You're my Master for now. But I have conditions as well. From now on, I will ignore your opinions. I will decide how to fight and you will follow my plans. This is the best I'll compromise on. You don't mind that, right, young lady?"The servant said in a bored voice. Rin gritted her teeth at this servant tone.

"A dog who doesn't want to be leash, by her master.. Intriguing." The fiery-haired though.

The dog man stare for a couple of minutes, before busting into laughter. "Hahaha! Ohh man, am sure, this guy and me. Could be great pals."

She took a deep breath and replied "The rules of the War state that there are two criteria of becoming a Master summoning a Servant and earning his, or her allegiance through the command seals. I summoned you, and I have the command seals as a means to bind you to my will.So i as the master call the shots!" Rin reply with a demanding tone.

The cast where absorbing the information Rin was giving out in the screen.

the half-elfwas shock, that the master in this war. Bind their summoned spirit's to their Will, as a spirit art users. She always thought when pairing up with a spirit, the contractor, and the spirit. Must have some special bond, to form a contract.

Her spirit Puck might of been a liar, and over protective. But they did share some good moments together. And she never use him for her own ends.

She was not the only one, who was bothered by this. The little spirit on her contractor lap, had her own opinions. On the command seals. To think that a mere, tattoo mark. Will earned a spirits one's allegiance, was absolutely ridiculous to her.

The servant rolled his eyes at her, and Rin became more and more infuriated "Yeah, in name only. So, formally I'll obey you. But I'm the one doing the fighting. You can hide in the basement here and stay there until the Holy Grail War ends. I doubt you'd be of any help, and I prefer to fight without extra baggage weighing me down." He said in a voice that suggested that he was doing so out of pity.

"His really mean with words, kinda like Ram Nee-sama." Petra said. Ram's insults we're like sharpened blades, ready cut down any ones Pride. Watching how similar the red hero belittles Rin. The same way Ram, does to her hero.

"Petra remember, to have some respect for your superiors." Frederica voice out, even if she some what agreed.

Ram snorted at that. "He has impressive Sharp tongue, Ram will give him that."

Rem was surprised by her sister comment. She never praise anyone, who it's her, or lord Roswaal.

Ram eye the hero very closely, she can tell that the man. Has a good wits about him, but she can tell. That this man is very cynical.

Rin's fists tightened and steam can be seen coming out of her ears. Her servant can clearly see that she was piss.

"Uh oh! The little lady is clearly not happy, in what she hearing." Ricardo called out as he inspected the scene, the angry look Rin give out. Reminded him of one's his mistress gave out, in the past. Whenever he tried to mess with her, or pull of a funny joke on her.

"She is gonna blow!?" Al exclaimed sarcastically.

"Is he going to be ok?" Petra found herself asking in worry what scary looking lady might do to the heroic spirit.

The fiery-haired, had her fan near her lisp. With one eye close, and the other. Paying very close attention, to what the twin tail girl is about to do. "Is she you going to test her authority on her disloyal dog."

Some of the knights didn't know to say. Some where definitely gleeful, from the heroic spirit antics. Felix was certainly amuse, in how the Scarlet hero. Was treating the young lady, Reinhard on the other hand. Didn't know what to say, he was always though to show women, the atmost respect.

Same could be said with Julius, while he didn't approve in how the Scarlet hero. Was presenting himself to young maiden, but at least. He didn't want to put the young lady, in harms way. Even allowing himself, to do all the fighting in his master place.

A Knight should be a sword to protect the people. In this heroin spirit case, his master.

All tho he could see, that what he is saying. It's not resonating well with the young lady, by how frustrated she looked.

"Hm, are you angry? Don't be, I will respect your position, of course. I am here to help my Master win after all. My victory is yours, and I shall give you any spoils that I earn in the battlefield. You shouldn't have any complaints about that right?" The servant declared with a smirked.

"Nyo! This man is his really pushing her buttons" Felix commented, seeing how the girl was ready to explode.

The candidates were also eagerly. Awaiting the response, of angry twin tail girl.

"I'm pissed! Now!!!" Rin shouted at top of her lungs, having enough of her servant twisted attitude."Fine if that's how you wanna play it Anfang...!" Holding up her right hand to show her command seal.

He stands up "Wha... you wouldn't...!?" Her servant said hesitantly.

The cast were on high alert, by how worried the spirit looked.

"I would!" Rin snapped.

"What she gonna do!?" Tivey exclaimed.

"She is going to show this dog, his place." Priscilla whispered.

Nagel Ein neues Gesetz Ein neues Verbrechen!"

"What the hell is she saying?" Garfiel question.

"Sounds like she casting a spell nyah?"

Then suddenly the sub appeared on the screen.

(I announce to the Command Spell! By the order of the Holy Grail, give the law of obedience to this one, my Servant!)

"She going to use her command spell" Emilia voice out.

"To command her servant." Crush concluded.

"Julius write this down!" Anastasia ordered while observing very closely at the events.

"As you wish Anastasia-sama!"

"You would use a command spell, over something like this!" The servant angrily muttered

"Shut up! you're my Servant! You have to obey every single one of my orders, okay!?"

Rin sounding rather annoyed

"W-What!?" He click his tongue in annoyance

The symbol on rin right hand throbs with a crimson light.

The three Command Spells. The essence of the Holy Grail War, the three claims to the Servant's unconditional obedience, is now used.

The cast were uncertain to what to comment, on this. All tho one little spirit was already ready to break the silence, with a comment.

"What an abuse of power, I suppose." Muttered the little spirit. The librarian great spirit is well known, not care for any spirits that's not her Bubby. (Until she discovered, how cruelty he treated her contractor, In past failed loops) but seeing this. She dislike the idea of her kind, being treated like slaves.

"A-Are you not even thinking! Using the Command Spell for such a general thing!"

The servant grumbled

The cast were speechless.

"..So... She really can control a spirit with that tattoo." Felt pointed out, with a surprise look.

"S-so does that mean, that he will do whatever she tells him to do?" Petra asked.

Anastasia never didn't have good history, when it comes to slavery. Since she was almost in slave herself, in the past. But she knows in business, and especially in Battles. You most use your stronger accest.

For Crusch she believe that loyalty should be earned. Not forced upon, she did not approved of the methods.

It was the same, for the spirit Knight. He has always respected the spirits, even before he was a knight. He hated those who looked at the spirits a mere tools.

"Buy why would she do that? She should earned her spirit truest, and loyalty. Rather than using that spell to force him, to obey her against his will. Emilia said, snapping everyone from theirs thoughts.

Some of the cast wanted to agree with the half-elf candidate.

The fiery-haired eyed the white-haired elf, obviously not amused by what she said,

"That monkey of a women. Is merely showing that dog spirit it's place. You foolish half-wit." Priscilla said simply, of course being an arrogant goddess she was. She enjoyed mocking the half-elf in every turn. Making a few heads turn as they heard the word Monkey. (She is kinda like Luvia except she has better luck.)

Emilia was trying to container emotions. From freezing the Vollachian Princess. The last thing she wanted was for Priscilla to get under her skin.

"Calm down Emilia your not that same scared Little child anymore. Subaru showed you that you can be strong. I can't let this mean women, toy with my feelings like this anymore. Her eyes did not waver.

Emilia squeezed her clothes as she bravely stared directly into Priscilla cold, piercing gaze.

I may not be the best example, when it comes to relationship with a spirit.

Emilia defiantly stated with unbreakable determination in her words.

Priscilla click her cut tongue in annoyance.

"You nailed her big sis." Felt was glad that this bitch was finally shut up. And cheered her big sis.

"Yeah Princess, you show that bitch!" Garfield commented, admired his camps leader. Willings not to back down.

"Wise words Emilia-sama." Crusch nodded with a smirk.

Julius was glad that kind hearted candidate spoke out. Even he was affected by Priscilla harsh words.

Ram had a proud smile, happy for her mistress. Standing up to that, despicable women. Same goes for Rem, Petra and Frederica.

Even Roswell looked surprise by this outcome.

"Hmph so that half-wit can bite back." Priscilla commented under her fan.

"Well now that's out of the way, What class are you?" Rin said wanted to change the subject, her face still red with embarrassmen. For using up one of her command spells

This question got the cast attention. The knights leaned forward with curious expressions. Many in of the Knights were curious in learning. In what type of warrior, was the man before them.

the unknown servant sight in annoyance" Servant Archer, at your service." he answers with a small bow.

"So his class is Archer. So he specialise in using a bow." Julius commented, he sounded a little disappointed. He was hoping that the spirit on screen, to be that of the saber class servant.

"Which makes him an expert in long range attacks." Crusch noted, as a child she remembers going hunting with her father. She was decent archer but not a pro, she was more specialise in swordsmanship and riding. (I am making this up, but I did know that as a child. Crusch participate in all forms of combat. why not archery, be one of them.)

Rin face-palmed once more, "Ugh I really screwed this up," she paused and shook her head, "There's nothing I can do about it now though. I'll have to make this work." she said to herself.

Archer raised an eyebrow at her, "So I take it you were expecting a different class. Saber if I had to take a guess." he said, arms crossed.

"Well yeah!"

"What at in insufferable child I suppose. Moping because she didn't receive the spirit of her choosing." Beatrice fumed angrily. This girl was so demanding, she thought.

"Heh so the little lady is disappointed. that she didn't get a knight, as a her spirit." Ricardo thought out loud.

"She summoned him so there's no take backs now." Petra said while pouting. He didn't like how Rin is being rude to the scarlet hero.

"I don't know why is the lady complaning about. Even if his not a knight he still looks bad ass." Garfiel said, smiling to himself. Curious to know how strong, the scarlet hero is.

"I would understand why, archer aren't very useful in close quarter combat. A sword man would definitely be more useful." Tivey said at as a fact. While pressing his left glass eye up.

"Well beggars can't be choosers." Al simply said.

"Even if an Archer is not useful in close quarter battles. He still has the advantage of taking his opponents out from afar." Crusch tactically concluded.

Anastasia agreed she remembered using experts bowman team. From her iron fang mercenary group. To ambush bandits who tried steal her shipments. She remembered luring the bandits with fake shipment, products. Once they took the bait, her mercenary finished them off with an all out attacks of arrows. (Again making it up)

I agree with Crusch-sama, even if this hero spirit it's skillfull in swordplay. He can still bring victory with cunning tactics." Reinhard explained.

"We just have to wait and see, until the battle begins. Who knows, this spirit might even surprise us." Willhelm mused.

The knights agreed, for Julius. Even tho this was not the servant he was expecting. He was still curious in know what kind of Bowman skills this man possessed.

His uncle made sure he studied in the ways of the sword, to be a knight. He has seen skilled archers before, skilled enough to a hit a manbeast in the eye. From a hundred yards away, he has once expressed in interested in learning archery to his uncle. But quickly denied because, saying it was a skill Unfit for a knight, but now he will get to witness. A hero who's made weapon is a bow. He was interested to know what they are. (Making it up as I go)

"but I'll make due with you. First I'll need to know which heroic spirit you are." she said.

He chuckled, "Well that makes two of us then." he replied.

She looked puzzled, "What?" she said confusedly.

He scratched his head, "It seems I cannot remember my identity. Whether it's due to your botched summoning or some outside factor I have no idea. All I know is that I can't remember anything about myself." he informed her.


"He doesn't know who he is?" Petra looked Archer at the screen with pity.

"Was due to that girls summoning spell, I wonder?" The little spirit question.

"He doesn't really seem bothered by it." Tivey pointed out.

"It's still sad that he can't recall his own name." Rem said with pity in her voice.

"In a way... He is like me, before I came here." Crusch commented with a frowned. Remember how she was, before regaining her memory.

"Crusch-sama?" Felix whisper in concerned for his mistress.

"If he doesn't know his name, then he won't remember his legend. Or accomplishments as a hero." Anastasia remarked.

"Aldebaran, can you deduce this dog's legend." The fiery-haired questioned her servant.

Sorry princess, historical heroes. Aren't really my thing. And there's to many number of myth heroes, who use a bow. Al explained to her princess.

"Once again, you proven useless to me."

"Sorry Princess."

Julius and Reinhard frowned at that. They were really looking forward to hearing the great tales, and legend behind this hero. Same can be said with Garfiel, Otto was giving him a pat at the back.

Cheer up Garfiel. Remember his not the only hero who's going to be showed here. Am sure they remember their history. Otto said trying to cheer up brother.

"I know.. I just really wanted to know, the story about this guy. I am sure it's awesome!"

Rin could only sigh in frustration as she facepalmed" Well that's just great. Not only did I not draw Saber, my servant doesn't even know who the hell he is." she complained.

Let's take this elsewhere. Rin suggested

Leaving the ruined living room behind, they move to a new room. Rin was sitting on her couch while hugging her knees.

She observed her Servant who was leaning on the wall with his arm crossed more closely. She summoned an archer class servant who specialis in Long range combat. And she was ok with that, even dough she wanted the saber class for a servant. The only problem is the Servant she had summoned claims to have memory loss, making it unable to determine who he was. And also unable to determine his stats.

"I was hoping to summoned a hero I would know, after all, famous heroes would have higher stats." Rin though

"Stats like in video games." Al couldn't help but note.

"What are stats?" Emilia question out loud.

"I think I remember Natsuki-san using that word stat, before. When he was training, but he never told me what it meant. So I guess its a term from Natsuki world." Otto said.

The other were confused by this as well. Many of the viewers turned to the great spirit.

Great spirit-sama has Subaru ever told you any regarding this stats ?" The swords saint asked the proud spirit. His voice showed great interest in the topic.

"I suppose I can share you with some of my contractor knowledge. Since its related to this war I suppose." The smug proud spirit was willing to share her Subaru knowledge. Since it has something to do with this blood sport. And not technology.

"Betty remember her Subaru mentioned stats. When he discuss about his worldy games I suppose." Beatrice said to the audience. Remember her contractor telling her about RPG's games, he played at his home world.

"worldy games?" Asked Tivey was getting confused.

"Allow Betty to finished her explanation first in fact!"

"Ok ok sorry." Tivey said.

As I was saying, in my contractor World. video games are very popular among the masses in fact.

Anastasia heard money coins, ringing in her ears. She was rather excited about knowing more about things. Since its popular amongst the people in Subaru's world, so she could benefit from it.

"A video game is a metia game that you play by using controls or buttons to move images of an avatar on a screen in fact. The avatars could be anything from an warrior, Knight or magicians in fact."

Hearing the information about, video game. Got the viewers attention, especially the children. Some of them wanting to park take in, the amazing world. Of video games.

"Man! I really wanna try out those video games."Felt said, her eyes sparked with curiosity. She really wanting to know, what it would be like to play video games.

Reinhard saw her lady eyes field, with emense interest. For the topic of video games. Sadly, she will never get to experience such activity. Since this was complex technology far beyond them.

But he didn't want to crush his lady dream. To experience such a wonderest thing, perhaps when Subaru wakes up. He could invite the half-elf Knight to the Astrea Domain.

To discuss about the great wonders of video games, and the details into how's it made? Maybe he could create a divine protection, of complex creation. To create such a complex device, Felt-sama would surely be pleased. (Made it up, can he really create devinen protections?)

"No fair!! how come boss bro world has all the best stuff!?" The Little Mini Complain.

Ricardo patted the little fuming Mini. "Calm down, I am sure the Boss can figure this stuff out."

Video games did caught Anastasia's interest, and her Knight noted the down in his notebook. This was something different from the media they have. There was no guideline for her to assist her workers to draw a hypothesis from it. Hopefully the half-elf knight will know. "Gonna have ask him about it 'when he wakes up." She can already count the millions of coins, she will make from such a product.

"What's any of this got to do with stats?" Mini confusingly asked.

"I am getting there, I fact!" The loli spirit responded harshly while fuming.

Ricardo put his hands on the Twins mounts. to prevent them from pissing the loli spirit, any further.

The proud spirit regains her composure, and continue. "Most of this avatars have a Stat sheet, I suppose. Stats are, info about your avatars personal skills. His or her, strength, defense agility and so on, in fact."

"So that's why ms Rin wishes to know her spirit hero identity. So she can better understand the scope of her spirit, maximum power, and skill?" The Duchess concluded.

"Indeed, this skills has their levels power, I suppose. For example, this man's agility could either be high or low, in fact." Beatrice explaining while pointing Artcher on the screen. "Same could be said of strength and his other skills, whatever they might be, In fact."

The cast were processing the information that has been given to them.

"I am looking forwarddd~ to know what level of powerrrrr, they have in magiccc~." Thought the creepy clown.

"Heh, So I take it you want to know how well I could fight in the war. Am I right master?" Archer muttered with a wry smile. He can already guess what his master was thinking, from the way she was looking at him.

Rin snapping out of her thoughts. It seemed Archer had seen through what she had been relentless thinking about.

Yes. That is exactly what I want to know." Rin admitted

If that is what you worrying about, then it wouldn't be a problem." Archer clarified.

"What how so?" Rin said with a confused expression.

The sound of boots echoed in the room as Archer walked towards Rin slowly."

"I am a Servant. So I do not run away from battle. I may be disadvantage when compared with other Servants. However that is when you only compare the stats. Those could be made up for with tactics. Battles are not only fought within close range" Archer voiced nonchalantly.

"Haha! I like this guy's confidence." Ricardo bright grin. It was the same with the cast,especially the knights.

"Just as you said, Crusch-sama." The sword demon said.

The Duchess only nodded, with a smirk.

"He trully has the qualities of a hero." The greatest knight tough, with a smirk. A surge of excitement was within himself. For the upcoming battle.

Rin could not say anything against what Archer had just said. He was right. Just because he had low stats did not mean that he was a weak archer.

If he was a close range fighter like Saber or Lancer, it would have been a critical problem, but he was an Archer. Stats did not matter when one could kill an enemy from far away.

"So you're saying that a victory against other Servants would not be a problem." Rin asked her servant.

"Of course after all, I am a Servant summoned by you. Which makes me the most strongest." Archer assured with a smug smile.

Beatrice was smiling, this kidna reminds her of. When she and her contractor, face up against the great Rabbit.

"Think you can handle fighting The Great Rabbit?"

"I am moments post-contract. The opponent is one of the great witch beast triumvirates. We are unprepared and conditions are poor. My contractor is a novice. I haven't participated in battle in four hundred years."

"And?" The nasty eye boy asked

"I could ask for no handicap finer, I suppose."

Subaru smiled before having a serious face field with determination. Ready to face up against the Great Rabbit.

The memory gave Beatrice a smug smile like archer. Emilia notice this, and wonder why she had a smug smile, on her face.

"He seems sure of his abilities, as a Bowman. I can hardly wait to see them first hand." The Duchess said.

"My amazing self could said it any better" Garfiel said, with a pang of joy.

"Will see if he can back it up." Ricardo voices, eager to see the fight that was ahead. The twins were jumping up, and down. looking forward for the battle as well.

The sword demon, paid Good attention to the hero words. He fought strong opponents, he thought he could never overcome. Even after fighting the white whale, the adds of death were against him. If it weren't for the brave boy who he treated like a grandson. He always respect those, who knew they weren't strong, but still persist, never giving up the fight. Just like that boy, then sword demon had a small smile on his face, then their was the hero on the screen.

His sharp keen steel grey eyes reminded him of a hawk looking at its prey at night, as expected of an Archer. Even knowing he was at a disadvantage he did not falter. He couldn't help but to respect, this hero, their was a mystery to him. He didn't know why but he was eager to find out.

I can't put my money on anyone, yet. But I have a good feeling about this one, Though Anastasia. "Besides, whenever I'm gambling, I prefer going all in." Anastasia though with a smile(Does the re zero world. Have gambling poker or any card games?)

Reinhard was awe by the hero proclamation. The way he assured his master that Victor, was already at hand. Reinhard could tell, the hero proclamation. Was not out of arrogance, or pride. But a faithful promise to his master. The sword saint smile at that.

Felt really like the Scarlet hero, character, he can be a little bit of a tease. Like big sis pink maid, patient and kind, has some trusting issues. But other than that, his an ok guy in her book.

She actually surprise that this guy was even a hero. She always pictures heroes would act like, Reinhard or, Julius. She kinda wishes her stupid Knight, would teast her sometimes. But knowing him, he'll would probably have a long list apologize for her. And that really annoyeds her.

"This dog has certainly caught the interest of myself. His display of bravado was amusing. You have best provided myself, with an enjoyable entertainment, dog." Priscilla thought under her fan.

Rin eyes where widened she did not know where his confidence came from, but she did not doubt it. She smirked at archer statement.

Saber or Lancer, rank higher in most Servant's classes, depends on the hero. However it did not feel as if he was joking. He seemed to have confidence in his ability that could overcome the weakness of difference in stats.

She couldn't help but to smile at him.

"I hope those aren't just empty words Archer." she asked while still smiling.

It was the first smile Rin had given to Archer.

"They seem to get along now." Otto said a little surprise, as he as he noticed. One moments they were the two bickered and insulted eachother. And now they seem to be on Good terms.

Emilia watched the scene happily, pleased that Rin and her spirit were getting along now. Even Beatrice had a tiny little smile.

Archer stared at his master for a moment then replied with a smile."I won't disappoint you master. Now archer face turn to a more serious look "Now on to a more important topic."

"I wanted to discuss about you, using your command Spell." Archer sighed with an exasperated look on his face

"Uh oh is he still piss about that" Felt said.


Some of the viewer laugh at this.

"I mean she did force him to obey her. That was really mean of her." Petra remarked. Her seniors agreed with her.

"What a deplorable way to gain a spriti's loyalty in fact." The great loli spirit voice out.

"I admit it was rather disrespectful. Especially since the spirit she summoned is hero." The merchant knight voice out his thoughts.

The Vollachian princess didn't know why, the fools below we're complaining about. This monkey was merely getting her dog in line. "What naive minded, fools." She thought.

Do you understand how important the Command Spell is, Master? Archer mused with a serious expression.

"I-I know! It's the right to give your Servant three orders, right? What about it?" Rin responded with an annoyed tone.

"So she may only use this command seals three times." Crusch said taking note of the new information. Same with Roswell, and Anastasia. Learning that there was a limited use of command seals.

"And she already use one up. So she has two command seal's left." Otto said.

".Geez. Look, the Command Spell forces the Servant to act according to an order. It doesn't merely stop their actions, it strengthens their actions as well. For example, if we're far apart you call upon with your comman seal. And can instantly teleport to your location. Archer lowered his head and closed his eyes as he explains.

"That does kinda sound useful." Ricardo admits while stroking his chin.

"Whenever your in a degare situation, using a command spell. To call up your spirit for help, that could be useful." Anastasia Said while having her thinking face.

Julius nonded while taking notes. Absorbing the informatio, so did the cast.

Some couldn't hep but to agreen, with the merchant princess. Even Beatrice thought the ability to be useful, if her contractor, and her were ever seperate. Or he was in a dangerous situation, and needs her aid, he only need to use this command seal. To call upon her for help, but she was still skeptical about its uses.

"But, if you command me to 'go' using your Command Spell, the assuming we have enough magical energy, such things become possible. This is what is meant by unconditional obedience. It is the three crystallizations of a great magic that allows a Servant to surpass limits on their ability even they can't control. Well, only two now."

"I-I know that. It's fine, i still have two and that order I gave you isn't useless, either." Rin replied trying to defend her use of her command spell.

Archer opened his closed eyes" Man. This was certainly a miscalculation on my part. "The Command Spell works poorly on broad orders. For broad long-lasting orders like 'protect me through this' or 'win this battle', the power of the Command Spell weakens. The force will last a long time, but since the associated pain is weak, some Servants will be able to disobey. In contrast, a single, simple order like 'deliver the next blow with all your power', or 'don't break that glass' is absolute, and even the most powerful Servants will find it hard to disobey. So, I think you can guess what I'd like to say next, Master."

"...I get the idea. So you're saying a broad, long-lasting order is meaningless, right? If the effect is weak, Servants can act against it. It's better to make a single absolute order than to give weak ones, right?" Rin scowled

"So her spellll won't have long lasting effectttt~ on this spirittt~." Roswell was curious about the phenomenon that was the command spells.

"Hmph It's seem her using that command spell, just backfire on her a supposed." The Beatrice said with a smirk.

"Nyo that she knows, she will be causion in how she will use this spells in battle." Felix, voice, his thoughts. The Knight nodded.

Archer chuckled a little at his Master's discomfort." Right. Basically, the Command Spell is a way to bring about miracles beyond our abilities. Stupidly using it for order that be achieved through other means is unforgivable. The Command Spell you just used is exactly that. Whether or not I'll obey you is something that we could have solved by discussion. Even with the command, something like 'obey my every order completely' is beyond even a hundred Command Spells."

"Ugh... so the Command Spell I just used was meaningless?" Rin asked Worrying that she may have just wasted her first command spell.

"Normally, the answer would be yes. But it seems that your abilities as a magus are on a completely different level." The Servant has a smile on his face as he sighs.

"On a completely different level... you mean... Hey, you. Tell me honestly your condition right now." Rin had a gut feeling, so she ask him boldly.

"Yeah, that's what I meant by miscalculation. That Command Spell should have only changed my attitude to 'well, I'll respect Master's opinions slightly'. But right now I feel a strong bind from your words. If I disagree with you, let's see... it seems like I drop a rank. In other words, it's like my body feels heavy when I go against your will." Archer explained it on the top of his head.

The Servant shrugs his shoulders as if to say it's a pain.


...That means the Command Spell wasn't meaningless, and it worked in my favor? Rin voice sounded a little happy.

"Let me take back what I said before, Master. You are young, but you are an outstanding magus. It was my mistake to patronize you and try to keep you out of battle. I apologize for my rudeness." Archer admits, and adjusts his stance and bows his head politely.

"Outstanding magus?" Roswell though, he was the best court mage in the kingdom of Lugnica. Train on art of magic for Over four centuries. He desperately wanted to know the difference, in magic beyond his World. "As her teacher always said. What a joy it is to learn~"

"Uh, hey, stop it. We argued a lot, but they say both sides are usually at fault in this sort of thing..." Rin said blushing a little

"Don't tell me she is a?" Al having a questionable thought while looking at Rin.

"I see. I'm glad you understand."

"...You changed your tune quickly." Rin voiced with a smile

"Well, it was a miscalculation, but not an unwelcome one. If you're this talented, I have no objections to your involvement in the battle." Archer muttered


Uh... he seems to be saying he's found a powerful Master, so...

"So you accept me as Master even without the Command Spell?" Rin said was almost pleased at his words, it wasn't said in a sarcastic drawl anymore.

The Knights smile by Archer new found loyalty.

"Of coursed. I wasn't clear back then as I was just summoned, but we are completely connected now. If you're really a magus, you should be able to feel the connection from the contract."


Beatrice perked up by this, as well as Emilia, and Julius.

"So now there officially in a contract together." Crusch said with a smile while oserving the master, and servant. Forming a partnership.

"Indeed~." Roswell said with a smile.

"Hm, now that he mentions it, my body does feel strange."

"So they are link to one another, now that they haven, form a contract. As servant, and master." Reinhard was always interested in the topic. Of forming a contractor with a spirit. He may have been blessed with many divine protection. But he wasn't so lucky, in spirit department, due to his gate. Reinhard envied the greatest Knight sometimes, for having so many sprites companions.

Julius himself was awe in watching Rin, and Archer forming a contract. He was imagining what would it feel, to form a contract. With a legendary hero, so did the rest of the audience.

It feels like the nerves, once close within me, are now pointing outwards. And on top of that, part of my magical energy is flowing into the man in front of me. Rin thought

"I see. Servants are called by the Holy Grail, but what keeps them in this world is..."

"Right, the power of the Master. Servants stay in this world by receiving magical energy from their Masters." He finished her explanation.

Ram and Reinhard, and Julius. Where writing down the information down.

"The circumstance of their contractor are kinda the same between you. And Subaru, right Beako?" Emilia ask the child spirit.

"Don't call me Beako in fact, only Betty's Subaru is allow to call me that. And to answer your question girl, yes you are right. Our contract is very similar to this, I suppose." Beatrice answers the half-elf, but her eyes were still on the screen. Surprise in how similar the circumstances from her, and the spirit on the screen. Since she couldn't absorb mana from her surroundings. Like a normal spirit, since she was an artificial spirit, so she can only take mana from her contractor.

"What do you mean great spirit-sama, are you only able to receive mana from Subaru?" Reinhard inquire.

"Betty is not required to answer that. Spirit, and contractor privilege i suppose." Beatrice wasn't interested in sharing her secrets. Or terms of her contracts, to the rest of the cast.

The Knights didn't pry any further. And understood it was rude of them to ask. The terms of the great spirit contract, with the nasy eye boy.

"The magical energy you supply is sufficient. There might be problems with your experience, but your ability is outstanding. A normal magus would pass out after summoning a Servant, but you're still full of energy. The Command Spell earlier, and this amount of magical energy... you're definitely a first class Master." Archer said with a rare satisfied tone in his voice.

"So heroin sprites are substantiated by od mana, they can't naturally produce mana. They can't to get mana from the atmosphere, only their contractor, or master as they say. can provide them with mana." Julius share his though to the viewers. While writing, down the information.

"Mhhh~ she must have a strong gateeee. To House that much Manaaaa to provide, for her spirittttt~" Roswell commented, he was eager see. In the kind of magic the girl wields. This hero is making her sound, that he quit powerful, and capable.

And sir Archer stated, that her supply of mana. Is that of a first class magician." Reinhard said. He may not be a magic user, duo to his weak affinity. But was genuinely curiosity, at the power first class mages hold, in his friends world.

"She will be a formidable opponent, to other mages. Especially you.. Please be ok." The dutchess whispered the last part in worried. For the nasy eye boy. She only hope that he will receive a strong spirit to protect him.

"H-Heh! Praising me now won't do you any good." Rin groaned while blushing.

The rest of the crowd watched the scene with smiles, most just happy. While a certain helmet man, was laughing at Rin's reaction.

"Classic tsundere." Al can already tell, what kind person she is. From that responds.

"She responded the same way, you do. When Subaru praises you Beatrice." The Silver hair candidate told. The little pouting spirit.

"Yeah! yeah! I remembered when Subaru-sama praised Beatrice-sama. When ever she helps Subaru-sama out, in our day, to day errands. And her response, we're kinda same as Rin's." Petra voice out.

"Don't compare Betty, to that human in fact Hmph!" The Little pouting spirit didn't like. How the the little maid, and the half girl. We're comparing her to Rin.

The Emilia camp giggled and laughed at her response. (Classic Beako)

"Beatrice-sama has assist Subaru-kun, when he does his morning supply errans?" She has truly miss a lot, she missed going out for supplies run with her hero. Those were simpler times, please wake up soon my hero. Rem express in a sad voice.

"Their relationship seem to be improving." Julius noted with a smile. While staring at the scream.

Wilhelm nodded, his hand caressing his chin. Thinking of the day, he met her wife.

"Man this hero, sure got a bossy master to deal with." Ricardo said.

"You said it... Al he suddenly start to feel, at unease. With the present of his terrifying princess.

"Do you have something you wish to tell myself. Aldebaran?"

"No Princess nothing at al-" He was cut of from the kick he receive to the head.

"Speak any further next time, and it will be your tongue. That you will lose next."

"Man that guy has even more ruff." Ricardo though.

She took a deep breath and regained her composure, "Well then, we'll figure out more about you in the morning. Right now I have the first task for you to perform." she told him.

Archer stepped forward to follow only to stop and catch the broom and dust pan thrown at him. He looked at his master questioningly.

She giggled, "You are to clean up the mess you made. I expect it to be spotless when I wake tomorrow." she instructed him.

"This girl!" The little great spirit was fuming now. "Just what does she things spirits are?!"

Priscilla had a smirk under her fan. She agree with the girl, dogs should clean up after themselves.

"Ha? it's the mess her fault. Since she performed her spell the wrong way." Petra said with a glare to Rin. She didn't like how she is treating a her servant like a-a servants?

"It's obvious the hero faul, since he didn't work on his landing. When he was summoned." Ram said, liking the way Rin made this hero do the cleaning for her. she does the same with Barusu.

Petra and Frederica stared at the pink hair oni with a deadpan expression. Already knowing why she made that comment.

Archer's eyebrow twitched, "Just what do you think servants are?" he questioned.

Rin shrugged, "Familiars of course. These talk back and are more unruly though." she remarked.

With that she took her leave, leaving a very annoyed servant to do as he was told. Despite the fact that he though the mess was technically her fault and not his own. Of course his master would never see it that way. He decided it would be better to get to work sooner rather than later. He had quite the mess to clean up after all.

"They sure seem to hit it off well. I wonder how will it be, for our boy here." Ricardo joke while pointed at the sleeping Subaru. "When he call out for his spirit companion."

"Yeah yeah! We already know that's not gonna be an Archer. So it could be anyone from the remaining six spirits." Tivey cheered in excitement, acting just like a kid.

"Maybe it a be Berserk! Or or, a power magician caster! Or o-Mmm" Mini said joining her brother excitement mood. Before Ricardo abruptly covered her mouth.

"I am curious in what class of spirit. Subaru will bring forth." Reinhard said, booming with excitement. When his friend summoned his spirits.

Julius was as well, he was also feeling. A little jealous, that his mean eye friend. Will get to have a heroic spirit, for a partner.

My cap'n is the strongers. So it's only fitting for him to get the stronger spirit. And that's Berserker Garfiel added to the excitement mood, with stars in her eyes.

"What is with you, in wanting Natsuki-san to have the spirit Berserke Garf?" Otto ask.

"Well cap'n obviously gonna win this war. And Berserker are wild strong, and hard headed, like my amazing self." Garfiel proclaimed with a puff to his chest.

"Heh! keep your ego at check Garf. I highly doubt a brute will lead Barusu to victory." Ram cut in.

"The maid is correct, Shield of the sanctuary. If there's any servants that will cut the path to victory, it's saber." The greatest Knight joins in as well.

"Your still on about!" The blond demi-human argued.

"ENOUGH IMPERTINENT NONSENSE! I SUPPOSE!" The great spirits shouted in anger. She didn't like how everyone was discussing. That her contractor, HER'S will be with another spirit that wasn't her. He was suppose to be her first. (Did that came out wrong lol)

"Hey hey little lady, we were just joking." Ricardo simply said.

"Ya... And your already contracted to him. So what's the big deal." Al pointed out.

"They didn't mean any by it Beako." Emilia said trying to each the tension.

"Quite, and stop calling me Beako in fact. I already told you that only Betty's Subaru can call me that in fact"

Emilia was hurt by this, Beatrice had been very hard on her before. But this was different.

Deathly silence hit the theater, some were unnerved by the spirit cold voice.

"Never discuss about Betty's Subaru getting a another spirit in my presence in fact." The great spirit stated cooly.

"O-ok if you say so Beatrice-san" the nervous former merchant said.

The cast went back to the viewing. They didn't want to piss of the little jealous spirit any further.

"Man, a tsundere and a yandare. I definitely do not envy you bro." Al thought

"How amusing." Priscilla simply said under her fan.

When Subaru finally got home and joined Taiga and Sakura for dinner, he was greeted with Taiga's scolding.

"You shouldn't be coming home so late. You're still a student, you know!"

"You make it sound like I went to a party," Subaru said as he filled his plate with food. "I was working."

"She does sound like a mom, scoulding his kid hahaha." Ricardo laughed as he noticed the mom, and son relationship. This two had for each other. Also trying fill in the air. From little spirit threats.

Otto and Garfiel join the laugh, "this kinda reminds me when that old hag. was all uppiy from my late night night patrols in the sanctuary. When my amazing self was little." Garfiel said her really misses Granny Ryuzu.

"Your still Little garf, hahah- Ouch! "

Otto holding his hurting shoulder. That the tiger boy punch. And smiled at the thought of his family. He misses his family to

"And was this just your work, or someone else's, too?" Taiga asked.

"Work, big bro has a job?" Felt question.

"I didn't peg Natuski to be a hard worker before, since he lived a consistent life. Before coming to our world." Anastasia said, remembering the first viewing. When the half-elf observed the boy's hands. They're evidence that he didn't live a peasant life."

"So what if it was?" Subaru snapped, knowing where this conversation was going. "It helps someone else out, doesn't it?"

"So Natsuki-kun was like this even before coming to our world." Anastasia mused.

"I mean yeah, we all saw how big bro was being helpful. Nonestop, to his friend at school. It's a curse a tell you." (Ohh you don't know how right you are Felt.)

Taiga sighed as if trying to reason with a particularly stubborn child. "Always living for others, huh? Did your dad put these notions in your head?"

"The Great spirit did say that Natsuki-sama, has always admire his father, and wanted to follow in his foot steps. Helping people, must be another trade he got from his father." Crusch though back at what the great spirited has said.

"Cap'n old man must be, a legend in his world. I bet I can learn a lot from him."

"The only that you will learn, Garf. is to be an even bigger baffun than Barusu."

"Betty's Subaru has always idolized his father. But never thought he could measured up to him." Beatrice sad In a sad voice.

Some understood the meaning in the spirit words. Children will often idolize theirs parents, but they didn't understand how could Subaru not measured up to his father he may had now been perfect, he had his flaws. But he better himself, as a person, when the cast saw his journey to their world, he has accomplishe many great deeds that would make any father proud.

"Can you please elaborate more on Subaru thoughs about his father. Great spirit-sama?"Julius inquired, he deeply wanted to know about the man who raised his friend. He must have been an honorable man.

"Betty's contractor has once said that he wasted his life trying to be like his father instead of trying to be himself, in fact. But he know he could never be like him. causing Betty's Subaru to become a recluse. Like me in fact." Beatrice mumbled in a low voice. Remember the sad look at her Subaru. When he explains this,

They nodded in compression, some of cast had different expression. Some had a mixture of sorrow and understanding, while the rest were full of pity.

"So never reaching in his father height, is what cost him to be withdraw from society." Reinhard looked at the sleeping boy with sympathy. Same with the other knights.

"Why would you think that Subaru? You are amazing, I am sure you father would be proud, If he saw you now." Emilia muttered sadly, while looking at her sleeping knight.

"Don't think yourself that you can't compare to your father Subaru-kun. He must be a great man, for to want so badly to be like him. But Subaru-kun, is Subaru-kun. You be who you are, Rem's amazing hero" Rem rested her head on Subaru's shoulde while whisper this word's to his ears.

Sakura chose this moment to speak. "Ms. Fujimura, is it true that he's always been like this?"

Subaru busied himself with eating his salad as Taiga answered.

"Yep he's had a hero complex for as long as I've known him, always trying to save someone. He once told me about how he was gonna be 'a Champion of Justice' when he grew up.

"Rem's hero has always wanted to be a hero!" The blue hair jump from her sit. With sparkling stars in her eyes. In blue hair oni mind, Subaru is the greatest. Hero that ever existed, and no other hero can compare.

"Betty's Subaru is such a child, I suppose." Beatrice scoffed, but deep down. She both love and saddened of this aspect, about her contractor. He was not only her contractor, but her hero as well. She save her, just like in the stories he use to tell her at night. About the hero who saved the sleeping Princess from the lonely tower. And the Dragon, freeing the princess from her sleeping a curse. Just how he freed her from her contract. but her contractor was not that kind of her, and that part saddeness her.

"Heh! Barusu truly suffers a sad delusion." Ram had a look of scorn on her face.

"The role does seem to be very becoming of Subaru-kyun." Felix said with a deadpanned face.

"His already a hero in the eyes of many." Julius smiled softly

"that's my knight... Your really are the most selfless person I ever known.. Subaru." Emilia thought with a sad smile. He always lived his life for others, he value others happiness above his own. And that brought sorrow in the half-elf heart.

The Duchess frowned, the Silver hair candidate reaction speaks volumes. On what she feels about her Knight.

"The path that you have chosen is a noble one. Subaru-dono, but it will also bring you hardship." Wilhelm whispered, he has already witness the kind of hero the boy was. A tragic hero, that saved many lives, but at a cost of his sanity.

"A hero of Justice seriously bro? What are you eight?" Al commented, he truly couldn't believe in what he is hearing right now.

"Ohh come on man. People can still dream." Ricardo voice out to the helmet man. Supporting the mean eye boy dream.

"Yeah! Don't look so surprise. I think it's awesome that ma' Cap'n, wanted to be an amazing hero. It's every man's dream." The fact that his captain was amazing went without saying the young tiger boy imagine. It only made sense that his great captain had wanted to be an amazing hero since he was a kid. Well Garfiel could only feel immense pride swell up inside as he admired his hero even more.

"I forgot Garf, that you suffer the same delusion." Ram said to the Tiger boy.

"Oh tho I kinda find this a little strange." Otto voice gaining some of the audience attention.

"What you meant Otto-bro?"

"I mean not once, has Subaru ever mentioned to any of us. About this long time gold of wanting to be a hero." Otto voice out.

"Yes Barucu has never indulge us. With any of his delusional fantasy."

"Subaru-kun has always been a hero in Rem's eye's."

"Please Rem, let the grownups talk." Ram said to her sister, with a sweetdropped on her face.

"I mean when he came to our world. Didn't he automatically believed that he was, going to be some great saviours. Just because he came from another world."

They remember how the boy followed. His world isekaid stories ideas, believing himself to be a savior from another world. After he came to see the painful reality of this world.

"Maybe he just outgrew that way of thinking." Al giving his opinion.

"Only to start a new, when he was sent to a world. Where in his opinion, other wolrly travelers like him. Can instantly become a hero, only to have that dream shattered." Anastasia said in a sad tone, while patting her fuur.

"It's not just the hero thing that's different about big bro. But the way he behaves."

"What do you mean Felt-chan." The half-elf asked, the blonde candidate.

"I mean he still acts, like a same dumb silly big brother. We all know and love but."


"But he was being kinda of a nice guy. Like Rein nice, when he was it school."

"How is that a bad thing?" Mini asked. Some of the cast we're confused by this, even the little hurt Reinhard.

"Am just saying that big bro feels different here. He it's being his usually goofy, or dramatic self.

"Maybe it's because he is in his home world. And just had a different demeanor, until he came to ours nya."

Some always saw the differents from the Subaru they had by sleeping by his sit. To the one on the screen. The feeling was even more strange for those who lived with him on a daily basis and thought they knew everything about him.

There were too many things that needed to be answered, questioned wow know he magic before coming to their world. why he acts different in this viewing. And most importantly was viewing even real, or a fake. They couldn't tell anymore.

Priscilla rubbed her temple, bored out of her mind with all of this. She wanted the screen, show the glorious battle. That she so patiently been waiting for. Now she has to sit and hear, about this mongrel naive ideology. After it is those very ideas that has brought the foolish boy nothing but deaths, and suffering. And yet he still cling to those ideas, perhaps this won't be such a waste of time.

"I keep telling him he needs to give up on that and go find a girlfriend, but"

"Oh, no," Subaru cut Taiga off firmly, setting down his chopsticks, "we are not going there."

Wilhelm counth help but to agree. With the Subaru caretaker, in his youth he was detached. never building any real relationships, until he met the love of his life.

"Yeah man, you seriously need a girlfriend bro." Al voice out.

Some of the female in the cast glared at the helmet man. Wanting to hit him, for his comment.


"Aldebaran what did myself just said. Or have I already broken your skull, from so many of my previous wornings."

Al gulp behind his helmet.

"Now, Subaru, don't be like that," Taiga chided. "You're a perfectly healthy young boy, I'm sure girls would love to go out with you."

"Lady you have, no idea how right you are" Otto thought, while taking a few clansses of his brother's hare- female companions.

Some who were blushing on the screen. Thinking of what it would feel for them. Meeting Subaru parents, and getting their blessing.

Subaru sign tirely "Sakura, would you please pass the mayonnaise?" Subaru asked, pointedly ignoring Taiga.

After dinner, Taiga had left to walk Sakura home, and Subaru went to the storage shed. There was one last thing he needed to do before going to bed for the night, magic training.

"His going back to that shed?" Tivey question.

"Yeah I wonder why." Felt question as well.

But Roswell had a pretty good idea. At what the boy plans to do.

"Ready your peeeen Ram~"

"As you wish, Roswell-sama"

First things first. Subaru took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and tried to empty his mind of every thought, solely concentrating on creating a magic circuit within his body.

"Trace, on."

The magic user in the audience, pay good attention to that magical chant. They never hear of it before.

"Julius-kun prepare."

The merchant knight nodded.

At once, it felt as though a hot metal rod was slowly being inserted into his spine. Subaru let out a few painful grunts, struggling to maintain the connection. Eventually—and he didn't know exactly how long—the process of creating an artificial magic circuit was complete.

With that done, Subaru knelt on the floor and picked up a metal pipe.

The magic circuit activated, mana flowing through.

"What's boss bro doing?" Mini question his brother.

"I don't know, it looks like his transfaring his Mana. To that object his touching." The Little demi-human giving out his thoughts, on the matter.

"What for tho?" The Little former thief asked.

The Little spirit was studied, what her contractor was doing, very closely. She never seen him, perform this type of magic before. Not even at the mansion, was he secretary practicing this behind her back.

"Why didn't you tell Betty I suppose." The great spirit whispered. While turning to her sleeping contractor. And pulling his cheek out. From her frustrating.

Subaru two closets friends, in the Emilia camp all wonder the same thing. The only time he works on him magical abilities, is when he trains with Beatrice. Now their seeing him doing magic from his home land. And not telling them about it, they were deeply hurt that he didn't truest them enough. To share this secret with them, especially the half-elf

"Basic structure, established. Components, determined. Basic structure, altered."

The mana began to flow into the pipe.

"Components, reinfor—ahh!"

The magic circuit disappeared, and with it the mana Subaru was using to strengthen the pipe. Said pipe fell to the ground with a clatter as he doubled over, gasping for air.

Most of the case panic by this.


Rem and Emilia yell. catching the sight of their beloved in pain made them worried.

"What happened?! Why is he in pain?" Emilia said in distressed.

"He must have have performed his spell wrong. And this is the results in fact." Beatrice said with a worried voice. She has seen that look of pain before. When ever her contractor was testing, his invisible hands. And had painful set back, whenever he uses it. She wishes she was their to ease his pain.

I failed. As usual, he thought once he'd caught his breath. I'll never be like Dad at this rate.

"So it was Subaru-dono father. Was the one who tought him this magic." The sword demon, voice his thoughts, for the cast to hear.

"But it's seems that he is still lacking. Since the results were not at his favor." Julius gave his thoughts on the matter. He stop writing the moment he saw his friends in pain on the screen.

"I wonder what kinda spell Natsuki-san was trying to pull?" Otto question.

"It must be something dangerous, since it brought Subaru-kyun minimal pain nya." Felix said, since he specialise in healing. He knows that complicated spells come with a great setbacks, other with painful results.

"My question is, why would Subaru. Pour his mana in that blont abject." The sword saint asked.

"I don't know, but it looks like our bro here. will explain." Al was generally curious. At what his other world brother, tried to do. Since it is, magic from his world. And wonder, if he could do it also.

"I know... Helping other's and being a hero of justice aren't the same thing... ." Subaru thought

Then Subaru thoughts where bringing him to the day he met him.

The view now cuts to the inside of the a hospital. Where many children can be seen in their beds, some where injured and covered in bandages.

"What is all this Nya!" Felix saw all of injured children. Their faces were filed with pain and lost. He wanted to step in their and heal all of their injuries. He couldn't stand seeing this little ones in pain.

"It's a hospital. It's were we send people, for healing." Al said that with a sad voice. Looking at all the kid survivors, of the fire.

Most in the audience were horrible by this. Some of the battle hard veteran's in the theater were no stranger to this. They knew that this was the result of a great catastrophiy.

Wilhelm dropped his head, he has seen faces a like this before. During the Demi-Human War. The village he seen pillage, by the war, children, losing their homes. Family's lost, it was not a sight he can ever forget.

The audience looked at the survivors of the tragity on screen with great pity.

Julius and Reinhard both looked down. Even this was not there world, a sight like this gave saddened the two knights.

Petra hug and cry, on Frederica. She remember how the witch cult attack her village. Would she, have been like the children on the screen, if her hero chosen to leave.

Emilia and Rem both grapped each of the hand a of their hero. And Knight hands. Still couldn't believe, that the person. They the both love more than anything in the words. Experience something that will scar anyone for life. They felt a great amount of sadness. For the children on the screen as well.

Seeing the children on the screen. The the pink oni thought of the past. "Those eyes" she though. She had the same look, when her villain was burned to the ground.

"Are you alrightttt, my dear Rammmm~" her master hold her hand, in concern.

"I-its nothing Roswaal-sama.."

"Seeingggg thiiiisss made you though about your villageeee didn't it?"

Her Lord was always clever, she wasn't so so surprised. She just nodded slowly.

"I seeeee~" is voice was mix with a bit of guilt. Looking away from the maid.

The pink oni hold her Lords hand, with care.

"Thank you for comforting me.. Roswaal-sama" Ram said with a little smile.

"Always.. My dear Rammm~." The lord simple, went back the screen.

"I hope that big bro world. Has better orphanages for kids to lived in" the little blonde candidate said. As her knight responded with a sad nod.

The greedy merchant though the same. She should know, since she lost her parents. And spet her childhood in an orphanage, we're many were neglected. She hopes that this poor children, will be provided with better care."

The camera turns to show a black hair boy in a hospital bed all alone.

"That's big bro!" Felt leaned forward exclaimed with sadness.

Wilhelm looked down with a sad frown.

"You can seem to catch a break. From the tragities of live.. Subaru-sama." Crusch sounded as heartbroken as a widow at the thought of the boy who experience hell. Same will the healer.

"This is were he must have been taken. After he was rescue, from the fire." Al lowered his head, in sorrow for what had happened to his bro.



The two brothers growled in frustration at their other world brother situation.They were still wondering, what lead for that fire to happen. And why Subaru, they hope their answers, will be revealed soon.


Both half-elf, and Blue oni, held their hearts as they sensed the pain Subaru was going through. As they looked at child form Subaru on the screen with pity. They both thought why he never told them, about his tragic past.

"I wish he told me, about what he has gone through in the past." Emilia looked down with a deep scowl of frustration on her face.

"If he did. What would you have done to help him, I suppose?" Beatrice eyed the silver candidate. "you who couldn't even recall your past trauma. Why should my contractor, share his to you I suppose?"

What are you trying say, Beatrice-sama? Rem asked with a hand held to her chest, feeling confusion.

"What I am saying is, some things are best left forgotten. I suppose, Betty's Subaru doesn't need to be hunted by ghost from the past. Maybe this is one of the reasons my Betty's Subaru did not tell me, I suppose."

"Facing our past can make people strong. Betty that's how I beat the trial." The half-elf said with determination. Remembering how she conquer the trial in the sanctuary.

The little spirit simply scowled.

The Blue oni simply smile at the silver hair candidate. And attention went back into the screen.

Then the boy saw a familiar face see, the man that saved him from the fire he talking to one of the nurses. He was an adult male dressed in a black suit and trench coat. His distinguishable features included an ever-present vacant look in his eyes and his rough, unruly black hair. He spotted Subaru and walk toward him.

"It's the man that save Subaru-sama!" Petra pointed out.

"Ya ya! That's definitely him." Mini said.

"Did he came to visit big bro?" The blonde candidate questioned.

"Perhaps Felt-sama." The sword saint didn't know why. But this man unnerves him greatly, and he wasn't the only one.

"This man." The sword demon narrowed his eyes, on the man on the screen. there was something about him. Something not quite right. His cold, non-emotional piercing eyes. Those eye looked as if, it lost all hope of living. He wasn't the only one, who was trying to read the man. On the screen.

A creepy angry clowns, looked deep in to those eyes. he did not like looking at them. He know that this we're the eyes of a man. That couldn't achieve the gold he was set out to achieve. No matter how hard he tried. And it was disgusted for him to look at, because he fear that he will have the same. If he fail to accomplish he life time gold.

"What a pathetic sight." Priscilla said in disgust. At those eyes.

"He looks really sad." The silver half-elf said with a tired expression. She Like him better when he was smiling, when he saved Subaru. That happy smile reminder her of Puck, when he first found her. Being stuck on ice.

"I agree." The dutchess simply said. It was like she was looking at a broken man who been threw something far worst then anything she could have ever imagined.

"I wonder why he came to visit Natuski-san."

"Hello you must be Subaru, My name is Kiritsugu emiya." His savior introduce himself to Subaru, While Subaru just stared up blankly at his savior.

"I'll come right out and ask you which do you prefer. Being sent to an orphanage, or being taken in by a man you just met?" Kiritsugu laid out the options to the child.

All of the theater were stunned and confused from Kiritsugu questions.

"H-he h-his gonn-" Otto stuttered out, his words.


Most of the cast yell, at Union.

"Y-yeah that is what I was going to say." Otto with a sweatdrop on his head.

"It's seem that our worst suspicion had been confirmed." Julius and Reinhard. looked down with a sad frown.

What is it Julius-kun?" Anastasia demanded of her knight.

"Ya spill it out!" Felt shouted to her Knight.

"Fess up will ya!" Gabriel demand an answer as well.

Reinhard hesitate for a bit, but this was his lady orders. So he couldn't disobey, he was trying to find any words. To answer the blonde candidate. But instead the greatest knight answer for him.

"We have suspect that, Natsuki Subaru. Wasn't the only one, who was caught in that fire."

"What do you mean, Julius-san?" Emilia pleaded.

"That Subaru-dono parents. May have been with him, when the tragic fire accord." The old sword demon finish. What the other knight suspended. With a sorrowful look.

Maybe at the cast gasps in horror, at the revelation.

"Subaru-kun…" Rem looked at her hero with a horrified expression.

"So you suffered the same way. We did Barusu." Now Ram felt bad for all those times she belittle him. But hearings this, her guilt increased. And so did Felix.

Roswell frowned a little. After hearing Ram say that.

"H-he... L-los-t his.. F-family." Emilia stuttered in despair, for her Knight. Just like her, he also lost, the two parent figures. Emilia hugged her knight tightly.

"Why must this wretched world. Always takes the precious thinks, that my Subaru holds dear?" Then Little spirit had a few tears in her eyes.

The blonde demi woman. Was wrapping her arms around the little crying Petra, holding her as close to her as possible. Otto and Gabriel, we're facing the floor with a frown.

"Damn it big bro, why is always have to be you." Felt said in a low voice.

Anastasia look at the screen with a tired sign. "Why indeed." Rubbing her scarf with a with her down.

The Vollachian Princess just looked at the boy on the screen. With pity, Just as she did at the beginning. Of this new showing, as well as her Knight.

Subaru raised his eyebrows at that. And putting on a thinking face for a few minutes.

A moment of silence passed Subaru open on eye finally decided by pointing his finger at him. Kiritsugu smiled at his decision.

"So.. He.. choice to go with him." Felt sounded baffled. To why kid, big bro, choose to go with a stranger. Even if he did save his live.

"I think he made a good choice, on this matter." Vollachian Knight voice his thoughs.

"Why you say that pal?" The mercenary asked.

"Well even in our world. The orphanage has its flows."

"So some things stays the same. Even in different worlds." Anastasia said with a disappointed tone.

I am glad then lest get you dress right away. You need to get acclimated to your new home as soon as possible." Grab one of his brief case and started searching for some clothes for the boy.

"Oh... I forgot to mention something important.

Some of the audience perk up by this. Wondering what so important that he would want to tell. The child Subaru.

"There is something extremely important I have to tell you. ready?" Kiritsugu stop for a moment and stared at the boy.

"I should get this out of the way. " He breathed out a long sigh.

Everyone waited to see what's his going to say.

"I am a magic-user." He declares.

Many widden theirs eyes, by this big reveal.

Mmm now we knowww who's been teachinggg~ our little Subaru-kunnn~ magic." Roswell mused. Curiously at the type of character. The on the screen is.

"So this is the man, who inspired you, to be what you are now. Subaru-dono?" The old Butler. Mind started to process the very character of the boy. He admire, the most. his innocence had been lost once had to see the horrors of life. The boy that was never a boy had been born out of that fire. He wanted to know of the man, who molded him into what he is now, he wanted to know if he did right with young Subaru. The other were on the same boat.

"I take it Subaru has never mentioned Kiritsugu. To you Beatrice? Emilia asked Little spirit. Already having a feeling at what the answer might be.

"No I suppose." The Spirit answer simply, not turning her eyes of the screen. She wanted to know what other parts of her contractor life. He did not want to shared with her.

The boy Subaru was confused by this statement, tilted his head in confusion.

"Looks like our Little boss is confuse." Ricardo remarked.

"Like I said man, to the people in my world. Magic is just stuff of, fantasy and old tales. But I guess there's a hidden secret to my world. That I didn't know about." Al answered.

Ricardo look at the helmet man. He can tell, that he is still processing this discovery.

"Don't worry you might not understand now, but you will." Kiritsugu stood up giving Subaru new clothes to wear. Before going outside of the room, and wait for Subaru at the door. he turn around to Subaru and gave him a small smile.

"I am so glad that I found you..." His eyes start to get watery, and smiles at the boy.

"Woah! he looks, like a very different person. When he smiles like that." Tivey said feeling a little happy for the guy on the screen. his sister agreed.

"Ya! He had the same smile when he saved, boss bro." Mini said feeling happy that the moondy guy on the screen. Can express a hopeful smile.

"He looks more hopeful. As if by saving Subaru-dono, he was saved as well." The sword demon thought.

Otto and Garfiel didn't know why but they sniffled at this.

"This is just like that time. Upon that sunny hill." Rem closed her eyes with a smile. recalling that memory.

"I want it to be you. I wouldn't want for it to be anyone else. If you can't forgive yourself for being empty and having nothing, then let's start from here, right now." The maid stepped back and smiled down at the kneeling boy.

"Start what?"Subaru asked in bewilderment, standing up from the ground.

"Just like you started my time for me when it was stopped, we'll make the time that you feel is stopped for you begin to move again.

Let's start her, from square one."

The breeze blew… the clouds fully parted… and the sun shined on Subaru once more.


Subaru's eyes widened as light finally was brought back into them. The light of hope.

Rem smiled at the happy memory. She guess it was the same, for this man. By saving her hero, he was save as well. Just like her.

Emilia and Crusch looked at the scene with a smile of happiness for the sad man. Tainted with sadness, found happiness from the act savings Subaru.

"Subaru saw that smile, the same smile he showed him when he saved him.

"I want to smile like that." he thought.

Young Subaru doesn't know what to say to that. He was ready to die on the spot among all those other people. Now he has another chance in live, and he will not waste it. He just smile and nodded grab the clothes and prepare to leave with his savior.

Flashback ended the scene moves back to Subaru warehouse, where he is laying down with his hands behind his back still thinking of the past.

I remember that day 10 years ago. The day I lost everything my home, my mom and dad, and then myself.

Some of the viewers were deeply saddened by this. Hoping that their, suspicions were incorrect. But now, it has been confirmed on the screen. By Subaru himself and they were heart broken by it.

"I truly wish I was wrong." The old Butler spoke in guilt.

"I still get nightmares about that day. It was hot and I couldn't breathe, people screening begging to be saved."

Everybody had varied expressions of sadness and pity for the boy.

"I guess it was hell for you, even before coming here bro." Al sighed and kept his eyes sternly on the screen.

"Don't worry Betty will always be with her Subaru." Said the little spirit while hugging her Contractor with tears. Remember the nightmares in the past.

"So you been suffering from this. Even before you met, all of us." Whisper Emilia, while hugging her Knight arms for comfort. Rem did the same.

"I hate that. It makes me mad when people tried so hard, just to died in the end. Is it greedy of me to wish for an outcome, where everyone was saved and are happy. And can share a laugh afterwards?" Subaru thought he remember asking his adopted father about that topic.

Eyes widened. The rest of the audience, looked at the scene with a stunned expression.

Felix's eyes widened in surprise. Like Subaru Felix, to had also been scar from terrible events of the past. Enough for him to developed. A deep hate for those who easily gave up on their lives. It seem that Subaru has suffered from something similar.

"Is this why he has always been so focused on saving others. And stop having regard for your own life anymore... Are we same?" The catboy though.

The little blonde spirit was tiredly starring at the screen. Emotionlessly from her contrator lap. "Is this why you hated the thought, of me wanting to die i supposed."

Scene change again to the pass, in the dojo of Subaru house with his adopted father training training with wooden swords.

"It's seem that Subaru-dono father is teaching him the ways of sword." Wilhelm mused with a smile from seeing this scene. Reminded him, how be once taught his son.

In Swordmen ship along with his wife. When he was a little boy, he shed a small tear at the memory.

"He is making a warrior, out of young Natsuki-san." Julius speculated, he was curious in what kind of swordsmen skills. He was teaching the young Subaru, he know that Subaru. Was a novice when it came to sworn play, did he forget his father's training. Or was his friend, never really that good. When it came to swords?

"Subaru saving one person means, being unable to save another." Kiritsugu said

He grunted, too miffed for proper words. "I understand that, when you put it like that it's obvious but still... I hate it. I want to save everybody!!!" Young Subaru said being still a child he wanted to believe that everybody could be saved.

Many in the theater were silent and astonish, at what the young Subaru declaration on the screen.

Everyone already knew since the beginning of viewings. Subaru Natsuki has always been stubborn, always willing to risk his well being, and sanity. For others, going so far as to even saved. Those who would do him harm, the audience never understood why, Subaru was the way that he is.

He would recklessly throw himself in front of danger to save a life. Even though the life which he saved had murdered him. In cold blood. No normal person, would have saved the one who murdered them. No sane man would be willing to walk to a path were death were certain. Humans always had self preservation, it's a what made them human.

He was a boy without a purpose, coming to their world didn't change anything. He was a helpless boy, who has face death so many times. That is drove him mad. But even after all that pain and torment. He never lost his determination to save everyone. He had his moments where all hope seems lost, but was raised back up. Thanks to his closest love ones.

They never understood why was this boy always so determined. Save everyone, from their tragic end, he was no normal boy. Some the audience just though that, he was a idiot with a kind heart. But seeing this the, the audience just, unravel another mystery. That is Natsuki Subaru.

That their friend, knight, Champion, and hero. Had always had the mind set to save everyone.

Nobody in the audience, had make a comment. The theater was silent.

Until one finally burst out with laughter, for whole audience to hear.

"Hahahahah! Amusing! You are truly amuse me to no end! Of course. As myself said before, you are indeed a jester who has mastered his act. Hahahahah

Many in the audience were surprised by sun Princess burst of laughter. They turn their heads, to the sun Princess. Not understanding why she was laughing. Some were piss of, and other found her laughing to be unsettling. Even Priscilla Knight was confused.

"Oi! What the fuck is so funny!" The tiger demi-human voice out. Not understanding why this bitch was laughing.

"So that's it... Myself finally understands." Priscilla finally found herself to be able to contain laughter.

"And what is it, that you finally understand. Candidate Barielle?" Crusch turned to the red hair candidate.

"That this amusing dog, is a disgusting and pathetic, creature." Priscilla said. Pointing her fan, to the unconscious Subaru.

With the Priscilla comment. The audience, delivered one twisted burning glare to the sun princess.

"What the fuck did you just say! You fuckinng bitch!" Garfiel shouted in anger. At the arrogant candidate, for the comments she made. About his hero, and brother.

"Please explain yourself, miss Barielle-san. Just what exactly is it. That you seen to understand, for you throw. This harsh words at Natuski-san." Said Otto trying to keep his cool. But deep down he outraged by the lady's comment.

"Myself is simply stated, in what's in front of me."

"Let's me guess your gonna deliver. Some half ass revelation, about big bro. That we don't know about, while being a smug bitch about it." Felt mumbled.

"Your catching on very quick, gotter rat." The Vollachian sun goddess snobbishly remarked towards the small blonde candidate. Who giving her a hateful glare.

"Priscilla-sama, Rem would kindly advise you, not to disrespect Rem hero." The blue oni maid muttered, with a cold and dark tone.

"I agree with my little sister. Priscilla-sama, please refrain from badmouthing Barusu. For that duty, lies solely upon me." Ram warned in apolite manner. Baking her sister up.

The sun goddess was unfazed. By the death glares she was receiving.

We all already know that you do not care. For the harshness, and tormented this boy has experienced. Such things, at benefit to the likes of you. But I do want to know why you labeled this boy. Who has reeks his sanity, to save. Some among us, who stand before you." Crusch gestures her hand to the cast. "To be disgusting and pathetic." Crusch sternly said.

"Why do we even let her have the stage? We're just feeding her ego." Anastasia mused with a serious expression.

The arrogant sun godness fanned herself while staring down at the audience. While the audience continue to glare at her. Waiting for her response.

"Hmph, all you brainless dogs don't seem to understand. Why myself, consider him, to be nothing but a pathetic, and amusing. As expected from brainless mongers, this is why you all should be under my rule, worshipping me." Priscilla huffed while putting while pointing her to the ground below her.

"Ohh here we go again." The blonde candidate muttered while rolling her eyes.

"Please shareeee your godly Wisdomm~ to us Barielle-sama." Roswaal step in with a sarcastic cheerful tone. Which deeply annoyed Priscilla. She glared at him hatefully.

"Be silent you, sniveling low life."

Ram narrowed her eyes at the princess.

"My reason for disgust wasn't for his childlike implication. No it is because myself, Finally understand the reasons behind. This boy obsesseb endeavor to save everyone he sees." The reason, why he go to such lengths to save others.

The whole theatre room was silent. The cast looked at the Princess incredulously.

"And what might that reason be?" Anastasia decided to ask. Wanted to end this awkward silence.

Al wasn't surprised knowing her Princess, was good at reading people. in fact, even if she didn't a have her luck, or divine blessings. Her skills of interpersonal analysis would still be quite advanced. Al thought to himself.

"That this boy feels guilty." Pointed her fan at the sleeping Subaru again. While looking interested.

"Guilty? What do you mean What's boss bro guilty about?" Asked the confuse Mini?

"Yeah guily of what? why would Cap'n feel guilty about anything! He saved everyone."

Garfiel was the one that finally spoke up as he getting tired of the arrogant candidate. Slandering his captain.

"H-his g-guilty about the people in the fire." Otto trembled said with wide eyes.

All eyes turned to the former merchant.

"Ho it's seem not all in your camp, are brainless fools. Half-wit." The sun Princess taunts the Emilia camp. Witch a received a glared from all of them. Emilia's hold on Subaru's hand tightened even further as her fear for what Otto is about to say increased.

"What do you mean merchant boy?" Anastasia added, she knows we're this is going. She is no fool, she been paying very close attention to the previously viewing. Summer in up, the poor boy's, persona, and the type of man he is.

"What's cap'n guilty Otto-bro? Little cap'n couldn't do any to save those people. He was just a kid."

"Garfiel when Natsuki-san couldn't save the villagers. And Emilia from the Witch cult attacked. Time and time, again, who did he blame?"

The audience eyes went wide. Finally understanding and recoiled.

"..H-he blames himself...cap'n blame himself." Finally realizing what his brother was getting at. And sank back into his seat.

"I forgot about that." Tivey said with a frowned while looking down. True, be told some of them. Want to forget all the pain, and suffering, this boy has went through.

"We were so caught will the Grail war. And the kid's world heroes, that we forgot what that." The dogmansaid said, while looking down. Anastasia sighed and shook her head in sadness.

Some grimaced and looked down with a sad frown.

Emilia grimaced and looked down with a sadness. A shame of herself for forgetting her Knight, and love of her life. Suffering.

"Why? Big bro blame himself, for what happened to those people, Why!? He was just a kid, a powerless kid. It wasn't his fault those people died." Felt admonished. While starring at the screen with disappointment. Almost at the verge of tears.

"Yeah it wasn't Subaru-sama fault!"

"He blames himself because. it's the only way he can cope with the his trauma. He experience."

Everyone in audience now turned their heads. To the helmet knight, Priscilla gave her knight a glare for speaking out again.

"What do you mean?" The Little Petra sniffled having a few tears on her face. While Frederica was comforting the little one.

"See, our poor pal over there, has something called survivor syndrome. It's something a the healer in my world would call it."

"Survivor syndrome?" Emilia whispered softly. Wanting the Knight to continue.

Al nodded his head. "It's when a someone who believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic or tragic event when others did not, often feeling self-guilt. Kinda like the little maid over there." Al said while pointing at the Rem.

At this, many of the cast's expressions looked a bit shocked. Some turn to look at the maid who was next to Subaru. The meaning was clear to all and curiosity induced frowns covering the most shrewd in the crowd.

They already know what kind person the Blue hair oni was like. Before she was saved by the mean eye boy.

The sword Saint was saddened by this.

And understood, the frustrated young Subaru. Even if he wasn't in that world, he still couldn't help but blame himself as many people die like this in his own world too.

Emilia let the tears fall as she held the boy's hand with all her strength. "You shouldn't blame yourself, for what happened to those people. You idiot." she remembered a past loop. Of her Knight holding her dead body. And apologize to her. "You... Stupid sniff idiot."

The blue-haired maid sank in her seat with a shock and shattered expression.

"Are you suggesting there is something wrong with my sister?" Ram fired back with a furious glared, to the helmet Knight. But was unfazed since his wearing a helmet.

"Come on let's not kid our self here. We already know what kind person you're little sis was before. And our pal here is suffering the same thing.

"Don't compare Barusu condition. To my sister, you foot fetish feark!" Ram shouted, was about to take out her wand. But was stop.

"That's enough Ram!" Ram entire form went frigid. She turned to look at her lord who had a serious expression. Not the happy face clown facade he usually wears.

"Sit down please." He wasn't using his clown accent. The cast were surprised by this.

The pink oni did as she was told. And sit down with an emotionless look.

Roswaal turned to Al. "Please don't try toooo comparedddd Subaru-kun conditioninggg. To my maid mr Alllll~." The

"Tsk! his using that insufferable voice again." Priscilla thought with disgust expression.

"Man that's creepy." The dog man thought, he was weirded out so we're the twins. And the merchant Princess.

"Man I really don't like that voice." Al whispered.

"So big bro, suffered a serious trauma During that fire. And develop this, survivor syndrome, or whatever. Is this why he always wants to help people?" Felt question. Wanting to get this negative tension out of the way. And get back on track.

"Hmph, it's seem that you still do not understand Street rat. Why am I not surprising." Priscilla huffed.

"Why you!" Was about shout again but was stop, by her Knight.

Please Felt-sama let's not escalate this Into another, argument. I believe we had enough of that oft today." The Little one just huff. And whisper she started.

"Just spit it out already will ya! We don't got all day." The tiger boy growled, already losing his patients.

"Woah! woah Chill out buddy. let's not get histy." Al stepped between them

"Priscilla-sama, I insist that you do not delay the viewing any further. Please share with us, in what you know." Reinhard said, still keeping his elegant Knight attitude.

"Please expound about your previous statement. About finally understanding Natuski-san motives" Otto stated,

"Heh! I'll tell you what mineself has discovered."

Everyone looked up to Priscilla. She looked at the sleeping Subaru with a glare.

It is as my dog said. Due to the trauma the boy experience from the fire. And watching all those people dying, before him. begging for help, when none came. He has developed a constant emptiness in his mind. She explains her tone, didn't carry any of her arrogant tone. More of pity.

Many in the audience, were lamented.

Recalling the fire, the way the boy appeared. He looks lifeless their was no life in him. Only the will to live.

They each carried a sense of utter sympathy for the young boy. The cruelty that happened to him as something no child should ever have to endure. Hell, no one of any age should endure it.

"Subaru-kum..." Rem breathed, a hand over her heart.

Beatrice felt tears begin to flow down. Holding a tight grip, on her contractors hand.

"So it that why... I couldn't break you?" Roswaal question under his breat.

Emilia didn't know how to process this. She already know that her Knight sanity. Was deeply damage from all the deaths. And being unable to speak about it. But to find out that, the person she holds dear more that anyone. Was deadly broke since before she met her. Was heartbreaking, and was absolutely shattered by this. The same could be said of the little spirit in her Knight lap. Who no longer had the expression of a prideful spirit but a broken girl.

"But that's not all."

All of the cast eyes went back to Priscilla.

"Do you all recall the boy's thoughts. When he was saved by that mage?"

"He said... that he like the way that man smiled at him." Frederica voice out as she remembered a happy expression of the poor man.

Many nodded the thought he expressed when he was saved.

"Exactly the boy wish to smile like that. And how do you supposed he will achieved, this expression." Priscilla asked the cast already knowing the answer.

Many in the theater eyes winded emitted sounds of shock and horrors of the revelation.

"B-by, by becoming a...hero." Otto instantly realized as he put it together.

"He suffers from tremendous survivor's guilt. That by becoming a hero, he may be able to attone for all those that die." Julius mused with a surprised look of dismay.

"By savings more lives, and maybe he able to express the same emotion happiness. Kiritsugu-dono showed when he saved Subaru-dono." Wilhelm said brokenheartedly.

"Exactly Due to his major distorted mindset, he will want to save lives like the buffoon that he is. He will be trying to save lives every second of his life."

"T-this can't be, I suppose?" Said Beatrice with tears falling from her eyes.

Anastasia, and Crusch looked more than horrified at this. Was this boy really that broken they though.

"Cap'n…" Garfiel growled in frustration at his captain's situation. He admired and idolized his Captain as hero. But he it won'its so sure how he should feel about his distorted mind set.



Reinhard and Julius looked down with shock at what this trauma has reduced their friend to.

"It's that why you still wanted, saved me and my sister. Even after everything we have done to you?" Ram whispered that question.

Her lord look at her with a sad expression of the memory. And he turn back to the screen, looking at the boy Subaru. "So you have already gone insane, long before we even met Subaru."

Many who hold the boy dear, cry with tears of anguish.

"Subaru-ku…my love." Rem whispered, in sadness, with small tears coming dow her eyes. At the Revolution.

His love. Her hero. was suffering the same feeling she had in that dark day. When she lost her, family her village. And her sister lost her horne, the guilt she felt. Her Subaru was feeling the same for the people who die on that fire.

desperately wanting to reach to her hero.

To tell her how much she love him. To tell that is wasn't his fault, just like at that hill. She already learned to value herself, after she seen how saddened her hero was when he lost her.

Rem hugged her hero arm sobbed in guilt and despair. "I'm so sorry. If I hadn't been so inclined to give up my life you wouldn't have to live through so many more of the thought of losing me. I'm so sorry Subaru-kun!"

"This it's true"

As the voice outthey all turned to the source. Which was the Silver hair candidate.

"THIS IT'S TRUE!!!" Emilia yelled out in anger and sadness.

"We talked about this a lot! He told me that he would value himself more!"

"That was before you came here. Half-wit, you already saw what the boy has gone through. It won't be long now, when he would use this disgusting power to save the lot of you.

"What do you mean?" Emilia annoyingly asked.

"Hmph, naturally that mineself would predict these things far before the rest of you low life commanders." She remarked with a smug look.

"You just love to hear yourself talk don't you." Anastasia muse. Which the sun princess ignored.

"It won't be long, when the boy will see himself as nothing more than a Tool. use for dying to keep you mongrels alive. No matter the cost to his sanity, just to live up to the stupid maid's words."

Everyone frowned. Knowing Subaru, he would do what she had described.

The sobbing spirit look at the sleeping boy's face. H-how many times, did you die...to reached Betty I wonder."

"That is NOT! what Rem was saying to him. Rem said he should believe in himself, to love himsel-." Rem tried to argued, but was cut off.

"It doesn't matter maid! After all. You have been forgotten by the World, and since this screen hasn't showed us. of what happened after the boy saved, the haft-witch, and those Commoners. Myself predict that after he discovered, of your fate. He will go back to using that power just to save you."

The audience stared in disbelief.

"B-but that didn't happen Rem was still asleep. After the whale, and cult. attack." Otto winced and looked down at the unpleasant memories.

"Which could only meannnn~ that hisss save point has change. When he defeated slothhhh~" Roswaal said with disappointed tone. Along with sadness, since he cared deeply for the two maids.

The silence in the room overwhelmed the crowd.

"How can we help some one like that." Mini question with a sad tone.

"Not only was Natuski Subaru, scar by the witch. But also by a horrible traumatic experience. He suffered in his early childhood." Julius said, with a sorrowful tone. For what his friend has gone through.

Emilia just cried as she understood… Just how damaged her knight was… part of her still refuse to believe it. She can still help him… she promise to keep him save. She frowned, helpless to the truth that had drowned her when she arrived here.

"I doubt that even that fineness healers. In all the kingdoms can rehabilitate him. Specialty with that curse, that doesn't allow to speak about his deaths. The catboy healer speak his thoughts.


Everyone's eyes turn to the angry looking spirit. Who was clicking to Subaru.

"Don't speak to betty's Subaru! As if he is to far gone I suppose."

Everyone looked away in shame.

All of them truly wanted to help the boy who had die for them. Multitude of times, but they did not know. How to go about doing it.

Although the fear of learning Subaru past truama. And the fact that he had died many times. scared the cast to the bone, they wanted to make sure they were there for him.

But the matter of unwarranted protection. For the boy will damage his growth and everything he has built so far.

"With each and every possibility I could think of. There is simply no easy way to deal with the condition. This boy posses. I'm sure the rest of you understand this very well too." Anastasia pointed out. With out her cheerful tone.

Some nonned.

The Dutchess step in as well. "Natuski Subaru-sama will struggle more than what we all could ever tolerate."

Some of the cast thought took them to the previous loops. The could see the sight of bloodied Subaru.

"He will suffer, and he will taste his own blood. He will desperately crawl to reach his way back. That's how this boy fate works." Priscilla said, with pity.

Some of the audience look down.

"But at the very least."

The cast turn to Rem. Who didn't meet the their eyes but her voice remained firm. And with full of conviction

"Rem can assure all you that Rem hero won't break down so easily. You know why?"

Rem looked at everyone….

"Because he still has us, Rem's hero is not alone. Every time he broke down, when he thought all hope was lost. It was because he had no one. But Subaru-kun it not alone, he has Rem, Emilia-sama and all of you. No matter the circumstances, Rem will always treasure Subaru-kun. I still have many things to answer for, for the pain that I have inflicted upon him. I will let him beat me however much he wants, and let him get any lingering hatred and emotions out of his system. Then, when he feels, that he has no one else to rely on, nowhere else to go we will give him a place."

The words shocked the audience and sunk into them very being.

"Sister..." Ram had a sad expression on.

Otto stand up to this. "Rem right, as I said before. We need to stay ourselves. We're the only standing between Subaru, and him losing his sanity. When ever he breaks down, we just punch some sense into him."

In an instant, whatever anxiety that had consumed the audience just a moment ago was already replaced with assurance and conviction.

"Maan! when can my amazing self get to do an awesome a big speechl to lighten people up?" Garfield, said with a tired smile.

I don't think your the speech type Garf. More of a beating people to a pull guy."

That response earned Otto a strong punch to the shoulder. By a pouting tiger boy.

"Ouch!!!! Are you trying to break my shoulder?!" Gabriel only response was a huff.

Emilia wiped a few tears from her eyes as she felt oddly refreshed. She looked at the peaceful looked of her knight. "I won't be giving up on you. Not as long as am around Mr." She sooooo wanted to give her knight a long Schoulding. For making her so worried, same could be said for Rem, Beatrice.

She stores all the new information in the back of her mind. Everythings she learns from her Knight, she will keep it tucked away, treasuring it. But part of her wants to forget about all of this, everything she has witness in this viewing. But she knews if she force herself, to forget. Would have been an insult to her Knight, and the sacrifices he has made to save all of them. Sacrifices he has made because of her. She truly was disgusting.

Beatrice looked at the boy sleeping beside her with a small smile on her face. "Hmph! You truly are hopeless with out betty's, In fact. Betty will cure your foolish, with hugs and kisses, I suppose."

"I will never give up on you my hero." Rem though.

"you've endured a lot Natsuki Subaru. And that in itself is a great source of strength." Crusch smiled softly.

"Indeed Crusch-sama. To deny his resolve would be a grave insult" the sword demon said, smiling at his mistress.

"Despite your nature, I can tell you truly are a Hero at heart nya." Felix said with conviction. He really hated himself for what he though of the boy in the previous viewings. Now seeing that he has experience something, that would had damage any child. He really hope he could make amends, or even if possible become his friend.

"He sure likes to make people worried." Ricardo howled while laughing

"You run into trouble, every you go... Subaru." Julius snorted and shook.

"I'm just going to say big bro have some idiotic dream, its cool and all. Just don't go on thinking you can all of this by yourself." Felt said thinking about she also couldn't have gotten far either. If it weren't for old man Rom, and her knight.

Reinhard just smiled at his mistress. And look back at the screen with a sad expression. Subaru reminded Reinhard so much of himself, that it was a bit frightening. "I will not fail you my friend... You will not be like me.. You deserve to be happy." The sword saint though.

"Wow? Everyone seems to have started picking themselves up by that little speech." Al said seeing the cast, looking back at the screen.

Priscilla looked at the boy on screen and ignored the fools around her. "such a curious one you are." Her thought when back to the boys hardships. "A hero for those in dire need, regardless of the horror they inflicted upon you. Such a goal may not be impossible for you... after all, you are quite different than these dog." She turned to the Knights, sword saint, and sword demon.

She had never seen someone so selfless like him. Their were times when she had been betrayed in her life, which in turn made her cynical.

Seeing such an ideal to exist interested her. She, who was used for selfish needs, would like to see what selflessness would make. She chuckled out loud "How interesting this ideal of yours".

"You really need some help bro." Al silently whispered.

At first I didn't believe about the whole being a magician thing. But after Kiritsugu showed me the impossible I believe him with out a dought.

Almost everyone in the theater perked upby this. It's seem they will finally be oriented, in the magic art of Subaru world. And something to taken there minds of the nasty eye boys tragic back story.

Kiritsugu told me that magus. Was basically, people who can perform magecraft."


Petra blinked a few times at the Word. "Magecraft?"

"Have any of you guys, heard of this word?" Tivey asked the Emilia camp members.

The Emilia camp members looked at one another, expressions that said do you know?"

The half-elf turn to the little spirit. "Beatrice do you know of this Magecraft?"

"Unfortunately... My contractor has of yet share this knowledge with Betty in fact. But Betty can assume that this "Magecraft" can be another word for magic. In my contractor world, I suppose." Beatrice said was keeping her emotionless look at the screen. But deep down she was furious that her contractor. Haven't told her any of his worlds Magic to her. She was gripping his clothes tightly.

"Boss bro world call their magic magecraft? Why not called it just magic?" The confuse Miki ask.

"It's another world Mini, so Subaru world must have different names of the stuff in his world. Remember how he called appas, Apples instead of appas." Mini brother said.

"Ooohhh yeah!" Mini had a realization face.

"Kinda sucks that Cap'n never told us about his world magic. I bet it's super cool." Garfiel said existed in learning what cool magic ability. His captain use.

"Noooo matters the Subaru-kun on the screennn. Will enlighteneddd us~" The clown magician mused from his seat with suspense. He gesture to Ram to prepare to take notes, and he was prepared to observed every detail that will be shown on the screen. That he could use and exploit. It was the same for the greedy merchant, Duchess. And some of the magic users, even little Beatrice had a little book prepare to take notes with. Where she kept it, he had no idea.

"I ask my adopted father how do mages use Magecraft? and the answer was Magic circuits."

"Magic circuits? Another thing that we don't know nya." Felix said while taking notes. Hoping to gain any magic information, involving healing.

"Now what could that be?" The greatest knight ask to himself.

"Magic circuits are something you're born with, something you either have or don't. Magic circuits work like a nervous system

The same way our nervs tell us to feel. Magic circuits provide mages with the ability to cast spells. Once they been Field up with magic energy."

Everyone was absorbed in the screen.

"Ha! That's really interesting. So magic circuits it's kinda like our gates." Otto pointed out.

I agree. Our gates are organs that absorbed mana from the the atmosphere. And emits the mana into the body to cast a spells. The same with could be said about. this Magic circuits."

"So magus are basically. Magic users who cast magic with their own mana." Emilia said getting the general idea of what magus are.

"Interesting." Beatrice said while taking notes using a her notebook. She stop for a moment and took a look, at her sleeping contractor's face. "I will make sure that you will regret not telling Betty about your magical arts hmph." She continued with her writing.

Felix Roswaal and Reinhard were listening with narrowed eyes, no doubt trying to relate to their field of magic to get a better grasp of Subaru world style of magic. The others were politely staying quiet, but their expressions spoke of their interest in the Subaru magic works.

"Magical Energy found in the atmosphere of the world, acting as the source to actualize the mysteries of Magecraft."

"So I guess this clarifies, that our boy's world has Mana." The dog man voice out, some of the audience nodded. The helmet man, was taking in the information, of his home world magic. His the most blown away by the information.

"Magic circuits are expressions of the soul on the body. By channeling their life force through them magi can offer prana magical energy to a foundation which in turn lets them enact thamaturgy i.e. cast a spell."

"I guess our world aren't so different when it comes to spell casting." The Duchess said. Her face absorbing the information on the screen.

"Well it's not every day we get to learn Magic, from another world." Anastasia muse. She not an expert when it comes to magic. But knowledge is power, and this "Magecraft" could be used by her camp. To better improve her mercenary mages.

"Do they also use. Any of the six elements, for their spells?"Roswaal thought to himself. While tapping his finger into, his chin.

"And it was only after a lot of begging and pleading that he agreed to teach me magic. I lack talent meant that i was only capable of learning basic spells, namely structural grasping and reinforcement magic."

"So cap'n only knows two spells!" Garfiel was a little bit disappointed to hear. Hoping that his Captain, would have been a master mage.

"Lameeeee!" Mini exclaimed.

"structural grasping? It's that spell he use. When he was fixing that wear machine dohiki?" Felt ask her Knight.

"Indeed Felt-sama. Subaru use this spell to better understand the machine he help fixing. It's remarkable that you remember, Felt-sama." Reinhard said with a smile. What he didn't know is that comment earned his mistress a tick mark in the head. She was piss.

"What do you mean? That me remember or big bro magic was remarkable. Are you saying that I easily forget things?!" She said while narrowing her eyes, at her Knight.

"N-no. Felt-sama I mean, no disrespect, I apologize." Reinhard responded, while panicking.

"Jeez, lighting up, you idiot. I was just joking, with you. Can't you go a day without apologizing?."

"Ya man take a chill pill." Garfiel said.

"Didn't Natsuki-san said that to you. When he, wanted you to calm down?"

"Shut up brotto."

"I apologize."

"Man that guy is helpless." Ricardo shook his head. While the twins were laughing, on at the sword, Saint misfortune. At the dog man's lap.

"But it would seem that Subaru is still a novice. For his world magic, since his only capable of only casting two spells." Julius said ignoring situation with reinhard.

The Little Beatrice stop her writing. And turned her head, to Julius. "Are you assuming that my contractors skills. With Magic are weak I suppose." Beatrice said coldy, with her eyes aimed at the greatest Knight.

"I-i meant no respect g-great spirit-sama. I merely concerned for Subaru, since the foes that he will be facing. Are probably well verst in the magical art, and he only has knowledge of two spells." The nervous Julius responded. He dare not risk a great loli spirit wrath.

"Ohh man this guys is on the same. Boat when it comes to spirit." Otto though, resisting the arge to laugh.

"Hmph you need not worry yourself Knight. Betty's Subaru, may not be at the level of a great mage. But it takes more than magic skills to win Battles, I suppose. My contractor is tactical genius that would put the best strategists in our world to shame. In fact. The great spirit said proudly. Reminding the cast, of his previous achievements.

The cast though back to nasty eye boy, previous battles. The mabeast invasion, the whales hunt. And the witch cult attack. All terrifying obstacles he managed to out wit, with his tactics.

"Didn't he take time to come up, with all those plans after he-" Mini was cut off, from finishing the she was about to say. From the nervous dog man, who was receiving . A warning glare from the loli spirit, that saids keep those mouths shut.

The cast didn't like to talk about the poor boy's deaths. They tried to avoid as much as possible, it was disturbing to know that the fun cheerful boy they know. Had to experience deaths multiple times. For him to achieve his desired outcome. And the topic became morbid.

Everyone in the cast, was awkwardly, silence. They didn't want to make any further comments, so they just went back into the viewing.

''Structural Grasp allows me to understand the structure and design of objects as if I were viewing a blueprint. You can basically think of me scanning objects.''

Some of the cast are already aware of this spell. That Subaru display before, so they made no comment on it.

But out off all the cast. Anastasia was the most interesting in this ability. With an ability like "Structural Grasp" it could make the user. Understand the tructure and design, of his, or her target. Since she is unable to perform magic, due to her poor gate. But she wonder if her half-elf knight, would be willing to pass on his knowledge of this spell, to her.

"Reinforcement allows me to analyze the structural composition of an object, and increase its effectiveness. Think of it like a power up, I can make a small knife sharp like a katana or i can make a stick hard as steel, I can also change its base form to a more effective one."

"this spell seems to be handy when it comes to battle." The stunned Julius said, while writing down on his notes.

"Yeah our boy here can basically. Turn anything, to a potential weapon." Ricardo in a cheerful tone. Happy that boy at least have a useful ability for a fight.

"I never heard off, or have encounter any individual. Who possess such a spell before." The surprised sword stain, said while taking notes.

"It doesssss sound usefullll~" Roswaal mused, at the spell. He never heard of before, but if he was being honest. It wasn't a spell that would be, to his taste. Nevertheless he ordered Ram to take note. He just offer it to Echidna as gift, Since it this spell was not of their world.

"And it's spell Natsuki-san can cast. But we never seen him use it." Otto pointed out.

"Ya I can think of a number of dangerous occasions. Big bro could have use this ability." The blond candidate pointed out.

"I am a bit confused." The cast turn to the Queen merchant, who has her thinking face on. "The boy does seem to have some knowledge. Of this magecraf, yet he chose not to use it. When he arrive to our world."

"I thought the same, during the first viewing. When Subaru-sama first arrived at our world. He tried to conjure any magical ability, but he displayed none." The Duchess was giving her analysis. Remember, the time the elf Knight. Tried to display any fits of Magic. Only to make a fool of himself, she giggled at little at the memory.

"Ya! All he did was some silly posses. It was hilarious!" Tivey was laughing recalling the poses the nasty eye boy did.

Mimi quickly slammed her brother on the head.


"Betty may have a theory for that I suppose." All eyes turn to the little spirit. Who was finished, with her notes.

"What is your theory great spirit-sama? How is Subaru unable to use his home world Magic, when he was on our world?" The sword saint asked in eagerness.

"This is just a theory I suppose. But Betty believe that the reason that my contractor. Is unable to use this Magecraft, is that he no longer in his world."

"Beatrice-sama, your saying that the reason Natuski-san. Can use this Magecraft, was because he is in our world?" Otto cunfusely said. Not really following the logic in that theory.

"I think I get what the little spirits is saying." Al said, while Beatrice eye slightly twitched in irritation. When Al said little spirit.

"She is saying that since this world function difference than my. That the moment, our bro here was brought to this world, he lost his magical circuits. Got replaced with the gates we have." Al finished his explanation to the cast.

"Hhmmm that's quite an interesting theoryyyy~ Al-kun." Roswaal creepy muse, which tapping his chine.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of unknown factors still at work here. That Roswaal is hesitant to admit. he has to uncover everything. Even with his great amount of knowledge he studied from her teachers books. There are still a great deal he doesn't know about.

"Could this be the work of Od Lagna." Rainhard said.

"We wouldn't know we never had rare cases such as this." Julius concluded.

"It's just one mystery after another nya."

"Kiritsugu always told me Magic should never be used for your own benefit, It should only be used to help others."

Many smile at this statement. Those words hold a strong conviction to the knights, especially Felix. Always using his gifts for the benefit of others, and they were happy that Subaru was thought those very same ideas.

"He has taught you well Sabaru-dono." The old sword demon though. Who had a proud expression, while looking at the screen. "Don't lose your resolve Subaru-dono, I see a great man awaiting to rise up. I just hope your heart doesn't waver in the path you taken.

"Magic should only be used to help... Others?" Those words ring in the Roswaal ears. Reminding him of his teacher life long dream that she once told him.

Beatrice though the same, she also remembered her mother's gold in life. Her impossible dream.

"Yes, it should. I had made a promise to Kiritsugu that i would save lives just as he had saved mine. And if i could just get better at magecraft, then maybe someday, i could be a hero like he had been."

Many in the theatre started tearing up silently, from Subaru proclamation. Some engraved at the the sight before them, a bero declaration.

"Just like...mother." The little spirit though.

"Mhm you have a strong will Barusu. But you have an impossible dream to reach, so. Don't die too quickly, and make the other worried about you scum." Ram was being her usually tsundere self. But but she had smile. And so was her sister but she was more exhilarated, from her hero declaration.

The blue oni wipe a little of his tears. "If only this you knew, how many he has already saved." blue-haired said with a warm smile on her face, looking up to hero, "how you saved me"

"Subaru…is this really what gives you the urge to save, all of us?" Emilia shook in her chair, with tears in her eyes. After seeing the many painful events her Knight has gone thrown. She wanted to keep him saved, to never experienced that suffering again. But she fear that if she does she will become like her obsessive father.

She didn't want to be like him, he was selfish and was suffocating her with his over protectiveness she wasn's a child anymore. It pained her greatly like her chest was on fire.

She made a promise to make everything up to Subaru as soon as he woke up. She knows she can't protect him from every tragity that's waiting to happen, but... It won't stop her from trying.

"Never lose that drive regardless of where you end up in life Natuski Subaru." Crusch smiled in confidence praised, she always loved the boy's tenacity.

"Subaru-sama really is the greatest!" Petra exclaimed with a smile, in the excitement of the scene.

"You can't help but to root for your hero, when he makes his inspiring proclamations." Frederica giggled by the little maids. Exciting spirit, she always loved it when she gets this way.

"I-i just like it when his like this." The shy little maid said. While receiving a head pat from her senior.

"live by what you think is right kid. If anyone tells you otherwise, then their dead wrong" the dogman said with smile.

"Push yourself to make any dream possible Natsuki-kun." The merchant Queen stated. She believe in those who work hard, and remains consistent to their gold. Will produce the best results deserve the very best in their lives.

The Knights themselves could only feel admiration for the Subaru, at his positive outlook for their own dreams and hopes which earned him respect more so than anyone could be given.

"You're strong Subaru. Don't let anyone tell you you aren't. You have something special about you that others wish they had." The sword saint though, he was proud of his friend.

"In a way...your just like teacher.. Subaru-kun." Roswaal said his eyes glossy with bottled up pain. He tries his best to hide it.

Princess didn't made any comments, just fanning herself as she look at the screen. Al shook his head. "There won't be no getting through to that delusional is there?" He though with disappointment.

As he wiped the sweat off his brow, he failed to notice a carved circle glowing faintly on the floor.


"Was that, what I think it is?" The dogman said with an exciting grind.

"Yes it seem like it." Julius said with a smirk.

"It's a summoning circle." Otto Concluded.

"If it is why hasn't Subaru summoned his spirit yet?" Reinhard asked. Wanting to know why his friend, hasn't perform his summoning spell yet.

"Maybe because doesn't have a command seal yet." Anastasia said, expecting the elf Knight body. For any signs of any tattoos.

This comment, snap people from their train of though. And inspected the Subaru on the screen, for any signs of tattoos.

"Ohh yeah!I i forgot about those, weird red tattoos." Felt said.

"We still don't know how. Does one even receives a command spell." The verdant-haired Duchess put an inquisitive hand to his chin.

"There's still many unknown elements to this grail war." Otto added with a sigh.

"We're still scratching the surface. We will learn more in time." The old sworn demon give his opinion manny nodded.

"Beatrice are you alright." The concerned Emilia asked the little spirit. Who was starting at the screen, with a emotionaless stare.

"I am fine I suppose, don't ask Betty again in fact."

Emilia was getting worried every time the screen, will shown signs of Subaru getting a heroin spirit. She knows how possessive the little spirit can be, after all Subaru is the only reason for her for existence.

Beatrice was hiding her emotions. But if one can look closely, one would spot the tight shaking grip. She had on her contractor.

After having a lazy morning, Rin decided to skip school the next day. Of course it would cause a bit of an uproar since she hadn't called in sick before. She didn't care though. This was far more important than her idol image.

Plus when she'd awoken today, she felt a strong headache it's feels like she just had a bad hangover. summing a Heroic Spirit must have taken a lot out of her.

"Jeez summoning a heroic spirit. Must taken a lot out of, the little lady. Since she looks like that." The dogman said seeing how tired Rin is in the screen.

"Archer did say that it would take a large amount of Mana to summoned a heroin spirit." Crusch said, recalling the chat between Archer, and Rin. Some were curiosity into the amount of mana, that would be needed. To summoned a heroic spirit, so was the observing clown.

She was walking to the living room, expecting it to be halfway finish since it was a pretty big mess. She was surprised to find the living room in perfect condition.

"Amazing everything seems to be spotless clean. As if the whole event didn't even happen." The maid Frederica said in awe. As a hard working detecated maid, she was Impressed. By the servant, cleaning skills, the same with both oni maids, and little Petra.

"Hmm his cleaning skills are noteworthy I suppose. I guess they don't call themselves servants for nothing." Ram commented bluntly.

"I agree with Nee-sama. Even Rem is impress."

Even the old Butler Wilhelm was impressive, the other thought nothing of it.

"Guess he's a pretty good guy after all." she commented.

"The sun came up long ago." a voice said behind her.

She turned to see Archer entering the room with a tray of tea and cups.

"You're quite the lazy one. Aren't you girl?" he said.

This made the audience laugh.

"Yup just like Ram-sama" Petra simply said.

"Mhh! Please stop comparing my elegant self, With this hero."

Rin grumbled and took that last statement back.

She sat down on the couch as he poured her a cup of tea. She lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip, "This is good." she noted.

Archer smirked in pride or smugness. Which one she couldn't tell. Maybe it was a little of both.

"What are you smirking about?" she asked in an annoying tone.

"Wow someone likes to show off." Al muse, with a smirked on his face.

"He sure likes to rub it. In her face. Hahaha!" The former thief, was laughing from her sit.

"It's only natural, for a spirit to demonstrate his talents. To their contractor." Beatrice said in a praise, she is starting to like this mysterious archer for some reason.

"Hmm thats this spiritttt~ caught your interestttt Betty-chan~" the clown playfully tease the little spirit.

Beatrice stink eyed the clown. "Hmph! You have a colorful imagination in fact." Roswaal creepy smiled remained on his face.

"From her expression, she must have injoy the tea, I take it."The greatest Knight guess, he was curious to the taste of the tea. Since it had a pleasant reaction from Archer master. The maids had the same though.

"Quite fitting as a servant. Perhaps his class as a Servant was not of an Archer but a Butler." Priscilla though.

"All Tho preparing tea isn't a exactly a grand accomplishment for a hero nya." Felix voice her opinion.

"That were your wrong Felix-dono."

"What do you mean. Old man Will?" The confuse catboy responded.

"In my youth i experiment a lot. Whether it be weapons, or, cooking. I learned a lot. Don't let anyone say that the little things are useless. When you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, knowing how to keep yourself healthy, is the line between life and death." The sword demon said with a serious face.

"Wise words esteemed grandfather." Reinhard said.

"If you say so nya." Felix reply with a sweat dropped .

"More importantly, have you remembered who you are?" she inquired.

"I'm afraid not." he answered.

"He still doesn't remember." Otto said.

"Man! That sucks!" The tiger boy falls deeply into his chair. Frustrated that he still won't get to know the legend of this hero.

The audience were disappointed. They were still curious to the story behind the mysterious Scarlet Archer.

"I hope his memory lost will not affect. His combat capabilities" Julius said, in concern. Will memory lost hinder the heroes spirit from protecting his mistress.

She sighed, "Fine. I'll figure out what to do about your amnesia in due time. Get ready to go out Archer. I'll show you around the city." she told him.

He set down the teapot, "Before that Master, aren't you forgetting something important?" he asked.

"Something important?" she said confusedly.

"Good grief...," he wanted to facepalm, "We have yet to carry out the most important exchange of our pact." he stated.

"Most important exchange of our pact?" she repeated, clearly not understanding.

"This girl is a idiot, I suppose." The irritated loli Spirit, voice out. She well aware, in what the spirit archer, was pointing out to her. She been paying close attention during their whole exchange. Since she was curious in how, the Spirit in her contractor world. Interact will humans.

"What do you mean great spirit-sama? Did you notice, something ms Rin neglected to exchange. During their pack?" The greatest Knight inquirie. All heads turn to the great spirit.

"Yes I suppose her name... She has failed, to mention her name to him. During their meeting first meeting, I suppose."

"Girl...You really are not a morning person, are you?" he asked, emphasizing the word girl.

"Who do you think you are, 'girl' this and 'girl' that?!" she exclaimed.

Then it dawned on her, "Darn. Our names." she spoke quietly.

"She only now realized it hmph! What a incompetent mage I suppose."

"It finally clicked. So, Master...From now on, what shall I call you?" he asked.

She looked up at him, "I'm Rin Tohsaka. Call me whatever you want." she answered.

He brought a hand to his chin, "I will call you Rin then. Yes the sound of it suits you very nicely." he said to himself and to her.

Rin coughed as she choked on her tea, caught off guard by the comment.

The audience began to laugh, admiring Archer's teasing skills.

Their relationship was a positive one the cast though. While Archer was sometimes sarcastic and likes to tease, the quality made him seem more human to the audience.

The master and servant spent the entire day traveling the city together.Visiting many different sights of in Fuyuki city.

The screen showed all the spot Rin and her servant visited in their tour. landmarks, parks, buildings ect.

Once again the cast in the theater were blown away. By the sight their we're seeing, admiring the scenery. Some were dumbfounded by the sheer size of the building, much more bigger than the castle in Lugunica.

Anastasia order her Knight to draw the structure design of the buildings. Others were still taking in amazement of what their seeing.

"I wonder why she decided to take me Archer on a tour of city." Tivey questions as he adjusted his eye glass.

"Maybe so can better bond together?" Little Petra gave her thoughts.

"So their going on a date?" Emilia inquire, she knows when a man, and women go out together. It would be considered a date, from what she experience with her Knight.

She really misses those days. Her and Subaru going on dates, by the garden, Subaru making a her a flower Crown. While pretending to be a knight swearing his loyalty to her. Ever since the sanctuary. She has been more busy with her studies, and Subaru with his training, to go on dates anymore.

"Yes Emilia-sama, Apart from sustaining Archer-dono existence, their bond is fundamental to communication." Wilhelm ending with confidence. He rather injoy how this we're starting out, They disagree and biker a lot. But he can tell that in time, they will may a formidable team.

"This it's the only reason that miss Tohsaka. Is showing the city, to her heroes spirit." The Dutchess said with a hands on her chin. Her face look like she was calculating.

"Nya what's reason is that Crusch-sama?"

"Miss Tohsaka is not only showing the land, to her spirit for the purpose of bonding. But also to get to know the lay of land, since this is pretty much where the spirit will be dualing." As a military leader she knows it beast to know the Battlefield. In we're the war will be taking place.

"Wait their gonna have there battle in the city. Wouldn't that be riscky. Since theirs a lot of people around." Felt said, she doesn't know how strong a spirit is. Or how much damage they can do, if they in all out battle against each other. Or if the battle can risk civilian safety, or exposed magic to normal people. Since this world's population know next to zero about magic.

"Hmm, I don't think they will ricks exposing them self. To normal people by having on all out battle on public. If they did, this shit would be all over the news. So it's only logical to have their battles at night time, were most of the population are asleep." Al explains.

The entire cast nodded their heads, understanding the Al,s explanation.

"Hmmm~ I suppose that makes senseee."

By the time it was dark, they'd found themselves on top of a skyscraper in the main city.

Rin stood looking out over the city, "What do you think? Doesn't this place have a great view of the city?" she asked.

"It really cool, look at all those lights. Boss bro city looks so glowly at night." The awe Mini was amazed by the view of the city. Even tho its night, the city was beautiful with all those lights.

"It's really pretty so many sparkles." Petra comments, with stars on her eyes.

Frederica was mesmerize by the city.

"Shiny!" The tiger boy said, who's in a hypnotic trance.

Some of the demi-humans were awe and attracted to the glows. And beauty of the city.

Archer materialized beside her, "If we'd come here in the first place, we wouldn't have had to walk around all day." he responded.

"Woah!! Were he come from?!" The blond candidate exclaimed, in surprise. By the appearance of the bero.

"Did he just turned invisible?" Tivey questioned.

"He is a spirit after all. Like my little bunds who would showed themselves, when I call upon them." Saying this reminded the greatest Knight. That his little spirits, aren't currently with him, he missed them greatly.

"Hmph that's true of suppose." Beatrice said with a little jealousy in her voice. Turning invisible, was always something her little brother could do. But not for her.

"What are you talking about? All you get from up here is a panoramic view of the city. You can't get a feel for how a city is laid out unless you go places in person." she explained.

Crunch nodded to that, being a a military strategies herself. she knows the importance of expecting every position in the battlefield.

"That isn't quite true. My class isn't called Archer for nothing." he retorted.

"Without good eyesight, a bowman is useless. I can make out how many tiles are on that bridge." he elaborated.

Rin's eyes widened, "Amazing. The Archer class really is made up of Archers." she said.

"So he can see from far away that's an impressive skill." The Merchant Queen commented.

"He is a Bowman. so long range is his specialty." Otto though out.

"True I wonder how long is range is tho?" The dog man said.

Reinhard was as well, he had a divine protection. Of long sight as well, but it has its limits, he wonders just how far could the spirit Bowman can see?

Archer snickered, "You don't say." he teased.

"I wondered if she be able to put up with his attitude for the remainder of the war. Anastasia said while giggling same with the others.

"It's like watching Nasuki-san and Ram. Bekaring with each other, all over again." Otto blurted out.

Ram scowled at him but said nothing.

And all too suddenly she freezes, looking at a point straight down from the rooftop, her heart skipping a beat.

She recognize the person as the nasty eye boy, slice school janitor from school. He seems to be heading home just finished school since he was still wearing his uniform.

"She spotted.. SABARU-KUN!" The blue shouted in panic, if the twin tail magus will attack her hero.

"Fuck!" Garfiel shouted.

Everyone in the audience panic as well.

"SHIT! Is she going to attack him." The dog man voice out his worry.

"Don't you dare harm Betty's Subaru girl!" Beatrice growled in fury.

"I don't know but if her spirit is a skill Archer. Then she would order him eliminate him from a distance." The Duchess was worried. Worried for the defenseless Subaru. Who is merely walking back home, without protection. Or his spirit to protect him. Sweat was dropping down the Duchess face.

Many a panic question was ringing in the half elf mind. "What would happen if he dies here!? Will he come back?! Does he have return by death, please don't die!!!" The same with Beatrice and Rem, and the rest.

Her servant tries to read her expression, on her face. "What is it Rin? Have you spotted an enemy?"

"No, just an acquaintance. An ordinary person who has nothing to do with this."


"Wait Does she not know that boss bro is a master?" Tivey nervously pointed out.

"I-it seem liken it." Otto stuttered while getting himself together.

"Ohhh! Thank the dragon!" The dog man drop to his sit in relief, same with the twins.

The three girls who were nerest to Subaru. All sigh in relief, and hug the sleeping boy closely. Fearing that if he may die on his world, he will never get a chance to meet them. Those thoughts put fear in the females who were closest to the boy.

Even Roswell had a frightening expression on his, fearing if he loses Subaru. Than his lives gold won't be accomplish.

The audience were relief as well. That Rin still doesn't know Subaru status as a master in this war.

"It's that so... I neglected to ask you something." Archer quresly ask.

"Which is?" Rin responded.

"Rin, you where train from an early age to be a master? And did you go along with that? Her servant asked."

"That's right, for generation. Winning the Grail has been the Tohsaka dream."

"Generation? She must come from a long line of a noble family of mages then." Felix voice out his thoughts.

"so she a noble." felt narrow her eyes at Rin.

"Her home look luxurious, one of a noble." The Dutchess pointed out. She was curious in the in the history lineage of the mages in this world. The same with Roswaal.

"Wait, when she said her family have been trying, to win the grail before. Does that mean, there has been more holy grail wars before?" Anastasia said in surprised.

"It would appeared so Anastasia-sama. This blood sports tournament. Have been waging for generations." Her Knight concluded.

"And it seem that her family. Hasn't accomplish their goal of winning the Grail. So let's see how she faire." Priscilla though.

"Then I expect that you know your gold? Unless I know you wish, I cannot entrust my bow to you." Archer declared.

Some of the viewers leaned forward. Curious to know the wish of the young master Rin. Especially the greedy candidate princess perked up from this.

The Knight of understood the significance of Archer questions. All of the Knights asked that same question, at one point. To their choices candidate when they pledged their swords to theme. They needed to understand their golds first, before they will give them. Their undying loyalty.

"I guess he does have some courteousy. Even if can be a little bit teasful." Frederica though out.

"Hmmm I am curious to know. Since she said that her family, has been wanting this grail for generations. I doubt she would wish for money, maybe fame, or world domination. Or omnipotent power." Anastasia said she looked intrigue as she wanted to learn how this girl thinks. compare to the nasty eye boy.

Indeed...since she has come from long line of noble Blood. Then she striving to achieve something, her past ancestors failed to do." Crusch said.

Archer stode up where he was sitting, and asked his master. "Rin, what is your wish?"

"Wish? I don't really have one. Rin answer her servant honestly.



The theater was silence at this point. But for the merchant candidate, she was staring at the void.


"Ohhh!! I expected this kinda of thing from the boy. But now from her to!" The merchant candidate exclaimed in fury.

Truly everyone on this pitiful world, lacks ambition." Priscilla snorted.

The cast did not except that. They looked incredulously at Rin answer. And the candidates's reaction varied.

"Is she serous?!" Garfiel questioned.

"I think she is Garf." Otto frowned, he was having a hard time piercing through the mind of the twin hair girl.

"Surely she must be joking!? This something her family has been trying to achieve for generations. And yet she wants nothing from it?" The Dutchess was flabbergasted.

Emilia mortified expression, and Felt looked at Rin with a look of bewilderment. They truly did not understand, Was it unselfishness or was Rin pleasantly plain they did not know.

Emilia had something to wish for, it was certain that the rest of the audience had one too. So they couldn't understand how someone who came from a long line of mages. Not have something they wish to achieve at life with a wish?

Her servant was surprised, and confused by this. "What? The Grail is an omnipotent cup that can grant any wish. It has the power to conquer the real world for you." Archer reminder his master of the importance of the Grail. And to what it can do.

"Conquering the world seems like a pain in the butt. And there's no point for wishing for dumb things like that."

Anastasia pouted, steamed was coming out of her ears.

Priscilla had a indecipherable expressions.

"I fail to understand. Why, then are you fighting?" Archer confusely asked.

She turns around to face him, her eyes bright. "Because there's a battle to be fought, Archer."

The answer surprise him. "Then, you…"

"I simply fight to win," she says simply.

"So…she just fighting the War for the experience itself?" Tivey said while moving his glass eye.

"It's that really all she wants?" Tivey said leaving not only her, but the rest of the cast, dumbfounded. It was too simple if cast had to say as there many things Rin could have asked for to the Grail.

The mood in the audience calmed down a bit. Everyone in the theater looked on in equal amounts of disbelief and amazement. And enjoyment expression emanating from Priscilla. for a completely different reaso

Crusch was at a loss for words. This surprise her. Rin seems resourceful, striving to better her family name at the top. And yet she doesn't have a wish of her own, she was baffled.

Anastasia regained her composure before continuing. "I have to admit that the mention of 'not having a wish' might have made me a little angry.

"Then your not mad anymore boss?" The dogman asked her boss.

Anastasia waved her hand in the air dismissively. "Don't give me wrong I still am, everyone has something they want out of life. I just didn't suspect someone of her status to wish for nothing.

"I don't get it why go through all this trouble. In entering this war, if your not gonna wish for anything?"

"This simple ape of a women, merely has a competitive desire to become the winner.It's plainly obviously by her personality we seems so far. If you cannot deduce that, than you are a poor judge of character Street rat." Priscilla voice with a mocking tone. The minute Priscilla had lay her eyes on Rin, she had studied her territory. By her observation this girl made long preparations for this day. She has great pride for her family name, like any other noble house. She seems to have enough skills to back up this confidence of hers. And competitive desire to prove herself worthy of her family name.

Felt's teeth gritted to restrain the coming outburst she has, she has lost control, to many times. By the arrogant bitch insults, no good will come from her shouting, or trash talking her, as much as she wants to. But in honestly she did not picture someone like Rin to not have a wish.

By the way she looks, and way she presents herself. She was no different that any other arrogant noble, she comes upon in the capital. At first she though the twin tail mages, was no different from a greedy noble.

Who only wish for wealth, and status, but it seems that Rin was the exception. Her loud stingy attitude, in a way. Kinda reminded the little blonde thief of herself, and having the guts to talk down a powerful hero spirit. she is starting to like her, and the other candidates are being to see that as well.

"So that's why." Crusch thought in revelation, feeling stupid for now realizing this sooner. The one thing every noble house, has in common. Is the competitive desire to win at anything, a traith she also shares.

"this does explain a lot" Anastasia smiled.

Meanwhile Roswaal was disappointed, really disappointed. As a self respecting Court Mage, mages asking for nothing was like heresy, to her teacher. Magicans were always known to take what they need and never give them back.

Being a mage is to pursuit of truth in the world, magic is the closet men can attaining the power of the God. and yet he was seeing what was practically the antithesis of a Mages archetype. He was truly expected this girl to be different from the boy. I guess he was wrong.

He blinks at her master, and smirk. "Alright then, you are indeed my idea master. There can be no doubt that you are the perfect master for me."

"There is no one else whom I could hope to serve. my bow is your's to command Master. I look forward in working with you too, Rin. Archer bows formally to prove his declaration of loyalty to his master.

" Hey-"

Rin was taken aback by Archer bow of loyalty to her. She turn away from she had her blush on her facs. She turns back to him with a bright smile and hands on her hips.

The Knights smiled softly at the heroes spirit, oath to Rin. The relationship between Rin and Archer had had improved greatly as time passed by.

"Well well~ ain't this a touching moment." Anastasia muse while giggling.

"You know, he comes off as a little bit if a teas. But he can warm up every now and then. Maybe his jut shy nyah~?" An amused look made it to Felix lips.

"I have to admit Archer-san pledge was worthy of a knight." Julius nodded. He has deep admiration for hero's, he may not know archer, or the his legend. But he seems to be a man with a code, and he admire that. Reinhard though the same.

"Ya! That was amazing kinda like the stories I use to read at home." Petra exclaimed with stars in her eyes. Remember all the fairly tail like stories her mom use to read to her.

"It was a great display of loyalty to her master." Frederica was giggling softly as she caressed the little girl's hair.

"Indeed worthy of a knight, I cannot wait to show us your result Archer-dono."

Seeing this Emilia remembered the day of Subaru's knighting. The day he pledged himself to her, to this day, the memory filled her with pride. He hold her knight hand caressed the hand of the one knight, with a soft smile

It was at this moment that these two truly became Master and Servant

Next thing in the morning at the Subaru household, it began just like any other day for Subaru. But today was different while helping Sakura making breakfast. He couldn't help noticing something in Sakura hand. When he spotted her taking out the plates.

"Sakura, wait a second." Subaru ask trying to get Sakura attention.


That's when Subaru notice the bruises in Sakura hand. "What happened to your wrist?" Subaru asked

Sakura notice this to and tries to hide the bruise with her hands. "Shinji again? What is he thinking, raising his hand to his little sister? Subaru spoke with concerned, worried that Shinji might be abusing his little sister.

Some of the cast that had siblings felt a cold ice dropped to the pit of their stomach after hearing that. The cast remembered the troubled boy Shinji, he didn't leave off a great first expression. He was nothing but a bully in their eyes, prideful, arrogant and, condescending. But now they found out that Sakura the sweet girl they have seen on the screen, was his brother.

"That pretentious pig of a man. Is her brother? And he hits her?" Ram said despite the calm looked she had. She was angered by this.

"What kind of asshole hits, their own sister. I wanna fucking rip that guy a new one!" Garfiel was seriously piss to hear about this. He may had hated her sisters when she left the sanctuary. But now since they have reunited, he let go of his past resentment. thanks to his captain.

Frederica hands curling into fist and her knuckles are turning white. She can feel her nails digging harder into her own palms. She can't help to waver slightly at such mental image. As far as what she has seen, Sukura was an pure-hearted innocent young girl. To find out that she been a victim of a abused by her own brother, was sickening to hear.

"Frederica Ne-sama"

Frederica was cut out of her thoughts. When Petra call her. "Are you alright?" Petra asked concerned can be hear, in her little child voice.

Frederica immediately. Replace her anger expression, with a smile, and headpatted the innocent little maid concerts away.

"I am alright Petra. I was just... disturbed to hear this. Every thing is alright now." She continued to Pat the little mad. Deep down she was still inrage by this.

Otto looked at Frederica with a concen expression.

"Despicable man!" Rem said with disapproving tone. The act of abusing or even hitting ones own sibling is very disgusting and inhumane for Rem who love her big sister so much.

"I know there was something fuck up, that about that guy." Al said he had a face of pure disgust behind his helmet.

"With you on that pal." Ricardo clicked his tongue. The two twins on his lap, we're deeply angered by this. They hated that guy with every fiber of their being now. To them siblings, brother and sister or sister and brother are supposed to have special bond, a bond that can be considered as equal or even surpassing a bond with their own parent.

"What unthinkable thing to do to ones own sibling." Julius said as he clenched his fist in anger. This got him to think of his own sibling. Who he share a very close relationship, befitting that of two brothers.

Beatrice was the same boat as the others. She was grateful after being reunited with her brother. After four long centuries relieve Beatrice. Of her loneliness for a little while, but she was still disappointed in him, after the great sin her brother, has cost to her contractor. she pity the poor girl Sakura, her contractors seem to deeply cared about her.

"Utter trash." Priscilla scoffed again behind her fan. She understand the bonds of sibling love. "Vincent..." she thought.

"N-no that's not it, senpai! I um, got this when I tripped and fell." Sakura said in a timid tone.

"That's obviously a lie." The cat boy said, while narrowing his eyes at the wound. His a healer, and he knows a wound like that wouldn't be cost by tripping.

"Why was she covering for that asshole. He obviously did it." The enraged Felt said, she wanted to beat that asshole to a bloody pulp.

"Perhaps that there is something deeper going on. That we have not yet know about" Wilhelm discerned. He was outrage as well in how the poor girl. Was being treated by her brother.

"It seems that their is something going with miss Sakura. And she doesn't want to involved Natuski-san." Anastasia said with a disappointment expression.

"Like what?" Felt asked.

"I wish I knew."

"But whatever it is she doesn't not wish for Subaru to find out." Crusch said with a frowned.

"You can't get bruise like that from tripping." Subaru grumbles.

"Yeah! Fuss up already and tell cap'n. He can help you." Garfiel was agitated, he wanted the girl to just confess, to her captain. So he can beat that dudes ass already.

"You can trust Subaru just tell him." Emilia was deeply saddened for the girl. She Sakura seems like a kind hearted girl, she can understand why her knight like her.

Sakura was silent..

"I knew it... Her not speaking was all the prove he needed.

"Honestly, my brother had nothing to do with this! I got by myself that's all." Sakura exclaimed

"Why are you defending him?" Ram silently whisper in anger. He was obviously not treating her very well, to earn her to cover his crime. So what is it, was threatening her? Or was it because they were siblings, she hated herself for what she reduce her sister to. She won't mind she hit her, or expresses anger toward her. She will always love her baby sister, no matter what.

Why? Why aren't telling Subaru-kun..." Rem uttered. Had she gotten use to her brother abuse, was she like her as well? No, that man didn't have any qualities of a loving brother so why?

"If that's what you said happend, I'll leave it at that." He accepts, easily. But still he was going to have a talk with Shinji if he ever runs into him.

"WHAT!! your letting it go just like that?!" Felt was outrage of her big bro, Dissmising the topic so easy.

"OHHH COME ON CAP'N!!!" Garfield shouted

"Felt-sama she clearly doesn't want to discuss about the subject. So there's nothing Subaru can do." Her knight said he looked with disappointment. his knightly instincts telling him to defend the helpless girl Sakura. Yet he wasn't able to, and it anger him.

"She cannot confined herself in Subaru why?" Wilhelm was discontented, wishing for the poor girl would share her burdens to Subaru.

The cast by this point were both confused and frustrated. In the girl unwillingness to tell the truth to Subaru.

"Weak girl." Priscilla said she was not impressed by the girl's timid and weak personality.

It is I am sorry senpai... "Sakura said softly.

"Why are you apologize, Sakura? It's Shinji who's to blame." Subaru murmurs, Subaru use to like Shinji after all they where childhood friends. But it's moment like this when he really rethinks being Shinji friend in the past.

Some of the cast were saddened by Sakura. the some in the cast like her, and would love to meet her, even befriend her. Despite the cruelty she endures from her brother, she remaide kind and cheerful. But some of the female cast, or most especially those who has siblings. Were discontent and bewildered, in her unwillingness to confess that her brother has been abusing, and hitting her to Subaru.


Subaru and Sakura turned to see Taiga walking up to them, not realizing she caught them in a bad time.

"Well this is awkward." Al thought.

Some of the audience took few deep breath.Calming down from their outburst of hatred towards Shinji.

While there was an awkward silence in the air, Sakura also noticed something dripping out in Subaru hand.

"Senpai!" Sakura suddenly exclaimed. "Your hand's bleeding."

"Huh?" Subaru abruptly stopped, confused. he looked down at his left hand; sure enough, there was a long, thin cut along the back of his hand. Tiny droplets of blood dripped down in between his index and middle fingers.

"What! When did Subaru-kun get cut?" The concern blue hair maid said,

"Weird nya he wasn't cutting anything, so how he get that nya?" The confused cat boy said.

"It doesn't look to be a serious injury." Julius said.

"That's weird," he said, more to himself than to Sakura. "I don't remember cutting myself last night." he shrugged. "Maybe I did and I just don't remember."

Subaru looked up at Sakura, who looked concerned.

"Don't worry, it's just a scratch." Subaru smiled reassuringly. "I guess, i am not the only one who has an accident."

She laugh a little at that. That seemed to be enough for Sakura. "All right, as long as you're not hurt. As he was cleaning the red blood in his hand with a towel. And blurry red mark can be seen in the hand.

"T-thats a command seal!?" The stuttering Otto voice out.

The gasp at the sudden appearance of a command seal on Subaru hand.

"So he just now acquired his command spell." Roswaal thought slightly smiled. One of his nasty habits. He was curious in how one acquire a command seal, magic that he hope will be revealed soon.

"How he get that?! it's just magically appear on his hand?" Felt said clearly just as confused as the other with the surprise expression on her face.

"Who knows this whole magecrap is still confusing?" Mini scratched her head.

"Mini it's magecraft" her brother corrected her.

"potato, poteto."

"Like Otto-san before, this world magic is still a mystery to us. We have only beginning to scratch the surface with magecraft. We still have a lot to learn." Crusch stated they were still learning Subaru bit by bit. So they can't make assumptions into how he obtained the command seal.

"Yeah that's true."

"Still is he even aware, in what he has. On his hand?" Anastasia question.

"It doesn't seem so Anastasia-sama." Tivey responded.

"But now that he has a command seal, he is now capable of summoning a heroin spirit." Julius pointed out.

"That is if he knows, how to call upon one nyah."

Some of the audience are still a little worried about the worst-case scenario. Of Subaru summoning his hero, will the spirit be strong? What class will it be? What are the odds, of him winning the war? Does he have returned by death? And would the spirit be strong enough to protect Subaru? This question played in the audience minds.

"You guys alright?" Al question, seeing the concern expression on their faces.

"Ya just a little worried for Natuski-san. Don't give me wrong, I have the absolute faith in my friend. But I still can help by worry, in the kinda of danger he was getting himself in." Otto murmured in his corner. He hated when his friends gets into dangerous situation with out back up. He doesn't have his spirit with him, so he doesn't have anyone to count on. Only himself, and that worried him, and the cast.

"You and I both." Al shrugged with a tired sight.

"Hah! Am not worried. Cap'n is gonna call up a strong spirit, and beat everyone's ass to a pulp." Garfiel mimics a boxer, giving a few air punches. Having compleat confidence in his captain.

Some of the knights admire the tiger boys, absolute fate in Subaru, to win. Some of the cast didn't share the same opinion, the Subaru on the screen. Was up facing very big odds, and dangerous mages more than professional in magic than him. they wish they had the same. Optimism and fate garfiel seen to have, for Subaru.

"Rem will cheer for you Subaru-kun." The blue oni cheer for her hero's victory.

Ram sigh for her sister antics. "When will you grow up sister." She still couldn't help but to smile.

"Man I wish I had, the same, encouraging spirit. You and Rem, seem to always have for Natuski-san, Garf." Otto thought.

"I will cheer for you to my knight. Just please be save." Emilia whisper the last part. She always on the lookout for troubles, her knight might get involved in.

"Yay! Subaru-sama." The little maid jumping up, and down.

"Petra please behave."

"Hah! big bro got this!"

"Hmph! Betty's Subaru, will do away with this other mages easy."

The other camps smile at the Emilia cheerfulness, towards their mean eye boy

"Man this kid is sure getting many fans." The dog man laugh. The dog mercenary laugh at the cheerfulness of the room.

"You said it." Al replied.

After he ate breakfast with Taiga and Sakura, and washed the dishes once the meal was over. It was when Subaru and Sakura were walking to school that the he noticed something strange that occurred.

Just when he entered the school premise, he suddenly stiffened.

A chill seemed to travel down his back, goosebumps spreading across his skin.

"What?" he muttered to himself in confusion, staring at his unsteady hands.

"Whats going with Subaru-sama?" Petra asked with a confused and concerned expression.

"What's happening to the world around him? Why is it purple all of a sudden?" Frederica asked as she looked at the screen.

"It was almost like magic. There had been nothing in front of him, but it almost felt as if he had passed some kind of barrier surrounding the school." He thought.

But the feeling pass as soon as it appear, he simply couldn't explain it. Subaru slowly shook his head, then decided to put the strange feeling out of his mind. "Maybe I am just tired" Subaru said

"What was that?" Felt asked in confusion.

"Mhhh I believeee that wass a barrier~" Roswaal said with a curious expression.

"A barrier?"

"Yessss the way Subaru describeeee, what he felt, passing through." The clown concluded.

"Aren't barrier meant to keep people out? He just pass through like it was nothing." Tivey said giving his thoughts on the matter.

The clown merely shrugs.

B-But… that means… " Emiliasaid with worried in her voice.

"There's an enemy near by, I suppose." Beatrice issued softly as she looked on at her contractor on the screen, struggles with worry.

"This does raise a question, who put a this barrier. And does this barrier possess a threat, to anyone who crosses it?"

Many of the audience flinched at the Duchess words. The cast understood then that Subaru was going to be facing a lot more problems during this Grail war than anticipated. They deeply wanted to know, of the danger their Young friend was getting into. To relief them of their worry, sadly no such explanation will be offered. So they will have to wait and see in the battle that's to come.


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