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Lastly, a few things before you begin (and then I'll shut up, I promise):

- The story is based in Costa Rica, however, the locations I describe here are mostly made up by me and not necessarily geographically correct.

- My only knowledge of surfing comes from an ex boyfriend in college (and he wasn't even that good HAHAHA).

- The story is loosely based on RL events regarding the illegal poaching of sea turtle eggs in Costa Rica, but I mean no disrespect to the wonderful people of that country. I took a lot of liberties with how things went down.

There will be angst, drama, romance, and hopefully a bit of laughs as well.

Hope you enjoy it! Reviews are life, so let me know what you think!

Extended Summary

After 23 years of the most boring life ever, PhD student and marine biologist Bella Swan sets off for what is supposed to be the most adventurous summer of her life. Her trip to Costa Rica was not only going to be a crucial part of her dissertation on endangered turtle species, but it was also going to be her chance to live a little, to get out of her safe and monotonous routine. What happens when she meets retired American professional surfer Edward Cullen, whose tragic path in life has left him longing for "pura vida"—a simple life. She seeks action. He wants peace. When they find each other in the middle of a conflict between environmentalists and turtle egg poachers, Bella might just get more than what she bargained for.



It's all fun and games when you're trying to just live a little, until you're moments away from losing your life.

Then you'd wish you had been more careful; you'd wish you had listened to the warnings.

And there were plenty.

Even before getting on the plane.

What was a girl from Forks doing in Costa Rica anyway?

Edward had asked me that once as well, and when "turtles" was my answer, he had laughed. That throaty laugh of his that seemed to take him by surprise. Like it wasn't meant to happen.

But turtles are what brought me here. Not only to this country, but also to this mess.

I wring my hands for the thousandth time, the skin around my wrists tender from the friction caused by the ties that bind them behind my back. My cries are muffled by the duct tape over my mouth.

Teary blue eyes stare at me from across the dark room, her features lightened by the moonlight shining from the window. Her curly blond hair frizzled with the events of the night.

Four of us. All tied up. All girls. Our only male companion on our nightly endeavor was taken as well, beaten to a pulp right before our eyes, and dragged despite our screams.

Our fate was sealed the moment we dared to expose the men who were stealing turtle eggs night after night. To sell their bounty in the black market. To profit from these creatures.

We were bound to be taken.

There was no alternative.

Now they've left us here, and it's been minutes, or hours, I am not sure.

Our whimpers echo in the emptiness that surrounds us. I can't even hear the ocean; we are far from the breaking waves.

I close my eyes and try again to release my hands to no avail. I take deep breaths, hoping to clear my head.

It's impossible.

All I see is his face, his eyes, his smile.

All I can think about is him. Edward. The months we had. The laughs we shared. The kisses. The tears. How it all ended.

And if I were to die here today, my only regret would be not telling him that I love him.

Because I do. I love him so much.

I think I've loved him since the day he saved my life. Probably even before then.

Tears fall from my eyes as I desperately look around for a glimmer of hope, or a way out of here. But when the faintest of light peeks under the door, soon being eclipsed by distinct shadows, I know—they've come back for us.


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