Josuke and his Koromon are on a school mandated field trip to arizona.

"Josuke, Josuke, will you let me out of here?" Koromon says, Josuke kicks his backpack.


... Josuke relaxes

"What was that for Josuke?!" Koromon yells.

Mr Kashiwagi who is sleeping across the school, wakes up.

"Josuke, are you texting on your new age computing telecommunication device."

Josuke's eyebrow twitches.

"Mr Kashiwagi that's the wrong term, Texting is the equivalent of writing, Calling is the equivalent of talking."

"Don't be smart with me." Mr Kashiwagi yells and waves his cane in the air. He waves it so fast that it flys out of his hand and smacks the driver on the head.

"Mr Kashiwagi…" Josuke sighs. The driver is barely conscious. Josuke gets out of his seat and opens his bag as the bus starts to veer off of a cliff.

"Koromon let's go."

Josuke jumps out the window and throws Koromon towards the river at the bottom of the cliff.

"Aye Aye Josuke."



"Josuke! You know you aren't allowed to bring cats on the school bus!" Mr Kashiwagi yells out the window as Rise Greymon catches the bus and flys out of the canyon.

Josuke's Eyebrow twitches as he plummets to certain doom. He yells as loud as he can "for the last time Mr. Kashiwagi, RiseGreymon isn't a cat."

Rise Greymon flies down and Catches Josuke.

"That was dangerous, Josuke, What ever Mr. Kashiwagi tries to slip me, It's going to you."

Josuke grimaces, sun tanned mayonaise is not his favorite.

But on second thought, it's a small price to pay for the thrill.

Fun Fact: The Grand Canyon is deep enough for a 72 pound person to take 74 seconds to fall all the way down.