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Wake Me Up – The Remix

Chapter One: Play

The sound started out low. A guitar string lightly plucked guitar's roaring, drums beating solidly, eliciting a guttural, almost primal sound from its core. Expertly manicured clawed hands reached up into a baseball cap sitting firmly on a mountain of silver hair. The hand adjusted the clip-on headphones that were hanging loosely from the craftily hidden dog ears, directing the sound more surely into the delicate ears. The sounds then became louder, blocking out all of the world. The sounds of teenagers laughing, gossiping and flirting; buses breaks screeching, teacher's whistles blowing at infractions on the sidewalk, fights and all the other petty sounds of the world known simply to all as high school. The dog ears twitched, adjusting easily into the music, like one would melt into a comfortable pair of slippers on a cold winter's night. All was at bliss with the half - demon. The sound of his music and the familiar 'skeesk, skeesk' of his rollerblades on the sidewalk was all that was necessary to keep him calm during these chaotic early mornings.

Everything was right with the world. Or it was, until someone pulled his headphones from their jack. The demon stopped dead in his tracks, turning roughly to his left, golden eyes burned angrily. Brown eyes full of mirth glinted brilliantly in the morning light met the heated gaze evenly. The brown-eyed boy offered up a piece of paper, folded in his hand to the angry one. The demon snatched the paper and reconnected his headphones to his iPod with a huff.

"Miroku, that was stupid. No, it was beyond stupid. I was meditating. Surely by now you realize just how important that is to me.." The demon stated, slowly, menacingly - the threat obvious.

"Just thought you would like to have your schedule, Inuyasha. You know, before you end up going to the office like some sort of a dumbass." Miroku stated flatly, eyes still sparkling, smile wide as miles. Memories flooded his mind, fondly the thought of Inuyasha wandering around campus, randomly opening doors to discover his classes, bringing a quiet laugh to Miroku's lips.

He took the quiet opportunity to straighten his leather jacket and collect himself as Inuyasha unfolded the paper. Inuyasha studied the schedule off handedly and shrugged, "What's the point? We've always got the same schedule," He lifted his head and looked at Miroku, "I'll just follow you around all day."

Miroku looked around, eyes moving from mirth to impatience. As Inuyasha's words hit his ears, he swallowed hard,"You shall NOT! Lady Sango is here this year and I would like to spend some time with her since she's never attending these public schools as we have!"

Inuyasha felt a little stung by this statement. It wasn't the attitude but just exactly what the statement meant. In the last few years the human and the hanyou had become very close, brotherly. A relationship Inuyasha had never had with his half-brother, Sesshomaru. In fact, the two had become very well known to the population of the campus - especially amongst the administration. The principle and the boys were even on a first name basis – even though the principle never consented to it. Inuyasha had even suggested that they begin to call the principle 'chrome dome' to better fit his outward appearance. After all, Edward just didn't sound all that.. well.. 'principally' to them. More importantly to Inuyasha, going to the American public schools, keeping up appearances as though a family just continually passed their home down, was his and Miroku's 'thing'. Sango was now stepping on his terrority and taking away the only person he really had any form of connection to anymore.

Inuyasha lowered his head,"Oh, so I guess you won't have time for your buddy any more then, eh?" Inuyasha sighed out as he played with the playlists on his iPod. Band names flipped by, albums and songs appeared and were gone from the screen as quickly as they had appeared but he wasn't really paying any form of attention to the device in his hand. He had always figured Miroku would eventually coax Sango into the school but he hadn't figured it would be so soon, or that he would've been abandoned all together when she arrived.

Miroku gave him a friendly smile and patted his shoulder. "Sorry, Inu. Looks like you'll be the one getting suspended this year." With that, Miroku turned and began to walk away, looking to the entrance of the campus for his love.

Inuyasha inwardly screamed at himself. There had to be something he could say or do to keep his 'brother' around. Then, as if God had just said, 'let there be light', Inuyasha had the proverbial light bulb click on. Video game time. Inuyasha's twisted as an evil smirk crossed his features. Video game time is what Miroku cherished. Much else had really single-handledly help the boys with their communication and friendship as much as video games had. So, with what little acting skill the hanyou had, Inuyasha faked a pout "Well I guess that I'll just have to play the new Tom Clancy game all by myself. I was kinda hoping to play co-op on that one. Oh well, not like you care now, or anything since you've got Sango to entertain your every moment."

Miroku stopped in his tracks. From the front it looked like he had just been punched in the stomach as he lurched forward, catching his chest with one hand. Miroku gasped for a moment, "You mean..," He began as he turned to face the hanyou, "You got the new game?"

Inuyasha looked at the ground dejectedly, dragging the tip of his rollerblades across the ground like a child being chided, "Yeah, I also picked up the new Call of Duty for the three-sixty so we could play online. Oh, and, I was gonna go stop by the game store this afternoon and grab the new Medal of Honor game for the PS3. Playing them by myself just won't be the same, but I guess I could always ask Shippo, I mean at least I could try and survive online with him. "

Miroku pictured the new scenario in his head. The thought of the kitsune playing on his special edition black ops controller just didn't sit well with him, "How about I split my time between you and Sango?" He rushed out, then an idea. His eyes relit with mirth however they were mixed heavily with high hopes as his crazy idea took over his complete thought process, "Or better yet, I'll make her one of us."

Inuyasha laughed, leaning on the side of the building in order to keep his rollerblades underneath him. Oh yeah, he could see that one happening, "Nah, let her be the popular girl that just takes pity on us outcasts." Inuyasha ended his reply with a bit of dramatic flair by placing his hand on his chest and lowering his head in a mock sadness.

"Hey, guys!" Sango called out to the guys. They both looked up, seeing Sango jogging quickly towards them, backpack smacking her back noisily with every foot landing. It was a bright yellow color. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes while cocking his head slightly at this choice. Miroku smiled widely as she came closer, mouthing the words, 'hello, love.'.

Inuyasha saw the touching scene and just couldn't resist, "Ah, Sango. We were just talking about you." He walked and placed arm around her shoulders, "Miroku just couldn't stand another minute with out your presence near him." Inuyasha sniffled for a second and laid his head on Sango's shoulder, "You have trained him very well." A smile played at his lips. He had developed quite the sense of humor.

Sango rolled her eyes. Then glared at him angrily, "Inuyasha, Grow up!" Sango shoved his arm off her shoulder and jumped to Miroku's side. Miroku promptly placed his arms around her in a protective hold, giving his friend a play mad face.

Inuyasha just chuckled to himself. He began playing his music again just as the homeroom bell began its screeching ring. "See ya, later. I'm off to see our fearless leader before first period even starts."

Sango looked at Miroku with curiosity as to the parting statement. He just sighed and waved to his friend, "Good luck!"

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