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Wake Me Up

Chapter Seventeen: Last Track

Shippo clutched his chest. Every time he did it, he swore he would never do it again, yet some force in the universe always forced him to climb back into Sesshomaru's car. Shippo swallowed down mass amounts of air in a sad attempt to reclaim a sense of calm in his body. Sesshomaru looked at him and chuckled.

"Are you still scared to ride with me, kit?" He asked tauntingly. Shippo glared at him. A thousand thoughts of lightning falling from the sky and striking the demon lord down crossed his thoughts in a last plea for his optimism and sanity.

"What do you think?" Shippo ground out fiercely in between gulps of air. He sad down on the couch in front of the television, trying to breathe as the woman on the news prattled on about a death of someone by some obviously twisted means.

Sesshomaru stood up and looked around, searching for something that seemed to have startled the demon. His amber eyes narrowed in a vehement stare, shaking Shippo even further down into the core. "INUYASHA! You better not still be in this house! We have a concert tonight and I don't need you mucking it up by being late!"

Down in the basement, Inuyasha rolled over onto his back, the water in his bed heaving and hawing in every direction after the move. The hanyou merely raised one hand and gave his elder brother a certain finger that he knew that Sesshomaru could not see, but it made him feel better none the less.

"I don't need you mucking it up, Sesshomaru. After tonight, I'm gonna be me again and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.. or for it. Jackass." Inuyasha whispered, knowing his brother's agitation levels were already high on concert nights, smart remarks tended to break out into fights.

It had taken several times, more times than Miroku could keep up with before Kagome finally got a handle on the song they would be singing that night.

"This should be interesting." The monk murmured to himself.

Indeed, it would be a show for the gods.

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