Bug Me Softly


Summary: Naruto awoke feeling warm, content and loved. Only to be awaken within a greater nightmare. An unofficial companion fic to Bug Bites. SasuNaru. Body horror. Not for the faint of heart. Inspired but not based on Resident Evil 8: Village.



He doesn't want to get up… the velvety sheets and blanket that cocooned him beckons… inviting him into their warm comforting embrace. The bed too was soft… like clouds and a bed of marshmallow.

He doesn't ever want to get up. He felt cold arms and a hard steely body encircle around him, wrapping him in tantalizing cocoon of warmth. Yet the texture is slightly off…. He strained his ears for any signs of breathing but couldn't find any. Yet he still leaned against that welcoming warmth that seemingly worships every part of his body. Cool kisses trailed from his neck and shoulder and he sighed contently at the tingling pleasant sensations that pass through his body, each ripples feeling like light electricity that pleasantly tickles his skin.

And yet that annoyingly incessant buzzing fills the air that tickles his ears relentlessly. His skin itches as he becomes more and more aware of that crawling sensation on his arms, torso and thighs.

Unable to bear the itching sensation any longer, Naruto snapped his eyes wide open and found himself in a room with luxurious and lavish interior. Red and thick drapery kept the sun from the outside from penetrating. As his eyes surveyed the room before him he took note of the golden trimmed furniture decorating the equally well painted room. Whoever owns this place must be very rich.

The chandelier overhead cast a strangely gloomy light that's just enough to illuminate the room. Rubbing his tired sapphire eyes, he scanned the room and found it eerily empty. He tried to get up but a strong heavy arm kept him anchored to the bed.

As he whipped his head to the side, he was met with intense red eyes that bored into his very soul, sending a chill through his very core as his cerulean eyes widened in response.

"Good morning, Naruto."

The figure beside him sent him a toothy grin as he finally took notice of the countless flies that buzzed around the room. Weirder still, the flies seemed to gravitate toward the cool steely figure beside him as if they were protecting their nest.

Confused sapphires widened even more as the figure shifted, pressing a gentle kiss on his forehead.

That itching feeling on his skin intensified but his eyes were captivated by the beautiful crimson in front of him.

"You!" Naruto whispered in recognition.

The figure grinned wider, pleased by the younger male's recognition.

"I'm glad you remembered me, Naruto."

"How could I not, you saved me, didn't you?" Naruto smiled, relieved at the familiarity of the face before him. It's his classmate although he was a bit guilty that they weren't that particularly close in class. Nevertheless, he's still relieved to know that he's with someone he knows and not with a stranger.

"Yeah, but you saved me first, did you not?" The figure's velvety voice tickled his ears, and Naruto briefly shuddered at the deep low voice that awakened his body more and more as they caress his eardrums.

"I supposed I did. Say, I didn't quite get your name."

Sasuke chuckled. His dobe is far too trusting for his own good. But his naivete is what makes him all the more endearing and oh so adorable.

"Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke."

"Nice to meet you Sasuke!" Naruto all but yelled, his playful persona slowly resurfacing as he grew more and more comfortable at the prospect of seeing a familiar figure.

"Nice to meet you, Naruto. Did you enjoy my gifts?"

Naruto cocked his head to one side, confused. Sasuke repressed a moan at the adorable sight before him but can understand the other boy's confusion. After all, he never did label those gifts.

"Aww don't be like that, love." Sasuke playfully laughed. "You know. The sweets and the ramen, remember?" He gave a playful wink as the blue-eyed boy finally remembered.

"Oh yeah! That was you?" Naruto replied, finally in comprehension. "But why?"

"You're…unique Naruto. You might not know it, but you didn't hesitate to save me that day, despite being outnumbered. Your selflessness is among the many endearing qualities that makes you so…delectable. Special." Naruto tried to repress another shudder at the voice. That deep, gravelly voice that caressed his ears so wonderfully.

"I simply have to have you. You taste so good, Naruto. Smells so good."

Naruto blushed at the intensity of the man's gaze, not really used to this kind of attention before. He felt his legs twitch as the itchy, tingly feeling became more and more intense now.

"Bastard, don't say such embarrassing things."

"Really now? If I'm a bastard, you're a dobe."

Blue eyes widened, how dare he?

"You jerk! How can you say that?" But Sasuke merely chuckled, a knowing look plastered on his face as he ruffled Naruto's soft golden locks. "I'll show you who's a dobe, teme!"

Naruto tried to lift his arms to swing at the smug bastard but he found his body strangely unresponsive… as if he's paralyzed from the neck down. What the? What's going on here? Just what's with his body?

Eyes widening, he wiggled his shoulders in an attempt to break free but that was when he noticed that his whole body was covered with the flies that swarmed the room. He looked on in horror as he realized that they were the cause of that crawling itchy sensation that have bothered him since he woke up.

"What the? What is this?"

"Shh… Soon dobe… we'll be together forever. Let me take care of you." The oddly comforting voice is in stark contrast to the rising panic that slowly caused Naruto's chest to thump and pound loudly. He can hear his own heartbeat in his own ears as the swarms of flies kept him glued to the bed.

Then suddenly, in one fluid motion, Sasuke was on top of him. He didn't even see the other body move. It just dissolved into a swarm of flies before reforming itself on top of him. Naruto have to blink a few times just to confirm what he's seeing.

It was then that he noticed the oddities on the other boy's features. His lips were shiny purple, and the sclera on his eyes were black. He sported a fang that grew past his lips as he looked down at Naruto hungrily.

"You are so kind Naruto… So beautiful… So innocent…So pure… I want your light. I must have you now!"

Before Naruto could scream that cold steely lips were upon his own, sucking at him greedily. And no matter how hard he struggled, he can't break free, his body totally unresponsive to whatever command his panicked brain is yelling. Even as every fiber of his body screamed at him to move, all he could really do was respond to the vampire's kiss.

The sound of buzzing were nearly deafening now as the swarm of flies grew more numerous in the room with each passing second.

Occasionally, Sasuke would pull away to allow his prey to gasp and breathe but Naruto could never utter a single word. In an instant Naruto felt himself naked as the flies around him feasted on his flesh, dissolving what little remained of his clothes with liquid unknown to Naruto.

But strangely, there's no pain as he felt warm red liquid flowed through his body. Instead of pain he felt like his head is swimming, like he's on cloud 9. And that cold tongue and lips that ravaged him took all his capacity to think away as he shut his eyes closed, overwhelmed by the electrifying sensation of Sasuke's roaming hands sent upon his body.

Naruto moaned unconsciously as he felt Sasuke touched his sensitive abdomen. Sasuke briefly left his mouth to latch onto his neck and Naruto would have screamed were it not for the stream of flies that assaulted the orifice drowning out whatever sound that threatened to come out of his throat.

By now it's starting to dawn upon Naruto just what he's getting into. And a lone tear started falling from his eye. Sasuke wiped it off with a finger as he consoled the boy underneath him with hungry kisses.

"Shhh Naruto… I'm here for you… Just as how you were there for me."

As he felt Naruto relaxed beneath him, distracted by skillful hands and mouth, a small smirk once again tugged at the vampire's lips as he finally pierced the human's neck with his fangs, enjoying that nectarine ambrosia that assaulted his lips and tongue.

Naruto's eyes rolled upward as he was assaulted with tingling sensation that rippled from the bite mark. He doesn't understand what's happening. He's supposed to be afraid, to be disgusted at what's happening to him but he's strangely feeling aroused. He bucked his hips against the figure on top of him as he felt his erection growing.

The buzzing felt so close to his ears now as more and more flies drew towards his body. He felt them on his hardening manhood as he felt small pin pricks piercing his skin. But that doesn't compare to the growing heat that's enveloping his whole body. He gyrated against the figure on top of him, his movement severely restricted by the flies around him; struggling to get a moan out despite the flies in his throat, ears and nose.

Against the heavy sensation on his arms, he was able to lift them up and curled his arms around Sasuke's neck, briefly surprising the vampire at the touch and the boy's ability to resist him. In some way it only caused him to smile proudly against the other's skin. This, too, served to encourage him as he explored more and more of Naruto's body with eager lips, tongue and hands.

"Yes Naruto… Just like that. It will be all over soon." Sasuke brought a hand down to the other male's erection as he started pumping. And soon enough, Naruto could no longer contain the growing pressure at the pit of his abdomen before his vision grew white as he finally unleashed the pressure in one powerful ejaculation.

As white and black dots dominated his vision, Naruto panted against Sasuke's body, before he finally collapsed limply under the vampire's figure, too drained from his high as blood flows freely from two holes on his neck.


Sasuke wiped the warm blood that dribbled down his chin with his finger. He greedily sucked on it before admiring the human on his bed. It's sweet, rich, and creamy. Tasty just like what he anticipated. Truly his dobe is such a deliciously delectable treat.

He looked down on the younger boy on his bed and a soft look graced the vampire's face, appreciating the beauty before him.

There laid Naruto. A peaceful smile on his face. Naruto's arms and legs were no more. But his tanned skin glowed in stark contrast to the crimson liquid that smeared his skin and the sheets beneath him.

As Sasuke admired his handiwork, his hand caressed the stray golden locks almost in irreverent worship.

"I love you, Naruto. Thanks for the meal."

Exhausted from his filling meal, Sasuke laid beside his dobe's remains as he clutched the head closed to his chest.

"No one will take you away from me now."


A/N: Sorry for the weirdness of this fic. Just a little something that popped in my mind. My apologies by the way for the very slow update on my end. Apart from real life, I suddenly found myself in the rabbit hole that is Rasengan22's It started over coffee universe. If you want a SasuNaru that's published quality, go read that one. It's a very professionally done fanfic. At any rate, I realize this is a weird fanfic. But feel free to leave your comments just the same.