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Winter Wonderland

"Wake up Kitten," Rory smiled as Finn whispered into her ear. She sat up and stretched, she'd fallen to sleep not long after they'd finished their activities.

"Where are we?" She asked around a yawn, leaning into him. He smelt so good.

"We land in ten minutes love, can't you wait that long?" He asked with a chuckle.

"No?" Rory said and pouted at him.

"I'm immune now love," he said before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Really? Damn it, I need something new then," Rory said, all he needed to do was ask her and nine times out of ten she'd do whatever he wanted.

"A low cut top would do it Kitten," he chuckled trying to look down her high necked t-shirt.

They landed and Rory was eager to see where they were. She wondered if they'd be staying in a hotel or if either of them owned property wherever they were. He wouldn't tell her of course.

As soon as the stewardess opened the door she was out of her seat.

"Wait up Bambi," Finn said laughing behind her.

"It's cold! And snowy! Where are we?" Rory asked, pulling her arms around herself. It was freezing. Why were they freezing in the middle of the summer?

"We are in Alaska love," Finn said, wrapping his arms around her and resting his head on her shoulder.

"Why?" Rory asked, she liked the snow and she was sure they would have fun but they were freezing in summer, it was odd.

"Will you please let me surprise you," he chuckled in her ear, he tried to put exasperation in his voice but she could hear he just found her funny.

"Will you please just tell me?" She replied, sighing as he kissed her neck softly.

"No, now come on Bambi, our chariot awaits," he said pointing to a limo waiting on the airstrip for them. Slowly they walked down the steps wrapped around each other. She wished she'd brought a coat or a sweater or fur. It was freezing and she was shivering in minutes.

They drove for about twenty minutes to a hotel, where Finn insisted on putting a blindfold on her.

"I know we are at a hotel, a blindfold is overkill," Rory told him, trying not to laugh.

"No, it's just enough kill, now come on, step out of the limo. I'm going to put my arms around you so you don't slip over," Finn said with a laugh, tying the blindfold for her.

Finn led Rory into what she assumed was the hotel lobby, and then through to an elevator. She chuckled as she imagined the looks they were getting from people.

"Are we spending the trip in the hotel room?" She asked curiously and half hopefully, she still couldn't get enough of him and hoped she never would.

"Surprise Kitten, it's a surprise," Finn groaned and she could imagine him smirking despite his attempt to sound annoyed.

She heard him unlock a door and usher her into, what she thought was probably their hotel room.

"Is this a kinky thing?" She asked, half hoping it was as he guided her into the room, his hand on her lower back sending sparks through her body.

"I really hope not."

"Mom?" Rory asked, turning towards where the voice had come from. "My mom's here? Why is mom here? Finn?"

She was met with silence and his hand had disappeared.

"I love you Bambi," she heard and then the sound of a door closing. Frustrated and more than a bit confused she ripped her blindfold off.

Rory blinked at the smiling faces in front of her, excited smiling faces. Even Kat looked like she was going to start spontaneously singing. In the very large hotel suite were Poppins, Kat, Paris, Lane, Linette, Nika, Annie, Irish, her grandma, Amy, Jean and just about every other female she cared about. All grinning at her.

"What's going on?" Rory asked her friends and family, her eyes going to her mom who couldn't keep a secret for anything. Sure enough Lorelai the second looked like she was going to burst.

"Really Lorelai," her grandma sighed seeing the same thing that Rory had spotted. "Rory, here, read this letter, it explains everything." Emily Gilmore handed over an envelope that was very familiar. It was the type the LDB used to send out their invites.

With a frown and so much confusion Rory opened the envelope and started reading the letter written in Finn's surprisingly neat hand.

Bambi,I know you're probably confused now, maybe even pissed off.After your accident I realised something. I can't wait to make you my wife a moment longer. I love you so much and I want the rest of our lives to start now.Why are we here? Well I wanted to make sure that we still had the wedding we had dreamed of, so we have our winter wonderland.Kitten, I love you so much, will you do me the honor of winging our wedding?Your mom will tell me your answer. If yes then I shall see you tomorrow morning at the altar.I love you with all my heart Bambi.Yours forever, no matter what,Finn

By the time she had finished reading it she had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face.

"Is that a yes?" Her mom asked.

"It a yes, it's a hell yes," Rory said, letting her tears spill. "Tell him… that I love him… more than anything… and that I can't… I can't wait to be his wife."

Cheers rang out around the room and her mom came to give her a hug before slipping out of the door.

"Okay, seeing as how you're getting hitched tomorrow, let's start your bachelorette party!" Poppins grinned at her as Nikta, Kat and Irish walked through a door to the left hand side of the room which Rory thought was probably the bedroom.

The girls came back with decorations, balloons, streamers, banners, sashes, everything needed for a great bachelorette party. They danced, drank, laughed, and played games. There were snacks in the shape of penises. People danced on furniture, laughter roared from the room. In Rory's mind it was a perfect night.

By the end of the party, Rory was sharing the couch with her mom, Poppins and Lane.

"Did you bring the thing?" Rory slurred to her mom, her head leant back.

"What thing?" Her mom asked, her eyes almost crossed.

"The thing for Finn for the wedding that thing," Rory said, trying to make her mom understand without saying the words. Other than her mom she wanted Finn to be the first one to know.

"I did! I have! It's in my bag!" Her mom said triumphantly.

"What thing?" Poppins asked.

"Oh you know, the thing for the people in the place," her mom smirked and then giggled. Rory thought her mom might be the most drunk actually.

"Ah that thing, I know it well," Poppins started laughing. "I can't believe you're getting hitched tomorrow chick. It's your last chance to run away with me and live together on an exotic island."

"I'm good," Rory said, she couldn't wait to be Mrs Morgan. She couldn't believe that Finn had managed to actually wing their wedding. He was amazing and she knew without a doubt she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.


"Sweets, it's time to wake up," Rory heard her mom's voice from far away. Her head was thudding unpleasantly, her mouth tasted bad and she realised something very important was happening but right then it was out of her grasp.

"Bambi, we have tacos and coffee," Poppins voice joined her moms and Rory buried under the covers further. She wanted to remember what was happening today.

Last night… her bachelorette party. She was getting married to Finn! She sat up eagerly, not bothered by her mild hangover anymore. She was marrying the love of her life today.

"I'm getting married to Finn!" Were the first words out of her mouth as she beamed at her mom, Poppins, Kat and Amy who were all in her room.

"I'm not sure she's going to need the coffee," Poppins chuckled, his blue eyes shining, his long black hair tied back.

"Do not hold back on the coffee, it's my wedding day, you don't want to miss it. And you will if I murder you," Rory grinned at her best friend.

"Love you too," Poppins snickered and passed over a large mug of coffee.

"I would ask how you're feeling but you seem more excited than nervous, I was a basket case on my wedding," her mom said with a fond smile smoothing her hair down.

"Was?" Rory smirked, remembering the morning well, her mom had no fewer than ten meltdowns. Even coffee hadn't worked so they'd cracked open the champagne.

"Hey missy, just because you're a college graduate and about to be married doesn't mean you're too old to be grounded," her mom replied with a laugh.

"Okay, drink the coffee Bambi then it's shower, we are on a schedule," Kat said with authority. Rory thought she would make a very effective and terrifying politician. Probably a good thing Kat cared as much about political gain as Rory did about giving up coffee cold turkey.

Dutifully Rory drank her coffee, not able to stop smiling the entire time. Her stomach was flapping, twirling, flipping. She had never been so excited in her life. There was a little bit of nerves but overcoming them was the overwhelming certainty that she was doing the right thing. That this, marrying Finn, right now, was exactly what she should be doing with her life.

It was when the makeup artist was putting on her makeup that she started feeling tears prickle at her eyes.

"Bambi? You okay chick? We can still run off?" Poppins said from next to her passing over a champagne glass.

"I'm just so happy, I'm going to be Finn's wife, he's going to be my husband," Rory said.

"Happy tears? Okay, well I don't get it but you do you chick," Poppins chuckled at her and topped up her champagne glass.

Her mom, Amy and Lane helped her get into her dress, the one she had picked out months ago, complete with the fur stole she had wanted to wear and a tiara her grandma had let her borrow for the occasion.

Her mom and her were left alone while the bridesmaids went to get their dresses on.

"How are you holding up babe?" Her mom asked as they held hands tightly.

"I'm so excited, a bit scared, I'm not sure I'll be good at the wife thing, but I'll try," Rory admitted.

"Just watch some more Donna Reed, there's your role model," her mom laughed and then pulled her in for a hug. "You and Finn, if you carry on as you are, will be just fine, Bambi. I promise you."

"Thanks mom," Rory said softly. "Don't let me fall when we're walking, please."

"Well I had planned on leaving banana skins, marbles and slime along the aisle," her mom faked sighed dramatically. "If you insist though, I won't let you fall, kid. I love you and I'm so proud of you."

Again Rory felt herself fill with tears.

"I love you too mom, so much. Thank you, for everything." There weren't words to say everything that Rory was grateful for. For filling her childhood with fun and whimsy, for supporting her no matter what, for pushing her gently out of her comfort zone. For everything. Her mom had been her best friend throughout her life so far and that was priceless, there wasn't a way to thank her for that. As her mom hugged her tighter though she thought that perhaps she got it.

Her mom got up to answer a knock on the door. Rory smiled as Amy came in, a wide smile on her face, her eyes already misty as the woman looked over Rory. Amy would be her mother-in-law in less than an hour.

"You look beautiful Bambi, just beautiful," Amy gushed happily, her eyes misting even further. "I have something for you, from Finn."

Amy passed over a small box that Rory realised would be jewellery. A note was on top of it.

Not long now Bambi. I love you so much and I can't wait to be able to call you my wife. Here's something new for you.

Rory smiled as she read the note before opening the box. Inside were diamond earrings made to look like snowflakes, they were perfect. She quickly put them in, smiling the entire time.

"It's time!" Kat yelled from outside of the door, sounding excited.

"Ready?" Her mom asked.

"Yes," Rory said, still sure, still positive. This was the first day of the rest of her life and she would be finishing it as Mrs Morgan.

Rory walked out of the hotel suite with her mom and Amy behind her helping with the modest train. Rory stopped in front of her bridesmaids and started laughing. Her mom also started laughing and then Amy. Rory worried she would be late as she couldn't stop laughing.

"Chick, are you laughing at your bridesmaids? It's very insulting you know, I happen to think we all look beautiful. I have the best legs though of course," Poppins said, managing to look serious in his short blue dress, with a white fur stole over the top, a basket full of white rose petals over his arm. His hair had been put into an updo and he was wearing a clip with blue stones in it. He looked… ridiculous and perfect at the same time.

"You all look amazing and I love you all," Rory said, getting a hold of herself, a little. She hugged Poppins first then Kat who did not return the affection, next she hugged Lane, then Nika and then Paris, her best friends.

Together they made their way down to the lobby of the hotel which was decorated with twinkle lights and snow decorations. She realised now why she had been wearing a blindfold as they came into the hotel.

"This way kid," her mom said and they were led through the back of the hotel where she had to meet with the official to go over her details.

She couldn't stop smiling as she gave them her gift to Finn. It hadn't cost as much as the earrings he had given her, but he thought he would appreciate it more. The official laughed as she told him the reasoning behind it. He had already spoken to Finn and had confirmed that Finn had been worried about it.

Soon Rory stood out of sight, listening to the laughter as Poppins went down the aisle outside in the snow, throwing flowers dramatically as he did. The roars of laughter died down a little as Lane went next, then Kat, after went Nika and finally Paris.

"Ready?" Her mom asked quietly as Paris reached the end and the music changed.

"I'm so ready," Rory replied with a smile, her stomach full of butterflies.

Together her and her mom walked down the aisle, arm in arm. Rory couldn't stop smiling, her face focused on Finn. His eyes were on her, popping ever so slightly, a huge smile breaking out on his face. He was wearing a top hat and tails as were the groomsmen. She smiled wider, remembering how she told him he would look hot in them. She had been right and soon he would be all hers for the rest of her life.

When she reached Finn she almost started crying, his smile was so wide, his eyes soft.

"Who gives this woman to be married?" The officiant asked.

"We do!" Rory looked as all of the LDB and her family stood to say the words together. Her mom kissed her cheek and gave her hand to Finn who was wearing black nail polish. Her mom then kissed Finn on the cheek before taking her seat next to Luke and Will, her grandma and grandpa next to them.

"We are here to celebrate the union of Finn Harry Morgan and Bambi Lorelai Leigh Gilmore," the man marrying them said. Rory smiled as Finn looked confused at her. She nodded her head towards her mom who was holding up the paperwork stating she had legally changed her name. It was her wedding present to him, he had been worried he would say Bambi instead of Lorelai at the wedding, now he could.

Finn smiled even wider as he stepped forward and kissed her passionately. Cat calls came from around them but Rory couldn't care less.

"You're supposed to wait until after the wedding for that," the official said in a mock stern voice.

"Sorry mate, couldn't help it," Finn grinned unapologetically. "Thank you Bambi," he whispered to her before they got the wedding back on track.

They had decided against writing their own vows, and she had decided against saying that she would obey him. He hadn't minded thankfully.

It was a short but perfect wedding in Bambi's opinion. The emotion in Finn's eyes told her everything she needed, the way his hand gently took hers as he slid on her wedding band. The slight tremble to his voice as he said I do.

The kiss had been wildly inappropriate for a wedding, but perfect for them, even as Bambi felt herself blush bright red.

"It is my honor to introduce to you for the first time… Mr and Mrs Morgan!"

Cheers went off loud enough that it sounded like a bomb had exploded. Confetti cannons were popped, confetti and rice rained down on them as they made their way hand in hand to the reception back inside the hotel.

Bambi looked over her shoulder and laughed as she saw Colin, the best man, arm in arm with Poppins, the man of honor, walking down the aisle solemnly. They nodded to people as they passed with no hint of amusement on their faces. Finn turned to see what she was laughing at and laughed as well, they weren't the only two.

Bambi was happy to see people taking pictures. She wanted a framed one for their new house for sure.

"This has been perfect Finn, thank you," Bambi said as they were handed champagne glasses inside the hotel ballroom which had been made to look like a winter wonderland. With fake snow and skis which made her giggle.

"No, thank you Bambi Morgan. I've never been happier Kitten," Finn said quietly, bending down to give her a slow, passion filled kiss.

"Gosh you two, anyone would think you'd just got married or something," a voice said from behind them. They broke apart smiling and turned to see Gary with a huge grin on his face, he had been one of the groomsmen, along with Colin, Logan, Boss and Matty.

"Pictures! We need the bride and groom for pictures!" A small woman stout and with a frown was marching towards them, she reminded Bambi a little of Druella who used to play the harp at the Independence Inn.

She and Finn posed for multiple pictures, some inside and some outside. Together, alone, with family, friends, group shots. It seemed to take ages but finally they sat at the table for two in front of all their friends and family, listening to the toasts being made. And there were quite a few of them.

"Ladies, gentlemen and Robert, I am Colin, the best man, and I have known Finn for way too long," a laugh went up around the room. "None of us ever thought that Finn would settle down with a girl long enough to call her his girlfriend. Let alone get married. But here we are celebrating Bambi and Finn's wedding. Four years ago we were watching Bambi play in a competition. Finn was instantly awe struck and told us that he was going to marry this girl. Of course we laughed, we teased him, we bet against him. What we hadn't counted on though was that Bambi was as insane as Finn," Colin got more laughter.

"Now I'm supposed to impart some wisdom here for the married couple. So here goes. Bambi don't let Finn eat curry after drinking, you will regret it. Don't encourage him to go to a drag bar in drag, again you'll regret it. For anyone who's wondering, yes I have photos and for a nominal price I'll happily show them. Finn, I don't know how you do it man, it must be her insanity, but you make Bambi happy, keep doing whatever it is you do. Thankfully the rest of us will no longer have to listen to it," everyone who had lived in the Simmon's building started cheering at that and Bambi put her head in her hands even as she laughed. "To the bride and groom, Finn and Bambi, congratulations, we love you guys."

Following Colin was Boss, who gave a quick speech about how he had won the bet on them getting married eventually and how he won the most competitive against Bambi. He also wished them a lifetime of happiness.

Poppins stood next and already Bambi wanted to bury her head.

"Hem, hem," Poppins started. "As my mum knows I am Ben, as the rest of you know, I am Poppins, maid of honor and Bambi's joint best friend," Poppins nodded to Lane who nodded back with a grin, Sam by her side.

"A long, long time ago now, in a land far from here, I got so drunk I couldn't remember where I lived," laughter echoed around the room. "I know, a lot of you are thinking, no, him, he's such a fine upstanding member of society, no way would he have got that drunk." Again more laughter. "However, it is the truth. Bambi was there as my knight in shining armour though, offering me a sofa to sleep on, and painkillers the next morning, from then on we were best friends. I have been through a lot with Bambi, we've been there for each other through everything, heart breaks, hospital stays. Drinking, dancing, laughing, and I love Bambi. Not like that dont worry, and I have a tattoo to prove it."

"What I would like to say is that through everything I have never seen Bambi happier than when she is with Finn. They truly complement each other and I can't think of anyone better to take care of my best friend, my sister. To Bambi and Finn!"

Bambi felt her eyes watering after that and she got up to give Poppins a hug. "Love you," she whispered in his ear.

"Love you too chick," he whispered back, kissing her hair.

The last to stand was her mom and Luke, Will had been handed over to her grandma and grandpa. Looking adorable in a baby suit that he was drooling all over.

"I think of Bambi, as my daughter, I have for twelve years now and I will for the rest of my life. I have seen her with some terrible boyfriends, I have seen her start college and how she has grown and become more confident. I am so proud of her for all her accomplishments and everything she is yet to do. I am also proud to welcome Finn to our family, finally a boyfriend, and now husband who is worthy of her. Take care of her Finn. Bambi I love you," Luke said, choking up a little.

"I love you too dad," Rory said, feeling tears run down her face even through her smile. Finn put his arm around her and passed her one of the cloth napkins for her eyes.

"My husband is a hard act to follow," Loreali said as Luke sat down. "But I will try, I've had twenty two years to perfect the speech but I never did. I never thought about this moment except in abstract fear. I didn't want some stinky boy taking away my daughter. Luckily my daughter didn't want any stinky boys either. Not until she hit thirteen and got her first crush anyway. I was happy with her choice, I would share her with Brad Pitt," her mom chuckled and Bambi groaned.

"For years it was Bambi and me against the world, a team, an unbreakable bond. My mini me, my best friend. And then came Finn. Hugh. Finn is probably the only one other than Mr Pitt I don't mind sharing Bambi with. He loves her as much as I do, he gets her, he plays along with her bits and doesn't lose it when she goes a little planning crazy."

"Now, Bambi and Finn, along with Kat and Poppins, have gotten into some scrapes over the years. So I came up with a list of rules for them to follow, not that they listened. Now I will read them all for you to hear," her mom said, pulling a list of the rules out of her bag. Bambi groaned and put her head back in her hands, her grandparents were going to be angry with this she knew it.

"Rule one, no more tattoos. Rule two, no body modification. Rule three, no joining any other societies or clubs or cults. Rule four, no shaving your head. Rule five, no girls gone wild. Rule six, protection, use it, have it, buy it in bulk," at rule six her mom placed a large box of condoms in front of her on the table. Bambi wasn't the only one blushing, so was Luke and her grandparents, most everyone else was roaring with laughter though.

"Rule seven, no overindulging in alcohol to the point of hospitalization, no drugs. Rule eight, have fun and take lots of pictures for mommy. Now over the years I have added to these rules and somehow most if not all of them have been broken, with little or no regard. Well today, Bambi, Finn, is the end of my rules," with that her mom ripped the rules in two making Bambi and Finn laugh. "Keep taking care of her Finn, otherwise, she'll nag your ear off or set Paris on you. I love you both very much and I hope you have love for the rest of your lives. To the bride and groom!"

The speeches were over, food was served and then it was time to cut the cake. It was a five tier cake decorated with thousands of snowflakes, each one different from the others and just screamed that it had been made by Sookie, who was sitting at a table with Jackson, Martha, Davey and baby Poppy. Laughing they shoved a piece of the cake into each other's faces and then it was time for the first dance.

They slowed danced together and Bambi barely heard the song, too busy staring into her husband's eyes. She had never been happier in her life.

"I love you husband," Bambi whispered with a smile. It was strange and yet she couldn't get enough of saying it.

"And I love you, wife," Finn grinned back before he bent down and kissed her softly. The kiss built in passion and desire until wolf whistles started around them.

The reception was amazing, everything she could have asked for and more. The life and death brigade were playing games, their families mingled together, their friends danced and tried out the skis, it was perfect. And he'd winged it for her. He was perfect. And he was hers for the rest of time.

In two weeks they'd move into the house they had bought in Hartford, they would start their new jobs, they would start their adult lives together as husband and wife. Until then they had two weeks as a honeymoon, just together, loving each other.

Bambi stared out at the ballroom shortly before they were due to leave. She watched as Nika and Gary danced, as Kat and Poppins did, as Boss, Logan and Colin laughed at something together. She smiled as she saw Paris, Lane and Sam debating something together.

She couldn't be more grateful to the Life and Death Brigade who had brought fun excitement and more importantly Finn into her life. Who had given her everything she had never known she had needed.

Who were there no matter what. In Life and Death.