This was the day he had been fearing for the past month. Uchiha Inc had an important meeting with the Konoha General hospital, and the meeting was disguised as a fundraiser for Orphans or something. The entirety of Konoha's most famous and elite would be present at the meeting, but it didn't phase Sasuke- What made Sasuke afraid was that 'she' was going to be here.

Sakura Haruno was Sasuke's past that he had desperately tried to forget. They were childhood buddies, college roommates and in a relationship for 3 whole years. She was the only person Sasuke had ever loved and she was the girl he left behind to take care of the company. During the last year of his relationship, Sasuke's father had gotten too old to head the company and the task fell to Sasuke and Itachi to now head the company. Sasuke had to leave Konoha to go to Oto, and head the branch there- and he had to leave Sakura here.

Sasuke wasn't dumb- he knew full well that any relationship he made outside of friendships would be doomed to fail, but he had taken a chance with Sakura anyways- so when the time came to choose between Sakura and his career, he had selfishly chosen his career and didn't even fight for her, or his relationship. It had taken everything in his willpower to do it, when he got the news of the succession he grew distant to Sakura and became cold and aloof in front of her. After acting like a big asshole, one day he just disappeared and left for Oto without even a goodbye, knowing he would never be able to leave if he stayed any further.

Sasuke had buried himself in work to forget and for sometime he successfully did, but his past it seemed, had caught up to him. He had to attend the meeting- there was no chance of him skipping it and the fact that the talks were with Konoha General he knew he would have to speak with Sakura. She may have forgiven him but Sasuke never forgave himself for doing that to Sakura.

It absolutely did not help that for the past month he had been having weird dreams about Sakura and Naruto and a weird ninja world where they all had superpowers. Sasuke had wrote it off when he had first had the dream but he was surprised when the dreams started to chronologically create a story in which Sasuke again acted like a dick and left Sakura to go to Konoha. In the dreams, Sasuke eventually comes back after a huge grudge match with Naruto. Sasuke scoffed at his more murderous and psychopathic dream counter path.

Sasuke had done research and found out that recurring dreams happened due to stress and unresolved conflicts and Sasuke just ignored the dreams, though he did admit if he were to make a anime on his dreams it would probably make him a lot of money. He angrily fixed his tie and got ready to finally go to the fundraiser, he just wanted today to end.

The event was a bloody disaster. Sasuke had met Sakura and they had exchanged a few pleasantries in front of the guests but he could she that she was on the brink of breaking everytime she spoke to him, he could see she was hurting- so was he. He waited for the whole thing to end and after he gave his speech on helping the orphans and the future of Konoha and Oto, he couldn't help his eyes from drifting to Sakura. He felt constricted and asthamatic, he decided to take a breather and went to the roof- hoping the cool winter air would fix his breathing problem.

He hurriedly went to the top of the building and lit a cigarette and leaned on the edge of the building to see the city underneath.

"You should not smoke Sasuke-kun, it's bad for you."

Sasuke sighed- 'of all the people to worry about me it had to be her.'

"You should hope I die, after all I did to you."

"I could never want you to suffer Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke just lowered his gaze. It would have been infinitely better if she got mad at him or slapped him, anything would be better than this guilt feeling eating his stomach.

"Even after all this time, you still ran after me to the roof didn't you?"

"Do you think I'll stand by and see you hurting like this Sasuke-kun? I am hurting too, I don't want you to be alone like this right now."

Sasuke gave a dark chuckle. This Sakura and the Sakura from his dreams were eerily similar, as in they would never give up on him- no matter how much he hurt her.

"Whats so amusing?"

"Just thinking how similar you are to another woman I know."

"Oh. Did you find a girlfriend? Good for you Sasuke-kun."

"No I didn't find another girl friend, Sakura. It's just... I've been having weird dreams recently. Dreams about us and Naruto together on a team and -

"Naruto wears a black and orange t-shirt and pants, is married to Hinata and Tsunade was the village leader afterwards Kakashi, your mentor from business school became the leader and then Naruto became the leader."

Sasuke whipped his head towards Sakura so quickly he almost got whiplash, she had the same surprised face as he did.

"The leader was called the 'Hokage' I was a criminal for some time and after I got cleared of my crimes I married you and we had a child in a base outside Konoha."

"H-how did we both have the same dreams?"

"What the hell is happening? We... We were heroes of the village. We beat my uncle Madara... He was super strong..."

"You-you don't think it was a past life or something right? How else did we both have the same dream?"

Sasuke was still confused. He had premonitions of his past lives? So did Sakura somehow?

"You asshole, you left for Oto then too! And you tried to kill me!"

"Hey , I said sorry and I came back didn't I?"

"You haven't in this life though." Sakura retorted looking him dead in the eye. Her face was determined and melancholy with the knowledge of the past.

Sasuke was flabbergasted at her response. She was right- The past Sasuke had told past Sakura that leaving Konoha was the worst decision he'd made, yet here he was repeating his past mistakes. He left Konoha again, he left her again and this time for his career rather than revenge because thank god, Itachi in this life hadn't gone crazy and killed his whole family.

Sasuke took a large drag from his cigarette. He looked at this woman who looked a bit different from her Ninja counterpart. Her hair was longer and her clothes were fashionable and not fighting appropriate- she had a bit of make up on something that a ninja wouldn't use. There were a lot of things different about her but one thing was the same, her undying love for him and her inability to give up on him.

"Do you think we still have super powers?"

"N-no. I don't think so."

Sasuke looked at her confused innocent face, mere inches from his own. In that moment he decided he won't make the mistakes he made in the past. He would fight for her this time. He would fight for them.

Sasuke pulled her into him and captured her in a kiss. She gasped against his lips but replied by leaning into him even more. Then suddenly she pulled away.

"No. No. We can't do this Sasuke-kun. I can't get hurt like that again."

Sasuke took one of her hands in his own.

"I won't let you get hurt again. I know I am a stupid man. I know I hurt you. But you've forgiven me anyways right?" Sasuke smirked.

"I forgave you for trying to kill me didn't I?" Sakura threw her arms around Sasuke and pulled him into a hug.

Sasuke surprised himself and everyone else by how nicely he handled the situation. Sasuke opened a new company called Sharingan Inc. in Konoha drawing inspiration for the name from a memory only Sakura and him remembered. He gave over the old branch in Oto to his cousin Obito. The company was a great success and it quickly rose the rank to become one of the biggest companies in the world.

"I can never look at the people in my life the same way again." Sasuke told Sakura.

"Yeah. Everytime I see Governor Naruto, I see Hokage Naruto and I see Hokage Tsunade everytime I see doctor Tsunade."

"I shudder around Uncle Madara and Obito all the time. And don't get me started on the way I keep looking at Itachi any time we have family reunions."

"It's weird how everyone is still so similar to everyone still. The people have the same traits and charecteristics like Naruto's unhealthy obsession with ramen. Maybe we're reincarnations? Do you think we'll have Sarada again?"

"About that. We both are basically star crossed lovers at this point so why not just get it over with?"

"Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Do you not want to?"

"No you dummy! I want to marry you... It's just, isn't this supposed to be romantic or something?"

Sasuke just snorted and Sakura playfully hit him on the shoulders.

Past Sakura and Past Sasuke looked down on their reincarnations with smiles.

"Seriously Anata, no matter what the time is you always seem to make bad decisions don't you? God knows where he would have been if I hadn't sent those premonitions."

Sasuke just smiled. This woman was necessary to keep him in check.