"N-No… Sak-Sakura-chan you can do something right? A-anything? You're one of the best medics in the world… you can do something… you need to Sakura-chan…"

This can't be happening, they were just starting, starting to build the family they always dreamed of. Hinata is strong, Naruto knows that, she can't just give up, right?

"Naruto… I'm sorry but I- I've done everything that I could… its just too complicated for me… I'm sorry," Sakura's eyes are red from crying, her hands are trembling, even seeing this Naruto still feels numb.

"Then I-I'll go look f-for Tsunade-baachan! She c-can do something r-right?" Sakura didn't answer, she can't speak, she can't look at her friend without pity in her eyes. Kakashi stepped in for his medic student.

"Naruto, its too late, they've done everything they could," Kakashi rest his hand in Naruto shoulders, it's the best he could do to comfort him.

"No!" Naruto moves away from his friend and teacher aggressively. He can't believe they are this calm. He just lost his wife, his child, his family, for the second time. He can't do this again, not this time, when he was sure he would do anything to protect them.

"Kakashi-sensei do something! You can do something! You're the Hokage!" Naruto is not aware that his voice is getting louder. He can't hear himself, he just feels the ache in his chest that is spreading slowly, oh so slowly, in his body.

"Naruto calm do- "

"No! Get away from me!" he pushed Sakura away. He doesn't need her sympathy, he needs her to do something. He needs her to make a miracle of some sort. He needs his wife. Sakura and Kakashi left, they know Naruto need some time to process things.

He lost her. He lost the love of his life. He lost them. The child he was so excited to see, the child he was so excited to name, the child he was so excited to hold, and love and protect. He lost his family.

"Naruto calm down," he hears the Biju in him talk.

"The anger you're feeling can't do anything, it can only bring me to control your body,"

"Shut up," he tells himself, he knows Kurama can hear him.

"That is life, you can't control death, even with all the power you have, death is death,"

"I said shut up!" he may look like a total fool right now but he does not care. He needs to be alone. Naruto stood up to go outside but his feet led him to the window looking out the hospital's nursery. His son was supposed to be there, he was supposed to have the brightest blond hair like him where no one could tell otherwise that he is his kid. He can't bring himself to look at the babies in the nursery, he can't look at life right now.

He decided to go back to the hallway where his wife's supposed room is. He bought flowers, and balloons and fruits, everything he could think of just to shower Hinata with the love she deserved, she's his wife, they were ready to build a beautiful family together. He just wants to rest. Naruto sits down in the chair along the hallway, just beside the door of Hinata's supposed room.

He felt his tears coming, he brought his face to his hands as the tears fall. He wants them to stop falling, Hinata would hug him if she saw him crying, he wished she would hug him right now and tell him everything would be alright, that she is here beside him, all the time. As he cried silently, he felt a little warmth, a very subtle warmth that made Naruto fell asleep in the hallway chair.

"-ruto, Hey, wake up," he felt someone tapping his shoulders, its Shikamaru. Naruto felt every nerve in his body wake up, was it just a dream?

"Figured you'd be here," Shikamaru sat beside him.

"They wanted to say that uhm… if you're ready to see them, you can go see them now," it wasn't a dream. Naruto felt his soul living his body again. Shikamaru didn't wait for his respond, he stood up and when he was about to go, he stopped in front of Naruto.

"I know it's hard, take your time, Hinata is in the ground floor, you know where that is," Shikamaru then walks away, living Naruto alone, again. He doesn't talk, or complain, he was alone before, but he doesn't want to be alone now, not that he has a choice.

The ground floor, Hinata doesn't deserve to be on the ground floor, that's where patients who is not fortunate to live waits for their family to pick them up, Hinata have a family, Naruto doesn't want her to stay there for too long so he picks himself up, and took a very deep breath, brings himself to stand and walk towards the stairs.

The ground floor is cold, no warmth can be felt, or it may just be Naruto. As he walks in the cold hallway, he saw Sakura, Shikamaru and Kakashi waiting outside a room. Hinata and his son's room. They didn't greet him, they didn't even look at him, he didn't look at them either, he just enters the room, still hoping that this is all a joke.

As Naruto enters the room, the cold washes over him, the small amount of warmth left in him gone. He saw his wife, laying in a stainless bed, a white sheet covers her body, but he can see her face, just her face, beside her is a small basinet, looking at it breaks Naruto's heart in very small pieces he never knew was possible.

He slowly walks to Hinata, all the colors in her face gone, the blush she always have since their childhood gone. He touches her cheeks, cold.

"Hey… you told me you'd stay," Naruto is in a losing fight with his tears. He felt the tears falling even though his eyes are starting to sting. He hates it. He reaches for Hinata's hands, still cold. He can't take it, he clutches her hands as if she would wake up from her sleep, he kisses her hands like he would kiss it at home, but now cold to his lips.

"Hey… you s-said we'd grow old to-together," he tries his best to stop stammering, but he still can't.

"You promised me…" Naruto can't help it, he cried silently still clutching his wife's hand. As he opens his eyes, still blurry from the tears, he got a glimpse of the baby in the basinet, a blond hair, but paler than his. He tries his best to walk towards the basinet.

"Hey Boruto," he touches the head of his son, but it's the same as his wife, cold. He has spiky hair, just like him, but a little tamed than his spikes.

"I'm sorry tou-chan can't save you,"

"I want to… I really really want to Boruto," his tears fall in his son's cold cheeks as he bends down to kiss his forehead.

A kiss that was supposed to never end until his son tells him he's too old for that. A kiss he would give to the many kids he would have with Hinata. A kiss that he would give to Hinata every morning as she wakes up and every night before they sleep.

A kiss that would never happen.