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Meet Your Master

A PearlyFox fanfic.

Two Masters meet their match, knowing submission is a gift.
Is either one of them ever going to gain absolute power?


"Look, I don't have time for this." I shrug on my coat, lambskin and suede, before I hold out my hand to my secretary. "Jesus, Kate. I swear you get slower by the fucking day." I sigh and wait for her to copy the files I want to take home.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Masen. I didn't expect to see you back this early." It's an excuse. It always is. I pinch the bridge of my nose anxiously, needing to get the hell out of here already.

"This early, Kate? It's almost eight o'clock. On a Friday night."

I watch Kate fumble with the buttons on the state-of-the-art copier I ordered last week. She's taking too long, and I have to go soon. I have to be at the club by nine.

"I do apologize, Mr. Masen. I didn't know you needed these to go over on the weekend. Mr. Malarkey never took work home," she rambles.

"I know, Kate. It's why they flew me here to fix this company. Malarkey is a grade-A loser who didn't even bother to do his job in a decent manner." I remember the mess Charles Malarkey left, the stacks upon stacks of unopened mail and requests, the unpaid invoices, and the paychecks that fell through.

This company was a mess. It's no secret the board was looking for a new CEO for months after Malarkey lost his fucking mind.

I suddenly feel a wave of compassion for Kate Devins. It's not her fault her former boss was a total jerk, a douche, and a complete HR nightmare. Kate, like the others working here, isn't used to strict company policies and high expectations.

"It's fine, Kate. Don't sweat it. It's only my second week. I'm sure we'll get to know what we expect from each other soon." I smile at her and catch her blush as she drops a stack of A4s on the ground. Immediately, my flash of respect vanishes, and I roll my eyes.

"You know what? Don't even fucking bother. I'll just take this and print the rest out myself—at home. See you on Monday," I mutter before I walk down the long hallway to the elevator.

Edward Masen in publishing. That's been my thing from the start. But Edward Masen in fucking Boston? I already miss New York—the buzz, the coffee, the anonymity. The sex.

My phone alerts me to a new email, and I click the icon quickly. I feel restless, glad to see the information for tonight is there. Jasper Hale has proven to be very punctual so far.

Mister Masen, Sir,

Attached is the password and description to my office. I would like to welcome you to my establishment myself. I sent out lots of invites to both renowned subs and Dom(mmes) in the area who are sure to welcome you with open arms.

Kind regards,

J. Hale

This drabble is going to alternate between EPOV and BPOV :D
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