There's a bit of retcon in the prologue, so if you have been following this story before this chapter was released, I recommend going through the prologue the second time, you don't have to but just so you know there's a minor change. The reason will be elaborated on at the end of this chapter.

The Lordly Ones

It was a peaceful morning- despite the eyes that were glued on her, she still enjoys the morning tea and biscuits she has. Lady Maria did not plan to have some heavy food in the great hall because she is going to fill her belly with a raspberry sandwich with Dumbledore anyway. Inevitable- she thought, so she only stays in the great hall to wait for her letter.

Then the horde of avians starts to fill the hall from the windows, sending letters to students who've been expecting it. One dark raven among the parliament of owls descends from the window high above and rests on her shoulder.

'Ah, finally a reply,' said Lady Maria.

The Lady of Cainhurst was about to open the letter, but she felt her privacy was at risk by younglings' curiosity that seemed to forget their breakfast. She tries to meet their eyes, some are quick to pretend they never see her, some are so engrossed that they forget their gaze ought to bore a hole in her.

Lady Maria for once is very amused, it is also a bit nostalgic. She forgot how warmth and cute children and teenagers' lack of guile is, simply curious about their teacher, not how to transcend godhood and ruined the lives of thousands of innocent lives.

Lady Maria then mouthed 'Good Morning' to them and their faces immediately bloomed in red and scattered their gaze everywhere but her. She let out a chuckle.

"Should I scold the kids, Lady Maria?" asked Professor Flitwick who sat beside her on his special tall chair.

"It's no bother, Professor Flitwick, I found them to be rather sweet, their innocence is precious," said Lady Maria, still smiling wide.

Professor Flitwick smiled back, happy to hear such an answer and decided to leave her be with her letter and continue his breakfast. Lady Maria then gives her attention back to the letter in her hand.

'I wonder what becomes of it...' Lady Maria muses and reads the return address on the envelope.

[ Nicholas Marinker ]

[ Headmaster of Muradasilova Orphan School ]

[ Muradasilova Estate - Robhams ]

Harry walked towards the great hall with Hermione and Ron, feeling beaten up Ron lazily dragged his leg behind.

"I never thought Saturday could be this horrible," said Ron as he let out a long sigh, "Fred and George are not joking around when they said this year will be tough."

"But you barely do your homework," Hermione protested.

"Hey, I did my homework just fine!"

"You're not convincing anyone when I did the first page of your homework, Ronald." Hermione and Harry then let out a chuckle.

"It is a tough weekend, though. We spent a whole Saturday doing homework, I'm so glad Professor Maria didn't give us any this week," said Harry.

"She scares me, to be honest," said Hermione while hugging her book a little tighter.

"You're scared of a teacher who didn't give you homework?" asked Ron in disbelief.

"It's not that."

"Still worried she's a vampire?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"Obviously, she can't be a vampire at this point, she loves daylight too much to be a vampire."

Hermione remembers she always finds Professor Maria in the middle courtyard, tending some plants with elves. One time she approaches the professor with her small talk to hide her agenda to spread the S.P.E.W, only to find out that she hated the night, aptly conveyed with an ominous sentence like 'I do fond of the sunlight and flowers, a simple remedy for the horror of the night.'

"And far too beautiful for dark beings…" Hermione added with a mumble, just saying the fact, and she's not mumbling because of jealousy that she caught Ron's attention way too much. Why would she anyway?

"Yeah, she spends too much time in the middle court and for once I don't like the crowd she brought to that place, it jams the hallway," Harry added while recalling all the boys and the girls that start being creepy towards the teacher, do they not know she's a century older than almost everyone here? They should stop looking at her from a distance like that.

"Can you blame her though?" said Ron while looking at the distance with a weird smile on his face.

Hermione then hit Ron on his head with her book, "For crying out loud Ronald, that's your teacher!"

"Blimey, Hermione! Stop hitting my head with that book will ya?"

"It's impossible as long as you keep filling your head with rubbish, I pray that one day I can transfer the knowledge on this book directly to your head by physical contact."


"Because you don't bloody read!"

"I don't want to hear any of that from someone who's scared of the teacher just because she's not a wrinkly old person like the others."

While these two birds kept fighting, Harry felt the scar on his head burning. He rubs it, wishes it will go away soon and tries to keep his focus elsewhere, their fight starts to give him a headache. As he tries to keep his focus busy, he catches sight of his favourite House Elf, Dobby, carrying a bunch of luggage.

Harry then approaches the Elves, "Good Evening, Dobby."

Dobby turned and his eyes immediately lit up, "Ah! It's Harry Potter, Good Evening Sir, Harry Potter Sir!"

Both Ron and Hermione immediately stop fighting and start to look at Dobby together with Harry.

"Whose luggage is that?" Ask Ron.

"Sweet girl has this, sweet granddaughter Professor Maria has!" Dobby answered with a smile.

The trio look at each other surprised, Harry then asks Dobby again, "Is she a transfer or something?"

"No no, she won't get assorted anytime soon, she is no student here. Moved she has, with Professor Maria, in her office, but that's it."

That was weird, but Dobby is right if she didn't get assorted and put in the student's dorm so she is only moving and living with her grandma(?). If she's going to be a student she should be placed in the dorm just like the rest.

"Why is she moving with Professor Maria?" Ask Hermione.

"Dobby knows not, Dobby only helped Professor Maria's grandchildren move from far away."

"Grandchildren, there's more?"

"Six of them! One moved here, the other has stayed in Hogsmeade." Dobby's face stilled for a moment and then started to panic, "There's five more! Oh no, Dobby forgot Dumbledore's most important order! Dobby and Winky need help with dinner at Maria's Manor!"

"Oh, um, sorry, don't let me keep you," said Harry towards the elf who immediately stormed off with the luggage.

The three continue their walk towards the great hall for dinner, but this time they have a little anticipation and curiosity as to who this girl looks like. Harry was hoping Professor Maria and her granddaughter would be present for dinner.

As soon as they enter the great hall, their eyes immediately go towards where the DADA Professor usually sits only to find it vacant for today, not only that, Hagrid's seat also filled- once again, with someone else. There's a visible disappointment in their gesture, but Ron's stomach grumbled like a dragon roar, reminded them how starving they are and decided to just get their food and head back to the dorm to continue with their homework.

Once they're finished with their dinner, they make their way towards Gryffindor's common room. Harry's scar however starts to act up, too strongly this time that he had to stop his step.

The other two noticed him and Ron immediately stood by his side, ready to help him, "You okay, mate?"

"I'm… fine, I just got a little headache- that's all… thanks," answered Harry. Ron held Harry's shoulder and patted him, hoping it would ease the boy-who-lived.

"It's the scar, innit?" asked Ron as he sees Harry keep rubbing his scar.

"We should tell Dumbledore," Hermione suggested but Harry immediately shrugged off and shook his head.

"No no, I'm fine, I just-" Harry then looked at the hall that leads toward the middle courtyard. For a moment, he thought he saw Voldemort, standing just outside the building, but like a fever dream, he was no longer there. Harry was shocked that he had to clean his eyeglasses and pinch the bridge of his nose to make sure he's not seeing things.

"Harry? Let's go to Dumbledore." Hermione asked while trying to grab Harry's hand but Harry immediately pulled his hand away.

"No! I-I mean, he already has a lot to think about, I'm sure he won't want to be bothered by some pesky headache that means nothing."

"But what if it means something?" this time Ron asked with clear concern.

"I just need some fresh air… yeah, so uh, you guys can go ahead, let me take some cold air in the courtyard."

Hermione and Ron are still worried and want to give Harry company but Harry reassures them it won't take long and he will be working their homework together again before they even realise it.

"Alright then… we'll wait in the common room, alright?" said Hermione.

Harry nodded and then the two left Harry. As soon as Hermione and Ron cannot be seen, Harry immediately looks towards the courtyard. He prepares his wand and walks outside. He's not sure what he's doing but that glimpse of the Dark Lord messed up with his mind putting him on the edge that he wishes Voldemort is actually there in the courtyard for petty last laugh to other students.

Each step he takes, he can feel his breath getting heavier, his heart going faster, and his eyes dilated. He could hear some kind of voice, whisper in the wind, he gripped his wand hard. Few more steps, Harry will be in the courtyard and then-


Someone grabbed his hand and pulled him hard to the side of the wall of the hallway, he fell to the ground. Harry tries to take his wand out as fast as he can and hex whoever tries to hurt him, but before he can chant the spell, a soft hand covers his mouth.


In front of him- crouching with him now is a girl with long ash blonde hair that rests on her right shoulder, a pair of pale blue eyes with a tender shape, and a beautiful doll-like face with her finger on her lips asking him to not make a noise.

Harry doesn't know who the girl is, she never sees her before but Harry is certain that she is probably the granddaughter of Professor Maria who Dobby was talking about because she is almost a spitting image of the Professor safe from her eyes.

The girl glanced towards the Courtyard as if waiting for something. Harry follows her gaze to see what she sees, but Harry can't see anything in particular. Why does she hide here and why did she make him hide at the side of the wall as well? Is there anything in the courtyard that he didn't see? Harry wants to ask but the girl still holds his mouth.

Harry then sees Mrs Norris walking from the other end of the hallway, hissing in the courtyard a couple of times, she let out a feral snarl for a brief moment and then went back to normal.

At this moment then the girl finally let Harry go and sigh, relieved of whatever she was burdened with.

"What happens?" Harry asked while he peeks to the courtyard only to see Mrs Norris licking her paw.

"It's not wise to go out tonight," said the girl in a hushed voice.

"What are we hiding from?" Harry asked again, but he got no answer. When Harry gives his attention back to the girl, she already vanishes.

"W-what? Where did she go?"

"Mrreow!" Mrs Norris startled Harry from behind, and wherever Mrs Norris goes, Mr Filch is usually not that far off.

"What are you doing here, Mister Potter?! Go back to your dorm, it's almost eight!" Mr Filch shouted from the other end of the hallway.

"I, I was just with a girl-"

"With a girl, alone in the night? Well, I see no girl, did you fantasize about having a naughty little evening with a girl?"

"But she's here just now!"

"That still no excuse for you wandering around at this hour, come on now, back to the dorm."

Harry holds his breath until he finally sighs with exasperation, he starts to question himself if he is indeed a looney at this point, first people treat him like he's a big fat liar behind his back, now he sees things that people didn't see.

'What a mess' he thought.

Harry was just minding his own business this morning, along with his two other best friends of course who felt obligated to come with him when he said he needed fresh air in the courtyard AGAIN. As of late- his scar has been acting up, a lot more than usual.

"I still think it's best if you talk about your scar with Dumbledore," Hermione tried to negotiate.

"And I still think he has enough things occupying his mind. Honestly, I'm fine. As I said, fresh air ought to do it."

"Yeah, let 'im have the air he needed, we've been stuck indoors for far too long with loads of homework," Ron then has his face lit up with realisation, "Especially you! You've been doing homework AND making that silly hat for house-elves."

"It's for their freedom!"

"I honestly think you should start to think of a solution, Hermione."

"Freedom is their solution!"

"But what really the-"

"Oh for the love of God, stop having a go at each other for five minutes, will you?!" Harry snapped and scratched his head stressfully, "It made my head spin…"

Both Ron and Hermione were shocked when Harry snapped at them like that, it was rare to see Harry this… angry, and it worries them so they decided to humour Harry's request for now.

"Sorry," said Ron.

"It's fine..." Harry told both of them meekly, he honestly feels a little bit guilty for screaming at them but the headache is unbearable.

"Oh, there you are."

The trio turns towards the familiar voice of their Head House from behind. Hermione was immediately nervous when she found her cat held by the hot gossiped Professor as they walked together with Professor McGonagall.

"Crookshanks! Did he do something, professor?"

"Oh no, Miss Granger, he didn't do anything- well, yet, is he supposed to do anything that gives us trouble?" said Professor McGonagall teasingly.

Hermione gulped while glancing at Professor Maria, she's afraid of what she will do to her knowing what she did to Malfoy. She fidgets her finger a little bit, still, her nervousness is quite visible on her face, "If- if he does, I'll make sure to give him a more disciplinary lesson, professor, I promise."

Professor Maria smiled while Professor McGonagall let out a chuckle, "As I was saying, Lady Maria, students in my house are adorable."

"Very sweet indeed, but I thought you were telling how these particular three are troublemakers?"

"It's a bit of both, with the troublemaker scale tipped off the sweetness a little too much for my liking."

Professor Maria glances towards the trio who seem very annoyed for being talked in front of their face, especially Ron with an expression that screams 'can't believe these witches do us like this,' Oh how adorable.

"Well, anyway! Miss Granger, Professor Maria would like to ask for Crookshanks' assistance, so it would be great if you give your consent," said Professor McGonagall while smiling at the girl.

"Assistance for what?" asked Hermione, curious about what they needed from her cat.

"To ward off Faeries. They will be more active so we might need as many cats as we can get," this time Professor Maria.

Ron gives a confused look as he glances towards Harry who seems lost in his thoughts. Cats to ward off Faeries, Harry feels something familiar about it but he's not sure what.

Ron then asks, "Warding off Fairies? Why do we have to shoo our Christmas lights away?"

"These are Faeries, Mr Weasley, not Fairies," Professor McGonagall explained.

"Did you know about the Faeries, Miss Granger? I heard from Professor Snape you are a know-it-all type of student." Professor Maria asked.

For once, Hermione is speechless, and that surprises the other two. Since forever they knew Hermione, as much as they hate Professor Snape's remark towards her, she is indeed an insufferable-knowing-it-all.

"I uh... never heard about the Faeries, Professor…"

Professor Maria showed a slight surprise on her face, "Ah, did you not fancy poems?"

"Is the record of faeries only in that form, Professor?" asked Hermione.

"You'll learn about it in my class tomorrow. As of now, would you like me to pay you for lending Crookshanks?"

"Oh.. um…"

"It's alright, you can ask." Professor McGonagall encourages Hermione.

"150 Galleons a month is enough for you maybe?" Professor Maria offered, which made Harry, Ron, and Hermione's mouths wide agape.

"H-hundred and fifty Galleons? L-like three-digit one, five, and zero?" Hermione stammered, still not sure how she should handle that much money.

"Not enough? How about 170 then?"

"I- I don't think-"

"If you make it 170, you get Pigwidgeon along with Crookshanks as well, Professor, it's a good discount," said Ron, cutting Hermione.

"You can have Hedwig too, so that's three for one with a lot of percents off, Professor, this is an amazing deal if I have to say it myself," Harry added which immediately got his head and Ron's head smacked by Hermione's book.

"O-ouch… sorry," said Harry and Ron in unison.

"I-I'm sorry professor, they love to joke around, hahaha… ha… um, is this a dangerous job for Crookshanks, Professor?"

"Ah, no, Faeries wouldn't dare to go near a cat. All we need from Crookshanks is to patrol in the school," Hermione then let out a relieved sigh, she could rest easy there if not because of what Professor Maria added after that sentence with such a nonchalant smile on her face.

"It's us who are in danger. We might meet a fate worse than death."

Dangerous, truly dangerous Dolores Umbridge thought while anxiously walking back and forth in her office. Once in a while, she will look at the window only to be greeted by the empty night.

Some of her cats on the painted plate keep wailing which only induces her anxiety even more. "Shut it, will you?!"

But before she could do anything about the cats, an owl perched on her window and her eyes immediately lit up. Her long-awaited reply is finally here. She's been trying to request assistance to deal with this nuisance newly appointed Defence Against Dark Arts Professor which has been proved to be a quite prominent obstacle to be rid of.

She already reported on how the Professor seems to be able to see their plan of sabotaging that particular horrifying subject from day one, and Umbridge wishes for more information of the noble if she wishes to have advantages because that doll-looking lady already made her movement stricter.

But truly inconceivable, she thought when reading the letter she just received. She already gives every detail in the report. She already states the characteristic which is an ashen blonde woman who appears in her early 20, have a connection with Albus Dumbledore somehow, and her name is Maria, that's all there is to it but for some reason- people in the Ministry fail to find any information about her.

From what she gets so far, there are only three people with the name Maria that ever had contact with Albus Dumbledore, one is a simple barmaid in Diagon Alley, one is a squib in Wales, and one is a dead woman in Godric's Hollow who died in 1899 and of all three- the corpse from almost a century ago is the only one that somewhat matches her description and that's absolutely ridiculous!

How come of all the women with the name Maria, her best result is a dead end as if this woman suddenly raised from the dead?!

This cannot continue, so Umbridge sends another report with a little bit of spice, wishing that by clever wording- the Ministry of Magic would give more support to Mister Fudge in which by extension would give her the much-needed assistance.

For now, however, Umbridge will have to find a hole in Dumbledore's defence, find a way to gain a higher rank than a simple Overseer. The role is truly not ideal especially when your mission is to halt the students from learning.

Everyone sat anxiously at their respective tables. After such a frightening detention method on display last week, none of the students ever wish to challenge the professor- and she said Draco was at mercy with that punishment, safe to say none want to find out what's beyond that mercy.

"We didn't get any homework in this class right?" asks Dean.

"Na, we didn't," said Ron, "Professor gave us a foretaste for today's subject though, I'm not looking forward to it."

"So we're done with Protective Charm?" Seamus asks with curiosity, leaning towards Ron from his own table along with Dean and Nevile.

"I doubt it." This time Harry chimes in, "It's going to take a lot more than two meetings to learn a proper Protego unless you want to end up like Malfoy."

Six of them then glance towards Malfoy who sits in the middle of Crabbe and Goyle. Malfoy could feel 12 eyes and find Gryffindor's wagon staring at him.

"What are you lot looking at?!" Malfoy toughens up.

"Nothing," said Ron with a hint of pity on his face, "Just thinking about going to the toilet."

Malfoy is livid, he hates being mocked, that's his thing! Not theirs! But he can't just go over to their table and pick a fight, not when there's six of them looking at him funny, especially a Weasley of all people, "Shut up, Weasley!"

"And so do you, Mister Malfoy, I would rather not give you another detention for misbehaviour," Professor Maria suddenly made her appearance as the door opened.

Everyone was immediately silent.

"Good afternoon, everyone," Professor Maria greeted.

"Good afternoon, Professor," said everyone in unison.

Professor Maria then walks towards her desk, everyone sees her hugging a lot of books which Hermione thought would be about the Faeries she told her about. Once she puts the books on her desk, she takes her seat and puts her hat away. This time, there's no overwhelmingly warm smile on her face, as she seems a little bit disappointed about something.

"There's a chance that today we won't continue our Shield Charm practice because of unexpected circumstances…"

Then there are immediate whispers among students like discussing and asking what those circumstances would be? There's a lot of hushed chatter thrown around. Usually, teachers would love to shut them the hell up, so Hermione was expecting her to do that, only to be confused that Professor Maria actually let them have this moment to whisper with each other.

'That's new' she thought as she kept looking at the Professor who was busy writing something.

Once the whispers died down, Professor Maria put her quill away and stood up, "Anyone wants to share their odd experience with their cats last night?"

That surprised some of the students but mostly confused why she asked that, was that supposed to be sarcasm because they've been whispering among them? Except for Harry, Ron, and Hermione know why she asks specifically for cats. Hermione, unfortunately, cannot say anything because she didn't really pay attention to her half-kneazle pet as her mind is too focused on finishing homework.

One student however raises her hand.

"Millicent Bulstrode?" ask Professor Maria, and Millicent nodded in confirmation.

"My cat kept hissing on the window last night, I try to keep her asleep on the bed with me like usual but she refuses and insisted to sleep on the window all night long, even though she keeps falling every hour or so only to move on different windows and repeating it all over again."

"The whole night?" asks Professor Maria in surprise.

"Yes, Professor."

Professor Maria walks towards Millicent which makes Malfoy and his cronies on edge since they sit a bit closely- Malfoy also seems to develop trauma towards the tall Professor.

Professor Maria takes Millicent's hand which made her cheek roses and was then surprised when she felt a large gold coin on her hand, "Don't tell Severus, but please give your cat some treat with that."

On Millicent's hand now holding 20 galleons that surprise other students, mostly fellow Slytherin. Professor Maria then walks back to her desk which again makes Malfoy at the edge as she passes him.

"Be at ease, Mister Malfoy, you are in no trouble as long as you behave," said Professor Maria while smiling at the pale blonde boy. "That applies to everyone, but enough of that, let us return to the cat."

"That odd behaviour is Miss Bulstrode's cat trying her hardest to keep you from harm," said Professor Maria while glancing towards Hermione, "Can you tell them from what harm, Miss Granger?"

"From Faeries, mam."

The Professor nodded in confirmation, some students whispered among themself again but died down immediately.

"There are not many of their records which incidentally helped us narrow the materials we need to learn, and today we will learn Faeries, what they are and what danger they possess, how to avoid them and how to differentiate between the good and the bad."

Professor Maria then takes one of the piled books on her desk and shows the front cover to all the students. Students then anticipated the professor to explain the book but instead, Professor Maria just opened her mouth for a brief moment and then closed it again.

She let out a small sigh and then snapped her fingers.

The classroom's door now opens, revealing Miss Umbridge who was about to knock on the door. She was surprised when the door opened only to be met with the stares of the students. Miss Umbridge regained her composure and greeted everyone.

"Oh, Good afternoon everyone."

"Good afternoon," The students replied

Harry could see the Umbridge woman frowned for some reason.

"Don't you think it's a bit rude to just say Good afternoon to your superior?" she added.

Everyone immediately groaned although internally, they probably still have to comply anyway, she always brought that Ministry thing like a spoiled brat.

"Should I expect this lack of manners from the Ministry's representative, Miss Umbridge? Being late and demanding something unnecessary?."

Some students try to contain their snickers really hard, but of course, it's a difficult task when their Professor just fired a shot at that pink lady right on the money.

"I-I beg your pardon?" Umbridge stammered in disbelief, "I'm sorry but it occurs to me as if you were going against me, which by extension the Mi-"

"Grab a seat if you want to attend this class and fulfil your role properly or I regretfully have to take action on your improper action, because it occurs to me that you're holding our classes in which I believe misaligned with the student's parents and guardians wishes."

Professor Maria then waves her hand and a chair appears out of thin air near Miss Umbridge. Professor Maria only stares with an expectant look while the lady in a pink Cardigan is visibly fuming. Her face was red and her lips were opening and closing, trying to come up with something to refute the Professor- but failed to do so.

"Try not to drag the Minister's good name down with you, Miss Overseer."

This time, Harry feels so satisfied and happy that the lady who tries to jail him for a small accident got what she deserves. He puts his face away, lest anyone notices his horrible attempt to contain his laugh- which conveniently has Ron on the same boat with him.

Umbridge, who wishes to find a weakness to exploit, has no other choice than to oblige- finally takes a seat and clears her throat.

"Much obliged, let's return to where we left." Professor smiled and the students then gave their attention back to the professor.

Professor Maria then waved her hand again and the pile of books floated from her desk and dropped one on each student's desk. Harry looks at the book, the cover looks old and expensive with all the embroidery on the side and drawings of glowing people peeking from the forest. It gives mystical feelings, it's like having one of those monster books except this is much more elegant and more friendly. Harry then read the cover of the book and it says-

"The Immortal Hour by Fiona Macleod… " Said Professor Maria with her pearly white smile, "I hope everyone fancy poems, we will be reading lots of them today,"

In the Land of Youth

There are pleasant places.

Green meadows, woods,

Swift grey-blue waters.

There is no age there,

Nor any sorrow.

As the stars in heaven

Are the cattle in the valleys.

Great rivers wander

Through flowery plains,

Streams of milk, of mead,

Streams of strong ale.

There is no hunger

And no thirst

In the Hollow Land,

In the Land of Youth.

How beautiful they are,

The lordly ones

Who dwell in the hills,

In the hollow hills.

They play with lances

And are proud and terrible,

Marching in the moonlight

With fierce blue eyes.

They love and are loved,

There is no sin there.

But slaying without death,

And loving without shame.

Every day a bird sings.

It is the Desire of the Heart.

What the bird sings,

That is it that one has.

"Are they alive? Are they dead? Fae folk are neither, invisible to the naked eyes but they are born all the same. Every Faery is born along with two special trinkets, the ring of life, and the ring of time."

Professor Maria explained while walking around the classes, noting some students who take notes, and some who were too engrossed with her.

"A faery needs a ring of time so it can move with time, and a faery needs a ring of life so it could grow with life. Without those rings, it is simply trapped for they are not alive nor are they dead. they cannot move forward and will fade unceremoniously in the stillness of time…"

Professor Maria lets out a small chuckle when she sees Miss Granger taking notes so passionately, happy that at least one student truly loves to study.

"Has anyone here familiar with the concept of Predestination?"

All the students looked at each other confused, even Hermione stopped taking notes. Little did they know that Professor Trelawney actually mentioned Predestination but none paid attention in her class, so the subject flew right over students' heads.

"It's a common concept in religions, to put it simply it's a fate that every living being is already set on even before they are born by God or higher power that is beyond human comprehension."

Professor Maria then walks to the front of the class and writes the words 'Fate' and 'Destiny' on the chalkboard, "For clarity and simplicity, I will borrow the term Fate and Destiny. Two types of Predestination that bestowed on every living being."

"Destiny which can be changed or simply affected by anyone's choices. For example, Ravenclaw is destined to win this year's Quidditch cup but the key player for this destiny to occur simply refuses to play their role then the destiny will change and Ravenclaw will lose the Quidditch cup.

"Fate on the other hand is absolute. For example, your age, your life span, are already decided even before you are born, so no matter how hard you try to avoid death, your effort will be futile. Or perhaps you try to invite death, but if it's not your time then you simply won't meet your much-desired end.

"Most Oracle strives to gain insight by acquiring a way to see this Fate. Some call it Void, some call it Root, some call it Qadar, some call it Akashic Record, and they all would be correct."

Some students start to murmur among themself, unsure of what Professor Maria is going with this religious stuff. Professor Maria starts to walk around the classes once again.

"Some of you might be wondering 'why does Professor bring this up? Does it have anything to do with Faery or is it merely an overly elaborate tangent?"

And the murmur immediately died down when the Professor seemed to read their mind.

"Well to answer your rhetorical question- whether you wish for it or not, is the former. This is one main reason why Faeries is dangerous."

Professor Maria waved her hand towards the chalkboard and the word Fate on it is circled with bold lines.

"Faeries is one of three beings that I've known able to meddle with this."

Professor Maria scanned the whole class and was surprised when she met a confused look plastered on all of her students. She was expecting at least two or three to catch it especially after reading the poem but it seems like she needs further explanation- which is conveniently asked by the bushy-haired girl in the class.

"Um… what do you mean, Professor?" asked Hermione, "in what way Faeries can meddle with fate?"

"It was aptly described in the poem- 'They slaying without death' that is the key sentence. They could steal your fate."

There's gasp among students which turn into whispers, some could catch someone breathing 'that's bonkers!' but Professor Maria did not scold or warn them, letting the fact sink in among her students.

"With the ring of life and the ring of time, Faeries can manipulate other living beings life span. Fortunately, they could only steal the life of any lesser creatures with their rings like rats, snakes, flowers, things that don't really have senses."

Professor Maria stopped her track when she reached the front of her class once more, and when she turned, one student raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss Granger?"

"Can wizards and witches use the rings of faeries?"

"Good question, Faeries rings does not answer other than Fae folks itself. There is an attempt, all with the obvious results."

"Then, if the rings can only be used by Faeries, and Faeries can only harm lesser creatures… what makes them dangerous to us humans and other humanoid-like beings?"

Professor Maria smiled, "Splendid question because that's when the third article comes in, Miss Granger."

The noble lady walked towards her desk and held the book rather eagerly- "Give another attention to Midir's song, tell me what instrument does he mention the lordly one carrying?"

"Um… lance?" said Ron unsure.

"Precisely, Mister Weasley," The Professor smiled towards Ron that rendered the ginger lad bloom in red immediately- blushed that he managed to make the Professor seem happy by his cunning ingenuity!

Harry rolled his eyes seeing his best friend's antics, feeling overly proud because he managed to answer a simple question.

"The word lances here is referring to this." Professor Maria snaps her fingers and in a blink of an eye, a golden sceptre with an overly decorated shaft materialized out of thin air and rested in her grasp. "This is the Faeries golden wand."

All the students- even Malfoy then let out an awe noise towards the gleaming golden wand. Surprisingly even Umbridge seems to be surprised by the appearance of the article.

"This wand is man-made, invented in Rohn Academy who diligently studies the Fae-folks. Some Faeries possess this wand which enables them to steal human's fate"

Umbridge feels like this is her long-awaited moment, the much-needed weakness that she could exploit as the Golden Wand of Faeries is a banned item and by law- its possession is considered an imprisonable offence after the tragedy that happened in the fabled city of Rohn.

This is it! This is where she strikes, "Excuse me, Lady Maria, why did you possess such a highly restricted item?"

"What do you mean? This is not a real golden wand."





There was a pause, Professor Maria tilted her head confused while Miss Umbridge lost for words.

"W- I- but then how did you…?" Miss Umbridge stammered while switching her attention between the Professor and the fake Golden Wand.

"Were you not familiar with the conjuration spell? I merely conjured a convincing-looking Golden Wand for the presentation- just like your chair."

Miss Umbridge truly needs to eat her heart out, she underestimates the ability of the Professor in front of her. To be able to conjure a convincing-looking golden wand with only a snap of her fingers and even using non-verbal incantation is something beyond a true talent- and Umbridge never put that into the equation because she sells this dangerous lady way too short, and now it cost her bacon.

"O-oh that's a truly magnificent replica, astounding! Even fooled me," said Umbridge trying to salvage her dignity.

"Ah, Thank you for the kind word."

Hermione then raises her hand and Professor Maria gives her a nod, granting permission to ask.

"What happens to humans that have their fate stolen by the Faeries, Professor?"

"Ah, wonderful question, that will be your homework for this week." As soon as Professor Maria said that, the bell rang notifying the school to end. Such impeccable timing, everyone thought.

The Professor takes out yet another book and then shares it with students. Harry looks at the new book, it has a rather plain white cover with floral embroidery at the side, plastered on lovely binding. He then read the cover of the book which says:

"Faery Utility - Nicolas Flammel"

Hermione then beamed when she saw the name embedded on the cover, "Is this the same Nicolas Flammel, the alchemist who created the Philosopher's Stone?!"

Professor Maria looks at Hermione who seems excited at the mention of the name and smiles, "Looks like Mister Flammel has an admirer."

Hermione then immediately shut her mouth, turning her head down meekly- embarrassed for her uncontrollable outburst. She was just glad that she found a new book that she had never read from Nicolas Flammel because so far, all his books have been very interesting for the muggle-born witch.

"Feel free to use this book as a reference to finishing your homework, here's a hint for your homework- Mister Flammel once told me this interesting phrase when we were talking about the Faeries…"

There's a pause as Professor Maria scanned the classroom to make sure everyone paid their attention properly. Harry was expecting the Professor to simply outright say what the hint is but was surprised when she ended up giving a riddle in French.

"'Déraciné des vivants'… Don't bother searching for this quote in the book, class dismissed."

The celestial body is up high in the sky, illuminating the giant castle of the biggest wizarding school in Britain. The cold light appears to be the only source of light left for all the rooms in the school as the time passes the curfew, all but one. A dim light of a lone candle lightens up a small part of a big room, on the top of a well-carved wooden round table surrounded by the finest looking wooden chairs. Among those chairs, one is occupied by Lady Maria, her elbow resting on the table, holding her head while the other holding the golden wand.

It's less of a wand and more like a sceptre really, with the shape that reminds the Lady of Cainhurst of that Caduceus- or the staff of Hermes as the norm knows it. Shiny gold gleamed from the candlelight and Lady Maria just looked at it, deep in her thought. Pondering as if she's not sure of what to make with that wand.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," said Lady Maria.

The door opens, revealing the headmaster of Hogwarts in his usual wear and also his usual swaying white beard. "I saw the light so I thought I might visit my new Professor for a little chat."

"I won't give you any more raspberry jam, little bee."

"You know I'm a century old."

They both let out a small laugh. Dumbledore decided to claim the seat next to Lady Maria, his eyes however were caught with the golden gleam in her hand. "Is that what I think it is…?"

Lady Maria nodded.

"Where did you get it?"

Lady Maria then smiled at Albus but then she averted her eyes back to the golden wand. There's a hint of longing in her eyes as it reflects the light from the candle all too well. Dumbledore is ready to comfort the Lady when he notices her wet eyes, but it is gone as quick as it appears.

"Do you still remember the little orphanage at the Rob Forest side? Your mother used to bring you when you were little… Do you remember it, Albus?" asked Lady Maria as her eyes still focused on the golden wand.

"I'm not sure if you can call it small… But I remember your estate, it was full of children running about and playing on the big tree behind it. I remember staying there with Abe, helping you cook with other children while you were busy taking care of baby Ariana. It was a fond memory," said Dumbledore as he let out a hearty chuckle.

"I'm glad it was a fond memory for you," said Lady Maria, glancing at Dumbledore with some sort of relief on her face. "Nicholas gave me this."

"Nicholas? The little squib Nicholas that always clings to your skirt?"

"Ah, you do remember him…" Lady Maria said, surprised and also delighted.

"I remember him since he's the one that keeps asking me to retell the story of magical creatures," Dumbledore then glanced at the golden wand and then back to Lady Maria, "I assume the Faery one leave a deep impression on him?"

"Without a doubt. I suppose I'm partially to blame for the tragedy..." said Lady Maria.

Dumbledore squinted his eyes, curious of the Lady of Cainhurst involvement towards the city of Rohn. Lady Maria let out a tired expression when she mentions the word tragedy so for now, Dumbledore decides to hold his question for another time. He however is still curious about another thing that he wishes to get answered.

"This Golden Wand… what is it for?"

Lady Maria then put her stern expression immediately, looking at the wand one last time and then moved her icy silver eyes towards the Headmaster.

"A war is coming... And this- my dear Albus, is the first step of the bargain."

Before we jump into it, for anyone unfamiliar with Déraciné, it's a PSVR title from FromSoftware and directed by yours truly Hidetaka Miyazaki. (just in case).

The reason why I retconned the prologue is because Axccel made a tremendously good point… and I have a confession to make:

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"What the f- Prima?! How do you even make this story then?!"

Well, that's the thing, I'm such a big simp of Lady Maria that despite having PS4 or PS5 and playing Bloodborne sound like what I can only describe as "Distant Dreams"- I would go as far as watching the Bloodborne Lore Run video from Maximillian_DOOD channel which has 7 parts videos, 5 of it video is 6 hours long each, one is 8 hours long, and the last one is 10 hours long after I realised "VaatiVidya's video ain't gonna cut it."

And also, I bought all seven books of Harry Potter (Another confession that I have to make, J.K Rowling world-building is a bloody nightmare to deal with, I salute every author who manages to sort them out, mad respect!)

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