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*Edward's Point of View*

Most nights, the burning in my chest meant two simple things: I craved to fuck, but also to drain sweet, innocent Isabella, whose thoughts were seemingly under lock and key. It was never one or the other — perhaps except when I was listening to the delicate sounds of her orgasms right before she fell asleep. Those were the times when the first craving put the other one to shame. And what was I to do? With her long mahogany locks — begging to be pulled, her round insolent ass — almost asking to be spanked, her pouty asymmetric lips — perfectly sculpted to fit around my cock, I had never stood a chance, not even when I was still denying my needs.

Not only once had I ached to know what it was that got her so riled up, so quickly. I noticed her mood had started the night some stray cats knocked over a bin. She happened to open her window to check just seconds after I had opened my own, to let some of the night breeze get inside. And that was when it hit me for the first time: the warm June air carried her scent to me instantly, breaking all of my barriers with its potency. It was so thick and syrupy that I could almost taste it on my tongue, despite the distance. I stood there frozen for the longest moment, debating whether I should jump out and go over to her bedroom, to seal her fate and sate my hunger, or remain there and wait for my next hunting trip.

But then her cheeks got inundated with more blood, a delicious flush painting her face as she stared through the darkness, and I understood that there was no simple resolve to my dilemma. I moved away from the window, in a bid to gain back control of my reason. Not even three minutes after this most peculiar encounter, I heard her: a soft sigh at first. Then a gasp full of unspoken longing. Then the almost imperceptible sound of her fingers rubbing against something wet. Then the moans. Again and again and again. Until she sighed once more and fell into a deep sleep. I stood in the middle of the room, transfixed, slowly realizing the fact that my cock was now rock-hard, standing at attention. I refused to do anything about it — after all, she was nothing but a little insignificant mortal, not worth my attention. If I truly wanted to get my rocks off, there was always Tanya — although I hadn't called her in almost a decade, so that was probably not the wisest idea.

The next day, I went out hunting downtown, so I had no idea what happened in my absence. But two nights later, the girl looked out the window and our eyes met once again, way after midnight, and history repeated itself. I got another chance to listen to her little erotic spectacle just minutes after she disappeared from the window. I fought the instinct to get myself off with all I had, trying to remind myself that she was nothing more than an annoyingly delicious human, who liked to stare out the window at night. But by the time the sun rose, I had already imagined a hundred different scenarios in which I could have possessed her. All perverse, most ending with her barren of any blood.

And all making me come in thick torrents of venom all over the glass walls of the shower.

I had never intended to stay more than two weeks here, yet that second night sealed my fate nonetheless. The girl — Bella, as I had learned while catching glimpses of her conversations with her housemate — seemed to only leave her house to attend her classes at Peninsula College, to visit the nearby library or to do some groceries. There was no in-between, according to my observations. And by God, I would have found some reason to insinuate myself into her uneventful life by now, but I liked to believe I still had some common sense left — enough not to make such an idiotic mistake.

The day she came to my door had been a surprise. Saturday, at noon, right when the damned sun was shining above in all its glory. I ignored the knocking, thankful for the fact that I had a good enough excuse to keep myself away from her. But her narcotic scent lingered in the air long after she gave up and went back home, making my throat erupt with pain. I went out hunting as soon as I got the chance. But then the next day… Bella knocked again. This time at evening time.

And as soon as I had my contacts on, I answered — just to set things straight with her, of course. But seeing her up-close made things harder on all fronts. On one hand, there was the delicious scent emanating from her pores in thick waves, making her perfectly edible. On the other, the way her tight camisole stuck to her demure curves made her look so ridiculously fuckable, that my cock immediately stood up, begging for immediate attention.

I figured rudeness was my best bet to keep the girl away from the imminent threat of who I was — because I would bite, no questions asked, if I had a proper chance. With her thoughts revealing nothing, I had no idea if my plan had worked. All I knew was that when I closed the door, her cheeks were painted with the most delicious red hue I had ever seen. That night, she went to sleep without succumbing to her nightly ritual. I heard her fumbling around the bed until the early hours of morning — and then, for whatever reason, she calmed down enough to sleep properly.

That should have been my cue to leave and never return to this little corner of the world until at least half a century had passed. But my curiosity kept me captive further, beyond my control. When I told Arlene, my host, that I would be extending my stay for another week, she didn't seem to mind. Throughout that week, I had expected Bella to at least tell her roommate about what happened when she was gone. Instead, she didn't even mention me. Furthermore, she kept the curtains closed, never peeking out the window again. And even more peculiar — she seemed to have left her nighttime activities completely behind. I didn't realize how much I craved to hear her soft moans until the nights became unnervingly quiet.

By the time the weekend rolled in, I was convinced that she had decided to forget me. It wasn't surprising — humans could only keep themselves focused on something or someone for so long. Besides, if she had any dignity, she had no reason to even glance my way after the way I had behaved.

When I went out Saturday night to hunt, the last thing I had expected was to have both of these convictions shattered to the ground.

At first, I thought I was hallucinating — it seemed like the more reasonable option when I heard footsteps, but no thoughts, coming from three hundred feet behind me. I didn't have to turn around to see who that was; the wind carrying the hypnotizing scent my way was enough. But what was she doing? Going out? She never went out at such hours, if her schedule was anything to go by. Unless… she was meeting with someone.

I was both fascinated and worried — Port Angeles wasn't always the friendliest place for a young woman walking alone at night. I almost wanted to turn around and offer to accompany her to whatever place she was heading towards, but that might have been a little too conspicuous. Instead, I kept walking in a straight line, only turning left or right when the road bifurcated. I was hoping Bella's path would, at some point, diverge from mine — that way, I could turn around and follow her, just to make sure she would be safe. But her path never wavered.

When I turned left, she turned left. When I turned right, she turned right. When I slowed down, she slowed down. When I stopped to fake-check my watch, she stopped. And just like that, it dawned on me: the little vixen was following me. Intrigued, I decided to play along.

Another half an hour of walking and turning, just to see what she would do next, led me nowhere. Wondering just how far she would go in her quest, I turned right between two residential buildings, squeezing myself in the narrow space between them and waiting. And whoever said that good things come to those who wait was right, because mere minutes later, Bella stopped, squinting her eyes at the darkness of the passageway. I felt venom flooding my mouth as soon as her fragrance made its presence known in the air, but I swallowed it immediately, so that I could speak properly. Maybe this would teach her a lesson about walking alone at night.

"Did you get lost, Isabella?"

She jumped up and gasped, almost as if she was not expecting my voice to come from the darkness. I stepped ahead, so that the light of the street lamps could reach my face. Instead of recoiling at the sight of my dark eyes — the reaction any sane human was supposed to have — her eyes widened, seemingly forgetting that she was supposed to say something in return.

"You're following me," I said, leaving no room for contradiction.

The way she bit her lip awoke my other thirst in an instant. It didn't help that her shirt was just thin enough to allow the black lace of her bra to peek through. Fuck, no. I was not getting hard just from seeing the damned fabric of a bra. I was better than this.

But then again, maybe I wasn't, since the zipper of my jeans felt ready to explode.

"I was," she admitted.

"Not the smartest idea, don't you think?"

As I waited for an answer, I couldn't help but notice how erratic her pulse was — even more so than the day when we first talked. Along with her dilated pupils, it didn't take me long to recognize the sentiment behind her actions: arousal. I had seen it before in women, both human and vampire. And while Tanya had been the only one to have that arousal quenched by me, back when we were still traveling together, this felt different. There was something more, something I could not exactly pinpoint, in Bella's excitement, that made it feel more genuine.

"I was wondering what your deal is," she offered.

I raised one eyebrow in suspicion.

"My deal?"

"Yes, you always go out at night. But only once a week."

Oh. Not what I expected. Damn her unreachable mind.

"Why so curious?" I asked.

She shrugged, looking away right when her blush started coming in.

"You've followed me all the way here and now you don't want to talk?"

"Maybe it was a bad idea."

She stepped back, but she didn't really seem ready to leave just yet. Maybe I could take advantage of her indecisiveness, if only a little. And maybe… I could keep that blush, if I said the right things. I reached out to grab her wrist, pulling her a step closer to me. Flames washed upon me, scorching and merciless. Goddamn, I wanted her in so many ways...

"I thought you got the cue when you knocked on my door," I said. "But it seems that you're stubborn."

"I just thought… with you looking out your window... at me... several nights in a row..."

"You give me the impression that you're either bored out of your mind or an adrenaline junkie."

I was only half-joking — and also praying for her to be the latter.

"It's not exactly the adrenaline that I'm looking for…" she murmured.

Going by the way the scent of arousal seemed to compete with the transfixing essence of her blood, it was no surprise. I felt as if I was minutes away from doing something terribly reckless — such as pinning her against the wall, fucking her in the darkness and draining her dry. In that exact order.

"Hmmm, I don't think it is adrenaline either," I smiled, dragging her between the buildings, so that we could stand face to face. "Let's see… are you scared right now?"

"No," she let out with a shaky voice, leaning against the concrete wall behind her.

"Then alarmed?"


"A little terrified?" I pushed.


"Surely you're at least agitated."

"No," she insisted.





Her eyes widened when she realized what she had just said, and I smiled. Things were taking a rather pleasant turn, but I felt a little bad for playing with what could be the easiest prey ever. I was not being fair.

Inhaling the delirious smell of her — blood and wetness and warmth — I decided I could not care about the blacks and whites of my moral compass. Tonight, I wanted my world to be fully grey. With that in mind, I allowed my hands to rest on her waist as I came closer, until our bodies were pressed together. I was aware she could now feel my erection pressing against her belly, but I could not be bothered — she deserved to know what she was doing to me.

"Yes, I watch you every night," I said, feeling liberated just from uttering these words out loud. "Just like you watch me."


"Because you incite me. I look at you… and the only thing that goes through my mind is how to possess you."

The tremor of her breath paired fantastically with her other body responses: the blood inundating her pulse points, the parted lips, the rapid heartbeat. I ground myself against her, craving to discover just how wet she was underneath the layers of clothing. Craving to see if she tasted as alluring as she smelled.

"H-here?" she managed.

"Here. In your room. In my room. I could fuck you in a variety of places, if given the chance."

Her little surprised gasp made me grow harder against her body and the only thing stopping me were the thoughts of a group of party-goers coming from a few feet away. Well, that and the fact that the situation was getting out of hand quicker than a freight train.

"But you're not the type, are you?" I continued, channeling my attention on her face — away from those tempting curves, away from that delicious neck.

"What do you mean?"

"The type who would agree to go to a stranger's place… just like that."

"Tell me your name then."

I couldn't help but laugh — as if knowing my name would have changed anything. But it was only fair to share it. After all, I knew hers.

"My name is Edward Masen," I said, going higher up with my hands, dangerously close to her breasts. I felt her heartbeat picking up right under my palm.

"A pleasure to meet you, Edward."

"Oh, it will be," I smiled.

Her fingers slipped through the small space between two buttons, underneath my shirt, hot like wildfire against my skin. The sensation made my head spin, for a second almost forgetting that she was supposed to at least shiver a little from the temperature difference. But she didn't.

"What will you do to me?"

"Hmmm, I haven't decided yet," I replied.

The two possibilities were equally desirable. Fuck her and drink her to her last breath, no strings attached to the deal. Or fuck her, let her sleep, and fuck her some more the morning after.

"Why not?" she whispered, right as I allowed one hand to roam higher, brushing slightly against the inviting flesh of her breast, until it reached her neck. The way her blood danced right under my palm… so easy to reach...

"Because I might hurt you... and I'm not sure that's something you'd like."

That should have been enough to make her understand that it was perhaps best to leave. Instead, she moaned softly right when my hand clamped around her neck, and the scent of her arousal almost overpowered the sap in her veins.

"Take me to your place," she decided.

Blessed be her human innocence. I cupped her face in my palm, dying to know how her brain heard the words 'I might hurt you' and made such a perilous decision.

"What exactly do you think is going to happen when we go back to my place?"

"Uhm… well…" — her voice was shaky as she spoke — "you said you would fuck me... but that you also may hurt me."


"Then I'm guessing… you're into… you know... bondage... or sadistic stuff. Or both?"

My hand froze in place on her cheek.

"Bondage?" I repeated, quite bewildered at her assumption. It wasn't that I hadn't tried such things before — it was inevitable when you lived for over a century — it was just that she looked… too soft for any of those things. But the idea started driving my imagination crazy before I could even do something about it. Bella tied up... at my mercy... not a chance in sight to move. Goddamn, the things I could do then. What would stop me from ruining her neck if she couldn't even protest? My mouth flooded with venom at the thought.

No, focus. I could control myself. Even if she smelled like all my dreams and nightmares coming true at once.

"Isn't that what you meant?"

"It is," I smiled, new possibilities unraveling in my mind. There was a roll of duct tape in the living room. And cords on the bathrobes Arlene had given me. And the belt of my jeans could use an improvement in the way it was being used. And God only knew what could follow after. "Bondage and sadistic stuff is exactly what I meant."

Her breath hitched as my hand moved to the nape of her neck, squeezing the fragile flesh carefully. She closed her eyes when I leaned in, inhaling everything that she had to offer.

"I've never done something like this before," she whispered.

"There's a start for everything."

I watched her lips quiver as I got closer. If Heaven and Hell existed, we were about to have a taste of both. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil had never been as reachable as it was now. I had no idea why Eve had chosen to fall prey, but I could understand perfectly why the Devil had chosen to lure her specifically.

And just like that, our mouths met. Gently. Fire on ice. Then fiercer, when the heat burned through the cold, reducing it to nothingness.

Bella gasped, her mouth opening under the contact and her tongue finding mine, in an irresistible attempt to deepen the connection. I groaned and pulled her closer out of instinct, momentarily forgetting about my other thirst. She was so soft and warm and ready to be taken and I couldn't comprehend how I had lived so long without this. As I tried to find an answer, I felt her hands in my hair, pulling and tugging with rapacity. Carefully, I took each wrist in my hands and pulled them behind her back. We might as well start the games early.

Feeling the lack of resistance reminded me just how facile it would be to feed from her, right here. Maybe there were ways around my hunger.

"I want you to choose your safeword," I murmured, convinced that this was one of those ways. "Now."

It took her a few seconds of stuttering, but in the end she managed to get it out:


I pulled back, raising an eyebrow at her little tongue-in-cheek reference. The blush invading her cheeks was more than pleasant to observe. Mouth-watering to the extreme, if I had to be honest. I planned to be the cause behind it several times tonight.

"Sugar it is," I agreed. "Say it if it gets too much."

She nodded enthusiastically — but deep down, I prayed to never hear that damned word.

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