After unceremoniously stuffing Raymond in the back seat with Delphini, Gellert Grindelwald climbed into the front seat with the three mice children perched upon his shoulders.

"Now you better not explode all over this man's hair," Mommy Mouse warned, waving a finger at her explosive offspring.

"Oh, it's quite alright, ma'am," Grindelwald said, a smirk creasing the corners of his mouth. "I'm no stranger to having certain materials expelled onto the back of my head."

Together they sped off through the night, with Delphini wondering where the flying toasters had gone. When they reached the Moon Bubble Apartments, Delphini was the first to hop out of the vehicle, followed shortly by a cloud of cheese ball dust exploding from the car as soon as she opened the door.

"Merlin dammit!" she exclaimed, coughing and fanning the air in front of her face. "That's the last time I ride with Mighty Mouse the Cheesy Poof over here."

"Sorry," the tiny mouse apologized, his face blushing.

In his hurry to escape the shower of dust and streamers, Raymond tumbled out of the vehicle and onto he ground, landing on his backside despite everyone thinking that cats always land on their feet. He looked up at a glowing neon sign outside of the apartment complex.

"This is Moon Bubble Apartments?" he said, sounding rather puzzled. "It doesn't look like any apartment I ever saw."

"It's a fucking crack house," Delphini stated, as though it were painfully obvious what they were walking into. "This isn't even an apartment, it's a motel. This is like, a shifty gross place where you take a moon hooker."

"No, I didn't mean it like that." Raymond shook his head. Although he couldn't help wondering if there were some masculine space kitties here. "I was talking about the overall design, the dome ceiling and purple coloring. It's not like anything we have on Earth."

"Whatever." Delphini grabbed him by the back of his cute little dress and hauled him onto his feet. "Come on, man. Let's go see if we can find señor bullpucky."

The family of mice waited outside in the car while Delphini, Grindelwald and Raymond went inside. And since Grindelwald had enough sense not to let Delphini run her mouth and get them thrown out of the building, he sidestepped the foul mouthed witch and approached the two headed alien at the reception desk.

"Excuse me, we're looking for a friend of ours," he said, using his most polite tone. "He's a grey mammalian creature with crimson eyes. I believe he goes by the name Rodeo. Is there any chance he might have taken up residence in your facility?"

"Why yes, I believe he left a message with us before going to his room," said the two-headed alien, both heads speaking in unison. They opened a drawer, searching through its contents for information regarding the wayward bull. "Right, here we are." The alien took out a notebook, flipping through the pages before she began reading aloud. "Your friend is on the fourth floor, apartment B. He said all you have to do is knock and he'll be with you as soon as possible."

Delphini groaned, her eyes rolling towards the ceiling. "Oh Merlin, I can't deal with these Barra fucking cow people on the moon. Can't we just leave already?"

"Thank you," said Grindelwald, already hurrying Delphini along. "You have been most helpful, and we certainly appreciate your assistance."

When they finally made it to Rodeo's apartment, the bull had already made himself at home and was relaxing on the sofa watching television. He looked up when he heard a knock on his door, pausing his show and sliding off the sofa.

"Oof." The bull stretched and rubbed his back, then brushed the potato chip crumbs off his clothes. "That must be my friends," he said, a wide grin stretching from ear to ear. "I didn't think they'd get here so quickly. Not with the way they were partying at the diner."

The door opened, and Rodeo's smiling face appeared in the doorway. "Hey guys, how in the world are you?"

"Well first of all - " Delphini began, getting cut off in midsentence by Grindelwald.

"All things considered, we're doing quite well actually. However, I think it's time we were returning to our place of origin." Grindelwald raised a silvery eyebrow, tilting his head and giving him an expectant look. "You have the keys to the interplanetary travel device, I assume."

"Yes, I have them," Rodeo said, glancing off to the side before looking back at them. "But I don't have enough fuel to take us home. I was going to get more, but I didn't have the chance to fill the tank before we left."

"What?" Grindelwald's face fell, and in that moment he looked exactly like grumpy kitty.

"Well, we're screwed." Delphini put her hands in her pockets, looking from Grindelwald to Raymond and back again. "Anyone wanna go back to the diner and order another round of sundaes?"

Raymond sighed heavily, his back against the wall as he sank to the floor. "How are we ever going to get home?" he asked, burying his face in his paws. "I have two rose bushes and a cactus that need me. And I think I forgot to program the DVR to record my cooking shows."

The cat lifted his head, gazing out across the endless stars and twinkling galaxies. He could stay here if he really wanted to. There was food available at the diner, and there was a good chance that Rodeo would let them stay in his apartment. Though despite having everything he needed to survive, Raymond didn't fancy the thought of living out the rest of his nine lives on the moon.

"Excuse me, is everything alright up here?"

Four heads turned, looking up at the sound of Daddy Mouse's voice.

The curious rodent had taken the elevator after receiving directions at the front desk, and had gone to see if they had found their friend. But when he found the weary bunch of space travelers on Rodeo's doorstep, he couldn't help thinking that something was wrong.

"Señor bullpucky didn't bring enough fuel to take us home," Delphini said, pointing a finger at Rodeo.

The expression on Daddy Mouse's face brightened. "Oh, is that all?" he chirped, his wiskers twitching. "There's a gas station right out back behind the diner. They've got plenty of rocket fuel for your ship, so you can go home whenever you want."

Delphini, Grindelwald and Raymond looked at Rodeo. The bull glanced nervously at his hooves.

"I ... don't think I'm ready to go home yet," he said at length. "Not until summer when the trees and flowers are finished making pollen. But you can go on without me. I'm really comfortable here."

A smile formed on his lips when he looked at them, his tail waving back and forth. Rodeo was truly happy, having finally found his home away from home. But the others weren't sure if they wanted to leave him here. Or at least Raymond and Grindelwald didn't want to leave him stranded on the moon. Delphini was too busy thinking about flying toasters and crystal soda.

"Wait a minute, how did you make it all the way up here to the moon?" Raymond asked, now looking towards the family of mice.

His eyes widened, and Daddy Mouse said, "What? You mean you've never heard of Gulliver's vacation space program?"

"Nope." Raymond shook his head. "Most of us try to avoid him, for obvious reasons."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Rodeo exclaimed suddenly, startling the mice children and causing them to explode. "That's what he was doing with his space ship? Taking villagers on vacation trips throughout the galaxy?"

"You got it!" Daddy Mouse nodded, his son continuing to erupt in the background. "Business has been booming lately, with more and more villagers wanting to leave to Earth. You'd probably have to book a trip weeks in advance, but there's no reason why your friends can't come back for you in the summer."

"Then it's settled. I'm taking a vacation on the moon!" Rodeo declared, joyfully sprouting flowers like all villagers do when they're happy.

The mice children were already clambering over one another as everyone started piling into the back seat, with Delphini calling out to the heavens, "Alright! Let's go huff some rocket fuel!"

Raymond bid farewell to his friend, promising to return in the summer, while Grindelwald lazily rolled himself a joint and decided to have a smoke. He soon discovered that the effects of smoking were intensified due to the Bubble Head charm. And by the time they arrived at the gas station, he was babysitting three flying toasters named Huey, Dewey and Booger.

At the end of the day, all three of them were able to safely return to Earth, along with the family of mice who joined the villagers and were forever known as Bree, Chadder, Bella, Broccolo and Rod from that day forward.

Bree and Chadder lived happily ever after with their family of exploding mice babies. Rodeo left for the moon every time spring rolled around. Delphini started making sundaes and enjoying them with her mother after a long day of turtle meditation. Raymond went back to gardening, cooking and relaxing in his cute little maid outfit, and Grindelwald just kept right on smoking, not even having a care in the world.

Although Raymond never forgot about the lovely cat man he met during their adventure. Maybe some day they would meet up again and go an another adventure. But that, my friends, is a story for another day.