Before you read, this story is a mafia fic and will have strong topics within it.

Read at your own risk!

This is an Edward/Bella story, and the chapter will be short.

No posting schedule as of yet.

Anyways, Enjoy!

The day had started off wonderfully.

My parents had started the day by waking me up by singing happy birthday and bringing me breakfast in bed.

It was my birthday, and my mother and father had decided to take me to the fair and out for ice cream to celebrate later in the day.

I turned nine and was officially old enough to wear a training bra and to finally cut my hair.

I was so excited to finally be able to cut my hair, well not cut but trim and add a few layers, but that wouldn't be happening until some later, until then, we proceeded to go to the park.

We were at the park playing softball when the ball flew too high, landing by the tree at the edge of the park, way too close to the street.

No one saw it coming, and no one knew that it would be our last day together until it was too late.

As I reached for the ball, a large hand with a white cloth, and a funny smelling thing clamped over my mouth and nose, before I could even scream everything began to cloud and turn dark.

When I woke up I was in a dark place, tied with my hands in metal cuffs, that were pulled through the massive cage I found myself sitting in.

As I began to cry, a large man with a scary sneer shouted at me to shut up, before walking out of the room and slamming the door shut.

The room was hot, humid, and smelled gross like pee, and smelly old sweaty socks.

As I sniffled and wiped my face on the sleeves of my shirt, I began to pull on the cuffs, only to wince and cry out in pain when the metal of the cuffs dug into the already raw skin of my wrists.

I was trying to get one of my wrists out when a boy with funny-looking, messy hair and pretty green eyes walked into the room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, scared.

He simply stared at me, wordlessly, as I tried to warn him again.

"Get out of here! Dangerous people are here! You need to leave before the scary man comes back." I cried out in fear.

Just as he was about to reply the scary man walked back in with two other men and another boy.

"Did you pick which one you liked, boy?" The large man asked the boy.

He looked up and nodded, before pointing at me. "Her." He said, and with that, he sealed my fate.

Dread washed over me as I stared back at the boy with wild hair and pretty greens eyes, wide-eyed.

The strange yet familiar man nodded before smiling. "Perfect. Liam, take her to Heidi immediately." The man said with a smile.