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Chapter 1-

"Come on, Edward. This is the only way out, and you know this. You have seen my visions!"

"You have got to be kidding me, Alice." I scowled at her, turning slightly to glare at her.

It was official- Alice Cullen had lost her marbles!

"But, Edward," she pouted, stomping her feet in denial. "What's the harm in it?"

I let out a humorless chuckle, of course, her words being the reason for my such behavior. "High School, Alice? Seriously? What's next? Eating food and pretending to be human?"

"Well, actually," Alice nervously played with her hands, refusing to look up and meet my eyes, or let me read her mind and know for sure of what was cooking in there.

"Damn, Alice. No. Not happening." I stated, folding my arms over my chest in defiance. I was not going to High School, and I was not going to eat human food. That was simply unnegotiable.

We were vampires. We did not pretend to be human.

We did not mingle with them, or even wish to mingle with them.

Sure, we didn't go all out and treat them like the cockroach you find in the corner of your kitchen, but we kept our distance- and that was how it was supposed to be.

It had always been so.

Carlisle had wanted to mingle in human society- soon after his change. He had even studied for years to become a human doctor, but one visit from the Volturi brothers and that plan of his had gone down the drain even before he could say the 'dr' that comes in drain. It was not in our nature to interact with humans, and anyone caught thinking otherwise received a one-way ticket to Italy and to the glorious mansion that was nothing more than a reputed jail, surrounded by weird people that thought themselves to be the almighty. Carlisle, being a sensible man, had stopped himself from walking down that path of self-destruction, keeping himself updated to the passing time through the medium of magazines and books, interacting with humans only when the need prevailed. In fact, apart from Esme- who was his mate, the only human he had ever changed had been me. I had been dying, my biological parents already having left the world, leaving me all alone with not a relative to call in time of need. Carlisle had been passing by my house, after a rather long hunt, his curiosity rising on hearing the cries of a dying teenager, the sickened bodies of my parents lying mere steps away from me. It was half pity and half loneliness that had made Carlisle walk into the abandoned looking house that day, changing me and bringing me into this world without a minute's delay. I sometimes pondered of whether I would have lived or not, had my father let us go to the hospital in time. But his old beliefs and the fact that the flu was everywhere had caused him to take that decision that led me to this place in my life.

I didn't regret being a vampire though, not on all days, at least.

Anyhow, like I was saying, apart from me and Esme, the latter for obvious reasons, Carlisle had never bothered changing another. Jasper and Alice had come to us, and so had Emmett, having been changed by the nomad Garrett after being in a bear attack decades ago.

Emmett, like I, was yet to find his mate, but he did not mind.

He had the Denali 'cousins' to keep him company and to make him happy.

And he was immensely happy, if his thoughts were any indication to go by.

It was disgusting, I admit.

"Edward," Alice shrieked in disbelief. "Did you even listen to a word of what I just said?"

"No." I shrugged in honesty, waving a hand in the air.

She rolled her eyes in response, a huff leaving her mouth.

"She is your mate, Edward. I have no second thoughts on that."

I sighed, a small smile threatening to come over my face. She was beautiful- my mate. She had the softest looking brown hair with just a little of red in there, truth-revealing chocolate brown eyes that simple bore into you, and the perfect figure that I could not wait to take in my arms, kissing those soft lips of hers as I made promises of loving her till eternity.

I wanted to meet her, desperately.

I was tired of seeing her only through Alice's visions. But apparently, she was not even in the same continent as I. We, the family, took permanent residence in Isle Esme, with the Denali coven joining us occasionally. And she lived in some small town in the state of Washington, USA with her father and sister, no older than seventeen years of age.

I don't know how or why Alice had been able to see her now, but she believed that it had something to do with Isabella being finally ready to meet me.

Yes, that was her name.


Beautiful, just like her.

"Stop. Zoning. Out. On. Me."

"Ouch, Alice," I rubbed my head, exactly the place where she had hit me hard, most possibly to prove her point. "I get it. She is my mate. And I can't wait to meet her. But she is a human."

Yup, that was the problem.

She was human, and not a vampire.

I could not be with her, for obvious reasons, not without making her like me, first.

Alice sighed. "Don't even think about changing her before telling her about our kind! She will not take it well. In fact, as I see it," she paused for a few seconds, lost in her thoughts, the very thoughts that she had blocked from me at the moment, causing me to roll my eyes in response. "She will take the revelation well. Once she falls in love with you, it won't matter to her. But she needs to fall in love with you for that. Any step not followed, and she will run away like you are the plague. You will have to chase her, and with her father being the chief of police, the exposure will not be good for us. This is the only way out."

"Well," I smirked. "What if we do it like this? We kidnap her from her home, get her over here and change her, like normal, usual vampires do."

Alice sighed, shaking her head at me. "Won't work. Read my mind."

She opened her mind for me, and there it was, my mate shouting at me for ruining her life. She would take the news of her being a vampire horribly, deciding that she could not stand to see my sight, going as far as settling on the other end of the world, never to come in front of me again.

Yeah, that was not a future I was keen to look forward to, needless to mention.

"But, Alice," I grunted in annoyance. "High School? There has to be another way out."

She smiled at me- that cheeky grin that one gave when they had nothing good up their sleeves. "We need to be High school students for the plan to work. She is a cop's daughter. She is going to be suspicious if we don't have a good cover in place, especially for you look no older than seventeen."

"We will have to be quick. We can't risk the Volturi finding out about this." I stated, my eyes narrowed together, a sigh leaving my lips.

She shrugged me off. "They won't find out, but either way, we will keep it low, making sure to keep ourselves out of the limelight."

I sighed, shutting my eyes tight. "Are we really doing this? We are actually going to High School?"

A bunch of vampires going to a human school- that seems like the start of a bad joke!

"Yes, my dear brother, we are actually doing this." Alice grinned, bouncing up and down at her place, so visible that her excitement was. Poor Jasper! He was probably bouncing up and down in his room without even knowing of why he was doing so, unable to stop because of Ms. High on Sugar over here. "We leave tomorrow. The cover story goes like this- Carlisle and Esme are our elder brother and sister- in- law. I was thinking more on the lines of them being our parents, but it wouldn't work. They wouldn't seem old enough. Anyhow, we are four siblings. Carlisle, who is the oldest, followed by Emmett who is nineteen and is taking a year off from college, after which come you and I, who are seventeen and twins."

"Wait. What about our supposed parents? And where is Jasper in all of this?" I asked, confused.

Certainly, Jasper wasn't planning to stay back here while we all relocated to the States?

That would make no sense…

Alice gave out a laugh. "Well, my dear husband will never agree to go through that purgatory named High school, and so he will be our little secret. No one in town needs to know that he exists. Our house will be far enough from the human population, closer to the woods so that we can hunt freely."


"And about these parents of ours," she smiled. "They are old and retired, resting in a house we own in Hawaii. They have all but pushed our responsibility over to Carlisle and Esme, content enough to trust the two of them with our well-being."

"Okay," I sighed. "You have definitely given this a lot of thought."

"It will work out; trust me." she winked. "But Edward, she needs to fall in love with you, as soon as possible. A few weeks is okay, but the longer we go, we risk something going wrong, or someone finding out about us."

I nodded my head in agreement, aware of the truth in her words.

I would have to woo Isabella, which didn't seem that hard a thing to do, considering I was already half in love with her.

I mean… she was just so beautiful and perfect….and mine.

All mine!

How could I even resist?

"Have you spoken to the family about this?" I asked Alice, an eyebrow raised in question.

Had they even agreed to this insane plan?

Were they even aware of it?

She smiled, coyly, bouncing up the stairs towards her room. "Carlisle is in his study. He is waiting for you."

Of course, I shook my head in response. We were talking about my mate here, and hence I would have to do the talking- more like convincing the family that we should go ahead with this ridiculous plan that Alice had constructed. Surprisingly, though, it would be her mate that would be the toughest to convince. He just could not see Alice in any sort of danger, no matter it be any dangerous situation or not.

I left out a loud sigh, walking towards Carlisle's study, a small nervous smile on my face, somewhat aware of what Carlisle's decision would be, even before he told me of it.

He would never let a mated pair be apart, no matter how many difficulties his life goes through to achieve said target.

We were really doing this.

I would get to meet my mate, taking her in my arms and refusing to ever let her go again.

I would get to see those beautiful eyes of hers, running a hand through that soft hair she wore down.

I would get to go through that purgatory named High School….

Yeah, that is not a thought I could complete with any level of enthusiasm or happiness in my tone.

It sucks, truly!