'Hey Letty!' Mia yelled from her front yard. Leticia Garcia looked up from her book and stared at the skinny Italian girl running toward her house. She smiled and shut her book, placing it to the side.

'Hey girl, how ya livin?' Letty replied as she sat up in her hammock. She raked a hand threw her chunky ebony waves, her hair fluttering in the breeze a bit. Mia stomped up the porch steps and placed her hands on her hips.

'Not bad. Dom kicked me out of the house so his retarded racer friends could watch a movie.' Mia smiled as she sat next to her friend. Letty smiled. The infamous Dominic Torretto. Letty had known him for a long time, ever since she moved in. And she hated him. Cocky, confident and cool with all the chicks. Letty couldn't stand guys like him. Guys that picked up any girls they wanted and dropped just as easily.

'Well, you wanna sleep here tonight?' Letty said as she began rocking the netted hammock. 'My Papi's out of town for a couple days and I might as well have some company, you know?' Mia's smile grew and she nodded, jumping up and racing back to her house. Letty smirked.

Mia was an enthusiastic 14 year old who had been Letty's first friend when she moved into the hood. Letty was 15, skinny, never wore anything flattering and kept up a tough girl attitude. Sure she had a nice bod, but she never wore any thing to show it off. It was kind of ironic that Mia was her friend. She was beautiful, delicate, the epitome of a girlie girl.

Letty only had a few friends, most of whom were gorgeous and talented. She used them as an excuse to escape her house. Her father was old and tired and while Letty loved him to death, she couldn't stay around the house while her mother treated him like shit. She couldn't watch it, it made her feel sick and empty.

So she would go to Torynn's house or Nikki's. Anywhere. Anywhere she was wanted. Mia always invited her over, but as luck would have it, something always came up and Letty wouldn't be able to go. She wanted to go more than anything. Mia's father sounded so nice, and even if she'd have to put up with Mia's cocky 18-year-old brother, she figured it'd be worth it.

The more she thought about it, the more Letty realized how close she was to Dom. Hell his friends were her friends. His sister was like a sister to her. They both loved cars. They lived only five houses away for fucks sake. He treated her like a kid, which probably pissed her off the most about him. He was too busy with bimbos and hoes to really notice Letty. But she didn't care. The less time she spent with him, the better.

He called her names like 'pest' and 'wannabe' that it pissed her off. She never stood down around him, which just made him angrier. It always ended with them having a bitch fight and Dom chasing Letty away. What a bitch.

Letty snapped out of her trance to notice Mia running back to her house, a grin plastered on her face. Letty smiled back.

'Dad said I could stay over!' she said as she raced back up the blue porch. 'Dom's gonna come get us in the morning and take us to school. Is that cool?' Mia asked raising an eyebrow. She knew how much Letty wasn't really into the idea of hanging with her brother but she figured she'd rather be driven than walk ten blocks to school.

'Sure, whatever. You hungry?' Letty asked standing up. Her mom was out getting high with her druggie friends so it was up to them to cook.

'Hell yeah!' Mia said as she followed Letty into the house and into the kitchen.

'Good. You can make it.' Letty said sticking out her tongue. Mia frowned and threw a pillow at Letty from the couch. 'Okay okay! What's the number for Gabriel's Pizza again?'

************************************************************* 'Oh my god! Colin Farrell is such a hottie!' Mia purred as she took another slice of pizza from the kitchen. Letty laughed as she rolled over on the couch.

'Hell yeah! Wish I could have a ride on that pony!' she said licking her lips. Mia snorted and plunked down in front of the TV as the credits began to roll.

'Hey Lett.'

'Yeah Mi?' Letty said rubbing her eyes. It was 2 AM and tomorrow was a school day. Oh well. Not like she cared about any other class than shop. She could always sleep threw English Lit.

'It just occurred to me. why don't you wear that kind of stuff to school or anywhere?' Letty raised her eyebrows and looked down. She was wearing a black tank top and a pair of baggy plaid pyjama bottoms.

'You want me to go to school in pyjamas? ¡Usted es un pequeño pájaro loco! (You are a crazy lil' bird!)' Letty smirked. She knew Mia didn't know Spanish and she huffed at not knowing what Lett had said.

'Well of course not!' she said as she threw her pizza in the trash, 'I mean why don't you wear something fitted, or revealing?'

'You want me to be a whore or something? I lose respect!' Letty said rolling over so she wasn't facing Mia anymore.

'Yeah right! You'd only have half the male student body drooling over you! I bet even my brother would be sniffin around!' Mia said as she pulled open her sleeping bag.

'Shut up chica. maybe if you paid me a million dollars!' Letty said snuggling into her pillow.

'Whatever.' Mia said, climbing into her sleeping bag. 'We'll see.' She murmured as she drifted to sleep.


'Letty....LETTY!' Letty's eyes fluttered open as she stared up into two deep brown eyes. She squinted against the sun light.

'Ah, shit Mia, get outta my face.' She said as she rolled over blocking out the sun. Mia let out an audible sigh.

'Lett, it's 8:15, Dom's gonna be here any minute and trust me, he won't wait up.'

Letty grumbled as she pulled back her blanket. So? She thought to herself. What did she care if the big lug wasn't waiting? She'd just walk. She stumbled into the bathroom. And turned on the light. She washed her face and put on some mascara and brushed her hair.


Letty heard the doorbell ring and Mia let out a small cry of exasperation. She ran to the door, glaring at Letty for not being ready. Letty felt the warm, humid air rush into her small home as Mia opened the door. But to her surprise the voice that sounded from the door was familiar.

'Letty, get your skinny latino ass out here, girl!' Letty smirked. Vince. She peered around the corner and saw his face. He was smiling, sizing up Mia, as he always did. Sure he was 17 and she was 14 but hey. Vince was still a bit behind in the way of maturity so it all balanced out.

'What are you doing here Vince? Where's my brother?' Mia asked folding her arms over her chest. Vince shrugged.

'Said he had to go in early to talk to the shop instructor. He's back in class today so he needed to get all the info. He sent me instead.' Vince peered over at Letty who was walking casually over to them. 'Damn girl, you ain't going to school looking like that are ya?' he said with a smirk, 'It'll tear your badass bitch rep to pieces.' Letty shot Mia a look of I- told-you-so.

'I just gotta go change.' Letty was about to turn around when Vince grabbed her arm and lifted her up. 'What the fuck Vince? What the hell do you think you're-' Letty was cut off as she was being carried to Vince's car, Mia following them, laughing her ass off.

'PUT ME DOWN YOU OVER SIZED GORILLA!!!' she screamed at the top of her lungs and she was thrown onto Vince's back and then gently placed in the back of his dad's Impala. She crossed her arms as he slammed the door and Mia got in the other side.

'I can't fuckin go in the school dressed like this.' She stated, maintaining her glare at the back of Vince's head. For fucks sake she was still bare foot. She saw Vince smile into the rear view window. 'What are you smiling about fuck face?' His grin widened as he threw a bag into the back next to her. She opened the bag, her eyes wide.

'You like?' he asked as he pulled away from her house. She picked up the red skirt out of the bag.

'What the fuck is this? First you kidnap me in my pyjamas, then you give me these girlie clothes... did you fuckin plan this?!' she yelled. But all she got in response was Vince and Mia exchanging looks and laughing. Letty turned to Mia and glared, 'Traitor.' She stated as she pulled out the white cotton tank.

'Oh come on Lett, you need a change, a new look! We're just giving you a little nudge...'

'And you know you're not gonna go into school in those pansy assed plaid pants so stop pretending like you're gonna chicken out and start changing!' Vince said as they stopped at a light. Letty glared between the two of them and then sighed.

'Fuckin ass.' She muttered as she pulled down her pants. 'And you better not be starin' Vince Cortez or I'll beat the crap outta you!' Vince just laughed in response and continued to drive.

After about ten minutes of god-awful traffic, they pulled into the high school parking lot. Vince and Mia stepped out and heard a squeal. LaTanya was running up to Vince, stopping in front of him and smiling sweetly.

'Hey Vinnie... is Dom riding with you?' she asked in her sugary sweet tone. Vince shook his head and began talking with her. Letty snorted. Girls like LaTanya always approached Vince looking for Dom. The ones who have the IQ power that ranks them in the negatives. Letty shook her head as she opened the car door, getting out and feeling like everyone was watching her.

'Hey Vince!' she said interrupting LaTanya. 'You got anything for my feet?' Vince smiled and looked her up and down. Nice, he thought, very nice. She had on the red pleated skirt that was oh so very short. She also wore a white tank that showed off that she was wearing a black bra. Vince smirked and threw a pair of clunky boots at her feet. They had flames on them. Letty's face actually turned pale and she smiled at him, throwing her small frame on top of him.

'THANK YOU!' she yelled and he chuckled.

'Well I figured you oughtta have at least one thing you wanted to wear.' Letty smiled at this. She'd wanted those boots for as long as she could remember. She was saving up but was no where near what she needed.

'Hey, Vince, aren't you gonna introduce me to yo girl? I'm LaTanya.' She held out her dainty hand to Letty, who just stared at her as if she were stupid.

'Hey Letty come on, we're gonna be late!' Mia yelled as she grabbed they're bags from Vince's trunk. LaTanya's face got this weird look. A look of dawning.

'Leticia Garcia? The dyke?' she said folding her arms, 'What, finally trying to fix your reputation or something?' she said with a smirk. Letty frowned and took a step forward, her hand fisted and ready to belt this hoe one. But Vince moved in the way and grabbed her hands, shaking his head.

'I'll tell Dom, you're looking for him Tanya.' Vince said as he pulled Letty away.

'Just tell him I'ma waiting for him in the cafeteria at lunch.' She hollered back, giving one more look of satisfaction at Letty.

'Let go of me Vince, I'm gonna give that bitch a new nose job!' Letty yelled as she tried to fight her way away from Vince. But it was no use, Vince was 6'1 as opposed to Letty's small frame of 5'6. He hauled her into the hall and literally threw her against a locker pinning her so that she couldn't move.

'Letty, for god sake, just let it go! You know messing that skank up is only gonna get you in more trouble and your mama ain't gonna be happy!'

Letty froze. She remembered that last time she'd gotten into a fight. Dom and Vince had pulled her away before she could scratch the bitch up anymore. Dom had yelled at her that she was psycho and Vince had just shaken his head and left. A teacher called her house and that night her mom had hit her. Hard. She had fallen back, down the stairs and sprained her wrist. But that was what usually happened. The only thing that ever stopped her was her father.

'Fine.' Letty said pushing Vince off of her and crossing her arms over her chest. 'Let's just get to class.'

They walked down the hall, toward the shop garage. Letty was the only girl in the class and the youngest too. She would always be teased or pushed around. Sure Vince looked out for her most of the time. But that didn't stop the occasional teasing.

Vince pushed the door opened and the two walked in. The room was empty, smelled of gas and was already prepped for the days lesson. Letty smiled. The only thing that made her relax was knowing that she was putting something together. Making, not destroying. It made her feel like she had a purpose.

'SHIT!' Vince said all of a sudden and his curse echoed threw the garage. 'Tori has my tool box in her locker!' Letty smiled. The only other girl that knew anything about cars in their school was her friend Torynn Diego. And she always bugged Vince and Dom about letting her work with them. They usually gave in, just because the girl had them wrapped around her finger. Not in a slut way. In a friendly, 'I'm so sweet and funny you have to let me help!' kind of way. She wasn't in shop class cause her parents had a problem with it being unladylike. Didn't stop her after hours though.

'So go get it.' Letty said as she meandered over to the beat up car she was working on with a couple of the other guys and V. Vince nodded and ran back out the door and down the hall outta sight. Letty sighed. She picked up a torque wrench and popped the hood.

'Sure thing Dom, just remember that you're in Vince's group for this class.' Came the voice of Mr. Gellar, the shop teach. Letty turned around and saw Dom and Gellar walk into the garage.

'Yeah, no problem.' Dom replied as he walked in. He looked up and looked straight at Letty, his eyes a bit wide with shock. Letty smirked. And suddenly Dom smiled back, playing it off. He turned to Gellar as the teach handed him a slip of paper and left.

'Hey there Dom.' Letty cooed. She felt a lot more confident for some reason, and leaned on the side of the car. Dom rubbed his stubble chin and walked forward, chuckling in his low baritone voice. Letty's smile disappeared.

'What's so funny?' she said, standing up and placing her hands on her hips. Dom just laughed a little louder.

'Nothin, just you trying to look like a girl, s'all.' He said, mimicking her with his feet shoulder length apart and his hands on his hips. Letty frowned and shook her head, turning around.

'You're such an ass Dom. If you haven't noticed, I AM a girl.' Letty said, her voice dripping with disdain as she bent under the hood. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Dom smirk again.

'Yeah, right, I know.' He said, moving forward again. 'So is this my reward for coming back to shop class. You lookin all girlie and shit?' Letty banged her head on the hood of the car. Was he flirting with me? She thought to herself incredulously. He chuckled again at her nervous movement. She simply glared at him, rubbing the back of her head, her wavy hair being pulled up by her hands.

'Go fuck yourself Torretto.' She said under her breath as she dropped the wrench back in the toolbox, wiping her hands on her rag. He laughed again, the bastard laughed. He was pissing Letty off more and more by the minute.

'Whatever, Leticia.' He said in his low voice, as he grabbed his wrench and walked over behind her. She felt his warm breath on her shoulder and came closer to the car. She didn't dare breathe. She felt him inhale and damn was it getting hotter in here. 'Leticia...' he whispered.

'Yeah?' she said in a voice lower than her own.

'Can you get out of my fuckin way?' he said backing away. Letty shook her head.

'Fine.' She said moving and walking over to the door. She heard him laughing behind her but she couldn't look back.

'Leticia, class will be starting soon.' Gellar called after her as she walked out of the garage. She felt so embarrassed, that son of a bitch Dom had played her and she hated him! Fuck, he hated her! He just did it to make her mad. Calm down, Letty told herself. She walked slowly down the hall and saw her crew standing in the middle of the hallway with Vince and Edwin, talking.

'Vince you ass, what's takin' you so god damned long!' Letty yelled. If he'd been there Dom wouldn't have been that cruel. Vince usually kept him in check. Vince shrugged, his metal box in his hand.

'Girl, you lookin' HOT!' Nikki said as she slammed her locker closed. Mia smiled.

'Told you.'

'Shut up Mia.'

'Yo, I'ma be late for History, I gotta jet!' Torynn said as she picked up her books. 'Later boys.' She said kissing Edwin on the cheek and patting Vince on the shoulder. Her blonde hair swayed as she walked past Letty, giving her a wink. Let smiled back and nodded to Vince and Edwin.

'We're gonna be late too! Hurry yo asses up!'

'Okay Okay! Jeez Letty ever thought of trying out as the Ice Queen in the school play?' Edwin joked as he followed her down the hall.

'You did not just say that.' Letty said glaring at him.

'Wanna bet?'

'Sure... I bet I could knock four a your teeth out if you said that.'

'Said what?'