Letty woke early that morning and rolled over to see Dom's sleeping figure, rolled toward her, his well muscled arm slung over her bare stomach. She smiled as she gently pushed it aside, standing up and looking in the mirror across the room. Last night they had made love, for the first time, for her first time. It was slow, deep, drawing out every possible pleasure there could be possible, letting it spread all through her body giving her a warm filled feeling. Only Dom could do that to her.

She knew Johnny would be a problem. Hell he was the biggest pain in the ass there was. He would always be causing trouble with Dominic, because Dom was blessed. He always had everything pulled to him, everything that he could possibly want. He was blessed with so much love. Something Johnny didn't have, and couldn't understand.

She knew Mailin would be a problem. Many of the racer skanks would be, but Letty was ready to beat them off with a huge stick if she had to. Because now that Dom had finally claimed her, told her he loved her, made love to her, there was no way in hell she could ever let go of him.

She knew Herb wouldn't be a problem. Her eighteenth birthday was today. Today Carla was getting a divorce. Today Carla would be free and in turn she promised Letty freedom. She told Letty the night before that Letty was free to live with Dom, and call on Carla whenever she needed her.

So finally Dom was hers, and she was Dom's. They were living together. Working together. Loving each other. Last night they promised that no matter what had happened, no matter how shitty things had been in the past, they wouldn't look back. This was their happy ending.

Or their new beginning.