After losing my sanity in writing a research paper, this idea popped up in my mind.

Gotta love this concept, seeing how merchants in-game are often important to progression. Structuring will vary depending on the chapter.

EDIT: Made a few sentence adjustments

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Chapter 1:

'Oh, great. Which dimension am I in this time?'

[You are in Remnant]

My hand freezes midway to brush away a strain of hair in my eye. "You don't mean the game Remnant: From the Ashes, do you?"

[Negative. You are in RWBY, a computer-animated web series created by Monty Oum]

"Ah. That one…" I brushed my bangs away and sat on a nearby rock in silence. 'Rest in peace, Monty. You've done well.'

Finishing my silent prayer, I stood up and wipe the dirt off my clothes. Since I'm here, I'll have to do my usual routine before exploring this world. In other words, it's time to set up shop and restock my supplies tailored to this world.


[Starting setup process]

So, you might be wondering who am I and what I do? Allow me to explain myself.

Have you ever played a game where there's this NPC merchant who shows out of nowhere in the most dangerous, or outlandish place? While you've been fighting your way through a monster-infested dungeon that tries to kill you at every turn, this merchant guy has already beaten you to the deepest part of the dungeon and set up a shop, ready to do business.

The Duke and Merchant from the Resident Evil/Biohazard series, the Skeleton Merchant from Terraria…

I'm like those guys, and maybe the Wandering Merchant from Terraria too since I do the setup in 'safer' areas sometimes.

'Let's see… Four categories should be enough to sort my merchandise out. The Sell option is there by default, as always.'

[Categories created]

Medical supplies, ammo, Dust crystals, utility devices, you name it!

Buy, upgrade, or design your own weapon and armor!

Clothes and Accessories
Spare wear while being functionally fashionable!

Food & Drinks
Can't survive without a good meal and drink!

'What're ya selling?' Because everything has a price!


[Categories implemented into store interface]

'Now, what was the next step? Setup shop or restock my supplies first? Hmmm…' I have all the time in the world to think about such an important process.

Crouching down, I picked up a stick and write on the dry dirt ground.


A large bear-like creature with a white skull mask stomps out of the wood. Its backside and limbs had white spikes protruding out of it, making it look even more dangerous.

My interface pops up over the Grimm's head.

[Creature of Grimm: Ursa Major]

I raised an eyebrow as it towers over me. Its jaws widening. This thing is over 9 ft tall, or somewhere between 2.6 – 3 meters if you use the metric system.

"Huh. You guys are much more intimidating in person…"

"RAWR!" It lunges at me and chomps on my head, teeth grating against my hoodie and skin. "Grrr?"

The Ursa Major continues to gnaw on me, obstructing my view of the dirt writing I've made. It begins to wrap its claws around me, trying to shred me to ribbons.

No effect. I'm practically immune to all forms of damage because that's how things work for some reason. You can't have interdimensional merchants hopping from one universe to another and dying in droves, I think. How else was I supposed to survive and sell stuff in the Resident Evil universe with all those infected monstrosities roaming around?

"Can you not? I'm trying to make a major decision here. Pun not intended." I asked the Grimm, shoving its jaw away from my head.

It snarls and continues attacking me, messing up my writing in the process. Well, more accurately the Ursa Major's large paw wiped a portion of my writing leaving only the restocking stuff.

"… Right. Restock it is then. Purchase order!"


Purchased Qty: 400 [Adjustable Cartridge Casings, high caliber]

[Inventory 5 is at full capacity]

"Okay, inventories are fully stock!"

The clapping of my hand caused the Ursa Major's ears to twitch though it didn't make any move to attack me. Instead, the Grimm remains sitting on the ground and continues to stare at me puzzlingly. It took me like an hour or two to finish because this damn Grimm keeps pestering me. Thank god it got bored and resorted to sitting down to ponder why it can't kill me.

'I think I crashed whatever mind or instinct the Grimm works on, but whatever. Not my problem.'

Finally, the last step is setting up my shop. I can't sell things without my mobile home/store to take me here and there. I snap my finger, bringing up a small list of my personal assets.

'Nope. Not this one… Ah, here we go.'

[Selected: Class A Double Decker RV]


A massive red recreational vehicle appeared over me, hovering 3 meters above my head. It took me a second to realize that I've done goof and gravity is a harsh mistress.

"Oh, motherfu-"


The entire thing crushed my entire body into the dirt ground, effectively burying me in my mistake. I can hear the Ursa Major yelping and taking off, leaving me alone to dig myself out. No broken bones or twisted limbs, but I am a bit trapped.

'Ugh. Why me?'

[Current location is unfavorable]

'Yeah, no shit. I've literally been hammered underground!'

[Here is a listing of suggested coordinates to relocate]

'How about some help?'


"You sadistic piece of digital interdimensional shit!"


Summer Rose navigates through the mountainous forest terrain with increasing difficulty. Each step she took sours her emotion.

Well, sour isn't exactly the right term.

Rather she's a bit peeved that the mission has changed and that she might not be able to go home to celebrate her daughter's birthday. Her original mission was to clear a nearby settlement of Grimm, which she completed.

Then there was a report of an Ursa Major sighted around the mountain forest and now she had to go out to hunt again. Of course, she couldn't say no to the mission. She was the only Huntress in the area and it's in her nature to help others. In any case, her new objective is simple. Find the Ursa Major, kill it, and any Creatures of Grimm she encounters along the way.

"Where's the dirt path?" She grumbles to herself, pulling up a cliff to get a better view of her surroundings. 'Wait, what's that?'

Situated on another hill was a luxurious red double-decker bus parked in an open clearing. It was extremely out of place.

'There's someone camped out here? No, wait.'

Summer caught sight of the signs mounted on all sides of the large vehicle.

[Here and There]
A Store From out of Nowhere

'That's… A store? What's it doing out all the way out here? Guess it lives up to its slogan.' She didn't know if the store is stuck, or if the people were okay. She decided it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

As she cautiously approached the vehicle, the metal shutter was pulled up revealing a teen with amber blond hair and brown eyes.

"Ah, a customer." He greets her with a wave, taking note of her white cloak and silver eyes. "Silver eyes, white cloak, black hair with red tips… You must be Summer Rose."

Summer tenses a bit but didn't show it on her face. "How do you know my name?"

Is he an enemy, or an ally? The fact that he singled out her silver eyes is putting her on guard.

"I feel unoriginal about stealing Duke's introduction, but eh…" Summer raises an eyebrow at his offhand comment, but he shrugs and continues on, "Anyway! Anybody who paid attention to one of Beacon's best graduates would know who you are. Summer Rose, leader of Team STRQ. It's a pleasure to meet you in person, Ms. Rose."

That sort of information isn't easily accessible for average civilians, but it is in the database that keeps track of all the active Huntsmen and Huntresses. It isn't too farfetched for him to know about the basics of her background training at Beacon.

"And you are?"

"Ah, that is rude of me not to introduce myself. Call me Seth, owner of Here and There."

'He's quite young to be running a business out in the wilderness.' Seth appears to be around the age of 17 or 18, maybe younger.

Summer could make out a variety of good hanging in the recreational vehicle. Masks, first aid kits, weapons, all of it neatly hanging at the back behind Seth. Underneath the window's counter is five decorated plaques that seem to be his list of service.

Medical supplies, ammo, Dust crystals, utility devices, you name it!

Buy, upgrade, or design your own weapon and armor!

Clothes & Accessories
Spare wear while being functionally fashionable!

Food & Drinks
Can't survive without a good meal and drink!

'What're ya selling?' Because everything has a price!

She finds it hard to believe that he was able to do any of these on his own. There's no way he could forge a weapon unless his RV is highly specialized for that job. Even then, it's better to set up an actual shop in a town or village and do business there. The upkeep and complication aren't something she would like to imagine.

"See something you like?"

"I can't say yet." Summer turns to look at him in the eyes, "What's someone like you doing all the way out here?"

"There are not many competitors out there, for one." Summer cracks a smile. It's true since no one in their right minds would set up shop in Grimm-infested territories. Except for this boy named Seth. "And also, I'm free-spirited. Traveling here and there. Basically everywhere."

It was a casual remark. Almost dismissive judging from his bored tone, adding more to the mystery of who Seth is. Summer wanted to question him a bit more, but she was never good at that kind of stuff.

"Well, Seth. I'll admire your free-spiritedness and bravery, but this place we're in is dangerous. There's an Ursa Major sighted in this part of the woods. A rather old and powerful one. You should get to a nearby settlement where you can set up shop. I'm sure the villagers would be interested in what you're selling."

Besides the Creatures of Grimm, some bandits roam the lands and people like him are certainly one of their favorite targets.

"An Ursa Major? I've met one a while ago when I just arrived in this region." Summer blinks and opens her mouth to inquire about the Grimm, but Seth waves it off. "Oh yeah, I accidentally took care of it when I put the RV on auto-drive. Whoops. Anyway, on to business."

"Wait, what do you…"

"I got ammo, weapons, healing salves, water bottles… Everything a person stuck out here needs to survive. Especially for a Huntress like you. Maybe even a gift for your friends and families."

"Um…" The silver-eyed Huntress raises a finger before lowering it with a huff.

Normally she wouldn't let this kind of bounty mission slide, but she wasn't exactly feeling stubborn since it's been a very long day. Her daughter's birthday is tomorrow and since Seth claimed he accidentally killed the Ursa Major, she might as well report it when she gets back. In any case, a Grimm doesn't leave bodies upon death, so the verification process might take a while since she didn't kill it.

Not that she cared about the bounty reward, but at the very least she could try to get Seth to claim it. He is a bit suspicious if she were to be honest.

"I can see it in your eyes, Ms. Rose. But I am not interested in claiming the bounty that was meant to be yours."

"Uh… Hehe, you got me. I'll drop it." It'll probably lead to complications anyway, and she can't force a civilian to follow her if there's no proof of wrongdoing.

Summer eyes the service plaque and wonders if he has anything remotely suitable for her daughter, Ruby Rose. 'Maybe some clothing? Still skeptical about his inventories…'

The plaque reading Clothes & Accessories lit up, startling Summer as a wide holographic screen suddenly appears in front of her.

Clothes & Accessories

Search: Enter here to search for a specific item



"Yipe!" She leaps back. The holographic screen adjusting itself to be at a comfortable distance.

Seth chuckles at her reaction and leans on the counter. "I hope the interface didn't startle you too much. It is a convenient tool to find what you're looking for."

"You're from Atlas?" Summer asks as she tentatively messes around with the holographic interface. The technology was so cleverly masked that she wonders if this was what the current cutting-edge technology in Atlas is like.

"I'm not from any of the four kingdoms, nor any settlements. I can't remember where I originally was, but it was pretty dull. Please, take your time. If you have questions, feel free to ask me." With that, he bows slightly and steps slightly to the edge of the counter window, taking up a book, and begins to read it silently.

'How mysterious…'

Summer returns her attention to the holographic screen and marvels at the selection displayed before her. It was enough for her to forget just about everything as she explores Here and There's inventory. She curiously selects one of the items by tapping on it, pulling up another screen that details the materials, price, and description. It was affordable, that's for certain. There's also an option for using Dust crystal as an alternative currency which was common in the old days.

After spending more time than she liked, Summer tried to wrack up something to get for her daughter's birthday. There were too many options before her, which could possibly take her forever to decide.

"What do you think I should get for my daughter's birthday?"

Seth puts down his book, "Oh? Congratulation to your daughter then. May I ask how old will your daughter be turning?"

"She'll be three years old this year."

"I see." He hums thoughtfully, "She wouldn't happen to have a cloak like yours, would she?"

Summer's face brightens, "No, but I think she would like one!"

She swiftly types into the search bar and went through the selection, finding a beautiful red Dupioni silk cloak for her daughter.

Red Dupioni Silk Cloak
770 Lien

"An excellent choice. Dupioni silk is a durable natural fabric and is resilient to soil, moths, and mildew. Worth the price." Seth stops himself and frowns. "But it would be rude of me to keep my selection at full price for you. You are my first customer and there's an upcoming special occasion as well. Please, allow me. This special discount will apply to your next two purchases as well."

He snaps his finger, discounting his entire inventory by a considerable percentage.

Red Dupioni Silk Cloak
193 Lien

Summer made a stunned expression before shaking it off. "Thank you."

"Not a problem, Ms. Rose. And you may inspect the quality of your item as you wish, I assure you won't be disappointed by the fabric."

Seth produces a perfectly folded red silk cloak on the counter, tuck in a plastic wrapping. After testing the quality of the fabric, she nods and hands him the Lien. The moment he accepted the currency, it suddenly vanishes in a pale blue light, and in its stead was a receipt which was given to her.

1x Red Dupioni Silk Cloak – 193 Lien

Total: 193 Lien

"No taxes?"

"No such thing. Some of the payment options are impossible to apply taxes on anyway." He said with a knowing smile, "Ah, that reminds me. Since it's your daughter's birthday, allow me to include this."

He slides a metal brooch with a rose engraved on it.

"This is…"

"I think it'll go well with the cloak you've just brought; don't you think?"

"Yes. Yes, it does. Thank you." Summer pocketed the item and resumes browsing through the shop's inventory.

It was convenient that Seth has decided to slash his price for the next two items she'll buy. Her husband, Taiyang was thinking about getting a new armguard, and her good friend Qrow has been grumbling about needing a new container to hold his drink when he's on the move. It didn't take her long to find what she was looking for.

Garland Co. Customizable Chromexcel Leather Armguard
216 Lien

He nods approving at the item she decided to purchase. "Ah, yes. The customizable Garland armguard, manufactured by The Garland Company. Commonly outfitted with Dust crystals. Great for both training and actual combat."

Reinforced Stainless Steel Hip Flask, 8oz
204 Lien

"Mhm. Perfect for someone who needs a reliable way to store their drink. Especially in a very rough environment."

"You really know a lot about the things you sell." It's sort of eerie how Seth was able to discern the reasoning behind her buying these things too.

"It's a habit of mine to know my own wares. I reckon I could become a salesman, but I rather not be a bother. Of course, I don't know everything about the things I sell. Too much effort for little gain."

Summer hands over a stack of Lien to Seth, which he immediately processed. 'My purse is almost out of Lien. I should get more on hand next time.'

1x Customizable Chromexcel Leather Armguard – 216 Lien
1x Reinforced Stainless Steel Hip Flask, 8oz – 204 Lien

Total: 420 Lien

A sturdy-looking bag made of cotton appeared on the window counter holding the items she had just purchased. Summer wonders if his ability to make things appear and disappear is due to his semblance, or technology.

"Thank you."

Seth shakes his head, "No, no. I should be thanking you. It's a pleasure doing business with you."

"Whaaat? You literally killed your prices! I should be thanking you."

Seth laughs and the two exchange a few words, before bidding each other farewell. Summer secures the shopping bag and begins to make her way back to the nearest settlement.

"Oh, and Ms. Rose." She pauses and glances back. Seth now had a solemn expression. Jarringly different from the professional, yet friendly personality he was showing earlier. "Please, be careful. I'm well aware of the things that people would brush off as fairy tales. Some things are best not confronted head-on."

Summer's eyes widen, "… Who are you, really?"

"Me? I'm just a merchant."


'It's night and my next location is far away from here. I'm calling it a day.'

[End-of-Day Sales Totals Report]

1x Red Dupioni Silk Cloak – 193 Lien
1x Customizable Chromexcel Leather Armguard – 216 Lien
1x Reinforced Stainless Steel Hip Flask, 8oz – 204 Lien

Sales Total: 613 Lien

Conversion Amount: 177.77

"A 29% conversion with Lien? Ugh. It could have been worse."

The worst I got was a fucking 7% conversion rate in… What was it? The Naruto universe? Damn ninjas and their economies.

'Whatever. It doesn't matter.'

To think that it was Summer Rose of all people would be my first customer in this world. I may have essentially screwed over canon by a long haul too. On the cooler side, I guess I'm responsible for giving Qrow his flask and Ruby her red cloak. Maybe Tai and his weapon? I'd never seen him use a weapon in the show.

"Where are we going next? You better pick a decent spot this time. We stuck out like a sore thumb and only Ruby's mother found us. No one else did."

[Next suggested location: Southern Mistral]

"And the coordinates? No, never mind. I can't read the coordinates anyway. I'll leave the driving to you."

[Auto Drive: On]

I kick back and relax on my bed as the RV begins to drive towards our destination. The RV begins to make a few bumpy drives, nearly dislodging me from my bed. It seems that we're going down the mountain now, and hopefully not straight off a cliff like last time. It's a good thing me and my RV is unnaturally durable, else I would have died like a thousand time over.

Wherever we go, even if it's to Salem's ominous castle, it's none of my concern. Especially when I was selling weapons to the Doomslayer of all beings in one universe. Dear god, the guy is intimidating up close.

Forcefully closing my eyes to sleep and ignoring the horrible ride, I grinned excitedly.

"Where we go, no one knows."