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Epilogue: Getting my home back.

On the plane ride, I rested my head against the window and closed my eyes while Edward spoke with the pilot and the crew that was going to be with us on this private plane. I marveled at all the things that had changed since I was changed all those decades ago. Not only in terms of finding the love of my existence back.

After Garrett showed me my reflection, I bombarded him with questions. What was I? Why was I that? What had happened? And so on.

"I'll tell you all about it, but first, we must feed."

"Feed?" I thought about the usual meals I had with my parents and in my employment, but none of that sounded enticing anymore. In fact, they made me nauseous.

He nodded. "Our kind, vampires, feed on blood. Normally, human blood." I gasped, horrified at the prospect of feeding on anyone. "However, I've heard rumors of vampires that feed on animals. I, myself, have never tried that, but if you're willing, we can try it."

Who was this man? Why was he helping me?

Despite the questions that were burning in my brain, I nodded. Animals sounded less horrible than humans. Though, feeding on anything alive was strange enough. At least, the steaks I ate while human were dead before I ate them.

He taught me to run and stop. He taught me to concentrate, or at least try it. It was hard for me. Everything was so interesting. The family of birds on top of one of the trees, or the slithering snakes on my right. The gray sky above, and the threat of rain. I had to run back to Garrett a lot of times.

"Close your eyes." I did as I was told. I trusted him enough to know he was not going to hurt me. "Concentrate on what you smell. I don't know what deer, mountain lions, or bears smell like. But they all have different scents."

"You do realize the century we're living and that I've never gone hunting in my life? I have no idea how a bear or a deer smell." I was lucky I knew how they looked like. I opened my eyes and glared at him. How was I supposed to differentiate them? Was there a similarity between animal scents and human food?

He huffed. "Fine. Then focus your hearing on big animals. Forget the birds and the snakes and all the small animals." That was easier.

And so that way, I had my first animal. My first take of blood. It was an educational experience, to say the least.

"Hey, love." Edward's voice brought me back to the present.

"Everything all right?"

"Perfectly. I was just asking some questions." His smile was like that of a child with a naughty idea.

"You're not piloting the plane, are you?" I loved him, but I would not fly if he piloted it.

He rolled his eyes. "I still have a lot of practice left to be able to fly a plane." I rolled my eyes. Of course, he knew some things about it. This might be one of those things he started learning in all his years as a vampire.

"Why don't you know how to pilot a plane already?" I was genuinely curious.

"I was learning, but then you appeared at Forks High, and all thoughts about flying planes left my mind completely."

I felt flattered, but I didn't want to be an obstacle in his dreams.

"You're not, love."

"Did I say that out loud?"

He laughed softly. "You haven't lifted your shield back up since the wedding."

Oh, that explained it. I focused on it and managed to feel the difference between having it up or down. It was still hard, but with practice, I was beginning to understand it.

"It was nice while it lasted." He teased. I smiled at him and rested my head on his shoulder.

I was excited to go on our honeymoon. God bless summer weddings.

We decided on our last day on the island to go to the mainland and wander about for a little. We didn't plan on anything too specific just in case we found it too crowded and decided to leave.

It was in one of the less crowded streets that I heard my name being called. I turned around instinctively to realize that I didn't know the person who had called my name.

It was a girl, perhaps older than me. She looked as if she was in her early twenties, she had blue eyes, but for an enhanced vampire sight, you could see it was because she was wearing contacts. She didn't have a heartbeat, so she was a vampire. But the fact remained the same. I didn't know her.

She approached us rapidly but securely as if she knew we wouldn't attack her. We wouldn't, but we assumed defensive stances just in case.

My mind started working faster than ever, going over every name, every vampire I knew, any person I could have offended, or any person who wanted to contact me for any reason.

I came up empty. Every friend I made knew how to contact me, one way or another. For once, when there weren't phone calls, a letter addressed to a PO box was sufficient because I moved around a lot. Second, once phones were invented, everyone knew where to contact me. There was always one place that would know of my whereabouts. But then, as rapidly as I went over the list of friends and acquaintances, the panic-filled in my body. Was the Volturi coming for me for some unfathomable reason?

Subconsciously, I grabbed Edward's arm and held onto him as the girl kept coming. I saw her moving in slow motion, but in reality, it all happened in less than two minutes.

She stood in front of us, a mere two meters away, with a smile so big that I could swear it reached from ear to ear. Her teeth were pearly white and straight as if she had worn braces at some point. It still freaked me out that she knew my name, and I had never seen her in my life (human or vampire).

"You're so hard to track! I can't believe you're here." She said excitedly.

I looked at Edward when I felt him relax his stance. He would never relax his stance in the presence of danger, so he must have heard something in her mind that reassured him she meant no danger.

"I…what?" I couldn't form a coherent sentence.

"It's a very long story. Not suited for a public alleyway. We could go somewhere private." She answered.

I had seen too many murder movies with Emmett to suspect she could be luring us into a sense of security so she could attack us later. Why did I never pay attention to Jasper's lessons about body language? It could come in handy right now.

Edward, however, seemed as eloquent as ever. "We are staying on a private island; we could go there and talk quietly and privately."

Either he was sure she was safe, or he had never seen a murder movie. This is how you get killed!

The girl clapped excitedly. "Excellent! I follow you then."

Edward nodded, grabbed my hand, and took off running.

I was left speechless when she finished her story. It was highly insane how the world worked. Someone once said it worked in mysterious ways. I always thought that things were meant to be. Was this one of those things?

This girl was my friend's granddaughter. Her mother had been told about me by her mother, and Tabitha, the girl in front of me, had heard my story from her mother and her grandmother. Her grandmother, Deborah, apparently always held me in high steam and thought I was her guardian angel because when the job offer arrived, she was going through a very rough patch. It came at the right moment. She believed I had sent it to her. But she never thought about it supernaturally, only in the spiritual way.

She later met her husband, who worked the gardens for the old couple, fell in love, and never looked back. They were in the house for as long as the kids needed them.

Before Deborah died, she asked Tabitha to take care of a few things. Those things were the deeds to my parents' state. My childhood home.

I felt myself choke with unshed tears as I looked at the papers she extended to me. The deeds were still in her name, but she had written the necessary documents for the trespass of ownership.

"I grew up hearing about you. In my teen years, I thought my grandma had idealized you a lot. And that it was a bit much that she had managed to seize your parents' state and keep it pristine. She rented the place and put all the savings in one place. It's like she expected some distant relative of yours would materialize one day, and she would give it back to its rightful owners."

I was surprised. "Why didn't she keep the money?" I wouldn't have minded at all. She made all the effort with the place.

She shrugged. "My grandpa tried to tell her to keep the money. My mom and I tried to tell her too, but she never waved."

I smiled. It sounded like her. It was sad that I lost contact with her after I moved from Chicago. She was a good friend. And her deeds showed it.

"Here's the bank account with all the details and written permission to withdraw the money if you choose to do so. As you see, I'm the owner of the account since you were dead, and obviously, the dead don't have bank accounts." She spoke nervously as she slid through the table another document.

I showed Edward the numbers, and he whistled. It was a lot of money. Of course, it had gathered interests, and it had been invested wisely and all that stuff I didn't know much about. Garrett always managed my finances, and he used to explain things to me as you would explain things to a five-year-old. I was terrible at stocks, and investments, because I didn't understand the world.

Now, Emmett helped me with that, and with his patience, I was beginning to understand a little bit more about some things.

Still, it was money that I hadn't worked, that I hadn't managed or produced. It might have been my property that was rented, but it was all thanks to Tabitha's family. So, it didn't feel right to take the money.

I slid the bank documents back to her. "Please, I want you to keep the money your family made from renting the house. It's only right."

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. "What?"

I nodded. "I want you to keep the money."

Edward squeezed my thigh in support. In another context, that gesture would have sufficed to incite a very delicious series of events. Like the ones we spent our entire honeymoon doing.

"Talk some sense into her," Tabitha said to Edward.

He chuckled. "I don't have to. She made her choice. And it's her money. If she wants you to have it, then it's for a good reason. I support whatever she chooses to do." Was it any wonder why I loved him? I kissed his cheek in thanks. I will thank him properly later.

Tabitha sighed and had no other choice but to take the documents. "Thank you." She said softly.

I only smiled. "I don't know what put you on my path today, but I learned not to questions the workings of fate." She continued. "I should be going. My husband is waiting for me." She stood up, and so did we.

I guess I should thank the hungry and crazy vampire that had turned her. She shared Peter, Charlotte, and Jazz's fate. Even my own, to a degree, as far as I knew.

I reached out first and enveloped her in a hug. I didn't have words to tell her how grateful I was to have my home back.