Title: Tempting Torture

Author: Vix

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Rating: pg-13 *sexual inference*

Category: Sirius/ Remus Slash

Author Notes: I've never written any slash and I've never written a Remus/Sirius fic so tell me how I did. I didn't specify which character the POV is from so feel free to guess and tell me who you think it is- please Feed Back

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There are bite marks all along my neck... I can feel them as if the teeth are just ripping into my flesh over and over again. It's actually quite an extraordinary feeling... Painful yes... But not even slightly off putting... Pleasurable? Extremely.

It's as if he's marking me over and over... Every time our canine forms comes out of their shell and into the light. Into the primal world we share as our own.

What a beautiful mate I have. In human form he is wonderful. Sleek and graceful beyond feline intuition. His body fits against mine in such sweet surrender in the late nights. His hair is spun silk as I grip it at the bade of his neck drawing those soft chaste lips into my feral passion.

His eyes are the only things that have truly changed in the years we were separated. They're harder now. A knowledge he didn't have in the beginning he has now and it is obvious this is a knowledge he wishes he didn't posses. A burden... Memories perhaps, of the lonely nights filled with loss and the feeling of betrayal on both accounts... Lonely nights I now wish to eradicate from his mind with my sweet kisses and tantalizing touches meant only for his pleasure.

He never lets me have all the fun though because I always find myself pinned downs and deliciously tortured at least once a night... This torture I can tolerate as can he... I can beg for it ... As does he...we can live for it... And we do.

~*~*~*The End*~*~*~