In doubt of where to go

He does not move when you kiss him, and for a second, you teeter on the edge of fear, wondering if you've done the wrong thing if he'll push you away just like everyone else. Then he kisses you back, his lips moving deeper into yours only as much as you've moved into his. He matches your movements moment for moment, never doing anything without you doing it first like he's learning how to kiss from your example. Like you are kissing yourself.

"Is something wrong?" he says, in the aftermath.

"No," you say, running a hand through the perfect snow of his hair. "Nothing is wrong."

From far away, a young boy was seeing this unfold; he found it disgusting that someone he saw as a friend is now kissing the girl he liked, although he already saw how the ending of this timeline is going to end, he decided not to touch this universe and jumped onto the next one.

Entering the portal, he took another look behind, after seeing Kaworu and Asuka leave he entered and made his way towards the tree of "Shinji" as he liked to call it, the tree that stores all the worlds of all Shinji. As per usual, he checked on the prime universe to see if there was any sort of change, but again, as always and as usual, this is redundant.

"Earth 10393227. Interesting world to say the least…but not the one I'm looking for." Said the boy, removing his hoodie that hid his face showing his true self.

Shinji Ikari

Earth: ?

Age: 28

Sitting on the tree, Shinji decided to take an eye shut for a while. Not that it mattered, time and space do not exist in this place, he could sleep for days here, and in other words, it would feel like he slept for an hour.

His peace was cut short as he heard the sound of branches being cut off, he was on his feet and checking on the tree. Another branch fell off, Shinji was shocked; this had never happened before

"An anomaly? But why would someone go- I need to check up on this." He said as he started to track the anomaly movement pattern. Finally finding the next earth it was going for he opened the portal in hopes to stop this person or being that is attacking the earth.

Earth: 10023

Name: Evangelion Kindergarten.

The sound of children running around could be heard as three individuals watched over them

"Phew, these kids sure are hard to keep them in check" wiping the sweat from her forehead, Misato looked at the kids as they played around.

"Well, better start getting used to it if you plan on having kids with mister spy over there, Misato." Replied Mari as she was fixing her nephew's uniform.

"Auntie, I no like this," Shinji said while pouting.

"If you don't wear this sweetie, Susu will be angry with you. You don't want Susu to be mad right?" said Mari.

Shinji looked at his Auntie first and to Soryu and her little sister Shikinami before nodding his head with a big smile and started running to play sandcastle with the girls.

This happy moment was short-lived as a dark cloud started to appear in the place where Shinji and Asuka were playing, making the adults worried and the other children looking in awe.

The cloud disappeared as soon as the person set his foot on the ground and starting to analyze their surrounding.

"Um…can we help you?" asked Mari with a concerned voice.

The mystery person raised their hand to her.

And an AT-Field sent Mari flying to the table where she and Misato had been a moment ago.

The kids started screaming with some of them crying, the person grabbed a hold of Shinji and kicked the other two Asuka's away.

"M-MOMMY!" Screamed little Shinji as he was being taken away.

The person did not see the punch that came to their face.

Shinji had arrived just in time to catch this person before they ran away with the kid version of his.

"Are you okay little buddy?" asked Shinji as he put the kid version on the ground.

*Sniff* raising his little head to face the adult that saved him the little boy asked "Is auntie okay?"

Looking up to check on Mari, he could see she had passed out but all in and all, she was fine.

"Yeah, your auntie is okay." He replied with a smile as the little Shinji was tackled by the two Asuka's who were crying for him.

Looking at the direction the person was sent into, he could see that they were wearing a mask with the infinity symbol.

"You know, an anomaly like you shouldn't be jumping earth from the earth. Do you know how fragile these worlds are?"

"I know very well what I am doing and I won't stop until I have destroyed those worlds and have all the Shinji Ikaris from them," replied the mysterious figure.

"All the Shinji's? You have a bone with him or something?"

'Why does it want all the same thing, Shinji's?'

"That is not for you to hear, and you are staying in my way, move or else." The figure replied as it raised its hand and taking the fighting posture.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but I won't let someone do as they wish for a stupid desire."

"That's a bit ironic coming from you, I know you jump to earth from the earth in search of something you like."

Getting angry from what they said Shinji began using his AT-Field.

"An AT-Field? Ha, that's rich, what are you going to do with that? Try and slam it on my hea-" they didn't finish the word as Shinji's AT-Field took the form of a spear, launching on the person and piercing their stomach. Already wounded by the attack they could see that this…this protector was not someone to joke around with. They were still too weak to fight someone like him, so they summoned the portal behind them.

"Honestly, *cough* I didn't expect you to actually be a threat. You got me off guard this time but I'll make sure next time we cross paths, I will be the one who will kill you, Protector." As the figure let their body drop to the portal behind them.

Seeing as the battle was over and the being was gone Shinji went to check on Mari, in case something was broken from the blow she had received. He used the At-Field to scan her body for further injuries, and slowly regenerated her jaw, as it had been cracked by the blow.

"Is she going to be alright?" a female voice reached his ear, looking behind he was face to face with his mother, Yui Ikari.

"She will be fine, I already fixed the broken bones, she won't wake up for at minimum 8 minutes." Raising his feet's he opened a portal but before taking another step, Yui grabbed his arm asking "Before you go…thank you, for saving my son. Can I know your name?"

"…My apologies but my name have to remain a secret." Without another word he entered the portal, leaving behind a very confused Yui.

"Y-Yui, what happened? Are the kids alright?" Kyoko said as she came running to the backyard of the kindergarten.

"MOMMY!" the voice of Shinji and Asuka's came as they rushed to their mother's crying. Yui and Kyoko picked them up, assuring them that everything was okay and giving their children a peck on the cheeks.

"That guy…something was off about him."

With a frown, Kyoko looked at her friend and asked "What was it?"

Moving so her friend could see her face she replied to Kyoko's question "…he was using an AT-Field…"

To be continued…

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