Title: Boarders and Babes

Author: Vix (vix_chic@hotmail.com)

Rating: PG13- R (No bad sex scenes like TNCAS but there's cursing)

Disclaimers: I own the story and the characters belong to UPN, WB, etc..

Summary: Each was the best...the badest...well... That was until they met each other.

Category: AU

Author Notes: I know I haven't done this in a while but as I remember I was decent so tell me what ya think! All criticism is welcomed!

Part One:

"Rise and Shine! It's practice time!" Liz said as she jumped on her sisters' beds.

"ARGH!" Isabel cried as she rolled over.

Liz got off of Isabel's bed and ran over to Maria's.

"GET OFF!" Maria cried trying desperately to throw her off.

"Come on and get your asses up!" Liz said as she stood and watched the two lumpish forms on the beds roll over and not budge.

Liz ran over to Maria's stereo and turned it on cranking it all the way up.

"GIMME FUEL GIMME FIRE GIMME EVERYTHING I DESIRE!" The stereo wailed as it gave the two dazed teens a heart attack.

"GIRLS! TURN THAT RACKET OFF!" Yelled their mother.

"Sorry mom!" Liz yelled as she turned around and ran from her sisters who were quickly getting out of their beds.

Isabel and Maria gave up on the chase as Liz sped down the stairs.

Maria and Isabel looked at each other before turning around and getting dressed.


"What the hell is that?" Alex asked popping straight up in bed.

Max opened one eye and looked at him, "The alarm clock."

"Oh," Alex said as he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Michael, with out even opening one eye, slammed the alarm clock across the room.

"Thanks." Max and Alex mumbled.


"So do you know who you're against Friday?" Isabel asked as she skated along beside her sisters. She let the morning awaken her skin to the fresh breeze as it whipped her long blonde hair around her shoulders barely clad in a red tank top.

"I think East is bringing their people down and entering. At least that's what I heard at school." Maria said as she slowly crept down the street beside Isabel and Liz.

"Does it matter?" Liz asked as they reached the end of the street. She glanced down at the drop off. Dead Man's Dive. They skated it everyday they went to the shop.

"I'm still gonna win." Liz said smiling at them as she took off the other's close behind.

They loved to skate. Each had had a fondness for it for as long as they could remember, but they each had something they loved more.


"Morning Girls!" Kyle said as he watched the three girls speed into the garage twirling in line to stop themselves.

"Morning!" Isabel said sitting on a car to take off her roller blades.

"We booked?" Maria asked sitting next to Liz on the workbench.

"Almost." Kyle said reviewing the appointment book, "How's my dad? He didn't come home…"

"No parent talk or I'm gonna puke!" Liz said shuddering at the thought of his father and their mom together.

"I feel you!" Maria said jumping up and walking to the fire red motorcycle in the corner.

"Morning baby." Maria cooed to her bike.

"I wish I got a greeting like that." Kyle smirked.

"Jealous Bro?" Maria asked as she lovingly running her hands over her most adored possession.

It was a deep yet lively crimson with flames flickering like molten lava in the sun. Across the side 'Bitch on Wheels' was wrote in old English letters.


"Do we gotta get up?" Max whined as he rolled over covering his eyes from the noontime sun.

"Man," Alex said throwing a pillow at his brother, "Who lied to you?"

"We gotta practice." Michael said throwing the pillow back at Alex.

"Screw that." Max said pushing himself up and looking at Michael, "No one can take me as it is."

Suddenly he was bombarded with pillows from each side.

"I was just playin'!" Max said as his brothers laughed at him.


"It's about time you three crawled your asses out-a bed." Tess said as they slowly walked down the stairs leading to the garage.

"Bite me." Michael said smirking as he plopped down on the worktable.

"Besides today's just practice we don't actually have to work or anything." Max said scrubbing his face with his hands.

"Mom and Dad called." Tess said her expression serious.

"And?" Alex asked picking through the Doritos bag in his hand for the cheesiest chips.

"Let me guess." Michael said before Tess could answer, "Some business has come up and they'll be longer than expected. Right?"

"Bingo." Tess said frowning.

"That'll be what? Three months now?" Max asked.

"And counting." Alex said chomping loudly.

Silence fell over the four siblings.


"Later guys!" Liz called as she grabbed her board and headed outside. As soon as she got far enough down the sidewalk she started to do the best thing in the world. The only thing that made her happy and set her free. She skate boarded down to the ramps they would be racing on.

She scanned the site. Liz kicked her board up and sat down on a bench studying the new competition from East.

She watched one guy pull some simple twists on the warm up ramps.

As he rolled away from them she boarded over kicking up her board beside him.

"Nice title." She said noticing that his helmet said 'Hell on Wheels'.

"Nice title." Max patronized Liz as he slowly boarded around her.

Liz looked down at the bottom of her board and smiled, 'Bitch on Wheels'.

Out of spit she struck her foot down on his board causing him to pitch forward.

There was only one flaw in her prank. He fell on her.

"Get off!" Liz said pushing against his chest. She took a mental note of the hardened muscles under her hands.

"Your fault." Max grumbled, as he obliged her request.

"Bite me Boarder Boy." Liz quipped getting on her board and jetting away.

"Anytime you want." Max uttered under his breath as he pushed off in the opposite direction.


"Yeah dad. We understand. We'll be home around twelve." Kyle said into the phone as he leaned against a dirty workbench, "We took care of everything. It's FRIDAY! Please? Please? Come on. Dad I don't need to hear that you know. Thank you. Love you too."

"So?" Liz asked as she twisted her greasy grubby top in her hands.

They had been working all day. All four were covered from head to toe in grease and oil from the auto mechanic's shop Kyle's dad owned.

"We have to be home by twelve." Kyle said before taking a deep breath, "And he said that we should stay here tonight."

The other three looked disgusted as they attempted to rid their minds of why he would want them out of their house… alone with their mother… mental shudder.

"All right. I'll go first." Isabel said as she bounded down stairs to the basement showers where they always bathed after a hard day so as to not clog the house pipes with loads of oil.


"You're gonna wax that car to death." Liz said as she polished the sides of her board.

"I like when it shines. It intimidates the other feeble competitors." Isabel said an evil smile on her cherry lips as she rubbed her hands down the hood of her car the crimson paint flaring against her skin. There were flames coming from the back forward just as Maria had on her bike. The message, 'Bitch on Wheels' stood the same only it was located in a different place. On the back of the car across the mirror in old English text, just as her sisters' written, was where it was located. It was bold and proud, it matched the sisters perfectly.

"For some odd reason I am very glad that I am not competing against any of you." Kyle said as he tinkered with Maria's motorcycle.

"I told you that everything is in line already! I know my bike inside and out." Maria huffed next to him making sure that no adjustments were made.

"I'm 'bout to go get ready." Liz said fingering her belly button ring as she walked down the basement stairs.

"Nervous?" Isabel called down to her little sister.

"Not at all." Liz said stepping into the shower.

She was the last to get ready. As usual.

It never took her as long as it took her sisters or even her almost brother. She quickly scrubbed down and rinsed off before getting out and toweling off.

She slipped on a guy's small wife beater and a pair of baggy red pipes. She hooked her wallet to a chain and put it in her back pocket.

She gazed at the small mirror in their little room. She twirled her tongue ring around in her mouth before putting her hair into a pony and going back upstairs. Tonight she was gonna blow their minds.

"Why can't you wear baggy shirts like the rest of the boarders?" Kyle asked scowling at Liz's lack of a top.

"Cuz' this is my style. Gotta problem with it? I could surely adjust your point of view." Liz said staring at him menacingly. She hated being told how to dress.

"Geez. Breathe man. I just don't want guys gawking at you." Kyle said holding up his hands in defense.

"Jealous?" Isabel asked putting her hands on her hips. She too wore baggy pipes and a small top. Only her top was fire red and tied in the back and around her neck.

Maria too wore something similar. She wore tight pants as to cut down on the wind resistance when she rode. Her top was a bright ruby halter. Exposing her back and shoulders. Not to mention a nice section of midriff.

Liz was the only one who ever got criticized for her wardrobe because Isabel was the oldest and Maria was the middle child. She was the baby. And that came with a lot of limitations.

"Yo, we ready or what?" Isabel asked as she opened the door to her car and slid in. The car door glistened with the movement. Yeah Isabel was intimidating and had a car to match.

Liz smirked at her sister before slipping into Kyle's mustang.

Maria kick started her bike and led the way to the tracks.