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Ash, along with Cynthia and Diantha got a Key stone each from professor Sycamore in exchange for allowing said professor to gather data about both Ash's Greninja as well as Cynthia and Diantha's respective mega evolved pokemon.

Ash battled Cynthia first and won with mostly ease and then won against Diantha with almost as much ease, Diantha's type advantage making the battle a little harder than Cynthia's neutral battle.

Chapter fifteen: back to Kanto with a prankster

*Last chapter*

He watched Serena coming closer and something clicked in his head. "Oh right, Serena, someone asked me to let her out when I see you… Professor! Sophie! Come here! I have something to show you two! Think of this as a thanks for giving us the Key stones!" he shouted.

The two older people made their way over to the group of teens and looked at Ash questioningly. Ash grinned as he pulled out a pokeball and threw it into the air.

As the pokeball opened, mew came out with a somersault. Professor Sycamore dropped back like a sack of potatoes, unconscious while Sophie was gaping at the little legendary pheline.

Mew looked around and went towards Ash but after she continued looking around, she saw serena. "Serena!" she screamed in her pokespeech as she tackled the girl back. Serena laughed. "Hey mew, It's good to see you again." she said.


Aria and Sophie, being the only ones who had no Idea about Ash's mew, other than Sycamore who was laying on the ground unconscious, both looked in absolute shock at the small feline legendary pokemon as it interacted with Serena, someone who apparently was one of the people Mew got close to.

"I see you are doing well, Mew. I'm happy to see you still remember me.." Serena said to the small pink pokemon that was in her arms.

Mew pouted at Serena, that or what Serena translated into a pout. "You thought I wouldn't remember you? You are mean! And after I directed Ash to where you were wounded leading to him saving you I thought you knew me better than that!" she said telepathically into Serena's head, her tone of voice reflecting how hurt she was.

Serena patted Mew's head. "Don't be like that, Mew. you know what I meant. I haven't seen you in over two years so I was afraid you might have forgotten about me…" she explained.

Mew huffed as she turned her head to the side.

Ash laughed at the two as he walked over.

He stood at their side and wrapped the two in a hug. "Come now, Mew. don't be angry at Serena… She is just glad to know that you still remember her. You both missed each other a lot so don't fight now…." he said warmly as Mew and Serena looked at each other.

Mew lowered her head as she nodded. "Sorry… I just really missed you and expected you to be happy to see me…" she said quietly in Ash and Serena's heads.

Ash released their embrace as he kissed Serena's cheek. "I think you can take it from here. Have fun you two!" he said, walking over to check on the unconscious professor.

Serena looked at Mew as she smiled. "But I did miss you… both you and Ash. I missed you a lot. It was pretty lonely without you two and the rest of Ash's pokemon… It was only me and my mom so I didn't really have much to do…" she explained.

Mew looked up at her as her eyes sparkled. "Really? You really missed me? I'm so glad!" she said happily, again straight into Serena's mind.

Serena tightened her arms around Mew, the small pink pokemon going into her chest. "Don't worry Mew. I missed you a lot so you have nothing to worry about." she said happily.

Suddenly, Professor Sycamore jumped up and ran over to Mew and Serena.

Unluckily for him, Mew was between serena's breasts and as he stared at her with his eyes sparkling, Serena felt uncomfortable and smacked his face, knocking him back on his ass.

"Only Ash is allowed to look at my chest!" She shouted at him, turning around and covering her chest.

Mew quickly teleported away into Ash's arms, not able to stay in Serena's arms as the girl almost choked her to death.

Ash patted Mew on the head as Sycamore jumped back to his feet.

The older professor ran towards Ash and Mew, stopping before the two and analysing Mew with his eyes.

"Wow! Ash, where Did you find Mew and how the hell were you able to capture it?!" he asked in excitement.

Ash and Mew looked at each other. "Well… I wouldn't say I found her… It's more like she found me… she Introduced me to the pokemon who gave me the Eggs I hatched into my pokemon as she did, I guess she started to like me enough to become my first pokemon… I know it's A little weird but That's what happened. I captured mew when I was five years old during Professor Oak's summer camp disguised as a Poliwag, which was the pokemon I was requested to find during the scavenger hunt. She actually was the one who helped me train in my Psychic and Aura powers, being great with both…" he explained.

Sycamore raised an eyebrow. "You never told us that you got your eggs from a pokemon… Who was it?" he asked curiously.

Ash shook his head. "I'm afraid I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to. Back then, I didn't recognize the pokemon and even to this day I don't. Though the fact that I forgot most of the pokemon's features could be why I still don't know what it was… I haven't seen that pokemon since then so I don't really remember how it looked…" he explained.

Serena looked at Ash in confusion, knowing well that Arceus was the one who gave Ash his pokemon eggs, being the only person around he revealed his secret to. She knew very well that Ash too knew who Arceus was and still clearly remembered her appearance. Serena shrugged it off as Ash not wanting to tell Sycamore or not ready to reveal his secret.

Sycamore nodded his head a little sadly but then he refocused on Mew. "You wouldn't mind if I research her a bit, right?" he asked hopefully towards Ash.

Ash shook his head. "Professor Oak already did. Go ask him for the result." he said, holding Mew protectively in his arms.

Sycamore looked at Ash in shock. "You mean to tell me that he had Info about Mew for the past ten years and he didn't tell us?" he asked in shock.

Ash shook his head. "No. I told him that he could have his research as long as he keeps it a secret until I first reveal Mew in a league tournament. The same now applies to you. I trust you to keep quiet about her until you see her in the Indigo league." he explained.

Sycamore nodded. "Alright, If that's the price for getting Information about Mew…" he said before he scratched the back of his head. "I'm gonna go ask professor Oak for that data now…" he said, running inside.

Everyone watched the grown man run inside like an excited child on a sugar rush with a sweatdrop before they followed inside, going for some dinner.

*A few days later*

Ash, Serena, Leaf, Misty, Geselle, Cynthia and Diantha all stood in front of professor Sycamore, Sophie and Aria.

Ash's group stood outside of the gate to the pokemon lab while the other three stood inside of the lab's yard.

"Well… as always, it was a pleasure seeing you, professor, Sophie, I hope to see you both again soon…" Ash said, grinning happily as he shook hands with Sycamore.

Sophie enveloped Ash in a hug, one of her hands going behind his head and pulling it down into her chest.

"Good luck in the Indigo league, Ash! Not that you aren't going to win it regardless." she said, total confidence in Ash's abilities.

Ash's hands went around her waist as he pulled her deeper into him. "Thank you. You can be sure that I'll win, no doubt about it!" he said confidently.

The two separated and Ash smiled at Aria, wrapping her in his arms and pushing her head into his chest.

"It's a shame you can't join us in Kanto… maybe you'll come with us later to Hoenn, seeing as there is something similar to your showcases over there… but I expect you to be the Kalos queen by the time you join us, just like I'll be the Kanto and Johto league champion!" As suggested, petting Aria's head as he grinned.

She looked up at him with a smile. "I will do my best! I won't disappoint you!" she said in determination as their lips met in a heated kiss.

The two broke the kiss and separated.

Ash walked back and wrapped his arms around the group of girls around him. "Well… see you three some other time, hopefully soon" Ash said and with a wave, the group of one man and six women disappeared into thin air and leaving the yard of the lab empty, the three remaining people going back inside.

As Ash and his group teleported back to Kanto, more specifically, the shore of vermilion city all the way back where they left on the St. Anne, a different Interesting thing was happening in another dimension.

*Hall of Origin*

A golden hoop appeared in the massive hall, opening and allowing a pokemon to fly out of it, the hoop acting as some kind of portal.

The small pokemon was a small Pokémon with no legs, two arms and two horns coming out of its round head, said head having what looked like a ponytail coming out of it. It wore yellow rings around its arms and belly as well as on Its horns. Its eyes are green with yellow around the pupil and its body is painted pink and violet. Finally, the pokemon's mouth was in the form of a grin and there was an Anime style blush on its cheeks.

The pokemon appeared in a massive, expensive looking room but more specifically, in front of a massive throne where sat a figure.

It was an equine being with Its body color being a white with some gray, it had vertically-striated underside, the pattern of which has similar recurrences on the underside of It's mane, tail, face, and it's pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves. Its mane is quite long, jutting away from its head, and its face is gray, with green eyes and red pupils, and a green circular pattern below its eyes. It also has a streak of gold coloration on its head, and ears that point upward. Its neck is fairly long, with two pairs of extrusions to the sides, and a flap-like feature on the neck's underside that is colored white like much of the body. It also has a golden cross-like wheel attached to its body by its round abdomen. The wheel also has four jewels attached to it. The pattern of striated gray of it's underbelly resumes past it's waist, the underside of it's limbs also being gray in coloration, and with extrusions at the tops of the legs. it's tail is fairly like its mane in shape and coloration. (I finally was able to find something close to a good description on whatever the hell Arceus is supposed to be!)

"Mommy! Mommy!" the small pokemon cried excitedly as it floated over to Arceus.

Arceus, already knowing the small pokemon's reason for visiting her, made a happy face as she watched the little pokemon approaching.

"What is it Hoopa?" she asked, acting as if she didn't already know.

Hoopa floated around excitedly as she looked at the pokemon she considered her mother.

"I met someone fun today! Can I go to stay with him? Pretty please!" she asked in a very childish manner, giving Arceus puppy dog eyes.

Arceus chuckled lightly at Hoopa's behaviour. "Usually, I would never agree for you to go with a human, seeing as your power is not something most humans can stay pure while it is available to them. However, the human which you picked is a good one. He is the Chosen one, the most powerful human to ever exist and the one I chose to keep the pokemon world safe from whatever is to come for it. Since I would have eventually asked you to join him, I would allow you to join his family." Arceus explained in Hoopa's head Showing Hoopa flashes of Ash's actions against people who did bad things, mostly his encounters with team rocket.

Hoopa grinned as she floated over and nuzzled herself into Areceus's face. "Thank you Mommy! I'm going to have so much fun!" She said one of her hoops floated off her horns and opened a portal to Kanto where she would find Ash.

"Try not to give him too much trouble… He has enough things to deal with already… just please be nice to him." Arceus said as Hoopa went towards her hoop.

"That's mean Mommy! I'm not that much of a troublemaker! I just like to have fun!" she said back angrily as she floated through her portal, the hoop closing and disappearing into itself as she left.

Arceus chuckled to herself. "If nothing else, It's going to be amusing for me…" she said to herself as she went to watch Ash's meeting with Hoopa.

*With Ash and his group*

As Hoopa and Arceus spoke, Ash and the girls appeared on the shore of vermilion city.

"Well… We're back here… we should go to drop our pokemon off at the pokemon center first. Then we could figure out what to do…" Ash said as he started to walk into the busy city or more specifically, the pokemon center.

The girls quickly joined behind Ash, Serena going right next to him. "I've heard that just outside of Vermilion city there is a great beach… How about we go check it out?" she suggested.

Ash smiled. "That's a great Idea. I bet you girls would look great in swimsuits!" he said happily, making the girls face fault.

They quickly caught up to him. "You can see us naked pretty much anytime you want so why are you so excited to see us in swimsuits. And besides, that's not the point of going to the beach. The point is to go swim and enjoy the water…" Leaf said, sounding exasperated.

Ash shrugged his shoulders. "There is a different kind of beauty to the female body when it is very teasingly revealed, showing a lot of skin yet not showing what truly matters. Plus, when your body is dripping wet in water it is very hot. Anyways, we can go to the pokemon center to drop off our pokemon and if you want we can even bring our water type pokemon to the beach with us and then go." he said, changing the subject without missing a bit.

The girls weren't surprised by Ash's explanation or his ability to change the subject in a heartbeat as they were already used to it and so, the group of seven continued walking to the pokemon center.

Once they arrived there, the automatic doors opened and they walked in. Seeing the center empty, Ash decided to announce his presence.

"Nurse Joy! We're back!" he said loudly, his voice echoing across the pokemon center.

The seven heard a few things falling and hitting the ground, some metallic thuds and some wooden. Next they heard feet rapidly thumping the floor. Finally, nurse Joy came running out of the back and after confirming that the voice belonged to Ash, she ran over and jumped into his arms.

"Ash! You're back!" she said happily, kissing him on his lips.

Ash's arms wrapped around her waist as they kissed, her legs going around his waist and her hands around his neck.

The two separated and Nurse Joy panted lightly as she looked at Ash. Ash grinned at her. "It's great to see you again, Joy. We're here to drop our pokemon off before we go to the beach. You want to join us?" he asked.

Joy bit her lip. "Sorry Ash. I can't. I need to stay here in case anyone comes in. my shift ends in three hours so as much as I would have liked to, I can't. However, I'll keep watch over your pokemon and wait for you in your room tonight." she said apologetically.

Ash nodded his head as he leaned in for another kiss, one of his hands leaving her ass and grabbing one of her tits. "Alright. But you'd better be ready for the night of your life!" he said cheerfully as he played with her breasts.

Joy moaned as they separated from the kiss. "I look forward to it. Now give me your pokemon so you can go as soon as possible and return sooner." she said breathlessly as Ash let her stand back on her feet.

Joy ran off for a few seconds and then came back with a tray.

Ash grabbed one of his pokeballs and threw it out, ninetales appearing out of it and nuzzling against his leg.

"Ninetales, do you mind watching over Serena's new pokemon? I think she might be a little scared with all of the other pokemon there…" he asked, motioning for Serena to release her only pokemon.

Serena threw her ball out and out of it appeared her first and only pokemon.

It was a small, fox-like Pokémon. It has yellow, orange and white fur. The fur on its long, pointy muzzle is white, while its body is mainly covered in bright yellow fur. It has fluffy tufts of vibrant, flame-orange fur protruding from its ears. Its eyes are round and bright orange with slit pupils. Its nose is round and black. It has a short, bushy yellow tail with an orange tip.

Ninetales walked over to the pokemon and sniffed it. A few seconds later, she looked back at Ash. "fine. I'll do it." she said simply.

Ash patted her head, making her purr in happiness. "Good. Now Fennekin, remember to stay with Ninetales. She will introduce you to everyone else." he said, going over and petting the other fire type fox on her head.

Fennekin nodded her head as she looked at Ninetales, walking over and sitting by her.

Serena walked over next to Ash and wrapped her arm around his back, laying her head on his shoulder. "Thanks for that, Ash." she said happily.

His hand went around her head and patted it. "That's nothing. You shouldn't be thanking me for that. However, if you want to thank me, we could get going and you could show me how good you look in your swimsuit…" he said suggestively.

Serena nodded as everyone gave their pokeballs to Nurse Joy, Ash staying with only Greninja, Cynthia staying with her Milotic and Misty staying with her Starmie, deciding to bring only one pokemon with her.

Ash left Gyarados with Nurse Joy for obvious reasons.

The group of three left the center and made their way towards the beach.

Once they made it there, the girls went to the girls' changing rooms and Ash went to set up their sitting spot.

Ash dropped his shirt as he entered the beach, walking around with his torso bare.

The female eyes were glued to him, not leaving his body for anything more than a blink.

He quickly found a place for them and sat down, getting seven chairs under a natural tree shade.

Finally, the girls came walking towards him and Ash could say he was very impressed.

All of the girls were dressed in two piece swimsuits, a different color for each of them.

Leaf had green, Misty had blue, Giselle had purple, Cynthia had black, Diantha had white and Serena had red.

Naruto enjoyed the way their bodies swayed with every step they took as they walked towards him.

Finally, they made it to him and he grinned widely. "You girls look great in those swimsuits… I honestly think the swimsuit needs to thank you girls for wearing it…" he said as he stood up from his chair.

The girls blushed at his complements as they eyed him. "You don't exactly look bad either…" Misty said as Ash and the girls placed their bags on the chairs and released their pokemon. Greninja, Starmie and Milotic looked at their trainers to see if there was a fight and after seeing none, went over to the water where they felt comfortable.

Ash and the girls quickly joined them in the water, enjoying the feel of the salty cold water against their skin. They swam, they splashed water at each other and finally sat down in the low water, just enjoying each other's company.

After they were all done, Ash and his group went back to the pokemon center where they left their remaining three pokemon with the others and went to their room to have a pleasurable night.

*Time skip: the next morning*

Ash, Serena, Leaf, Misty, Giselle, Cynthia and Diantha all stood in front of the pokemon center, Nurse Joy standing at the entrance and waving them off.

"goodbye Ash! Please come back as soon as possible! You are always welcome here too, girls!" Joy shouted after them.

The group left the city of Vermilion and went on the road towards Celadon city where Ash is going to have his fifth Gym battle.

On their way, Ash could sense someone following them and decided to wait. He didn't know if whatever it was actually followed them and not simply went in the same direction by accident.

After half an hour more, Ash decided to investigate. He released Ninetales's tail from his right hand and with Cosmog in his left hand, he teleported over to the rock which was where their follower was hiding.

When he appeared, he saw Hoopa floating to herself in front of him, her lips in the form of a grin as she looked at him.

"Awwww! You found Hoopa!" she said, pouting in mock sadness.

Ash looked at the small floating pokemon for a few seconds before what she said clocked in his mind. "H-Hoopa?" he asked in shock.

she giggled as she floated around Ash excitedly. "Yap, Yap, That's me! I'm Hoopa!" she said happily,

Ash finally noticed that she spoke human speech and not the normal pokemon speech which he translates. "wait… why can you speak normal human speech?" he asked curiously, his professor side kicking in.

Hoopa stopped in front of Ash's face as she grinned widely. "because Hoopa is Awesome! Hoopa is too amazing to only be able to say her name over and over!" she said happily.

Ash nodded his head slowly, deciding to drop that subject off for now. "Anyways, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Kalos?" He asked curiously.

Hoopa shook her head. "Nope! Hoopa saw you in Kalos and thought you were fun so Hoopa asked mommy Arceus to join you and Mommy agreed!" she said happily.

Ash grinned back at her. "really?! That's Awesome! I'd be honored to have you join my family!" he said happily.

Hoopa floated down towards Cosmog and placed one of her clawed fingers into each side of her mouth, pulling it open while her eyes crossed.

Cosmog giggled happily as she watched Hoopa making funny faces.

Ash grinned as he patted Hoopa on her head, his hand coated with psychic energy so he wouldn't pass through the ghost type pokemon.

"You are very welcome to my family. Plus, Cosmog seems to like you a lot so you'll fit right in!" he said happily, watching his adoptive baby giggling at Hoopa's funny faces.

Hoopa grinned as she floated back to in front of Ash's face. "Hoopa wants to know what your name is." she declared.

Ash chuckled lightly at her choice of words. "well… My name is Ash ketchum and this little girl is Cosmog." he said, happily petting cosmog.

Hoopa nodded her head. "Hoopa understands. Cosmog and Ash-kan." she said, not able to say Ash's full last name and settling on simply calling him 'Ash-kan'.

Ash laughed at the way she called him. "If that's what you want to call me then it's fine. I like it." he said happily as he pulled out a pokeball and pressed on it's button for five seconds, sending Gyarados back to professor Oak.

He then pulled out another ball and held it out to Hoopa. "alright. If you want to join my family, touch that button and It will be done." he explained.

Hoopa nooded, floating over and touching the ball's button with a clawed finger.

She was sucked into the ball and the ball bursted into a shower of stars.

Ash quickly released Hoopa and she came right onto his face, nuzzling herself into it. "That was fun! Hoopa wants to do it again!" she said in her overly excited voice.

Ash laughed as he returned Hoopa to her ball and released her back out, watching her giggle all the while.

And so, Our heroes continue on their journey, capturing new pokemon and making new friends. What more awaits them on their journeys? find out, as the journey continues…

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