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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Arche's Confusion

"HAIYA!!!!" Arche leaped into Cress' stomach as she woke him up. Cress stumbled in surprise.

"W-what??" He pulled himself together and found Arche on top of him, smiling.


"Arche?! Get off me!!" Cress pushed Arche away off him and off the bed. Arche leaped into the floor. "Just what the heck do you think you're doing??"

"I came here to wake you up!!! You're mom told me to go up and so I did." Arche replied with a big smile on her face.

"But it's six in the morning?!"

"Arche wants to invite you for breakfast!!" Cress frowned at Arche's words. He knew how awful Arche cook. "I've been practicing a lot lately."

"Anyway, could you please leave my room??"


* * * * * * *


"Tee, hee! Do you want to visit my pace?! I've already prepared breakfast!"

"Uhm." Cress hesitated. The last that he ever wanted to do was taste Arche's cooking.

"Tee, hee! Arche giggled. "You're too easy!!! I can't believe you fell for it." She continued. "Anyway, Mint asked me for some pancakes and chocolate at her place. I dropped by because I thought maybe you'd want to join us."

Cress was surprised to hear Arche's words. Maybe Arche has already realized that he only sees her as a sister.

"I wanted to thank her for chaperoning!!" Arche added.

Cress sighed. I thought so.

* * * * * * * *

After visiting Mint's house, the three of them made their way to school. They've met Chester along the way.

The four of them attend the same school. Arche, Cress and Chester were childhood friends since kindergarten. They've grown up together, living in the same block.

Mint has just transferred in three months ago. Since then, she had tons of suitors. What could she do? She's very pretty, having long, golden blonde hair. Every guy wants her.

She's been hanging out with Cress and his friends because of a special reason. There had been a time when a bunch of gangsters tried to harass her. Luckily, Cress was walking downtown and spotted them. He helped Mint. Since then, Cress has been, somewhat he's knight.

* * * * * * *

At lunch, Cress asked Chester to meet him in the school's rooftop. He asked Chester for some private matters.

"Chester, I need your help!!!"

"'Bout what?"

There has been a moment of silence. Then, Cress began.

"I. I want you to go out with Arche!"

"W-what?!" Chester was surprised with Cress' sudden words. He was actually surprised to hear those words. True, he has adored Arche very much. But, no one knew about his feelings towards her.

"Please Chester! You're the only one who could help me."

"Why?" Chester wondered why Cress was acting that way. Chester has always envied Cress for winning Arche's attention. He has already given up the fight because he knew that he didn't stand a chance against Cress.

"See, I've asked Mint out this weekend."


"We've never had spent some quality time together." Cress sighed. "We've already gone out a couple of times, but, no matter how hard I keep it a secret Arche's seems... Arche has some good noses."

"What about it? So what if Arche finds out about your date?"

"Well, Arche always interfere!!!" Cress started. "She claims ME as HER date!!! And, she keeps complaining on why I had to bring a chaperon?!"

Chester can't help sympathizing his friend. He made up his mind in helping his friend. Well, here goes nothing! He prepared his words. "So, what's the plan?"

* * * * * * * *

That weekend, the four of them went to an amusement park. Chester went with Mint while Arche tied herself with Cress. After some rides, the four of them sat on a bench to have some rest. Chester proposed to have some ice cream and asked Arche to help him out. Arche agreed.

While the two of them were gone, Cress and Mint left the bench. They proceeded to their plan and had a date of their own.

"OOOOOOHHH!!! Where the heck has gone???" Arche exclaimed. "I can't believe they're gone and left me with such a loser!"

"Hey don't complain, I've got nothing to do with it." Chester crossed his finger.

Arche frowned.

"Well, there's nothing that we could do. Why don't we take a walk for a while? Maybe we'll bump with them." Chester thought about Cress' schedule to avoid meeting up with them.

* * * * * * * * * *

The two of them went to almost all the corner of the park. They've ridden almost all the rides. A little later, Arche thought of visiting one place.

"Let's go to the spook house!!!" Arche delightfully suggested. Her anger was now replaced with thrills and enjoyment. It was obvious that she was having a great time.

Chester too, was having one of the finest days of his life. To be with Arche is like a dream that has come true.

"Are you sure?"


"Talk to yourself. I bet you'd be the one who'd first scream."

"Place your bet on it." Arche accepted his challenge.

None of them spoke a word when they've entered the spook house. Both of them braced themselves for the surprises.

Arche seemed to have a good time. The sights in the spook house were not scaring her that much. There were vampires, mummies, tombs, witches and everything. Arche gave a good laugh at them for failing to scare her.

Chester kept his eyes on to Arche. That sight was the best that he could find. Nothing from the spook house stole his attention.

Arche stopped and started laughing.

"What now? This is supposed to be a spook house and not a fun place."

"But I can't help it!" Arche tried her best to keep her laugh. "T- that zombie looks like you!!!" She laughed harder as she pointed the skinny zombie.

Chester frowned. It did look like Chester.

Arche suddenly froze. The laughter in her face vanished.

"W-what now?" Chester asked worried about Arche.

Arche looked at her feet. She felt it; something was crawling in her feet. It was a mouse. She closed her eyes and started imagining that nothing was in her feet. "G-go away little mousy?" she shook her foot to let go of the mouse. "C'mon now."

But the mouse had no intention of leaving her skin. It climbed up to her knees. "Eeeeeeak!!!" She jumped unto Chester hugging him, hugging him tightly. The mouse freaked out and ran in terror.

"A-are you alright?" Chester asked him. He followed the mouse with his eyes and thanked it.

"Keep it away from me!!" She hid her face in Chester's chest.

Chester hugged her, just like a knight who'd protect his dearest princess. He wished the time to stop, but it was impossible. He loosened his grip and said "It's gone." He smiled.

"R-really?" She raised her face and saw Chester smiling. She blushed. She didn't realized what she was doing. "U-uhm. sorry." She left Chester's arm.

They left the spook house not talking to each other. Arche was embarrassed with what she has done while Chester smiled, reminiscing the events.

* * * * * * * * *

Nothing seemed to have happened after they left the spook house. Arche acted like usual, like nothing has happened. She has completely forgotten about the scene. Well, in Chester's case, he may never forget such event.

"How long does those two want to hide??" Arche complained. They were walking in the park while trying to find a place to sit.

The sun has almost disappeared in the sky.

Chester sighed. After all the events, Arche still seemed not to notice his feelings.

"Hey slowpoke!!!" Arche yelled. "If you don't hurry up we may not be able to find a seat!"

The two of them walked in the park looking for a vacant seat while looking for Cress and Mint.

"There!! There!! Behind the tree! There's a vacant seat." She raced to the seat that she found.

Chester followed her. "Can't you wait just for a sec?!" Chester complained. Chester stopped and looked at Arche. Arche stood beside the seat, shocked. "Hey! What happened?!" he raced towards her.

When he caught up with her, he looked to the direction Arche faced. They had found the other couple. Cress and Mint, kissing.

"Cress-kun." Arche's eyes began to water.

Chester stood there completely helpless. What can he do??

"CRESS." Arche was about to call Cress and Mint's attention when her mouth was shut. She found Chester kissing her, he hugged her tightly that she was unable to push him.

Please. just leave them. they're lovers, can't you see?! Chester wanted to tell her those things.

After a moment, she released Arche and found her crying. Arche placed her hands in her lips and shook her head.

"JERK!!" Arche slapped Chester and ran away.

Chester was left behind. With his hand in his cheek, he couldn't believe what he has just did.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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