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Bella was pissed. She was pissed with a capital P. She'd never been so angry in her entire life. Hands on her hips, she glared at her stepbrother and cursed the day her mother had met his father. Edward Cullen was the biggest dick known to man.

It all started six months ago when their parents had met and married while on vacation. Bella had been uprooted from two towns over and brought to the Windy City, where she now shared a too-small condo with that jerk. She was in a new city, surrounded by millions of people she didn't know, and starting a new life.

Out of the blue, Edward started dictating her life, telling her who she could date, which was practically nobody, and where she could go, which again was nowhere. Then tonight, graduation night, which should be a time for growth, moving forward into the future, and celebrating, he'd literally ripped Mike from the kiss they'd been sharing and jabbed him right in the mouth. Her poor date had run out of the party without a backward glance and a bleeding lip.

She swore to God, if she could get her hands around his neck, she'd choke him. Bella stood in the middle of the crowded after-party staring bewildered as his broad back retreated, his shoulders squared, and she was tempted to kick him in his knee. Infuriated, she stomped after him as he strode out into the hallway.

"How could you embarrass me like that? I could just … just kick you right now. Who asked you to mediate my life?" Bella stabbed her pointer finger into his back, only satisfied when he whirled around to face her. The annoyance she spotted in his dark blues was her only indication her words penetrated his thick skull. "You had no right to hit my date. You are such a dick. You know that, right?"

"You have been under my fucking skin since your mother married my dad," Edward growled, his hooded gaze narrowing on Bella fucking Swan. No matter where he went or what he did, this girl/woman had burrowed her claws deep and refused to release him. "The day I let you kiss a douche like Mike Newton, I will be six feet under."

Bella stomped her seventeen-year-old foot as she gritted her teeth. She could just bite off her own tongue or chew nails. Shaking her head, she whispered furiously, "That isn't your call to make. If I want to kiss the entire football team, I will."

"Over my dead body," Edward seethed, his face dropping within an inch of hers. Unbidden, his roaming gaze landed on Bella's soft, pink lips. The same wicked thoughts sprang to mind he'd been fighting for the last couple of months. No matter where he was or what he was doing, Edward was always thinking about Isabella Swan's fucking mouth. Yet, instead of telling her what was actually on his mind, Edward did the complete opposite. "I won't let you ruin my family name by acting like a tramp."

Bella gasped as hurt speared through her. Instead of caving to the slash of humiliation Edward's words suggested, the anger she felt was renewed. Before she knew what was happening, Bella lifted her hand and landed a stinging palm to Edward's dimpled cheek.

Edward's head jerked to the side with the force of the impact.

Before Bella had the chance to get out of dodge, Edward had her pressed against the wall with his massive chest huffing into hers. "Woman, hit me again, and I will bend you over my knee."

Bella should be scared of the animalistic glare in Edward's eyes, inspired by a spear of fear, yet as his chest heaved against her breasts, another emotion came alive. Perplexed and intrigued, Bella's chin lifted until the tip of her nose brushed his. "Don't tempt me."

"You think you are funny, huh? You are the sassiest person I have ever met," Edward informed her, his statement dropping an octave as the familiar craving clawed at his chest. Her sweet breath wafted to his nose, tempting him to throw caution to the wind.

Staring into her eyes, a crackle of electricity jolted through his blood, and his mouth went dry. Since Carlisle Cullen had moved Bella and her mother into their condo, Edward had been resisting this bone-deep desire to discover what she tasted like. Okay—she was technically his stepsister, and his battle with shame was quickly waning.

"Let me go," Bella sassed, yanking at her wrist still in his grasp. "I have a date to go find."

The mention of Mike again sent Edward right over the edge. Before he could refrain, his mouth slammed down over hers, playing roughly over hers, his tongue slipping across the seam. When Bella gasped in surprise, the tip slipped between her lips, tasting the sweet air she breathed.

Bella was in total shock. In no way had she ever envisioned Edward reacting this way. What was stranger than his reaction was the heat that streamed in heavy currents throughout her being. The sudden spear of his tongue darting into her mouth caught her off guard, and this intense hunger stole through her.

Hesitantly, she returned the erratic exploration, whimpering as he nipped her bottom lip with sharp teeth. Her free hand fisted in his shirt, her knuckles brushing the rock-hard abdomen beneath thin cotton.

Edward was fucking lost. When Bella returned his kiss with the same urgency, his chest vibrated with a rumble as his tongue tangled around hers. One hand still held her wrist in his hand, pinning it to the wall, while the other slipped up her side. The tip of Edward's thumb brushed the underside of her pert breast as his mouth broke free to kiss a path across her jaw.

Sensation upon sensation slammed wantonly through Bella as his teeth scraped the column of her neck. When his mouth would have returned to hers and resumed the onslaught, someone shouting broke through the daze that held Bella immobile. As reality came crashing in on her, she jerked out of Edward's arms, putting several inches between them. Her eyes went wide when she realized where she was and who she was kissing. Gasping, she yanked her wrist free from his loosened fingertips and pushed at the wall of muscle. "Edward, what the …?"

What the fuck had he done? Gaping down at her upturned face, Edward backed away as he sought to understand what the fuck just happened. The flavor of Bella's tongue lingered on his lips as he put several feet between them. His jaw clenched, and his nostrils flared, his lashes dropping into a glare. "Go the fuck home, Bella. Stay away from Mike, or he will get more than a fat lip."

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