I considered whether to do this or not but I can see Warren and Andrew being stupid and crazy enough to do this.

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"I really think this is a bad idea." Jonathan said uncomfortably. They had stolen the grimoire from Ethan Rayne and it was apparently full of the deadliest, most dangerous spells of dark magic.

"C'mon, don't be a wuss, Jonathan. Besides, he'll owe us for bringing him here." Warren said.

"Yeah, after he helps us get rid of the Slayer, we'll live like kings." Andrew said.

"Guys, I don't know—" Jonathan started.

"Do it." Warren ordered, handing Jonathan the athame knife. Jonathan gulped and shuddered, knowing this was a bad idea but what could he do to fight back? Warren had a sadistic gleeful look in his eyes, while Andrew just smiled, enthusiastic.

Jonathan cut himself on his hand and poured drops of his blood into the bowl.

"Hear our words, hear our voice
From the abyss, darkness rises

Let the Source come here and now
As commanded by our sworn blood vow

Flames suddenly burst from the floor, turning into a figure in a hood, whose face was cloaked in shadow but the figure gave already a scary impression as the Trio could feel themselves shrink in its presence.

"Who dares summon me?" The Source demanded with a roar that echoed throughout the room.

Without thinking, Jonathan and Andrew shoved Warren forward and backed away in fear.

"I did." Warren said. "I called you are and I want you to—"

"Who are you to command the Source of All Evil?!" The Source yelled as the figure enlarged itself and lowered its hood, revealing its disfigured face that sent chills down the spines of the members of the Trio.

"I-I-I… I mean, there is a Slayer here and she fights evil and we thought if you would—" Andrew started.

"I will deal with the Slayer when the time is right! There are more powerful warriors against evil I want to vanquish, so strong that she means nothing to me right now. And as for you…" The Source growled and the Trio looked like they were on verge of wetting their pants, when suddenly, they all screamed in agony, suddenly engulfed in flames. "Eternity of torment s a punishment for mere mortals who dare stand themselves to be above me! My demons will teach you all the true meaning of pain!"

Warren, Jonathan and Andrew writhed and screamed, shaking violently, consumed by flames until all that was left were three scorched spots on the floor of the basement as the Source shimmered back into the Underworld.

Poor Jonathan for really just having the misfortune of being there but no sympathies for Warren or Andrew, since they paid for their arrogance and stupidity. Did they really think they could tell The Source of All Evil, the most powerful evil and ruler of the Underworld and on par with The First Evil, what to do?

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