I am glad to announce my triumphant return to Fan fic! My exams have
finished, and I am back with another poem for all of you to read and review
for me!
Set in the chapter `The Breaking of the Fellowship.` From Frodo's point of
view. Just why did he leave Sam on the shore of the river that day?


"He made up his mind at last-to go. Where to? Off East. Not without Sam?
Yes, without even his Sam. That's hard, cruel hard" Sam, The Breaking of
the Fellowship, The Fellowship of the Ring


Never Without You, Sam

I cannot let you come Sam
You can't hold tight my hand
I cannot let you follow Sam
Please try to understand

You cannot help me this time Sam
I will not let you try
I'll row away without you Sam
I just wont say goodbye

Don't run up behind me Sam
I don't think I could bear
To see your life in danger Sam
Just for being there

I'm going on alone Sam
I've already left the shore
Do not try to follow Sam
You can't help anymore

Now you're slowly drowning Sam
I'll have to pull you out
I'm sorry I didn't stop Sam
When I heard I shout

You've been so very loyal Sam
So true and brave and kind
Now I'll make a promise Sam
I won't leave you behind


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