This is a special poem, written for my number one jellyfish fan. She asked if the previous poem from Frodo's point of view was to be followed by one from Sam's. Another of my 2 chapter poems. So I wrote one. It took me a long while to post it, because I lost it! I was looking to post it a few days after the previous one, but when I went to type it up, it wasn't where it should have been. It has taken me all this time to find it, but find it I did.

So at last it is here, enjoy.


"He made up his mind at last-to go. Where to? Off East. Not without Sam? Yes, without even his Sam. That's hard, cruel hard" Sam, The Breaking of the Fellowship, The Fellowship of the Ring


I'm coming Mr Frodo Sir

Don't go off with out me

You're leaving Mr Frodo Sir

I will not let that be

Stop rowing Mr Frodo Sir

I cry and shout your name

I'm frightened Mr Frodo Sir

I plunge in all the same

It's freezing Mr Frodo Sir

The water on my skin

I can't swim Mr Frodo Sir

But still I'm wading in

I'm trying Mr Frodo Sir

To swim across to you

I'm failing Mr Frodo Sir

I don't know what to do

I'm drowning Mr Frodo Sir

I wish it wasn't so

I'm hoping Mr Frodo Sir

You will not let me go

The sunlight Mr Frodo Sir

Is burning in my eyes

The water Mr Frodo Sir

Is muffling your cries

Don't leave me Mr Frodo Sir

Don't go when I cannot

I'm here Mr Frodo Sir

Don't tell me you forgot

You grab me Mr Frodo Sir

And pull me to your side

I'm joyful Mr Frodo Sir

I thought all hope had died

I'm crying Mr Frodo Sir

I'm cold and damp and wet

You hug me Mr Frodo Sir

I know you won't forget

Protect you Mr Frodo Sir

The Wizard told me so

I'm coming Mr Frodo Sir

Wherever you might go

You're leaving Mr Frodo Sir

And I am coming too

Believe me Mr Frodo Sir

I'd always follow you