To be clear, the lizard death thing was just after the crimson demon film. It had nothing to do with the earlier similar death.


In a somewhat comical happenstance, some kid provides a morally questionable distraction. All my earlier talk of saving people for good, being proved almost instantly wrong, while I use lurk to hide, which renders an invisible like-state.

I-it's for a plan. I just haven't thought of the specific details yet.

"O-oi, K-Kazuma? W-where did you go? What's going on, who's that plain-looking kid? Why are we in such a scary-looking alley? What day is it?! The 'day' comment is the most important! I need to spend your money if it's a bargain day. This is unmistakably an investment for Kazuma, who will be saving eris. Be grateful I'm such a generous person!"

In a skew of third-grader questions, Aqua says something important regarding my money. Spending my money when a sale is happening could be fine... But, this woman spends it every other day, including when the sale's happening!

I would scream at her about the logistics of money and math, but that will inevitably show my current hiding place. Plus, such an act will be pointless, with the dimwitted Aqua whose intelligence has stayed at a stagnated single digit of one.

"Yerug?! Fucking kid, I just wanted to share my goo. I'll fucking drown yah, cunt!"

After the plain kid drove his fingers into the abomination's eyes, he lost the goo persona and started showing a rather vulgar side. His eyes are closed from the blinding act, while his mouth seethes in anger.

My combo of create earth and wind breath could worsen his vision, yet that's a rather small move to make. I need a more finishing style of attack.

Furthermore, I'll unfairly be called scum for blinding an already crippled enemy. By my own judgemental teammates no less!

He's now shaking around. Rational thought is most likely gone. Megumin is being swung around much like a doll. Her face has a very calm look for such a marionette-like scenario.

"Megumin, innocent child bystander... I'll save you, I'll venture through that horrid-smelling liquid, and rescue you!"

Darkness almost has a completely innocent and noble intention in mind, but her panting and red face at the words; 'I'll venture through that horrid-smelling liquid', proves otherwise.

At this point, she's got a depraved book-full of sub-fetishes that come with being a masochist, such as goo.

The kid obviously had no plan after his reckless protagonist-like act, he's beating on the guy to no effect.

I have a small bout of nostalgia for the younger me, who hadn't witnessed the cruelty of the world. I had embarrassingly pictured myself in many scenarios where I saved some one-dimensional anime girl. The same scenario is playing out for the green-haired kid, but with a realistic edge of ineffectiveness.

This character trait I possessed led me to death, and this kid will possibly follow in my footsteps.

Anime truly does ruin lives.

"He-hey! I'll save you, c-can you get out?" The kid said with rampant panic.

"Ah, thank you for the assistance. I'll just stay here, my body is a little too constricted for moving. It's rather warm in this goo-substance. It has a similar feeling to settling into warm covers after a long cold day, or possibly a hot spring." Megumin said.

The explosion-maniac has a rather casual acceptance for situations like this. It's probably because of the people-eating giant frogs that have held Megumin prisoner in their lukewarm stomachs many times.

If she simply learnt something other than an explosion, which is highly useless in most enclosed situations, she could avoid being eaten or goo'ed.

The kid obviously doesn't accept Megumin's response, he's still beating on him like a wild animal...

Until his fists start sinking in, slowly...

I feel like there has been a misunderstanding or wrong perception, what a random and illogical feeling.

Obviously with the guy's blinded state and my lurk activated, I'm extra stealthy. Plus, with Darkness's distraction, I'm set to put my skills to use.

"ARRRGH! I'll save you! You, wicked creature who looks on with morbid goo-like lust, watch as I... I can seesh... Merghum, I'sms!"

Darkness runs straight into our attacker, only for her to be instantaneously swallowed whole by the goop. She's completely useless.

While she even fails at becoming bait, I crouch up behind him with silent stealth.

I extend my hands into the surprisingly warm goo. They quickly become absorbed into the slimy texture.

It smells wrong, like an old plate of salmon or some other food that smells bad when it reaches the expiry date.

I use my lich-skill; drain-touch, to suck away his life force from my hand's position, causing the mana-like spell to start draining.

"W-what is this feeling? It's more painful than my poor eyes currently feel. Is this for my crimes of trying to scare some kids? I was only gonna steal their shit. It's for my mother's underlining health conditions, I can't afford them, the receipts are too high. I don't deserve this, I'm sorry God, I'm sorry!"

The goo-man is more complex than a one off side NPC than I assumed, while he shares his life story that I don't care for.

"Everyones gone, I-I'm all alone! Wa, WAAAAA!" Aqua cries out.

Aqua with the current state of our party assumes the worst. In a somewhat touching way, she mourns us.

This girl is acting kind of cute... In an 'all my friends are gone,' way. Aqua is making me have fond-like emotions that shouldn't be associated with her.

She then proceeds to start wailing around, her eyes producing many tears.

"Oi, what are you saying? I'm here, I'm here!" Megumin said, clutched within the goop's hold.

Ah, I had somehow forgotten about the loli.

"I won't fall for any 'I'm here!' Scams, Kazuma, warned me about them," Aqua said.

I take back all feelings of fondness.

She's still uselessly standing there doing nothing. It makes my previous touched self crumble into indifference.

"Burrg, Im'sh droshings insh smellish goosh!" I hear Darkness scream in ecstasy inside the sewage-like liquid, she's not even visible.

Adding to the ever-growing list of absorbed people, the random kid seems completely developed in the goop.

During this I continued draining our current assailant, him writhing around with each absorb. My hands have even gotten used to the horrid texture. Until eventually, he starts to slowly diminish, his heap-like size slowly shrivelling.

"I'm melting! I'm saying such a classic line, while my height is diminishing. Who could have thought attacking people without knowing their quirk could lead to this!? It's completely fucking unthinkable. How will my mother survive now! She's gonna die... Why God! With me dead, who's gonna pay for her life-saving surgery? All because I used my quirk to its only advantage and played a creep! WHY?!"

Ah? it's probably only gonna knock him out. Why is he acting so dramatic? Also, what's a quirk? Is this a common form of miscommunication since I left Japan, is it new?

Well, supernatural activities seem more prevalent with this goopy-guy who is shouting his life story while I attack him, making his sad life seem comical.

"Ah! You killed all my friends! Megumin, who was an unstable child that needed therapy, and the moaning exhibitionist who worshipped that padded breasted scam-artist! I'll never forgive you! Plus, that poor innocent child. Also, that guy who paid for most things! I'll never ever forgive you! God-Blow!"

Aqua just said something that destroyed the little respect I didn't even have for her. Does she have such little faith that when I'm simply not there, I am assumed dead? What kind of weak trash-tier mob does she see me as?

She unnecessarily blows right through the already downed enemy. Her arm lights up in magic energy.


While Aqua's fist enters the gooey sludge, I hear a groan, presumably; the kid took some attack.


That's probably Darkness, because of the heightened pleasure-like scream.

The rancid-smelling goo is desecrated, bits and pieces flying everywhere around me.

The alley walls are practically painted in the green liquid. I'm also hit with the pasty slime, I'm covered in what is essentially sewage.

The child, and Darkness, are revealed, covered in sludge.

The kid's on the floor, panting from the ordeal, smelling like sewage. Darkness seems less affected, just panting...

Despite Aqua's actions that are usually useless such as attacking an already downed enemy, she's actually pretty OP.


I make such an unnatural noise when Megumin falls on my invisible form, which I hastily turn off.


My back makes an equally worrying sound while she hits me with a large thud.

"Get, off! You're extremely heavy for a small loli!"

"Oi! Didn't you leave us for dead, twice? Now, you have the gull to call me 'loli'? Well, Kazuma, this is very understandable, let me just get up!"

Using such an outdated word as 'gull,' truly pretentious.

"Ow! you're stepping on it, you're stepping on it! Plus, it's more accurate to say I was planning a strategic attack. Furthermore, technically, I was leaving you while I was dead the other time!"

"Even though everyone's fine in the end, it's like this... To think Megumin is into that kind of play," Aqua said, her eyes looking on in disgust.

"That conclusion doesn't make any logical sense! Cleanse the dirt off me, toilet goddess!" I said while stretching my goo covered arm, accentuating my reasonable request.

Attacking that criminal was a heroic decision, I'm aware of that, but...

I can't help and regret it; a hero isn't supposed to regret saving someone, yet I do.

The overwhelming feeling of not seeing my mom again, above other things, made me lament my actions immensely.

She's the perfect mom, supporting most of the things I do with a gigantic smile. I understand her hesitation in me becoming a hero. I'm just not physically capable compared to people with quirks. I'm not very talented, I can't survive a giant fall or a bullet wound.

It's the truth with being quirkless...

I just reject to accept what people prescribe me as being.

Despite my regrets, I'm glad I gave it a shot, which may be contradictory, but I can't express my feeling in any other form. Against what I thought earlier, I would still never be content if I did nothing, knowing that someone died, and that I didn't at least try to prevent it.

Now, my head is burning. I'm not even sure where I am. Did the slime person win, am I dead? I really can't tell with all the lack of senses. When I morphed into that liquid I've been burning in agony since...

I even estimated his quirk's skills, yet it didn't help. I couldn't do anything!

"Sacred Highness Heal!"

"Eh?" I said, in full confusion.

All previous feelings of pain are instantly gone, while a bright, pure light accompanies me.

"Hello mortal! Now, I saved you, and I expect daily worship to the great Aqua-Sama. Also, offerings, I need many offerings. If you could place around? Thirty, no! fifty bottles of expensive red wine that's brimming with sophistication outside of a shrine personally built in my hono... Owwww! You're pulling them off! You're pulling them off! Kazuma-San, Kazuma-San, I'm sorry for being cheeky! I regret it! I regret it! Stop!"

"EH!?" I repeated with equal confusion. I'm not dead or in a hospitable? Is the blue-haired girl's quirk healing? Did a hero save me, or was it them?

Also, why is he pulling her cheeks? Where is the slime? What happened? I have so many questions.

"Shut up! This is what you deserve, Aqua, you're truly retarded! This is possibly a chance for a fresh start, and you're already ruining it! Because of you, I look like I'm with a crazy person, again!"

"W-what do you mean 'again', Kazuma?!"

H-her name is Aqua? And he's Kazuma... What about the girl I saved?

"EH?!" I try to ask about the hostage girl, but I can only make this sound. I must not be over the shock. I can still feel my heart beating way too hard and fast.

"Huh, huh? Are you okay, you keep going 'EH!?' and stuff," the girl, Aqua said.

"Um? Y-yes, wh-what, wher-where is the g-girl?" I said, while getting to my feet.

My lack of social skills determines my stuttering speech, along with the extra challenge of her being a girl. Plus, the adrenaline of the previous events doesn't help.

"Are you talking about me?"

That young and feminine voice came up from behind me, to which I turn around.

I get a better look at her. She has a cosplay mage-like outfit with a big goofy hat that's too big for her head. I can feel my face light up from how cute she is, with silky black hair and a pretty face. I didn't even notice her alluring beauty.

"Oi, stop checking me out! Another scum-bag, Kazuma, you've got a perverted friend here! You two can both enjoy your degenerate hobbies together, like visiting that suspicious place!"

"W-what, ah? N-no, I'm sorry?" I said, my already warm face is on fire now, while an accusation is thrown at me. "How do you even know about the succubous shop!" Kazuma responded at the same time with something suspect-like.

"I'm being ignored! I'm being ignored! I'm like a secondary type-character, while everyone has some worthwhile interactions. Such an open case of neglect... mhmmmh~! Despite venturing in to save everyone, no one cares. I'm left to the side like an unaccomplished sow~! Kazuma, Kazuma, this feeling of casual indifference is amazing!"

From the side, a tall-looking blonde, beautiful woman said this. She's wearing expensive-looking armour that would easily fit a hero. I... forgot about her. From what I remember, she was mostly useless. But she tried, which I admire, greatly.

"M-Miss, I'm really not doing any of that. I just didn't n-notice you," I said.

"T-they didn't even notice me, and my attempt of re-rescue~! Mhhm~!" She said.

I-I meant 'notice' her now! I, of course, saw her heroic attempt. I-I'm not heartless!

"Trying to appeal at this woman's rational side is completely pointless. Any form of logic is lost to her disgusting fetish," Kazuma said.

"F-fetish?" I can only respond with a dumbfounded response at the pure absurdity of almost dying, then going t-to this!

"I-I don't have a fetish, t-this brutal man is lying! You can't trust him. He is considered a monstrous pervert. Both in his immoral panty stealing acts, and the scope of women he has sexually harassed! He's even called such accurate names as 'Kazutrash' and 'Scumzuma', y-you can't trust a word he says!"

I feel a migraine coming on...

Only moments ago I thought my mom wouldn't have a son anymore, n-now this!

"H-have you now decided to gain a more assertive side? I-I was only labelled those names because of the horrible rumours you spread around! What do you think women are gonna think when they see such a perverted girl getting off on verbal abuse? They unfairly assume that I'm the fetish enabler, which is the furthest thing from true!"

"Please, you're giving me a migraine... Can you start from a more, um? rational perspective?" I have a sudden feeling of assertiveness from all the chaos.

"Yes! That's the exact information I need. Now, what the hell is a 'quirk'? Has goo become a mob-like enemy? Also, I have anoth..."

I tune Kazuma out...

H-how doesn't he know what a quirk is? These people are strange...

I-I was the one asking questions, but it went like this...

"Errg! Owie!"

I notice the various splattered green has formed into a small sludge pile.

T-thank God that slime guy is still alive. No crime was committed both morally and law wise...


W-we should leave before he's up again.

Currently, we're sitting on a soft but mostly average couch in a moderately sized house, located in a small and cosy type neighbourhood.

It's such a shame that my party has to ruin the peaceful and homey atmosphere.

"T-there is no Axis-Order here... For such a tragedy to happen. H-hey, your mom's pretty fat. That can change if you join the Axis-sect, sign here. It's only a meagre signature! She'll transform into a true beauty that will leave sexually frustrated men like Kazuma thirsty. Plus, she will also be a lot more physically healthy. Such a thing will only benefit you! Not to mention the selfishness of leaving your own mother a lot less active. Only a monster like Kazuma would do that."

Not only did she use me for two unfavourable examples, but she called the 'Axis-Order not being here a 'tragedy'.

"Well, to be fair, I can see the words; 'Axis-Order' and 'tragedy' in the same sentence," I said. "D-don't talk about my mom!" Midoriya had such an angered shout that goes ignored.

"They are rather vile, the constant treating of me like a lesser human because of my faith. The glare's, the abominable treatment despite my noble status. T-the restaurant attendee who threw my food on the floor and forced me to lap it up like a dog! T-the horrid-living conditions they purposely put me into, with that appalling, sweat smelling bed..."

I ignore the rest of Depravatina's lust-filled rant.

"H-hey, Kazuma, t-they may be a little energetic... but they're good followers! Even Darkness agrees. See, she likes it."

Aqua said this, knowing of Lalatina's mental degradation because of a fetish.

As it unreasonable was, I'm not on my Earth. Or it could be my Earth but a different time? This place is apparently filled with mutants. Something so comic-like has happened here.

Once we were told of our current place, we went to the kid's; Izuku Midoriya's house, where his rather large mother pestered us about being his 'friend'.

I have never seen someone with such a proud and happy expression, only for Aqua to almost ruin it by saying we're not his friends. Which might be true, but can't she read the room? Luckily, she took it as some light banter.

She's now gone to get us snacks. Such an event of friendship I originally missed due to my antisocial nature.

"P-please, can we keep on the original track? S-so, y-you're from another world?"

"Was that scepticism in your voice? Hehehe, truly you have no idea of our strength. I was banished from my original plane of existence due to my sheer power! The gods themselves were just too scared of my EXPLOSIONS! As they rightfully should be," Megumin had such chuunibyou speech.

Midoriya seemed a little anxious at the word 'explosion', as any normal person would.

"No, it was Kazuma's fault," Aqua said something even worse than Megumin.

"ANYWAY! We have methods of proving our otherworld status. Aqua... No, I'll do the demonstration."

I hastily change the subject.

I almost asked Aqua for a demonstration which could've led to disastrous consequences.

I originally didn't want to tell him our other world status and be labelled as crazy, but Aqua and Megumin just wouldn't shut up once they learnt where we were. And despite my reluctance, a proud-side I thought I didn't have jumped out at his casual dismissal. Plus, Megumin's explosions.

"Create Earth, Wind Breath!"

I spray my combo directly into Aqua's eyes for a demonstration.

"AHHHHHH! My beautiful ocean-like eyes, they're burning!" Aqua screamed like a dying cat or something. "You mentioned that people can only have one quirk?" I said with a smug undertone to Midoriya.

"Kazuma, Kazuma, do that to me!" Darkness points at Aqua's pepper-sprayed-like form.

"Um? Well, that could technically, be two weak sub-points of a more powerful quirk. It's not a stretch to say your quirk is related to nature. I-I'm not calling you a liar or anything." He casual destroys my smugness.

He called my master-class combo... weak.

"U-um? Well, take this; Steal!" I aim said ability at Megumin. There is no way this could be seen as a weak part of a stronger 'quirk'.

"Don't!" Megumin said in an angered panic.

While green light envelopes my hand, and Megumin expression turns cold. I unfold a pair of black-lacey panties from my palm.

"Such a brutal man!" Darkness said. "Lolicon, scum, pedo, casual beautiful eyes assaulter!" Aqua said, despite not seeing the event unfold, and 'beautiful eyes assaulter' is very unheard of for an insult. "Kazuma, give them back... Scum." Megumin said such cold things.

I look at Midoriya for approval at my degeneracy, while I wave Megumin's panties around. His eyes are just as cold.

Don't tell me he's the generic woman respecter type?

"Give them to her, now." H-he sounds a li-little angry and monotone.

"I refuse." Despite planning to give them back, his casual disrespect for my culture has forced me to keep them.

"Y-you can't! That's, th-that's..." He's so shocked, I've won our little strength-of-wills game.

"Shut up! I'll get them back myself!" Megumin intruded.

"I-I wasn't saying y-you couldn't." He said in a wild panic.

"OWWW! You're breaking it off! It's gonna come off!"

Megumin jumped on me while attempting to get her black and lacey panties back.

"Megumin and Kazuma really do like this kind of play, Aqua wasn't exaggerating."

W-what objectively untrue things did Aqua tell Darkness?

"Apar-apart from that, I guess I can believe that you're from another world to an extent. The pure difference in those abilities would only work in a 'thief' or 'game' type quirk, which is mostly unheard of."

Midoriya's mother walks in. I've avoided the cliche of an embarrassing perception happening with Megumin, who has managed to slide her panties back on.

"Here, sorry, I took a little while. So, do you plan on staying a little longer, like a sleep-over, perhaps?"