Northwest High School looked the same when they returned. After many years, they were glad that it retained its old grandeur. They trekked through the schoolyard quietly, enjoying the experience.

They were back for the alumni homecoming reunion of their class. Finally, after ten years, they were going to meet up with their old high school classmates. They could see that most of them had arrived and were milling around the entrance of the school gym.

"Tomoyo-chan! Eriol-san!" Yamazaki Chiharu yelled cheerfully. She gave her old female friend a hug. Childish pigtails were replaced by a more womanly braid. "It's so good to see you."

"Chiharu-chan," Hiiragizawa Tomoyo said laughing "You look positively pregnant!"

"Congratulations," Eriol said as he shook the hands of his old best friend. Takashi kissed his wife's temple and smiled at them. "You've made your first miracle."

"It started with…" Takashi started to say until his wife pinched his side. "Sorry but I'm on rehab for lying."

"We can tell," Tomoyo said as he hugged her friend. "Did Rika-chan and Terada-sensei make it?"

"Yes, they're inside with their kids." Chiharu said softly as she stroked her very round belly. "Did you know they have two-year-old fraternal twins? They both look like Rika-chan! And Naoko-chan is engaged to marry a rich businessman she met in one of her book-signing gigs. They're canoodling on the library."

Tomoyo chuckled. She looked around, slightly amused. "This place makes me nostalgic."

"Where's Eriol-san going?" Takashi asked as he stared at Eriol's retreating back. He truly missed his great friend. If Eriol didn't settle down to become a lawyer, they could've pursued a career in stand-up comedy.

"Oh, to fetch the Li family," the mischievous wife answered airily. "They're having trouble dragging our children away from each other."

"You never mentioned you had kids!" Chiharu exclaimed, aghast that she didn't know this piece of information. She stared at Tomoyo's trim waist. "You don't look like you had them."

"I don't know what I did to keep the weight off," laughed the Daidouji heiress. She was taller than they remembered. Dressed impeccably in a cream skirt suit, she looked like the successful empress of a business empire which she really was. "Well, there they are."

Li Sakura walked towards them with a baby on her arms. Her husband was carrying a three-year-old toddler. They exchanged greetings as Syaoran set his son down. Tomoyo kissed the baby's forehead and cooed.

"You look so radiant," Sakura exclaimed as she stared at Chiharu. The years hadn't changed the Card Mistress's radiant personality and sunny disposition. Her light-brown hair had grown to her waist while her body boasted the full zenith of womanhood. She had grown even more beautiful than ever. "Congratulations on your baby."

"And you two are working hard," Tomoyo teased as she ruffled her godson's hair. "Aren't they, Kimihiro-chan?"

"How's your firm?" Syaoran asked as he turned to Eriol who arrived with his daughters. The tall brown-haired man was a strong and powerful force to be reckoned with. He deserved his title as the Li Clan Head. But he was also a loving husband and indulgent father. "I heard you're tackling a huge case."

"Oh, we're doing well," Atty. Hiiragizawa Eriol answered mildly. He had established his own law firm two years ago. His wife supported his career choice because he also represented the Daidouji and Amamiya group of companies. It was an arrangement that worked for all of them. "We'll win, won't we, my darling dears?"

Takashi and Chiharu chuckled as the cool and collected lawyer cooed at his daughters. They were introduced as Hiiragizawa Tomoe and Mizuki. The girls were three and two-years-old with bright blue eyes and very dark hair. Each of them had inherited something from their handsome parents.

"We have news," Sakura said with mock solemnity. Her emerald green eyes were laughing as she kissed her daughter's forehead. "Nadeshiko-chan will have a new baby sister or brother soon!"

"That's quick," Tomoyo quipped as she hugged her best friends. She laughed when Kimihiro turned to his friends with wondering eyes. "Your mother must be so glad that you're working hard at it."

They all laughed as Sakura and Syaoran crimsoned in embarrassment.

"How far along are you?" Chiharu asked as she kissed Sakura's cheek. "My son or daughter will be older than a few months, I'm sure."

"Three months," Syaoran answered promptly. His son fidgeted. Smiling, the father picked him up. Everyone stared. "What?"

"You look alike," Takashi breathed out.

"He's my son, dummy," laughed the little wolf. He gazed at his eldest son proudly. Li Kimihiro was the very image of his father with the same face, eyes and hair. "Of course we do look alike."

"They even sound alike," Sakura giggled "don't you, baby?"

"Papa," Kimihiro said aloud.

They clapped and laughed at the precocious child.

"He's very attached to Tomoe-chan," Eriol said absently as he handed his firstborn to her mother. Mizuki immediately reached up to hug her father's neck and snuggle up to him. He smiled as he stroked her head.

Tomoyo giggled as the four-year-old girl reached up to play with her hair. Kimihiro noticed his third cousin immediately and started babbling to get her attention. The dark-haired baby girl stopped playing and laughed.

"When you have your baby, please join us for a play date," Sakura suggested. She smiled mischievously. "We'll trade baby tips."

"Yes, I'd love that," Chiharu said as she rubbed the back of her husband's hand on her shoulder. Her eyes were twinkling. "We're moving back here anyway for Takashi's job. It's so great to be home."

"Well, let's go my dear," Takashi said gently. He grinned at his friends as he started to drag her back inside. "We're hosting again and we don't want you tired. See you around."

"We'll talk later, Chiharu-chan!" yelled Sakura as the brown-haired girl waved goodbye. She turned to her husband of five years, smiling. "I'm so glad that they got together. I heard that Chiharu's on maternity leave from her teaching job…"

"She's a great teacher," Tomoyo added. "I heard from one of my employees that Chiharu's just amazing."

"Well, Rika-chan's amazing too," said the Card Mistress thoughtfully "She'll be Head Nurse someday. I think her relationship with Terada-sensei inspires her."

"I heard from Chiharu-chan that Naoko-chan is engaged now," Tomoyo said conversationally. "As a pretty and intelligent book authoress, she's quite a catch."

The men chuckled as their women exchanged news and gossip. Sakura and Tomoyo had preserved their friendship though distance separated them. They met each other every once in a while in family reunions but they kept in touch with phone calls and e-mails. Through them, Eriol and Syaoran became related again.

They followed Sakura and Tomoyo inside where they occupied an empty table. Sakura was telling an animated story of a movie she saw yesterday while Tomoyo listened. Tomoe and Kimihiro were seated next to each other and engrossed in a conversation composed of baby babbles.

"Tomoe-chan looks like Tomoyo," Syaoran observed.

"Yes, she does," Eriol said quietly as he rocked his youngest baby to sleep. "Mizuki-chan's pretty much the same… They're spoiled brats, Mother says, but we don't mind."

"Mother indeed," said the brown-haired man. "Daidouji-sama might become my stepmother-in-law if they keep it up. Sakura's father is serious about her…"

"I'm sure Touya-san's not complaining," murmured Eriol. "They Kinomoto siblings would want their father to be happy."

"Oh, she's not complaining," Syaoran said darkly. "She even told me that she'd help them along so she and Tomoyo would become sisters."

"We'll be brothers," the mage slash lawyer said conversationally. "Isn't that a comforting thought?"

"It scares me," Clow's descendant shuddered. "I heard your firm's going to expand soon. Can you represent my family?"

"Sure, if you move back to Tomoeda," said Eriol as he stared at Mizuki's angelic face. "Tomoyo gets lonely sometimes. She misses her best friend."

"We still need to stay in Hong Kong. Mother is getting old. But if we start exporting to Japan, it'll convince her to let us come back. Even Father needs a part in rearing his grandchildren." Syaoran said gently as he held out his arms to receive his baby. Sakura smiled gratefully.

Eriol nodded as Syaoran got up and excused himself. The baby's diaper needed changing, he said. It was quite amusing to watch the proud Li Clan leader humble him to a menial task like that. Every mother would be proud to have a son as good as Li Syaoran.

He scanned the room and waved to a few old friends who were wandering around. It was strange to be back inside the place where he and Tomoyo confessed their feelings to each other after many years. They danced together in the graduation ball and stole each other's first kisses in this gym.

Cradling his daughter carefully, he smiled.

They've been married for almost five years now. Writing and calling each other, attending different universities and enduring the long wait had strengthened their union. When they graduated, he proposed and she agreed. While he attended graduate school and she learned the ropes in her mother's company, they prepared for the "wedding of the millennium". (The Li Wedding deserved to be called the wedding of the century because it was the first time Kinomoto Sakura faced them as the proud owner of the Sakura Cards.)

Living each and every day with Tomoyo was heaven. When they had their daughters, nothing could beat their bliss.

Daidouji Sonomi herself left a large trust fund for her grandchildren when she retired from the business world to pursue an enjoyable change of career as a business professor in the same school where Kinomoto Fujitaka was. Keroberos and Spinel Sun would know because they hung around the professor's office a lot.

Another unexpected addition to their family was his old flame Mizuki Kaho. She married Kinomoto Touya after a two-month courtship. When Eriol got the chance to congratulate her, she confided that the love she shared with Touya had rekindled after an unexpected meeting. They were meant to be together after all. To prove that they're really at peace with each other, Eriol named his youngest daughter after her.

Tsukishiro Yukito and Akizuki Nakuru were quite content to live together. Since Clow couldn't give them the power to reproduce, they were happy enough with each other. Nobody could understand them as well as they did anyway. The two lived with Eriol and Tomoyo; they made convenient babysitters for the girls.

"Penny for your thoughts," Tomoyo spoke up. She kissed her husband's cheek. "You're thinking too deeply."

"Oh, I was," Eriol said, chuckling. "I can't help remembering the voice of the angel who sang her feelings for me."

"You hear her everyday," Tomoyo teased and stroked Mizuki's longish hair. "You even made pretty babies with her."

They smiled.

"I want to spend my entire life with you," Eriol said seriously. He kissed her hand.

"I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you," Tomoyo repeated.

They would be happy as long as they were together. As they had said in their vows, they might not know the future but they knew that they'd be in it together.





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