Chapter One: Smooth Move

Yugi Motou stretched as he and his friend, Joey Wheeler sat on a bench in the middle of Domino City. Their other friends, Tea Gardner, Triston Taylor, Duke Devlin, Amber Johnson, Ryou Bakura, and Serenity Wheeler were sitting down at other benches, and the whole gang was enjoying the summer morning.

It had been a week since Yugi and his friends had gotten back from their trip to the beach. It had been an interesting experience, as well as fun.

"This has been some summer so far, huh Yug?" Joey asked as he waved his hand at a fly that was buzzing around near his head.

Yugi nodded in agreement.

"It certainly has," he said, looking at two birds as they flew around in the bright blue sky.

Bakura looked at the ground.

"Yes, but I only wish I could remember what had happened that day at the beach," he said, remembering how he had tripped and forgotten a whole day.

"Well, that wasn't your fault," Yugi said hastily. "You couldn't help it."

"Yeah, like remember that time when Kaiba was possessed by Yami Malik?" Triston added in.

Everyone nodded. They remembered only too well what had happened, and were more than happy that Yami Malik was gone for good.

Tea stood up and brushed bits of debris from the trees off her pants.

"Does anyone want to go over to my house and make some smoothies?" she asked.

Everyone's ears perked and they leaned over to look at her.

"Smoothies?" Duke asked. "As in, smoothies made in a blender that takes about three hours and 4 tons of ice?"

Amber made a face.

"Let's save ourselves the trouble," she replied.

Tea shook her head.

"No, I mean like, smoothies made in a Smoothie Elite machine," she said with a grin. "I just got it a few days ago, and when Yugi and I tested it, they were wonderful, fast, and easy."

"By all means then!" Joey cried, standing up excitedly. "Let's go!"

Yugi shook his head with a smile. Joey was always interested in food of any sort. He's never seen him say no to any type of food; not even virtual reality food!!

"Come on, Serenity!" Joey said, waving his arm as everyone got up to follow Tea.

"Mm," Serenity nodded, running up to her brother.

* * * * * *

Fifteen minutes later, the entire gang was at Tea's apartment, and they all crowded into her kitchen. She pulled a blue smoothie machine out of one of the cabinets and set it down on the counter.

"So…what do you stick in a smoothie?" Amber asked, looking curiously at the machine.

Tea shrugged.

"Anything that's lying around," she said, pointing to her cabinets and refrigerator. "We'll have to make two batches to get a smoothie for everyone." she added.

Yugi walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door. After rummaging around on the shelves for a moment, he finally pulled out a carton of something.

"Lemonade?" he asked, holding it up.

Tea nodded.

"That always makes a great smoothie," she said, pouring some inside the blender part of the machine.

Joey was rummaging around in the cabinets as well.

"Crackers?" he asked, holding up a packet.

Tea rolled her eyes.

"I meant anything that would GO with a FRUIT smoothie," she snapped, taking the package away from him and sticking it back in it's box.

"You've got lots of strawberry yogurt," Duke pointed out, holding up a few. "Does that go well?"

"Sure," Tea said, still looking for something in the bottom shelf of a cabinet. "Dump a couple in."

Duke and Triston opened the lids and poured the mix into the lemonade mixture.

"Yuck," Joey commented, looking inside at the swirls of thick yogurt in the lemonade. "It looks gross."

"It does now," Bakura said, pulling out the ice box. "But it'll be delicious when it's finished."

Tea took the box from Bakura and set it on the counter. Then, she began dumping cube after cube of ice into the mixture.

"And one more thing," she said, pulling out a strawberry mix. "This is the concentrate, which will make it thicker and fruitier. "Without it, they tend to taste like watered-down drinks."

After pouring in the concentrate mix, she put the lid on and turned on the blender. A loud buzzing sound filled the room and the mix inside stirred itself, turning from yellow, to pink due to the strawberry yogurt and mix. After around 45 seconds, she turned off the blender.

"Glasses!" she cried, realizing she'd forgotten them, and remembering how important it was to serve the smoothies right away.

Amber and Serenity skidded over to the cabinet and pulled out several tall glasses. Serenity handed one to Tea and set the rest on the counter.

Tea pushed down the nozzle and a thick stream of smoothie came out. After filling up four glasses, they made another mix, filled the rest of the glasses, and sat down in Tea's living room to enjoy their frozen treat.

"Ah!" Joey sighed, sipping his drink. "Tasty!"

"And refreshing," Serenity added, sipping hers carefully.

"Aaa!" Triston cried, putting his down. "But it leaves you with a MAJOR frozen headache!"

Everyone chuckled.

"Try sticking your tongue to the roof of your mouth," Amber told her as she took another swig of hers.

"Huh?" he asked.

"It works," she said, through her smoothie.

"Hey….you're right!" Triston said happily, going back to his drink. "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind next time."

Amber grinned.

After only ten minutes, nearly everyone had finished their iced treat. Empty glasses were strewn around Tea's neat den and the gang were lounging around.

Triston and Bakura were watching a Spanish soap-opera on TV and Duke was chatting with Amber and Serenity.

"Oh my!" Bakura cried as a woman on the show broke down in tears. "What happened to her?"

"Don't ask me," Triston replied. "I don't even know one word in Spanish."

"Then why are you watching a Spanish show?" Tea asked curiously.

Triston shrugged.

"Did you enjoy the smoothie, Yugi?" Yami asked his partner spiritually. (He had tried a smoothie the first time Tea made them)

Yugi nodded.

"Yeah, they are good," he replied.

"Especially when there's nothing to worry about," he added.

Yami nodded once again.

"I'm glad we haven't had anymore encounters with lose Duel Monsters…though…" Yami trailed off.

"What is it?" Yugi asked, concerned.

"We never did find out who was behind all of the mess," Yami explained. "That means, the villain can strike back whenever he or she chooses since we don't know who they are."

"True," Yugi nodded, trying not to think about another encounter like the last.

"Hey guys," Amber called from where she and Duke were poking around in the refrigerator. "Who wants a second? Duke and I are going to make one!"

"I do!" Everyone called.

Bakura looked silently down at the ground as Tristan became absorbed in the show again. There was something he hadn't told the others yet, and maybe he should have, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

It was the Millennium Ring. When he had gotten home from his trip to the beach, he had taken off his sweater and found the Millennium Ring stuck inside of it. He had thought the ring was gone for good, but now he wasn't sure what he ought to do.

If he tried to tell someone, would he get possessed again? He shifted around uncomfortably in the chair. But then again, it made him uneasy to be around Yugi and his friends, knowing that he was keeping something from them.

"What should I do?" he thought sadly, then he got an idea.

"Maybe I ought to tell Taerro," he thought, thinking of his book-worm friend. "Maybe he'll know what I should do, since we share the same problems sometimes…."

But little did he know, Taerro was still possessed by his Yami; the spirit of the ancient artifact Taerro had accidentally broken. And little did he also know how much trouble he was getting himself into…

* * * * *

End of Chapter One

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